Ultimate Review of the Best Body Glove Paddle Boards in 2023

Best Body Glove Paddle Boards

After college, I was truly excited and couldn’t wait to experience the long-awaited freedom and perks of adulthood.

But as it turned out, life after school isn’t the most exciting one. It was pretty dull and uninspiring.

On top of that, I now had to deal with taxes, bills, responsibilities, and so much more! Honestly, it has been years since I felt truly happy.

The only thing that kept my sanity was my fiancée and the dream of having a family.

Apart from both, life is tough.

So, after the government eased the shelter-in regulations, it only made sense to take a break with Jennifer and go for vacation.

We needed it badly.

My partner chose Boracay Island, Philippines and I obliged.

I’m glad we went there because I didn’t know it could turn out to be a life-changing experience for me.

See, when we arrived at Boracay’s shore, I was eager to find something that would drown my thoughts and all the hassles of my work.

As my eyes wandered through the horizon, an uncommon sight suddenly quipped my curiosity.

From afar, it looked like Jesus was walking on water.

Of course, I gasped a sigh of relief as if I knew this was the remedy to my ailing spirit.

As the shadowy figure made its way to the shore, I realized it was a paddler with a sort of board and paddle in his hand.

That’s when it hit me; I must have seen these boards on YouTube… Of course, they were paddle boards!

I watched as the rider glided across the water, smoothly riding the choppy waves, and I instantly knew this was what I wanted to do.

So, I immediately rushed to the community center, and the local guide showed me where I could get a paddle board.

The next morning, I hired an instructor, and long story short, I managed to learn the basics of paddling in a few days.

But that wasn’t even the greatest joy!

It’s the life lessons I got.

See, learning to paddle is like a life journey.

The tropical storms and waves in the Philippines were hard on me, while the currents were ready to take me down.

But when life hits hard, hit back harder!

I was defeated in the first few sessions, but that didn’t bow me.

I was ready to fight and conquer. And the amazing thing is I didn’t worry much about losing since the whole experience was worth it. It reminded me of my carefree college days.

Finally, I conquered and managed to learn the basics of paddle boarding.

Today, I consider myself a pretty decent paddler, and I’m here to help you if you’ve been thinking of getting into the sport.

I won’t guarantee that it will change your life or teach you any life lessons, but I’m pretty sure you’ll always look forward to spending time in the water.

From experience, the most important thing to have been the right choice of a paddleboard.

And in the section below, I’ll share some of the boards from a brand that has been tirelessly working for the benefit of paddle boarders- Body Glove.

Here’s a review of the top 5 Body Glove Paddle Boards

Quick Comparison Table!

Body Glove Performer 11′


Body Glove Raptor Plus


Navigator Plus Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (ISUP)


Body Glove Mariner XL SUP board


Porter Inflatable Kayak/ Stand Up Paddle Board


Bullet Inflatable Kayak/Stand Up Paddle Board



The Best Body Glove Paddle Boards For The Money

The Best Body Glove Paddle Boards For The Money

#1 Body Glove Performer 11' - EDITOR'S CHOICE


The Body Glove Performer 11″ is Body Glove’s most popular inflatable stand-up paddleboard from Body Glove.

It’s our all-time favorite pick, too and we love it because it is priced affordably and is perfect for a whole range of users.

One of the attractions of this inflatable SUP is its stability.

It’s long, and along with the generous width, it’s quite stable, and this is why it’s perfect for beginners, yoga enthusiasts, families, and even anglers.

Personally, I appreciate the stability and large surface area when paddling with my restless furry friend because it remains stable and still leaves space for extra gear.

The Body Glove Performer 11” is also quite thick, and this also helps with added stability. But more importantly, it remains and feels rigid, so users won’t sink when riding the board.

The higher volume is necessary for a higher weight capacity, so the Body Glove Performer 11” is also a nice package for heavier riders.

What about performance on the water?

Based on my experience, the Body Glove Performer handles well. It’s extremely easy to control and make turns. However, this isn’t the case for the small paddlers because it feels bulky at 11 feet long and 34 inches wide.

Now, while the Body Glove Performer may be an awesome all-around pick, it may not be ideal or touring. The wide design; tapered nose and wide center increases resistance, and hinders performance

The fin setup doesn’t help either.

Nevertheless, it’s an amazing pick and its long and pointy, helps with better speed and maneuverability..



#2 Body Glove Raptor Plus - Ideal for Small Paddlers


The Body Glove Raptor Plus is very similar to the Performer 11′, but it’s exclusively designed for small paddlers.

Yes, the Performer was a great all-around paddleboard, but it had one major drawback-size.

It’s quite large, and this makes it bulky and cumbersome for the smaller paddlers.

The Raptor, on the other hand, eliminates this issue.

First, it’s a versatile all-around stand-up paddleboard that can pretty much do it all.

Its strongest suit, however, is the size.

Coming in only at 10’8″ x 33″ x 5″ and weighing a measly 22 pounds, this board is easy to handle and manage.

The small paddlers won’t feel fatigued paddling for hours on this board.

Yet, it remains quite practical and doesn’t fail to impress on the water.

For starters, it can support a generous weight capacity of 300 pounds, and this means it’s super reliable, even when holding the big users.

While it’s slightly narrower than the Performer, it remains stable, making it a great option for newcomers and families.

More importantly, the Body Glove Raptor comes as a complete package with a host of accessories. The Raptor package includes a repair kit, extra d rings, dry bag, paddle holder, water bottle holder, and so much more. It adds to the overall value of the purchase.

It includes a front bungee tie-down area, multi-purpose carry handle for securing your water bottle, a durable nose bumper, and fixed tri-fin configuration.

Overall, the Body Glove Raptor is a nice addition to your quiver and may come in handy for days when you need a lightweight and modest board.



#3 Navigator Plus Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (ISUP) – Most Versatile Body Glove Paddle Board


If you’re looking for a versatile and reliable Body Glove Paddle, you can’t go wrong with the Navigator Plus.

It’s such a popular and esteemed purchase that it was with Supconect’s Gear of the Year for 2019.

Like any other Body Glove board, the Navigator Plus Inflatable SUP is a real beast on the water.

First, it’s built to last.

It sports an exceptional build quality that will stand up to all manner of abuses and rough usage.

What makes it even more appealing is its unbreakable three fins.

The solid construction makes it such a versatile product, and it’s not a surprise it’s best suited for use in all water conditions starting from rivers, lakes, and oceans. Plus, it’s suitable for use for all skill levels, starting from beginners, intermediate to advanced riders.

The inflatable SUP also comes packed with many amazing features that go a long way to promoting convenient use and top performance in the water.

For example, the fully patented and multi-purpose carry handles offer the board an easy and safe way.

It also comes with a three-piece adjustable paddle and a water bottle slot, and all these are meant to promote a great experience on the water.

On the water, the board excels and won’t fail you.

It is exquisitely designed for day paddling, whether solo or with a gang of friends or family.

We find it quite stable, but maneuverability is a bit compromised because of the absence of a center fin.

Plus, it comes with all the essential elements you require to create a fun, safe, and enjoyable moment in the water, including extra d rings.



#4 Body Glove Mariner XL SUP board – Most Heavy-Duty Paddle


The Body Glove Mariner XL SUP board is another wonderful option that ticks on all the right boxes for the best paddleboard.

The Mariner XL resembles the regular Mariner fishing is UP, and they have the same great design and plenty of similarities in the features.

However, the XL goes an extra mile as it utilizes more thickness, increasing the rigidity and buoyancy of the board.

With an increased rigidity, the larger fishing enthusiasts will cherish every second on the water on this board.

It remains sturdy, thanks to the impact-resistant PVC. It doesn’t bend and will accommodate your entire weight without skimping an inch.

Meanwhile, I appreciate its generous dimensions, which further help with enhancing the board’s overall stability.

For me, I can bring my kids with me without worrying about us flipping. On the other hand, anglers will find this paddleboard quite practical, especially when reeling in their catch.

Like the original Mariner, the XL also packs the same board features, including a front bungee cargo area, D-ring attachment points on the double layer side rails, Railblaze mounts, and so much more.

Performance on the water is also XL’s strongest suit.

It glides effortlessly across the choppy water while remaining sturdy and stable.

Tracking is also awesome, while maneuverability is also a breeze.

However, small riders may face challenges controlling the Mariner XL because it’s quite large and bulky.



#5 Porter Inflatable Kayak/ Stand Up Paddle Board – Best Lightweight and Flexible Board


The Body Porter Inflatable Kayak is a lightweight and portable option.

It’s by far the most convenient and smart design we’ve come across.

The benefit of the modest design is most paddlers enjoy time on the flat water on the Body Glove Porter.

It’s easy to use, and handling is a breeze, even for the newcomers in the paddling game.

While it’s relatively a new offering, it has gained popularity, even among experienced paddleboarders.

The good thing with the Porter is it’s always adventure-ready as you can enjoy paddling through two ways; standing or sitting.

This is probably its greatest asset.

You can transform the Body Glove Porter Kayak from a sit-on-top kayak to an inflatable paddleboard by changing the kayak configuration by unclipping the detachable seat. How nice!

And that’s not all!

On top of that, the Body Glove Porter Inflatable Kayak can double as a surfboard, thanks to its built-in triple fin setup.

The fin-setup is quite handy, allowing the adventure seekers to paddle across flat water areas and even carve and cut through waves.

Overall, the Porter Inflatable Kayak is a nice 2-in-1 board with a wealth of features that will easily transform a simple paddling outing into an amazing adrenaline-packed experience.



6. Bullet Inflatable Kayak/Stand Up Paddle Board – Best for Performance


The Bullet Inflatable Kayak Board is a larger version of the Porter.

It comes with all the features of the Porter, and on top of it all, it can be enjoyed in two main ways- paddling and surfing.

And the good thing is it comes with an ingenious, lightweight and convenient design, so it’s easy to take the board anywhere with you without the fatigue and hassles of carrying a clunky board.

The first impression of the Bullet Inflatable kayak is a sleek look that initially comes off as a sit-on-top kayak.

But as we’ve mentioned, you can enjoy the Bullet inflatable stand up paddle board in a different configuration by detaching the kayak seat and turning it into a standup paddleboard.

And even better, it sports a flat-bottom hull, and when combined with the triple-fixed fin, it allows the Bullet to take not just the flat-waters but also on the choppy water and waves.

Overall, the Bullet Inflatable is an excellent board, and it delivers quite well. It also has an incredible quality.



Best Body Glove Boards Buying Guide

Best Body Glove Boards Buying Guide

I’ll share everything you need to know when selecting a Body Glove inflatable paddle board

 in the section below.

You should know exactly what to look for in your next purchase by the end of the guide.

Features to Consider when Purchasing the Body Glove Paddle Boards


The first thing to look out for in an inflatable paddle board is the overall quality.

Consider the construction and choice of material used.

The best Body Glove inflatable paddle boards should be solid and long-lasting. Most of these have double-layer side rails, carbon-reinforced stringers, and a triple layering system.

Pick an option that will stand up to abuse and rough usage.

The triple and double-layer construction will stand up better to rough usages than the single-layer construction.

Also, heavy-duty PVC, with drop-stitch construction, can survive more abuse.


Inflatable boards are available at different prices.

The most expensive ones aren’t necessarily the best, but generally, price determines the quality.

For example, the premium Body Glove inflatable boards are more premium and have more bells and whistles than budget options.

However, if you’re on a budget, you can always consider the inexpensive option. Ensure they meet your needs and have the necessary specifications.


If having a pretty board is high on your list of priorities, then you’ll be pleased to know there’re Body Glove boards with amazing designs and color schemes.

Obviously, everyone’s taste is different here, so you should only pick what makes you happy.

Shape and Length

Usually, the shape and sizes of the paddle are inspired by their intended use.

For example, boards with aggressively pointed front end and narrow bodies are perfect for speed and cutting through waves. But they’re less stable.

On the other hand, the wider bodies boards with rounded ends are better suited for leisure paddling. The more coordinated paddlers can even use these boards for SUP Yoga.

As for the length, boards come in various lengths, ranging from eight to fourteen feet.

The longer Body Glove Boards are bulky, but they’re easy to manage on the water and suitable for beginners.

On the other hand, the shorter boards are more convenient and suitable for performing tricks on the water.

But they’re less controllable and less stable, so they’re perfect for the advanced paddlers.


Volume determines the overall capacity of a board.

Be sure to check the appropriate capacity for a board, especially if you’ll be having passengers with you.

Ideally, pick a board with a high capacity, so you don’t get swamped or damage the inflatable board if you bring a friend along with you.


Look for SUPs with extra accessories for the best value for your money.

For example, the best Body Glove boards package includes paddle holders, a dual-action pump, an electric pump, detachable fins, extra d rings, and a repair kit.

Some inflatable paddle boards will even include an ankle leash, cell phone dry bag, high-pressure hand pump, and extra traction deck pad material. This will give you the best bang for your money.

Best Body Clove Paddle Boards Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does Body Glove make a good paddleboard?

A: Yes, Body Glove is among the reputable companies. It’s known for creating sturdy and performance-oriented paddleboards.

Q: How much weight can a body glove paddle board hold?

A: It all depends on its rated weight capacity. Always check to see the weight capacity, so you get the right size for your weight needs.

Q: How wide is the Body Glove paddle board?

A: Body Gloves come in different sizes.

Keep in mind boards with bigger widths are generally more stable.

Wrap Up: Our Choice

Wrap Up Our Choice

Our winner for the Best Body Glove Inflatable is the Body Glove Performer paddle board.

This paddle board is a nice choice for those who need an all-around inflatable that ticks on all boxes.

It’s super sturdy, reliable, and perfect for a whole range of uses. I would highly recommend!

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