Tippmann Cronus Review: Is It Worth The Hype?

Tippmann Cronus Review

Does the Tippmann Cronus sound familiar? It’s most likely because you’ve heard it in a paintball field. This is because the Tippmann Cronus is popular among paintball companies. After all, it’s affordable, durable, and reliable. It’s everything anyone wants in a marker. 

As a beginner, you’re probably wondering why you should even consider a Tippmann Cronus. There are lots of markers out there that claim to be all the things the Cronus is. So why would you want to buy the Tippmann Cronus as your first-ever marker? Read on to know more.  

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Tippmann Markers

Tippmann is a household brand for paintball markers. It’s been around since the 1980s. They’re known to make high-performing markers that last for many years. The fact that their markers are still one of the best in the market tells you that they can be trusted. 

As a paintball marker manufacturer, Tippmann has several products that can cater to different players and preferences. Here, you’ll learn more about the Tippmann Cronus which is an improved version of the Tippmann 98. The Tippmann 98 is still available for rent in a lot of paintball arenas simply because it’s affordable and durable. Even when it’s been used by so many players, it’s not going to break. 

You can expect the same thing from the Tippmann Cronus or from any other Tippmann paintball gun for that matter. Tippmann’s engineers constantly listen to their customers’ feedback and recommendations. They also make sure to stay true to their reputation for building valuable and reliable markers.  

A Quick View of the Tippmann Cronus

Tippmann Cronus

The Tippmann Cronus looks like a toy marker which is why some think that it isn’t any good. But don’t let looks deceive you – the Tippmann Cronus doesn’t perform like a toy or a low-quality marker. It may be a beginner-friendly marker but customers who have bought this have continued to use it even when they’re already intermediate players. In short, it can cater to both beginners and intermediate players.

The Tippmann Cronus is the basic version of the lineup, although it is often compared to the Tippmann Cronus Tactical Edition. The latter is just like the former except that it already has a few upgrades. The Cronus, on the other hand, can be used without additional upgrades. It’s made to be used right away even if you barely have any understanding of how a marker works.

Features of the Tippmann Cronus

Features of the Tippmann Cronus

Why has the Tippmann Cronus captured the interest of a lot of beginners and some intermediate players? Here are the features that have impressed them. 

Semi-automatic Operation

The Tippmann Cronus is a semi-automatic paintball gun. What does that mean? A semi-automatic operation is when the paintball is automatically readied for your next shot. You don’t need to manually load it. The paintball goes straight to the back of the barrel after being released from the hopper. The “semi” part of this operation is you need to pull the trigger to fire the paintballs. 

In-line Bolt System

A standard feature of a lot of Tippmann’s markers is the in-line bolt system. This bolt system has the bolt and the rear bolt in the same line, hence the word in-line. This allows the marker to be more compact which makes it easy for beginners to use. 

The in-line bolt system of the Tippmann Cronus also improves the overall grip of the marker. With a more comfortable grip, you’ll be able to last longer in the field without sacrificing the quality of your shots. Of course, even if the Tippmann Cronus itself is accurate, a lot is still dependent on how you hold your marker towards your target.

CO2 and Compressed Air Capability

Most semi-automatic markers can use CO2 and compressed air (HPA). The Tippmann Cronus is no different. Its ability to use both CO2 and HPA can give you the flexibility to choose which type is better depending on where you are and the current weather conditions. However, HPA is often a better choice since it is more consistent than CO2. With the HPA you’re not dependent on external factors to supply air to your tank.  

Mechanical Trigger

The Tippmann Cronus uses a mechanical trigger, hence it’s considered a mechanical marker. Mechanical markers need you to manually pull the trigger so that it releases a bolt that will signal the rear bolt to push the paintball out of the barrel. 

Having a mechanical marker will be ideal for players because some paintball arenas only allow mechanical ones (the automatic markers use up more paintballs). Since the Tippmann Cronus is a mechanical marker, you won’t find yourself being kicked out of the arena because of restrictions on the types of markers.

Robust Design

Unlike other paintball guns, the Tippmann Cronus has a robust design making it more durable than its competitors. Sure, it looks a little bulky but this is meant to have more protection for the internal components. The design also ensures that the marker doesn’t break even when it’s used regularly for a long time. 

Moreover, the overall design of the Tippmann Cronus allows you to customize the marker with accessories. It already has four built-in rails but you can add more if you want to upgrade your marker. Nonetheless, the four rails are often enough to house the accessories that you need. 

Wide Barrel Diameter

Last but not least is the wide barrel diameter. The wide barrel is intentional and it serves two purposes. First, it reduces the incidence of a paintball getting jammed inside the barrel. This way, you will be inconvenienced a lot less than when the barrel is too narrow for most paintballs. The second purpose is to minimize the sound when you fire. 

Not a lot of people notice this but how loud your shots are is affected by the barrel. It’s more than just the pressure coming from the tank. A wider barrel has enough space to reduce the pressure that makes the sound. Don’t worry, this doesn’t make your shots any less accurate.

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Pros and Cons of the Tippmann Cronus

Pros and Cons of the Tippmann Cronus

The Tippmann Cronus’ features look great, but are they what you are looking for? Here are some pros and cons to help you decide if the Tippmann Cronus is the right starter marker for you. 


  • Affordable

You might not want to believe it but the Tippmann Cronus proves that you don’t need to break the bank to have a reliable marker. It’s very affordable but what’s impressive is that it doesn’t look cheap. Maybe it’s because Tippmann is a well-known marker and no one would dare tell you that it’s not good enough. Regardless of the reason, what matters most is that you’re getting a bang for your buck when you buy the Tippmann Cronus. 

  • Beginner-friendly

Even if you’re a seasoned player, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to have a beginner-friendly marker. A beginner-friendly marker has so many advantages and one of them is just having an easier time handling the marker. If you don’t’ have enough patience to adjust your marker from time to time, then the Tippmann Cronus is the perfect marker for you. It’s very user-friendly that even beginners will be able to feel comfortable using a paintball marker for the first time. 

  • Easy to maintain

One of the benefits of having the Tippmann Cronus is you don’t have to have a hard time maintaining your marker. Paintball is fun and all, but if you have to spend hours to maintain your marker, then it doesn’t seem so exciting. 

With the Tippmann Cronus, you don’t have to do so many things to keep the marker in top shape. You don’t even need to tweak it before your first game with it. Isn’t that convenient? For those who are new to paintball, this is a great bonus since you don’t need to know the nitty-gritty of paintball markers (although it’s useful to know a little about how they work). 

  • Allows a lot of customization

The beauty of the Cronus is that it is customizable, so whenever you get tired of its looks, you can always add a few accessories to it. It has four built-in rails and if you don’t plan on making the marker any heavier, these rails are enough for you to have a few things that will help the marker’s performance. Besides, the marker is built to allow you to add more rails should you need to put some more additional features. 

  • Lasts for a long time 

How long can you use a Tippmann Cronus? A very long time. It will last you at least three years. If you know how to maintain it properly, it will last even longer. Some customers have been using this for more than five years. You can attribute the durability of this marker to its material and design. These features definitely prevent any major damage from happening to the marker. 

  • Can be used by intermediate players

You’re probably thinking that since the Tippmann Cronus is for beginners that it’s not a good choice for intermediate players. This isn’t true. The Cronus is still a good marker even when you’re so used to playing paintball. 

The misconception is that you will outgrow your beginner markers. This is true to an extent especially if you chose a marker that isn’t as accurate and reliable as it should be whenever you play tournaments. You won’t experience this with the Tippmann Cronus. As a Tippmann product, it’s not built to be just for beginners; rather it’s built for maximum consistency, ease of use, and reliability none of which are need by beginners alone. 


  • Heavy and bulky

The Tippmann Cronus weighs 3.7 lbs. For most people, this isn’t very heavy but if you plan to play paintball for hours, then you’ll realize that you want a lighter marker to help keep your arm from getting sore. A more compact design would also be a good improvement since the Cronus is nothing near minimalist. 

  • Stock barrel needs more improvement

Despite having an efficient system for using compressed air, there is still room for improvement when it comes to the stock barrel. In order to maximize the marker’s efficiency, you might have to buy a different barrel. This is an added cost. Plus, it can be inconvenient to look for a barrel that will match the marker’s design. 

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How Does the Tippmann Cronus Compare with Other Paintball Markers?

How Does the Tippmann Cronus Compare with Other Paintball Markers

The closest marker to the Tippmann Cronus is the Tippmann 98. As mentioned at the start of this post, the Tippmann 98 is the older version of the Cronus, thus making its features a little more outdated. However, is the difference that great? Most people would believe so. 

For one thing, the Tippmann Cronus is a lot easier to use than the 98. It’s very low-maintenance and perfect for rookies. It’s also built to be customizable especially when you learn a few tricks that will help improve the Cronus’ accuracy and consistency. As for the shooting rate, the Cronus has the upper hand on this one as it allows for more shots and consistency in the air that gets released. 

This doesn’t mean that the Tippman 98 doesn’t have any points above the Cronus. When it comes to accuracy, the 98 is still the more accurate marker. Unlike the Cronus, the 98 has a control system that lets you set the fire rate for every second. To add to that, the 98 is lighter. For most people, this is a big enough factor for them to choose the 98 over the Cronus. 

Verdict - Final Thoughts!

Verdict - Final Thoughts

The Tippmann Cronus won’t be such a popular choice if it were just an ordinary marker. It exceeds expectations and it even lasts for so many years that when you become an intermediate paintball player, you can still use this marker. Overall, there is nothing you wouldn’t like about the Tippmann Cronus except for its weight, but if you’re not sensitive to that, then you will immediately love this paintball gun. 

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