Shocker Rsx Vs Gtek 160r: Which Is The Better Choice For You?

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You have read our comprehensive paint balling guide already and its now time to make some real world choices. Should you get a Shocker RSC or Gtek 160r? Which one is cheaper or better in the feel and quality? All of your questions about these two popular paintball markers will be answered here. Compare and contrast the features of these two markers and get an idea of what is better based on your preferences and budget. What are you waiting for? Read on to know more.

Shocker RSX

Shocker Rsx


GTek 160R

Gtek 160r



Table of Contents

Shocker RSX

Shocker Rsx: The Basics

The Shocker Rsx has long been popular among older generations. Why? It was manufactured by the famous Shocker brand back in the ‘90s. It’s not surprising that older people will automatically prefer the Shocker Rsx because of familiarity. 

The Shocker Rsx made its name by being the most affordable high-quality beginner paintball marker. You can’t find anything as great as this marker especially within its price point. Because it’s priced under $800, even beginners are convinced that the Shocker Rsx is worth buying. 

Overall, there’s a lot of advantages in owning a Shocker Rsx and its affordability is just one of them. It’s also lightweight so it’s very convenient for teenagers to use. There is not a lighter marker in the paintball market. But even if this paintball gun is light, it doesn’t easily break. A lot of users have had this for a year and the Shocker Rsx proves to be even more worth it as times goes by. 

GTek 160R

Gtek 160r: The Basics

The Gtek 160r is one of the newer models of Planet Eclipse’s Gtek line. If you’ve ever heard of Planet Eclipse, you would know that they take their Gtek line very seriously. In fact, their main focus for this lineup is efficiency and you’ll see this in the design and technology used in the Gtek. 

The Gtek 160r is run by the Gamma Core Technology that is found in all Gtek models. The Gamma Core Technology is responsible for the efficiency of the air being used for every shot. This makes the Gtek 160r a very efficient marker. Moreover, the Gtek 160r is made from aluminum making it a lightweight marker. Both intermediate and beginner players will find this a convenient marker to carry in large fields. 

In a nutshell, the Gtek 160r is built to perform well in the field. It’s very consistent and accurate, making it easier for beginners to enjoy paintball even more. Of course, it still relies on high-quality paintballs to be even more reliable, but even then, the Gtek 160r is very impressive. 

Major Difference Between the Shocker Rsx and the Gtek 160r

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One of the most obvious differences between the Shocker Rsx and the Gtek 160r is the prices. Which is the cheaper one? It’s the Shocker Rsx. It retails for $599 while the Gtek 160r has a price tag of $699. It may be just a $100 gap but it makes a huge difference between the two. 

For obvious reasons, the Shocker Rsx is the more affordable marker. Even at a lower price point, this marker will already give you a good performance, so there’s no need to worry about it being low-quality. In fact, for it’s price, it’s worth it. 

On the other hand, the Gtek 160r comes out at the more expensive end. If you aren’t worried about your budget, then the Gtek 160r also gives a good value for its price. It has everything you’ll want since it comes with some extra screws and a carrying case. It also has a better battery and air compressor mechanism which makes up for the hefty price tag.


Which of the two markers are lighter? For this one, the Shocker Rsx comes out at the top again. With just a weight of 1.70 lbs, it’s a lot lighter than the Gtek 160r by a few pounds. Does the weight difference matter? It depends. If you’re not keen on carrying heavy equipment while you run around the paintball field, then you’ll love the lightness of the Shocker Rsx. If you’re not sensitive to the weight, then in all honesty, the few pounds difference with the Gtek 160r is not going to be that significant to make it a big issue. 


Does the Shocker Rsx have the better trigger feel? In general, yes, the Shocker Rsx is known to “feel like butter” when you are pressing the trigger. For most people, a nice, smooth trigger is very important in terms of comfort. Many paintball enthusiasts are more mindful of the trigger than other aspects of the paintball marker. Why? It’s because a smooth trigger will make it easier for you to fire accurately. 

What about the Gtek 160r? Does it have a hard trigger? What’s good about the Gtek 160r is that it compensates for its lack of smoothness by allowing marker owners to customize their triggers. In the Gtek 160r, there are several screws that you can adjust in order to achieve the feel to your preference. 

Unfortunately, even if the trigger customization helps, it doesn’t come near the smoothness of the Shocker Rsx’s trigger. 


Which is the more accurate paintball marker? In spite of the smoothness of the Shocker Rsx trigger, the Gtek 160r is still the winning marker when it comes to accuracy. For one thing, it has a better balance all throughout the marker making it more consistent in terms of shooting. 

The Shocker Rsx is not that bad, though. But nothing beats the precision of the Gtek 160r. In fact, this marker is known for its accurate shots even if the paintball you’re using is not top-quality. 

So which marker has the most wins? It’s definitely the Shocker Rsx. But does that mean that the Gtek 160r is not any good? No, it doesn’t. You might even find the Gtek 160r more suitable for you depending on your preferences and priorities. 

What to Consider in Buying a Paintball Marker

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How do you decide which one is better? What are the factors to consider when you want to buy a new marker? Here is a guide to help you out. 


The first on your list should be the budget. Here’s a realistic reminder – paintball is expensive. Compared to other sports, there are so many things you need to pay for when you play paintball. You can’t even play paintball for free! So it makes a lot of sense to consider your budget. 

If you’re a beginner, there’s no need to go all out and buy a $1000-marker. Who knows? You might end up not liking paintball, so you just wasted that much money for a marker that you won’t use. If you’re not sure that paintball is going to be a regular thing to you, then it’s best to stick to renting paintball markers at your local paintball arena. 


Different people have different preferences in the feel and design of a paintball marker. Some prefer to have a large marker because they feel that it will last longer. Some will prefer a smaller and more minimalist design because of the comfort it brings. 

Does this mean that even the best paintball marker may not be the best for you? That’s correct. The only way to know if the marker fits well is for you to try it. You can never really say which feel of the trigger or the marker itself is going to match your preferences.

Quality / Brand

Fortunately, the Shocker Rsc and the Gtek are made by the best manufacturers of paintball markers. While a famous brand is not a guarantee that the marker is any good, it will give you a lot of comfort knowing that this brand is known by a lot of people. 

Whether players admit it or not, some paintball markers are bought because they come from a good brand. Even you would want to buy a marker made by a popular manufacturer simply because you expect them to have better customer service than those who just make low-quality paintball guns.

Trigger Feel

Did you know that the feel of the trigger on your fingers is a critical aspect of a paintball marker? You’d be amazed by how much a lot of paintball players put emphasis on this. If you have played paintball before, then you understand why the perfect trigger feel makes a lot of difference to your game. 

Sure, a good trigger alone is not enough to win a paintball game, but it definitely makes you feel comfortable. Just imagine how easier it would be for you to shoot when the trigger is adjusted to your preferences. Fortunately, there are a lot of markers that already have a customizable trigger. This means that you tighten or loosen the screws depending on how hard or soft you want the trigger to be. 


Do you rely so much on marker reviews? You’re not alone. A lot of paintball players look to reviews to see if their chosen paintball markers are what they thought they would be. Without reviews, can you imagine how hard it is to give realistic feedback on markers? 

When planning to buy a marker, look for reviews that describe the marker and what made it a good buy. Some will be objective and others will just speak their opinion. Either way, look for a marker that is more or less consistent across a lot of reviews. 

What Should You Get?

If you were to narrow down all your considerations, it all comes down to two things – preference and budget. Your preference will dictate what you want to prioritize. Is it the feel of the trigger or the efficiency and the consistency of the marker itself? 

There are many types of paintball players and they vary in preference, position, and skill. Are you the type who values quality over the feel of the trigger? Or are you the type who doesn’t really mind how the trigger is as long as it’s consistent? You have to be able to know the answers so that you can pick the right marker for you. 

Don’t have enough experience to make distinctions? Don’t worry, you can always consult with your local paintball place and ask which between the two is better. Keep in mind that the paintball guides may also talk about their opinions on which is better, so take it all with a grain of salt.

And then you have your budget. Unless you don’t really mind paying more, then the price of the Gtek 160r wouldn’t bother you. After all, it’s just a hundred-dollar difference. However, if you prefer to save more on the actual marker so that you can buy more gear and accessories, then there’s no doubt that the Shocker Rsx is better. $100 goes a long way in paintball!

If you’re wondering why your budget is important, it’s because playing paintball isn’t cheap. You still have to spend a lot on the marker, gear, and accessories. So when you’re deciding on a marker, make sure you choose something that doesn’t wipe out all your playing budget. 

If you can’t decide between the Shocker Rsx and the Gtek 160r, just focus on these two considerations. If it’s affordability you’re after, it’s the Shocker Rsx all the way. For a $600-marker, it’s consistent and good enough that it’s not going to feel that it was poorly made. 

On the other hand, if you are looking for consistency and efficiency, then there’s no doubt that the Gtek 160r is it for you. The Gtek 160r uses Gamma Core, which you already know by now to be the technology behind the efficiency of the marker. 


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Both the Shocker Rsx and the Gtek 160r are reliable and high-quality markers – they wouldn’t be loved by a lot of paintball players if they weren’t. However, the Shocker Rsx has a better trigger feel and a less powerful recoil. It’s ideal for those who are starting out in paintball especially since it’s cheaper than the Gtek 160r. Meanwhile, the Gtek 160r is still better when it comes to design, quality, and efficiency. 

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