Planet Eclipse GTEK Review – Cooler Than The Rest!

Planet Eclipse GTEK Review

When it comes to paintball, the best investment you’ll give to this game is a high-performing marker. Without it, it’s hard to win games even if you’re accurate at shooting. Your paintball gun is going to be your companion when you’re out all alone in one corner of the arena. 

Obviously, if you want to win, you want the best gun out there. The GTEK is a very popular gun designed by Planet Eclipse focusing on ease of use and reliability. Everything about this gun screams excellence and intermediate players can attest to that. Want to know more about this gun that everyone’s talking about? Here’s a full review. 

Planet Eclipse Markers

Planet Eclipse, as everyone knows them today, is a reputable maker of high-quality markers. They’re one of the best brands. If you ask a paintball player for recommendations, they’ll definitely mention Planet Eclipse. 

Despite its popularity in making paintball guns, Planet Eclipse didn’t start out this way. Back in 1991, they were manufacturers of marker parts for the likes of Mags and Autococker. They were exceptionally good at starting innovations for Autocockers that the company was successful in their launch of the E-blade. 

In 2002, Planet Eclipse started making their own guns. Their first marker is the Ego 05. Soon after that, they started making several product lines including GTEK. Ever since they were known to build reliable and durable paintball guns for all types of players.

A Quick View of the Planet Eclipse GTEK

A Quick View of the Planet Eclipse GTEK

Why is everyone raving about the Planet Eclipse GTEK? This is probably because this gun comes from the GTEK line of paintball guns that uses Gamma Core technology. This technology is responsible for the power the gun gives and the efficiency of air usage. When Planet Eclipse launched this tech, everyone else jumped on the bandwagon to get their own GTEK marker.

As an entry-level marker, however, it’s expensive. Some price-sensitive players believe that $500 is too much an investment especially when you’re not sure if paintball is going to be a regular activity. On the other hand, players who committed themselves to paintball are very happy about getting the GTEK. There’s nothing like it. With the durability and efficiency, it’s easily one of the best guns in the mid-range level. 

Needless to say, the Planet Eclipse GTEK is best for players who are serious about paintball. The Gamma Core technology is a great innovation of Planet Eclipse and it’s going to be a waste if you’re not serious about maximizing the features of the GTEK. If you love paintball as much as the next person, then you should get your hands on this marker. 

Features of the Planet Eclipse GTEK

Features of the Planet Eclipse GTEK

If the Planet Eclipse GTEK is truly a marker to have, then what makes it great? What are the other features that make it reliable?

Aluminum Body Designed for Extreme Situations

The body of the GTEK is made from high-quality aluminum. This marker was tried by Planet Eclipse in temperatures as low as 2-degrees Fahrenheit for several days and tested right after storage. The GTEK showed no signs of damage. It also continued to perform well and maintained its efficient use of gas. 

The same marker was also tested in very high temperatures for several days. The same effect happened – the Planet Eclipse GTEK remained durable and efficient. So if you’re planning to bring your gun outside and play under snow or on a very hot summer day, then you don’t have to worry about the gun’s performance. 

Gamma Core Technology

The Gamma Core technology designed by Planet Eclipse is a flagship feature across a number of its paintball guns. This technology makes sure that the gun uses lower pressure (compared to the pressure used by other markers) to shot paintballs. To be specific, the PSI is only at 135 which is very far from the usual 200-300 PSI. 

Now, what does this mean? By having a low PSI, you use less gas in the tank so there’s a prolonged lifespan. In the long-run, you buy fewer gas tanks! That’s just one advantage. The real advantage is that there’s less kickback and if there is, you will barely feel it. 

Spool Valve System

The Planet Eclipse GTEK is a mechanical gun with a spool valve system. The spool valve is used by just clicking a button on top of the marker and the valve itself goes out smoothly. To put replace it, you just bolt it back in and you’ll hear a click. 

This spool valve makes the whole mechanism of the marker a lot easier to use. Compared to the poppet valve, a spool valve is very simple and it doesn’t need a lot of air valves to operate. If you’re a newbie, it’s intimidating to learn the complex process of a paintball gun. Lucky for you, Planet Eclipse has done away with its poppet valves and replaced them with spool valves.

Dual Density Body Foregrip

The new GTEK comes with a rugged foregrip that makes it easy to hold. Its design is similar to one of Planet Eclipse’s guns, the Etek, and both use composite material to make sure that the grip and the style fits a hand comfortably. Whether your dominant hand is right or left, the foregrip will still be very comfortable to hold. 

Moreover, the frame consists of rubber grips to protect the circuit board. The rubber grip not only makes it less slippery but also acts as additional protection over the board. 

Quick Assembly

This marker is made with ease of use in mind. It’s not just the Gamma Core that Planet Eclipse focused on with the GTEK. If you’ve ever held a GTEK, then you know that it was made to be easily used without needing to tweak the mechanism prior to every game. 

All required parts come in one package. The gun itself is already intact and to finish the assembly, you just need to attach the barrels. To do this, just place it at the end of the marker and twist it until it locks. 

Pros and Cons of the Planet Eclipse GTEK

Pros and Cons of the Planet Eclipse GTEK

All the features said here are good but in reality, do they all come together to improve your performance? If you aren’t impressed with the GTEK, here is a list of pros and cons that will help you decide. 


  • Very durable

Both players and Planet Eclipse have tried the GTEK in high and low temperatures consecutively and the marker continues to be consistent and reliable. This paintball gun is built to last and you won’t have to worry about it breaking when it gets hit.

  • Lightweight and compact

The GTEK weighs just above 2 pounds. That means that it’s so light that your arm won’t feel sore from carrying the gun for hours. The whole system also contributes to the design – there’s no part out of place and all the switches are found right in the body. In short, there are no distractions to this paint gun. 

  • Minimalist design

Planet Eclipse made sure that their guns are both compact yet stylish. From its carrying case to the actual marker, fans of the GTEK will be impressed by its design. Its aluminum body is predominantly black, but Planet Eclipse has added a touch of color making it a little more exciting to hold. 

  • Very efficient

The Gamma Core technology is the main reason why people love the GTEK. Without it, the whole system wouldn’t be efficient. Fortunately, only Planet Eclipse has made such a great innovation. With this technology, each shot uses a low supply of air so your tank doesn’t go empty every game. 

  • No kickback

Whether you’re an intermediate player or a newbie, you’ll appreciate the fact that there’s no kickback or recoil felt with the GTEK. This increases your consistency when firing because your hand remains steady. With no kickback, you can keep shooting paintballs without any change of direction or vibration on your hands from the kick. 

  • Easy to maintain

The beauty in having a mechanical marker is that it’s a lot more low-maintenance than electronic markers. The GTEK itself doesn’t need to be maintained every single game. And if you do need to maintain it, the most that you will do is just clean it a little and oil the O-rings. The spool valve makes it easier to do both. 

  • Carrying case is hard and organized

One advantage that buyers of the Planet Eclipse GTEK have is that every unit of the GTEK comes with a carrying case. The carrying case isn’t some ordinary black hard case. Rather, it’s a colorful “Game On!” case that is both stylish and durable. The case organizes every tool and accessory that comes with the package. It’s a simple touch to customer experience but it makes every buyer feel important.  

  • Easy to get it repaired

Another perk of buying a Planet Eclipse paintball gun is that there are a lot of authorized repair shops. If you ever have a part that is defective or has reached its maximum wear and tear, then you’ll easily find a store that can repair your gun. 


  • Creates a loud noise

One of the things Planet Eclipse should have improved on is the sound. If you ever plan to play sniper with this gun, then you will easily be given away. Each shot gives a piercing sound that can be heard by anyone several meters away. The sound is a lot like a machine gun, so it’s not subtle at all. Be ready to give your location away when you fire consecutive shots with this marker. 

  • Expensive

If you ask an intermediate player if a $500-paintball gun is worth it, they will probably say yes. However, if you’re just a beginner, then this is a big price to pay for an entry-level gun. Although the GTEK can last for many years, this hefty price tag makes people think twice if it’s good to invest this much in the early stages of their paintball interest. 

How Does the Planet Eclipse GTEK Compare With Other Paintball Markers?

How Does the Planet Eclipse GTEK Compare With Other Paintball Markers

First of all, the GTEK is better than most of its competitors. For a mid-range marker, it does all that it says it will and more. It’s very efficient and consistent which are two of the traits that people look for in a paintball gun. Of course, there are other systems that are similar to the Gamma Core technology, but no marker is as efficient as the GTEK. 

Secondly, the GTEK is already a favorite of many players. This is probably because Planet Eclipse has made a name for itself as a maker of high-quality guns. But other than that, the GTEK has impressed a lot of players so it’s automatically listed as one of the best. 

However, in terms of price, the GTEK can be a little more expensive than other entry-level markers. With that said, beginners will most likely move away from buying this because $500 is a big investment. It only makes sense to buy this if you’re already committed to playing paintball. 

All in all, the GTEK was made for people who appreciate paintball. If you don’t, then you are better off with a more reasonably-priced marker. Besides, a sound understanding of the features of the GTEK is important so that you can appreciate the whole system behind the efficient shots and the durable body. 

Verdict - Final Thoughts!

Verdict - Final Thoughts!

As a mid-range marker, the GTEK exceeds expectations. It’s the perfect marker for those who prioritize efficiency and reliability over price. Because of its higher price point, this paintball gun won’t be for everybody. If you’re sure that you’ll be playing paintball and you already have preferences in the trigger smoothness, style, and mechanism, then that’s the time that you should consider the GTEK. 

With that said, you won’t regret buying this gun. It’s so easy to use and maintain so you won’t be wasting so much time figuring it out. Its light and durable body is also very comfortable to hold so you can carry it with ease for your game.

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