10 Great Places Ideal For Selling Paintball Guns

10 Great Places Ideal For Selling Paintball Guns

Getting a new paintball gun? Then you must be looking to sell your marker for a new one. If you’re like most people who do upgrades to their markers, you want to have a fair price for it. Just because you’re getting rid of it doesn’t mean you can no longer profit from it. Of course, getting money on the side from your own paintball gun is always the best. 

But did you know that you can pawn your paintball gun, too? While pawning it won’t necessarily make you earn, it’s a good avenue for you to place your marker when you don’t need it. If you’re curious about the other places where you can sell your marker, then read on. 

10 Places Where You Can Sell Your Marker

10 Places Where You Can Sell Your Marker

1. Facebook 

Where else can you find a network so large that you can connect with people from all over the globe? Of course, it has to be Facebook. While it didn’t start off as an e-commerce site, it is slowly getting into it making it an ideal place for you to sell your paintball.

You can start by posting your marker and see if people are interested in buying it. Better yet, you can join groups for paintball players so that you have a more targeted audience and there’s a higher chance that someone responds to your sale item. Try the Facebook Marketplace, too!

2. eBay

Facebook isn’t the only e-commerce site where you can post your marker. As a 2nd runner up to Facebook, you have eBay. Now, why eBay? Aside from having almost anything sold there, there’s a wide network of people that you can reach. 

Not familiar with eBay? eBay works just like an online auction where buyers bid to get your listed item. In the case of your paintball gun, if it’s really desirable, you can get a very good price from selling on this platform. However, there’s a disadvantage if you post it here. Can you guess what it is?

It’s the selling fee. When you list and sell a product through eBay, the latter gets a percentage of the last bid the item made. If you sold your marker for a high price, then there’s also a huge percentage that goes to eBay. 

3. PbNation

Ever heard of PbNation? If you have, then this is a great place to sell your paintball gun! PbNation is all things paintball. From selling markers to buying all sorts of equipment that you can use to improve your game, PbNation also has a large community of paintball players that you can interact with.

Other than an online shop for all things paintball, it also acts as a blog where you can read a lot about different techniques in paintball, questions and answers, and other relevant content about paintball. You’ll find this site very useful not only for selling paintball gear but also for learning a few things about the game. 

4. Craigslist

You probably know what Craigslist is because it’s a great platform for selling and availing of online services. There’s just so many listings on this site that it’s possible to find interested buyers here. 

If you don’t know what Craigslist is, it’s an advertising website where you can sell a wide range of things. People who want to get a job flock to Craigslist to get hired. But that’s not the only thing you can get from the site. You can also look for listings about services like engineering, content writing, gigs, and other things. 

The thing about Craigslist is it’s not as easy to sell your paintball guns here. If you’re lucky and you chance upon someone who responds to your ad and is near your location, then it’s easy to get your item shipped and sold. However, you won’t always get this lucky, so it’s best to supplement your Craiglist ad with another posting on a different online site.

5. Twitter

You may not believe this but Twitter can be a great place to sell things. Sure, people just rant and be sarcastic on the site, but if you know how to choose the right hashtags, then you might just be lucky to find someone interested in buying your marker. 

Just like Facebook, there’s no fee when you post an item for sale. But the difference between Twitter and Facebook is that Facebook is widely known to be a good place to sell and there are groups of paintball lovers there too. Unfortunately, Twitter doesn’t have that so be sure to make your tweets attention-grabbing so that you can tap those who are looking for a marker.

6. Instagram

Have a lot of good pictures of your paintball gun? Then Instagram is a great place to post them. Not only is Instagram known for aesthetic content, but it’s also slowly becoming an e-commerce site. Sure, it’s still no match to Facebook, but it’s still a good place to sell your marker anyway. 

How do you sell on Instagram? You just post a photo of it both to your feed and your Story. You can use hashtags so that your paintball gun can be easily found by others looking for paintball guns to buy, too. Don’t forget to use nice photos!

7. Online Paintball Groups

What’s not to love about online platforms? Not only are they entertaining; they’re also great avenues to connect to people who might be interested in buying your paintball gun. If you’re a part of any paintball group (yes, even if they’re on Reddit), you can take advantage of these groups. You can post that you’re selling your marker and are looking for those who are interested to buy it. 

If you’re not part of a paintball group, you can search online for these groups so you can immediately make yourself a member. 

8. Local Paintball Shops

What if you don’t want to sell online? If you are a little anxious about selling online where there’s also a high chance of someone flaking out of the deal, you can always turn to local hobby shops. If there’s any hobby shop in your area, then feel free to visit it and ask if they are willing to place your paintball gun in consignment. 

There are also shops that buy paintball guns. However, they’re hard to find. If you have one in your neighborhood, then ask if they are willing to buy your marker or can at least let you post in their store that there is a paintball gun for sale.

9. Pawnshops

Just because everything is online doesn’t mean that that’s the only place to sell your items. Since paintball guns are valuable (especially high-grade models), most pawnshops will be willing to buy or let you pawn these items. Usually, there are pawnshops that already buy paintball guns given that the item has a high value.

If they only accept pawning, then you can do that, too. The only disadvantage here is they can get appraised for a low price and you’re not really getting rid of the item since you have to buy back the item by returning the loan plus some additional fees.

10. Friends or Family Network

While your friends or relatives aren’t exactly an avenue for selling, it’s a good place to consider selling your marker to. If you have friends who are looking for a secondhand paintball gun, consider yourself lucky because you didn’t have any costs in this sale. All you did was spread the word to your network that you have another paintball gun that you want to dispose of. 

You have to be careful with selling to your own network though. Because they are people you already know, they might ask you for a very large discount. If you just want to get rid of your marker, then that’s good, but if you want to get a lot out of the sale, this isn’t the best avenue for it. 

Tips for Selling Your Paintball Gun

Tips for Selling Your Paintball Gun

Wondering how to sell your paintball gun faster? Here are some tips. 

First, decide where it’s the best place to market your used paintball gun. If you’re part of online groups for paintball enthusiasts, it’s probably best to sell them there since you’re already marketing to an audience that has an interest in paintball guns. If you’re more comfortable selling offline, then a local hobby shop is your best choice. 

Second, think about how you’re going to sell it. This is very important if you’re selling online. You have to have nice photos of it and a list of all the features of the marker. Make sure to use positive descriptions, but don’t go overboard that people will think it’s too good to be true. 

And lastly, always look for a deal that is fair. Today, there are a lot of people who will just negotiate for a very low price. If you feel that it is not worth it, then don’t go for it. Always mention your last price and decide if that’s still negotiable or not especially when you just want to get rid of the item.

The List!

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AlaskaAlaska Paintball Supplyhttps://www.alaskapaintball.com/
ArizonaAmerican Paintball Coliseumhttps://www.americanpaintballcoliseum.com/
ArkansasPaintball Arkansashttp://www.paintballarkansas.com/
CaliforniaGiant Sportzhttps://giantsportz.com/
ColoradoBlitz Paintballhttps://www.blitzpaintball.net/
ConnecticutYankee Paintballhttps://www.yankeepaintball.com/
DelawareDelaware Paintballhttps://www.delawarepaintball.com/
FloridaCentral Florida Paintballhttps://www.centralfloridapaintball.com/
GeorgiaNitro Paintballhttps://www.nitropaintballga.com/
HawaiiHawaii Extreme Paintball and Airsofthttps://www.hawaiipaintball.com/
IdahoPaintball Idahohttps://www.paintballidaho.com/
IllinoisPaintball Explosionhttps://www.pbbomb.com/
IndianaWhite River Paintballhttps://www.whiteriverpaintball.com/
IowaUltimate Paintballhttps://www.ultimatepaintball.com/
KansasKC Crusaders Paintballhttps://www.kccrusaderspaintball.com/
KentuckyAsylum Xtremehttps://asylumxtreme.com/
LouisianaPaintball Commandhttps://www.paintballcommand.com/
MaineMaine Paintball Supplyhttps://mainepaintballsupply.com/
MarylandOXCC Paintballhttps://www.oxcc.com/
MassachusettsBoston Paintballhttps://www.bostonpaintball.com/
MichiganLone Wolf Paintballhttps://www.lonewolfpaintball.com/
MinnesotaSplatball Indoor Paintballhttps://www.splatball.com/
MississippiSplat Zone Paintballhttps://www.splatzonespaintball.com/
MissouriGateway Paintballhttps://www.gatewaypaintball.com/
MontanaMontana Tacticalhttps://www.montanatactical.com/
NebraskaMad Cow Paintballhttps://www.madcowpaintball.com/
NevadaLas Vegas Premier Paintballhttps://www.lvpaintball.com/
New HampshireAG Paintballhttps://www.agpaintball.com/
New JerseyTopGun Paintballhttps://www.topgunpaintball.com/
New MexicoPaintball Addictshttps://www.paintballaddicts.com/
New YorkCousins Paintballhttps://cousinspaintball.com/
North CarolinaBlack River Paintballhttps://www.blackriverpaintball.com/
North DakotaPaintball Paradisehttps://www.paintballparadise.com/
OhioLVL UP Sportshttps://lvlupsports.com/
OklahomaOklahoma D-Day Adventure Parkhttps://www.oklahomadday.com/
OregonOregon Paintballhttps://www.oregonpaintball.com/
PennsylvaniaSkirmish Paintballhttps://www.skirmish.com/
Rhode IslandProvidence Indoor Paintballhttps://www.providenceindoor.com/
South CarolinaPaintball Charlestonhttps://www.paintballcharleston.com/
South DakotaDakota Paintballhttps://www.dakotapaintball.com/
TennesseeTN Paintballhttps://www.tnpaintball.com/
TexasDFW Adventure Parkhttps://www.dfwadventurepark.com/
UtahUtah Xtreme Paintballhttps://www.utahxtremepaintball.com/
VermontXtreme Paintballhttps://www.xtremepaintballvt.com/
VirginiaHogback Mountain Paintballhttps://www.hogback.net/
WashingtonDoodleBug Sportzhttps://www.doodlebugsportz.com/
West VirginiaHollywood Paintballhttps://www.hollywoodpaintballwv.com/
WisconsinApocalypse Paintballhttps://www.apocalypsepaintball.com/

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