Ultimate Review of the Best Portable Surfing Showers in 2023

Ultimate Review of the Best Portable Surfing Showers

After a long marathon of saltwater surfing, nothing is more relaxing than rinsing yourself with fresh water.

It’s even more relevant if you’re heading off to work next.

However, it’s usually not possible for many of us.

Of course, you can always use the beach bathrooms. But not all beaches have this amenity.

Nevertheless, I hate using public bathrooms. They’re greasy and the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and other infections. Nasty.

So, for the longest time, I used to slosh water around a container to rinse off.

It wasn’t the most effective cleaning method, and I often had to put up with sticky and salty rides back home.

But that changed when I got introduced to a portable surfing shower by one of my long-time buddies.

We had a meet-up in California, and after the surf session, he walked me over to his RV for a quick shower.

I must say I was intrigued, and while I had heard about the showers, I didn’t know they were that efficient.

As I stood there watching him bathe, I mulled over all the scenarios in which this fine creation would come in handy for me.

Besides cleaning my surf dirt, I could use it for keeping clean on my camping adventure, rinsing my bike, cleaning my dog, rinsing my equipment, such as wetsuits, before piling them into the car, and much more!

Even better, the shower experience was comparable to my bathroom shower. Well, while not exactly, but it was by far better than what we normally had at the crowded beach restroom.

The refreshing haze was out of this world, and my drive home was more blissful, less grumpy, and more fun.

Discovering the portable shower was like a revelation to me. My outdoor adventures and

camping trips became more appealing, fun, and heavenly.

Nowadays, I don’t have to worry about rinsing myself anymore after a long marathon of

saltwater surfing. It has even become handier for days when I’ve to leave straight to work after a surfing session.

These contraptions have also proven to be quite handy for days when I go camping with

my family. Shower sessions are fun, and working on the dishes and camping gear

is effortless.

Now, if you need to acquire one of this handy surfing equipment; here’s a guide to help

you select the best portable surfing showers.

We’ll review the top five portable surfing showers in the market that you can use to

quench the stench and dirt in your next surfing adventure.

Quick Comparison Table!

RinseKit Portable Shower


Ivation Portable Outdoor Shower


Nemo Helio Portable Pressure Camp Shower


Pyle Portable Camping Shower


Sportneer Solar Shower Bag



The Best Portable Surfing Showers For The Money

The Best Portable Surfing Showers For The Money

#1 RinseKit Portable Shower - EDITOR'S CHOICE


When I first acquired the RinseKit Portable Shower, I hated taking so long not to know about this shower.

I’ve needed this forever.

See, every camper, surfer, or outdoor enthusiast that doesn’t want to sand and sweat all over their car and body should use this.

It’s the kind of gear that I get excited about, and once you use the RinseKit Shower, it’s hard to go back. Now, I can’t even think of heading out surfing without first filling this portable shower and throwing it in the back of my truck.

One of the impressive things that drew me towards this portable shower was the construction, particularly the durability of the box.

I mean, the material is strong and durable. It feels like it would stand up to abuse and bruises at the back of my truck, get dragged along with other gear, and get kicked around by my kids. In fact, it has already fallen out of my camper several times and still and works as new.

The clasp itself is secure enough so that the box doesn’t pop open when dropped.

The other benefit is the size.

It’s relatively small, coming in at a modest dimension of 19.69 x 15.75 x 15.75 inches, which is nice for traveling and storage. Think of it like carrying a small toolbox around.

The shower is very transportable, and it leaves plenty of space for other gear in my RV. The best part is that I don’t have any problem carrying it to remote areas, because it’s also light.

On top of that, portability is made easier, thanks to the large blue handle that will allow you to move the RinseKit Shower with ease.

Now, you would think the RinseKit shower doesn’t hold a lot of water for the size.

We also thought so, but to our surprise, it holds up to 2 gallons of water. Sure, it’s not the biggest capacity in our bundle, but this is enough for a couple. For me, at least, I found it enough when I had a lot of gear to clean, including the surfboard, my camper, and some dishes, too!

But the greatest benefit, at least for me, with the RinseKit Shower is the pressurization.

It’s the only portable hot shower in the market that uses water pressure from the spigot or sink that you filled it from.

How cool is that?

This means no need for expensive batteries, no pumping or hanging heavy, dribbly bags from a tree.

RinseKit’s pressurized system can maintain a pressure of about 65psi, so you’re assured of decent spray time.

It’s fine for spraying off the fine grain sand and dirt and can deliver the spray for three minutes, which I feel is just the right amount of time to rinse off your surfboard, and reels before putting them back.

And the good thing is this hot shower can hold this pressure for over a month. So, if you happen to make little trips and don’t want to be filling up constantly, this is super helpful.

Another hands-down benefit of the RinseKit portable shower is the ease of use. Unlike most portable showers, there’s no fumbling, no leaky gaskets of the impossible screw-in parts.

For example, I love the included 6-feet long hose because I didn’t have any problem using it as a shower, car wash, or even cleaning my dogs.

Plus, the hose head works like a garden hose and has seven different settings, so when I’m trying to clean my body, I don’t have to use the power wash as I would do on my surfboard. Brilliant.

And the best part is if you don’t have access to a hose, you can always use a bike pump with their field kit.

Overall, the RinseKit shower is an option that delivers on all fronts. It may be a bit expensive, but it offers true value for your money, and you wouldn’t hesitate to pick it up over the most portable showers. I highly recommend this portable hot water shower.



#2 Ivation Portable Outdoor Shower - Best Portable Camping Shower


I’m so tired of “love it” reviews.

Here’s a review that I wish I had before I ordered the Ivation Portable Outdoor Shower.

First, the Ivation is worth buying and works as described.

I love this best portable shower because it’s simple, easy to use, and attractive for surfers, campers, hikers, and backpackers.

The Ivation portable camping shower is also lightweight, stylish. It will give you enjoyable portable camping showers after a long day in the water or even in the wilderness.

Since it doesn’t come with a container or reservoir for water, it’s an ideal portable shower option for users who don’t have a lot of storage space in their backpacks or bags.

The level of mobility offered by this portable outdoor shower is unmatched, making it a great option for diverse uses.

The Ivation Camping Shower is a great option for rinsing water off after a day at the beach and doesn’t come with a heater.

Instead, it relies on 2200mAH rechargeable batteries that will power your shower wherever your outdoor adventures take you.

And the good thing is the batteries can accept charging through an included USB. So, it’s easy to charge this outdoor shower with your laptop or any other USB outdoor device.

But how does the Ivation portable shower work?

This portable camping shower works by drawing water from any water source, whether bucket, basin, or sink. The battery then turns the pool of water into a gentle shower-like stream on demand.

The battery pack packs a punch to have something close to your home shower, unlike the gravity-powered system. That’s great news if you’ve had hot, sweaty, and dirty days.

Plus, the stream-on demand makes this portable camping showerhead a great shower for different uses, such as on-the-go showering for campers and surfers, accessible poolside showering, gentle bathtub showering, or even baby showering.

Even better, you get 0.66 gallons delivered per minute, so for the 2.5-gallon bucket, this should give you up to eight minutes of use. This is enough to get me and my partner clean, rinse off the campsite dust, and still have sufficient energy and water for other tasks such as cleaning my surfing board and much more.

Or, if you like super long portable camping showers, simply fill a bigger bucket.

The Ivation Camping Shower also boasts of a clever design that is super compact and lightweight. It’s easy to pack it up, chuck it within my camping supplies, and still leave space for more.

Likewise, you shouldn’t have problems using it. For me, I like there’s a suction cup and an S-shaped hook that I can use for suspending the contoured shower head. I can conveniently attach the shower to any smooth surface of any height and leave my hands free to wash.

And contrary to what many people think, recharging is easy, too. You can either plug it into your laptop’s USB or even a car adapter through a cord. And once it’s fully charged, it can run well over 45 minutes before recharging.

Overall, you can’t go wrong with this purchase.

It is simple, easy to use, and reliable for keeping you cool, especially in hot, sunny conditions.

Ivation portable camping shower is also quite versatile. The extended hose makes it a great option for cleaning your pets.



#3 Nemo Helio Portable Pressure Camp Shower - Easiest Portable Surf Shower to Use


I was drawn to the Nemo Helio Portable Pressure Camp Shower due to its simple and compact design.

Unlike many other portable showers that rely on battery or gravity to operate or can’t be re-pressurized once the air is lost, the Nemo Helio is pressurized manually by stepping on a bladder attached to the side of the bag.

It’s a great pick for anyone who doesn’t want to or is incapable of lifting the weight of a water-laden gravity shower. Nemo Helio is also an incredible option for surfers who go to places where hanging a shower 6 feet in the air isn’t feasible, such as a public beach.

After filling the water and pumping, the bladder tank expands, so you’re ready to use the shower.

The good thing with the whole Nemo Helio Pressure Shower setup is that it’s impossible to overinflate, so you need to worry about the bladder bursting.

Secondly, it gives you the ability to regulate the pressure yourself and means you can use the shower anywhere without even relying on overhead places to hang the bag.

However, the design means you can’t stand hands-free under the shower, which may feel awkward for some users.

Also, you don’t get the level of water pressure you might at home. Nevertheless, the pressure is more forceful than most of the gravity-fed options we’ve tested.

The bladder’s construction is also high-quality and will stand up to abuse.

But what appealed most to me was how the new bladder is oriented horizontally, parallel to the ground. It rests on our stubby feet, and this provides the clearance for the sprayer hose and foot bellows attachments.

It’s also compact enough for transport and rolls down to a compact, portable size- roughly the size of a canister of supermarket coffee.

Yet, it has a generous holding capacity of 3 gallons. It’s by far the greatest capacity we’ve come across in our bundle, and this is enough for two people to rinse off.

Filling Nemo Helio Pressure Shower is also super easy- simply open a plug in the top of the bladder and run water in. However, we found filling the upright version of the Helio much easier.

Overall, Nemo Helio is a wonderful purchase and a great product. It’s easy to use, reliable and perfect for use, wherever your adventures take you.



#4 Pyle Portable Camping Shower - Budget Portable Shower


How many orange and grey battery-operated showers can there be? 😊

The Pyle is among the long list of mimics, but it gets the job done.

I love it because it won’t make me go homeless, yet, it offers a reliable stream of water without the need of pumping or squeezing.

And the good thing with this updated design is that its battery is now housed inside the built-in pump. So, it’s now easy to submerge the foot pump without getting the battery wet when taking a shower.

Pyle outdoor shower is also great for quick, on-the-go shower sessions. You simply need to dump it in the water and start enjoying a bath.

Similar to the Iviation Portable Shower, the Pyle Camping Shower relies on a battery to pump water. It’s USB rechargeable, so powering it is as easy as plugging it on a socket or laptop.

And not only that!

Using the Pyle Outdoor Portable shower is also incredibly easy and comfortable.

This shower boasts a usable showerhead width of 2 full inches and delivers a comfortable and steady stream of water to users.

While there’s no way of adjusting the water flow, I found the power button on the battery pack of the Pyle Portable Shower quite handy for conserving water during a shower.

Setting up this bad boy is equally simple. I love how it stays set up even after assembling it for the first time- you simply need to set the pump in your water container and press power.

It’s also fairly lightweight and won’t take much of your space in your camping kit or car. While it’s easy enough to bring the Pyle along with you on your camping trip, you’ll always be tied to some source of electricity to use Pyle for multiple showers.

But the important thing, or as a reminder, is you’ll need a water source or water-holding container to go along with this full shower to make it more useful.

Overall, the Pyle Outdoor portable Shower is an incredible and inexpensive portable hot water shower with a lot going in for it.

It’s lightweight, easy to use, and reliable.



#5 Sportneer Solar Shower Bag - Simple Solar Powered Shower


If you’re looking for a simple, frill-free portable shower, you can’t go wrong with the Sportneer Pure Clean Portable Shower.

It’s a solar shower bag, relying on solar energy to keep your water hot for a long hot shower. Using the sun and the solar panels, water on this portable shower is heated for nice, hot, warm surf showers, even in the great outdoors.

There’s even a temperature indicator, so you can always know what to expect.

The bag used on this Portable bag is strong and sturdy, enough to take a beating without breaking.

The PVC materials used in constructing this portable shower can survive anything while taking in heat as quickly as possible.

Another benefit of the PVC dry sack is that it remains sturdy even when put on a tree branch. It doesn’t rip off easily or even get snagged by the protruding branches.

The greatest benefit, at least for me, is that it has a large water capacity. It’s the biggest on our list of the best portable showers.

Coming in at a five-gallon capacity or rather 20 liters, this solar shower has more than enough for use, even by multiple users.

The Sportneer Solar-powered bag gives you and your family a refreshing bath and still has more water left for cleaning your surfboards, wetsuits, and other surfing accessories.

For added convenience, the bag includes front pockets or holding all your shower needs.

The Sportneer Portable shower is also easy to use, thanks to the convenient open/close switch. Here, you can use the switch to control the water flow.

And the good thing is the valve is grippy, so even with soapy hands; you won’t struggle to adjust the shower.

The shower also comes with a host of wonderful additions, including a longer hose that will make it easier to reach on all your body spots. It also enhances the overall versatility of the shower in the sense that I can even use the shower for more than taking a hot shower. I can use it to clean my dog, my car, or even a surfing board.

Overall, the Sportneer portable shower is a great pick. It’s modest and easy to use.



Best Portable Surfing Showers Buying Guide

Best Portable Surfing Showers Buying Guide

As promised, I’ve created a comprehensive buying guide that goes over everything you need to know about portable showers.

But first, let’s briefly go over the reasons why you should shower after surfing.

Importance of Showering After Surfing

The two main reasons you should take a shower immediately after surfing are:

  1. Bacterial
  2. Sat in water

Bacterial Contamination

Though the ocean is salty, it’s full of bacteria.

Halotolerant bacteria can thrive in salty conditions.

Now, the bacteria, along with the increased pollution creates ground for infection and might be a health hazard.

Salt Water

Yes, the salty ocean water is harmful to your body and skin, especially if you’re exposed for a long time.

Salt in the water can draw moisture from your skin and hair.

While not a major health issue, it can result in skin irritation.

Types of Surfing Showers

Now that you understand the two main reasons you need to shower after a dip in the water, let’s look at the main types of surfing shower.

Generally, surfing showers are classified into six main types:

1)      Gravity-Fed portable showers

The gravity portable showers are a system that relies on gravity to do all the moving of the water. They’re generally raised off the ground.

These portable showers are also known as shower bags and generally come in the form of a pouch or water bladder that you fill with water and hang from a tree.

2)      Rack Mounted Showers

The rack-mounted options are quite convenient for those driving to a surfing site.

As their name suggests, these simple contraptions are mounted on the rack of your car that you can then use a hose to shower with.

The simple options use gravity as with the gravity option, while the more sophisticated versions incorporate air compressors.

3)      Manual showers

This is an exciting option for portable surfing showers.

It provides a steady flow of water, but it’s collapsible like the gravity bags.

As the name suggests, these bags rely on the pressure applied to a water container using a foot pump or a hand pump.

4)      Pressurized Compartment Portable Showers

The portable pressure shower is the most convenient but most expensive.

They don’t rely on gravity but rather pressurizing the water containers to the point where the water bursts out of the showerhead.

These pressurized systems are the closest thing you can get to your shower at home.

5)      Rechargeable battery water pump showers

These are basic units that submerge underwater and use a small water pump for feeding water through a hose. The pump relies on battery power.

What gives these systems an edge is they roll up compactly and are 100% portable.

They’re great for any outdoor activity, and provided you’ve some rechargeable batteries, you’ll have a refreshing shower waiting for you.

6)      Solar Powered

The solar-powered portable shower options are popular because of their portability and practicality.

They utilize the power of direct sunlight to heat water in a water bag.

However, it means they take a long time to heat water, especially during cloudy days.

Features to Consider When Purchasing the Best Portable Shower

Features to Consider When Purchasing the Best Portable Showers

It’s time to understand the features to consider when selecting the best Portable showers for your needs.

Our considerations will help you decide on the best products to give you satisfaction.

Heating Feature

If you love surfing in the winter, or cold conditions, surfing with cold water isn’t a great idea.

This is why we would recommend choosing a surfing shower with a heating option.


It doesn’t make sense to use the term portable on your surfing shower if it’s heavy and bulky.

See, for most surfers, we need to travel to sea or the ocean, and this is why you need to consider an option that won’t weigh you down.

The ideal portable surfing shower should be lightweight and compact.

Water Source

While the sea and ocean seem to offer plenty of water, their water is something you don’t want to rinse yourself with after surfing.

Instead, you need to opt for some clean, fresh water. This will not only thoroughly clean you, but it’s also useful for your device.


Capacity determines how much a shower can hold and carry.

Generally, five-gallon capacity is sufficient for single-use, but it ultimately depends on your showering preferences.


Ensure to check the product’s durability.

In particular, be sure to check that it can support the full weight of your shower water.


It’s common to see surfers complaining about the usability of their products.

You don’t want the same thing to happen to you.

Instead, you need to pick a shower that is simple and easy to use.

Try the switches and valves, and see that they’re easy to turn and operate.

Best Portable Surfing Shower

Best Portable Surfing Showers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Should I Wash my Hair After Surfing?

A: Yes, otherwise, long-term exposure to the salt may result in your hair becoming dry, brittle, and frizzy.

The same way the salt draws out water from the skin, it draws out water from your hair.

Q: How long can I enjoy shoer from a portable shower with a 5-gallon capacity?

A: Generally, the 5-gallon capacity portable showers will give you approximately seven to eight minutes of showering. This should be enough to rinse off your body’s impurities.

Q: How long do portable surfing showers last?

A: This depends on the overall construction and how well you take care of your shower.

Keep in mind the more sophisticated your portable shower features, the more it’s likely to break down.

Q: How do I clean my portable shower?

A: The best way of maintaining your portable shower is to learn how to take care of it.

Go through the product manual and see what it entails.

But generally, it ensures you clean it thoroughly with clean water and the container air dry.

Wrap Up: Our Choice

Best Portable Surfing Showers Wrap Up Our Choice 001

We’re through with our list of the best surfing Portable Showers, and our winner for today is the Rinse Kit Shower.

I choose this option because it ticks on the right boxes for the best surfing shower.

It’s easy to use, reliable, and has a generous water capacity. This is not to mention it has a built-in ruler to measure fish.

This portable shower is reliable, and more importantly, it relies on an in-built pressure system to provide a continuous stream of water.

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