Tippmann Gryphon Review For 2022 (Updated!)

Tippmann Gryphon Review

Are you on the hunt for a beginner-friendly paintball marker that is both affordable and reliable? Look no further than the Tippmann Gryphon. The Tippmann Gryphon or simply Gryphon is one of Tippmann’s entry-level markers. It’s made for people who have little to no experience with paintball. This also explains why this gun is so easy to use and maintain. 

There are lots of entry-level markers in the market but why should you pick the Tippmann Gryphon? What’s so special about it? To know more about this impressive marker that has got newbies excited with paintball, stay on this page, and keep reading. 

Tippman Markers

Tippmann has been making paintball guns since 1986, so it’s safe to say that they know their craft when it comes to markers. They’re one of the most popular brands because aside from having great markers, they also have a lot of models that can cater to different types of paintball players. 

However, Tippmann didn’t start out making their own markers back in the ‘80s. In fact, their first products were half-scale replica machine guns. After changes with gun laws in the country, the Tippmann family decided to shift their focus to paintball guns instead. This was the start of their journey through the paintball industry. The leadership of the Tippmann family didn’t last, though, as it partnered with a venture capital firm in 2004. They changed CEOs and eventually created a Board of Directors. Fortunately, some Tippmann family members were part of the Board.

Today, Tippmann continues to produce performing paintball markers while manufacturing other equipment for paintball. This includes tank covers, protective gear, bags, and harnesses. 

A Quick View of the Tippmann Gryphon

A Quick View of the Tippmann Gryphon

The Tippmann Gryphon is a lightweight paintball gun that uses a semi-automatic operation. It’s meant to be beginner-friendly so there aren’t a lot of parts sprouting here and there. At most, there’s just the feedneck jutting out at the top of the marker which is a standard for all markers. Other than that, you get a gun that is sleek and compact.

As with any other Tippmann-made paintball guns, the Gryphon is reliable and durable. First, it’s reliable because, for an entry-level marker, it uses minimal air to push out paintballs with a high velocity. This is possible because the mechanism of the Gryphon just uses a low-functioning pressure. That way, you conserve gas throughout the game. Second, it’s durable because it’s made of aluminum. It doesn’t break even if you bring it out during harsh weather. 

The Gryphon may be best for beginners, but some players have also used this marker for intermediate games and tournaments. This is just another reason to believe that the Gryphon is more than just a newbie marker. It’s a lot more and you’ll be impressed with it the more you use it. 

Features of the Tippmann Gryphon

Features of the Tippmann Gryphon

What are the features of the Gryphon? If it’s more than just an entry-level gun, then what makes it impressive? Read on for all its amazing features. 

Lightweight aluminum body

The Gryphon’s body is made from hard aluminum which can be considered to have the best of both worlds. Aside from the lightness that aluminum has, the hardness of this material makes the overall marker durable. Even when you constantly use this gun, it doesn’t make a dent over time. Apart from the regular wear and tear, the Gryphon’s body will not have major problems as far as its material is concerned. 

As for the weight, the Gryphon is just 2.05 lbs. Even teenagers will find it easy to bring this marker anywhere. You can also thank the gun’s minimalist and compact design which adds to the overall lightness of the unit. 

Low-pressure operating system

The Gryphon uses a low-pressure operating system that allows it to utilize air more efficiently. A can of CO2 can last you for a long time, so there’s no need to worry about running out of air. In the long run, you don’t have to keep buying cans of compressed air resulting to more savings! To add to that, the low-pressure operating system aids in giving a consistent velocity throughout your shots. 

Compatible with CO2 and compressed air

Do you prefer CO2 or compressed air? Whatever your preference is, the Gryphon functions well with either type of air. Take note, however, that compressed air is more consistent than CO2 which is why a lot of players prefer to use this type. Nonetheless, you can always opt for CO2 and the Gryphon will easily adjust to it. 

Semi-automatic operation

As a semi-automatic paintball gun, the Gryphon can be used for tournaments. Semi-automatic guns have several firing modes giving you enough options to choose from. This type of operation is perfect for beginners because they don’t have to do everything manually. 

Ergonomic grips

An underrated feature of the Gryphon is its ergonomic grips. Both the front and back grips are angled in such a way to make it easier to hold the gun. The front grip has ridges that perfectly fits anyone’s fingers. There’s also enough space between the two grips which give you room to relax your fingers. 

One thing you’ll notice with the Gryphon is that it doesn’t have a hose connecting the air tank. This is a good design innovation of Tippmann as markers with hoses can be annoying with the hose connecting the two grips together. Fortunately, the Gryphon has upgraded to a hose-less operation. 

Smooth trigger

Aside from the wide trigger area, the trigger itself is easy to pull. This makes it easier to continuously shoot paintballs without putting so much effort. Take note, however, that the smoothness of a trigger can also be a personal preference. Most beginners prefer to have a smooth trigger since this is easier overall. Over time, you’ll be able to determine if the Gryphon’s has just enough smoothness to suit your tastes.

Pros and Cons of the Tippmann Gryphon

Pros and Cons of the Tippmann Gryphon

Want to know if the Gryphon is as good as people say it is? Here’s a list of its advantages and disadvantages to help you out. 


  • For beginners and intermediate players

Despite being an entry-level paintball gun, the Gryphon can still be at par with intermediate markers. This means that you don’t have to buy another marker if you decide that you want to keep playing paintball. Besides, Tippmann did a great job with enhancing this marker’s features so that there’s not a lot of improvement you want to add to it. 

  • Comes with a pair of safety goggles

Did you know that the Gryphon comes with a pair of safety goggles? Tippmann hardly mentions it in their product description but this is a great addition to the package that any paintball player will appreciate. Just think about not having to rent a pair of goggles at the paintball field. Plus, it saves you a lot more money especially if you initially planned to buy one yourself.

  • Perfect for price-sensitive players

As a beginner, you’re most probably drawn to affordable paintball guns. Who isn’t? If you’re not sure about your commitment to paintball yet, the Gryphon is a great choice. It’s very affordable but its quality isn’t cheap. 

To add to that, the Gryphon gives you a lot of cost savings in the long run. Because it can cater to beginners and intermediate players, you don’t have to buy a new marker when you leave the newbie stage. No more additional expense except when you want to customize it. 

  • Very easy to maintain

One of the best things about the Gryphon is its low maintenance requirement. At most, you just have to oil your paintball gun occasionally just to keep everything from being brittle or stuck. Other than that, you don’t need a lot of tweaking before and after a game. Thus, the Gryphon is perfect for people who don’t have the patience to maintain a marker. 

  • Comes with a 200-round loader

As if the free safety goggles aren’t enough, Tippmann also throws in a free 200-round loader in the Gryphon’s package. You won’t get these many freebies in other models, so this is something that the Gryphon is blessed with. This is perfect if you want to save money on other parts and accessories. 

  • Comes with a 2-year warranty

Tippmann always gives a 2-year warranty on all their markers, so it’s a great thing that the Gryphon has this inclusion. Most paintball guns only have a 1-year warranty which is too short considering that a lot of markers show signs of defects after a lot of months. Tippmann’s customer service is very accommodating as well, so getting things repaired or replaced isn’t going to be so annoying. 


  • Not customizable

Despite its capability of being an intermediate marker, the Tippmann Gryphon is not customizable. Well, it can be customizable to some extent but there are just so many parts that can hardly fit right with it. For one thing, there aren’t any rails to attach those accessories to. So if you were planning to add some new parts to your gun for increased efficiency, you’ll be disappointed. 

  • Not precise when you take long-range shots

The Gryphon is made for short-range shots. Any further than a few meters and you’ll notice that the performance of this gun is not the best. Of course, there are other factors that make a marker fail when it’s shooting over long distances. However, the Gryphon was never meant for shooting long distances in the first place. 

  • Stock barrel is low-quality 

This might not be a surprise anymore since most stock barrels are bad to the point that most players have to replace the ones that come with their marker. But this isn’t an excuse for Tippmann not to give the Gryphon a barrel that is well-suited for its established efficiency and operation. 

  • CO2 tank doesn’t fit properly

There have been a lot of reviews about Gryphon’s CO2 bottle not fitting well. Unfortunately, this is true. Several customers were disappointed because the can doesn’t seem to fit that they ended up looking for a CO2 bottle that will fit the gun. This is a minor issue but it’s still an inconvenience especially if you are not familiar with CO2 bottles for paintball guns. 

How Does the Tippmann Gryphon Compare with Other Paintball Markers?

How Does the Tippmann Gryphon Compare with Other Paintball Markers

Since the Gryphon is a beginner paintball marker, it makes sense to compare it with other beginner markers as well. Just to give you an idea, entry-level markers don’t have the highest specs. They’re not the paintball guns that have all the amazing features and parts. They’re also not meant to be big and bulky. 

With that, the Gryphon seems to be just like a lot of entry-level markers. It’s lightweight, easy to use and maintain, compact, and simple. There’s nothing complicated about it. However, the difference between this and other markers of the same level is that the Gryphon is made by Tippmann. Now what does that mean?

Tippmann is known to make high-quality and high-performing paintball guns. Even their simplest markers are known to be great units because of their consistency and reliability. There’s not one Tippmann gun that falls short of these standards. This means that you can expect nothing less from the Gryphon, too. 

All in all, the Gryphon has an above average rating compared to its peers. Based on the features and its pros and cons, there are so many things that the Gryphon is good at which is impressive for a starter paintball gun. 

Verdict - Final Thoughts!

Verdict - Final Thoughts

Is the Tippmann Gryphon a good choice for an entry-level marker? There’s no doubt about that! Even if it has a few disadvantages, they’re just minor inconveniences that will not affect your game performance (save for the stock barrel). Besides, for an affordable paintball gun, you have the efficiency and consistency of a mid-range marker. You can even keep using the Gryphon when you become an intermediate player. 

In the long run, everything you’ll spend on the Gryphon is worth it. It’s a great marker made by Tippmann and you can definitely trust this company to make high-performing, high-quality paintball guns. 

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