Milsig M17 Review – Is It Value For Money?

Milsig M17 Review

The Milsig M17 is not your regular paintball gun, literally. It’s not for every game there is since it was made for MagFed paintball. MagFed paintball, also known as a MilSim paintball is a lot like your usual paintball game save for the fact that it uses a different type of gun. 

For players who love to play MagFed games, the Milsig M17 is easily one of the top choices to choose from. The M17 has three different models all of which have their pros and cons. Here, you’ll read about all these three models and how they differ from one another. By the end of this review, you’ll know which model is best for you. 

Valken M17 Magfed Paintball Marker
  • Tank not included - requires 13ci/3000psi Valken Compressed Air Tank
  • Fires .68 caliber paintballs or First Strike projectiles
  • Semi or fully-automatic mechanical firing modes
  • Operation: Mechanical firing system - no battery required
  • Ambidextrous magazine release

Milsig Paintball Markers

If there is one brand you can trust for high-quality, reliable paintball guns for MagFed games, it’s Milsig. Milsig has over 20 years of experience in the paintball industry. They design, manufacture, and sell their markers; in other words, they do the end-to-end process for all their units. 

But other than the 20 years of experience, what else can you expect from Milsig? First, it makes sure that their markers, regardless of their prices, are done with the highest quality and accuracy. Ask any customer of Milsig and they will tell you how happy they are with their guns. Second, they’re committed to keeping their models reasonably-priced. This is perfect for price-sensitive paintball players. 

Milsig may not be the best at making entry-level guns, but they are the best at MagFed markers. If you are into MagFed paintball games, you’re bound to hear their name among your friends. 

A Quick View of the Milsig M17

A Quick View of the Milsig M17

There are three Milsig M17 models, namely, CQC, XDC, and DMR. Why are there three? Milsig decided that the M17 is a product line on its own, so it made three models under it that would cater to different types of MagFed players. That way, they capture the whole market. Great, right? So how are these three different?

The CQC is the basic version of the Milsig M17. It’s also the least expensive. You’ll want to buy a CQC if you have the parts and accessories you want for your MagFed marker. This gun also doesn’t have a lot of add-ons since it was made for people who are looking to modify their base gun. 

The XDC is the mid-range marker of the three models. It’s not a bare unit, but it also doesn’t have a lot of parts that will hinder you from customizing the marker. This paintball gun is also more sophisticated and a little heavier. Unlike the CQC, it’s made of metal so it’s more durable but more difficult to carry. 

Lastly, you have the DMR. The DMR is the best marker in the M17 line in terms of consistency and accuracy. However, the other two models aren’t bad either. This marker, however, is just the most advanced in the line with all the features and parts that you need to make the most out of your paintball game. 

The Milsig M17 markers took almost three years to complete. You can say that a lot of engineering and design innovation was put into these three paintball guns. Of the three, however, the Milsig M17 DMR is the most complete marker since it has all the features of the other two markers. 

Features of the Milsig M17

Features of the Milsig M17

What are the features present in all M17 models? Do all of the models in the line have the same features? If not, what isn’t available in the others? Here’s a rundown of all the capabilities of the M17 units. 

Robust design

The CQC uses polymer as its material while the XDC and the DMR use metal. These two materials are known for being durable and strong making them perfect for long-lasting paintball guns. Not only that, all three markers have a compact design so it’s easy to bring. 

Among the three, the CQC is the lightest. However, the XDC and the DMR have a sturdier built since it’s fully made of metal. Nonetheless, all three markers can withstand strong impact and harsh weather. 

Compatible with a square-collar magazine and -.68 caliber paintballs

The Milsig M17’s compatibility with different paintballs is one of its best features. All three paintball guns can shoot 0.68-caliber paintballs and First Strike paintballs. This means that you have enough flexibility to change your technique and style. The First Strike paintballs are best for snipers while the 0.68-caliber paintballs are for regular plays.

2-Bolt SyStem

Hate using tools to open your paintball gun? You won’t have this problem with the Milsig M17. All three markers have a 2-bolt system. This means that 2 bolts hold the marker together. If you want to clean or maintain the Milsig M17 markers, then you just have to use your hands to remove the two bolts. No other tools required! 

Ambidextrous Magazine Release

The CQC model of the Milsig M17 was made to be comfortable for ambidextrous players who are ambidextrous. You can easily change your grip on the marker without changing any part of the paintball gun. Unfortunately, the CQC is the only model that has this feature. Both the XDC and DMR don’t have ambidextrous magazine release features. However, this hardly a big problem with most players. 

Full Automatic Mode

Another great feature of the Milsig M17 is the full automatic mode. How is it different from other markers that have this firing mode? All three of the Milsig M17 paintball guns have a fully mechanical automatic mode. This means that you can fire as many as 15 shots per second. That’s not all because you can do all these without a battery!

HEAT Core Engine

Finally, you have the engine. All three of the Milsig M17 paintball guns use Milsig’s HEAT core engine. The HEAT core engine is responsible for giving consistent shots whether you are using standard paintballs or First Strike paintballs. The consistency of the shots is even more noticeable on the First Strike paintballs because the velocity and accuracy are maintained despite the long distances. 

Pros and Cons of the Milsig M17

Pros and Cons of the Milsig M17

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Milsig M17? Whether you are thinking of buying the CQC, XDC, or DMR, this pros and cons list will help you decide if there is a marker in the M17 line that fits your needs. 


  • Durable

Thanks to the metal body of the XDC and the DMR, you can be sure that it’s not going to break easily. The full metal body of these two markers makes it heavy enough to withstand harsh weather. As for the CQC, it may not use metal (it uses polymer instead) but it is very durable as well. The added benefit of the CQC is that it’s lighter than the XDC and DMR. 

  • Affordable

The Milsig M17 markers are just so affordable. Even if they have great features, they aren’t as expensive as the known brands in the paintball industry. This allows you to have more funds for accessories. If you’re buying the XDC or the DMR then you won’t need to have a lot of accessories. 

  • Consistent and accurate

All Milsig M17 paintball guns are consistent and accurate. Whether it’s the CQC or the DMR, all the models give very accurate shots. Snipers will be very happy to know that they will be able to get their shots right. To add to that, the Milsig M17 guns are consistent. There is no such thing as “just got lucky” with shots taken with these markers. 

  • No need for batteries

Did you know that the Milsig M17 doesn’t need any batteries when it’s on full automatic mode? It turns into a mechanical system where you can shoot at least 12 balls per second. With this mode on, you can conserve battery for the other modes that you will be using throughout the game. 

  • Easy to maintain

Even if the Milsig M17 has two bolts to remove to be able to clean the other parts, it’s still fairly easy to maintain. It’s so simple to do that it’s not going to be an annoyance to have to maintain it now and then. Besides, if you ever get lost on what to do, the manual is very helpful. 

  • Comprehensive manual

Milsig does a great job in making the manual comprehensive and easy to understand. Everything you need is in the manual, from set up to maintenance. This is worth a mention since a lot of paintball manufacturers don’t bother to make their manuals complete with all the information you need. Fortunately, the Milsig M17 makes sure that their customers have the best experience with their markers. 


  • Heavy

You already know that the Milsig M17 is not a beginner-friendly marker. However, it’s still a surprise to know that it’s not a lightweight paintball gun. Even if you’re used to carrying heavy things, an almost 5-lb marker is still a hefty gun to carry for hours of paintball. Over time, you’ll notice that your arm feels sore after the game. 

  • Prone to chopping

Do you know what chopping is? It’s when the paintball gets broken before it even gets out of the barrel. Despite being able to use 0.68 and First Strike paintballs, some users complain that a lot of paintballs are being chopped all the time. 

  • No air tank included

Another downside to buying the Milsig M17 is that it doesn’t include an air tank. Unless you read what’s included in the package, you’ll be surprised that there isn’t any tank in the box. This means that you have to buy the tank separately. Although Milsig ships right away, there are still a few delays in setting up the full marker.  

  • The stock barrel is low-quality

If there is one part of the Milsig M17 that is underwhelming, it’s the stock barrel. The stock barrel is not as durable as the other parts of any of the Milsig M17 markers. Even the DMR’s barrel isn’t that good given that it is the most advanced gun in the series. Hence, you’ll most likely prefer to just buy a new barrel for yourself. 

How Does the Milsig M17 Compare with Other Paintball Markers?

How Does the Milsig M17 Compare with Other Paintball Markers?

By now, you already have a fair idea of what model in the M17 series is the best for you, but do you know if this model is better than other models in the MagFed lineup? 

It’s important to know that the Milsig won’t be popular among seasoned players if it’s not high-quality. In the paintball world, there are only two reasons why a brand will be famous – it’s either a maker of poor-quality markers or high-quality guns. Milsig happens to be the latter. Ask anyone who loves to play MagFed games and they’ll be familiar with the Milsig brand. 

Of course, the Milsig has its faults, too. For one thing, it’s not the best for entry-level players. Even if you attempt to understand how to use these markers, you’re going to have a learning curve before you enjoy it. The weight of the markers also needs some getting used to. Moreover, the Milsig M17 is not consistent with being able to shoot standard paintballs, so you’re bound to experience more chopping with these markers than other brands’ markers. 

Verdict - Final Thoughts!

How Does the Milsig M17 Compare with Other Paintball Markers?

Is the Milsig M17 worth it? It sure is! This is one of the best affordable and reliable intermediate markers for MagFed players. The M17 line has enough models to choose from, too. If you’re into customizing your marker, then you have the CQC. If you just want a mid-range paintball gun, then the XDC is the perfect candidate. You also have the DMR to give you the whole package, complete with all the best features of the Milsig M17 line. 

Overall, Milsig’s M17 markers are perfect for every type of MagFed player. And what’s even better is that for its affordable price tag, you get a high-performing paintball gun. You don’t get to find markers like that very often!

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