iRocker iSUP 11′ – A Comprehensive Review

iRocker iSUP 11′ Review

Have you always wanted to have your own paddleboard but don’t know what brand or model to buy? Look no further with the iRocker iSUP 11′. This inflatable paddleboard is a great choice for people who are new to the sport or for those who want to have their own iSUPs. 

The iRocker iSUP 11′ is best known as an all-around inflatable paddleboard. It’s great for those who don’t know their preferred SUP style yet because you can try all sorts of styles here. For an entry-level iSUP, this is a pretty good feature of the iRocker iSUP 11′. Want to know more about this iSUP? Here’s a comprehensive review. 

iRocker Paddle Boards

iRocker has only been in the SUP industry for the past decade, so you can consider them as newcomers. However, despite being new to the market, they have already expanded their reach internationally. The Jacksonville, FL-based company has grown so fast in the past few years, too. 

The company was co-founded by Dave Erwin and Steve Elder, both of whom have long been doing water sports. When they got into SUP, inflatable paddleboards were only starting to be popular. However, as they enjoyed SUP, they got interested in how inflatable paddleboards offer the same performance at a much affordable price.

Not long after, the two friends built their first few models of the iRocker inflatable paddleboards. This product line quickly expanded to two other product lines. Today, there are three different types of iSUPs that can cater to different types of paddlers. Their newest line is the Blackfin range which is considered their premium iSUPs. 

Today, iRocker is known for its affordable and durable iSUPs. They’re a favorite, especially in the owners’ hometown. If you ever want to have your first paddleboard, the iRocker iSUP 11’ is a good candidate to consider. 

A Quick Overview of the iRocker iSUP 11′

A Quick Overview of the iRocker iSUP 11′

If there is one thing that you should remember about the iRocker iSUP 11′, it is that it’s an all-around iSUP. It was created so that it can be a one-size-fits-all for anyone looking to start their stand-up paddleboarding activities. In fact, this paddleboard was made with first-time owners of iSUPs in mind. 

The iRocker iSUP 11′, also known as iRocker All-Around 11’, belongs to the mid-range lineup of iRocker. This line of paddleboards is meant to make it easy for people to get on the water and on their paddleboard ASAP. How? It comes with the full package. Not only are you getting a paddleboard, you’re also getting a paddle, hand pump, coil leash, fins, and a backpack travel bag. 

That’s not the only exciting thing about this iSUP. The fact that this is a mid-range paddleboard is an ideal choice for anyone who is price-sensitive, yet wants a reliable iSUP. iRocker made sure that this iSUP can be used in all water conditions. Even intermediate players are impressed by its stability. 

To add to that, this iSUP is great for taller and heavier riders. If you ever had trouble with finding a paddleboard that will be wide enough for your size, then this would be it. 

Features of the iRocker iSUP 11’

Features of the iRocker iSUP 11’

There are so many mid-range all-around paddleboards out there, so what makes the iRocker iSUP 11’ any different? Here are all its features.

Triple Layer Composite PVC

iRocker has come up with new technology for their PVC construction. Instead of using the same Quad Layer construction found in some of its iSUP models, the iRocker iSUP 11’ sports a Triple Layer Composite PVC technology. 

What does that mean? In simple terms, this tech will make this iSUP be lighter and easier to transport and use. You will no longer struggle to carry your iSUP with this new PVC technology. 

And while this feature has one layer less than its original technology, iRocker assures its buyers that the iRocker iSUP 11’ is just as durable. It can still hold a 15 PSI and has a maximum weight capacity of 435 lbs. 

Four Additional Multi-Use Action Mounts

In other models, there used to be 13 action mounts included. With the iRocker iSUP 11’, there are four new multi-use action mounts. These new mounts help in storing your personal belongings. If you’re into SUP fishing, then you have more than enough for your fishing rod. 

More Cargo Storage

Storage is one of the primary concerns of a lot of paddlers. Where should you put your water bottle? What about your speakers? 

This time, iRocker resized its rear cargo storage to accommodate more things on its bungee system. Now, you can put a lot of things underneath the bungee straps for safe-keeping. This is the right complement to the action mounts mentioned above.

Carbon Blend Paddle

While not on the actual paddleboard, it’s worth mentioning that the paddle that comes with the iRocker iSUP 11’ also went through some cоnstruction changes. 

Back then, the paddle only used fiberglass. Now, it is already made of carbon blend making it more lightweight and more durable. You’ll notice the difference when you start paddling. There’s less tension and yet it’s so much more durable!

Flip Lock Fins

The iRocker iSUP 11’ uses a three-fin configuration for optimal balance and stability. As an inflatable SUP, iRocker made sure that these fins can easily be detached for easier storage. You don’t want the fins to damage the PVC material, right? 

All three fins can be removed from their standard fin boxes. Don’t worry about them easily getting removed, though. Once you attach them back in the fin box, it has a toolless lock system that secures the fins in place. 

All-Around Design

Last but not least is the design of the iRocker iSUP 11’. If you will notice, it’s large. This is intentional because iRocker wanted to create a paddleboard that will be used for any kind of season and style. This way, the iRocker iSUP 11’ can also be used for touring, fishing, and yoga. 

Pros and Cons of the iRocker iSUP 11’

Pros and Cons of the iRocker iSUP 11’

You’ve already seen the features of the iRocker iSUP 11’, but are these the features that you’re looking for? A pros and cons list will help you to decide. 


  • Affordable

One of the best advantages of the iRocker iSUP 11’ is its price. Anyone who is looking for a great deal will easily love the full package included with this iSUP. You don’t have to buy any other accessories that will help make your paddling session easier. And do you know what makes this even better? It’s just less than $800! 

Besides, the iRocker iSUP 11’ is already an all-around paddleboard. This means that you don’t have to buy a new one when you want to go SUP surfing or SUP touring. 

  • Fits larger and heavier bodies

Most paddleboards have a length of 10 feet, so it’s good that the iRocker iSUP 11’ is a foot longer than that. The size of this paddleboard increases its capacity to 435 lbs. If you were planning to bring your kid or dog along, then this iSUP can take it. 

  • Perfect for any SUP style

It’s a good thing that the iRocker iSUP 11’ stays true to its name. It can really be used for all-around paddleboarding. Whether you prefer doing SUP yoga or SUP surfing, this paddleboard can keep up with various styles. 

What about performance? Most people think that an all-around iSUP doesn’t perform well because it tends to be too big or too heavy for some styles. Not with this one. Its construction and design have made it a high-performer wherever you bring it.

  • Includes a lot of accessories

Who doesn’t love freebies? iRocker definitely exceeded expectations here because you’re getting all the needed accessories. There’s no excuse for you not to start paddleboarding anymore. What makes this even better is that the accessories are also made of high-quality material.

  • Easy to store

The whole iRocker iSUP 11’ is easy to store. As an inflatable stand-up paddleboard, you’ll expect it to be an inconvenient thing to store because you have to deflate it and stow it away in a bag. However, iRocker does this easily because all the attachments can be removed quickly. 

The previous version of the iRocker iSUP 11’ didn’t have detachable fins so it was hard to store without damaging the PVC. Fortunately, iRocker noticed this problem and immediately changed how the fins are attached. 

  • Stable on any kind of water

To know if iRocker really meant the iRocker iSUP 11’ to be an all-around paddleboard, you have to test it on different types of water. Fortunately, this iSUP did not disappoint. No matter where you bring it, it still remains sturdy and durable. 

  • Has a 60-day money-back guarantee

For anyone who is still hesitant to buy their own paddleboard, iRocker has the best solution for you – a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you ever find any defects on the paddleboard or if for some reason it fails your expectations, you can return it to iRocker. 


  • Challenging to stand on

For an inflatable paddleboard that is meant to be easier to stand on, the iRocker iSUP 11’ can be a bit challenging for beginners. Indeed, the board is stable but it’s somehow too hard to be described as comfortable. In other words, you have to really get used to this before you find your own style.

  • Relatively heavy for an inflatable paddleboard

The iRocker iSUP 11’ weighs around 27 lbs. This is a little heavier than other iSUPs so it might not be ideal for teenagers. Even if the paddleboard has its own handles for ease of carrying, it’s still heavier than you would expect. 

  • Not the fastest for SUP racing

Just like any other iSUP when compared to a hard paddleboard, the iRocker iSUP 11’ does not fare well for SUP racing. For one thing, hard paddleboards are still the ideal type of SUP to do the job well. 

So when you revisit the “all-around” name of the iRocker iSUP 11’, know that it’s not ideal for SUP racing. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that this board is very slow. It still gives an average speed but not the fastest for those in the racing style. 

How Does the iRocker iSUP 11’ Compare with Other Paddle Boards?

How Does the iRocker iSUP 11’ Compare with Other Paddle Boards

Is the iRocker iSUP 11’ better than a lot of its mid-range competitors? The answer is yes. For an affordable price of less than $800, you already get this high-quality and sturdy iSUP. Add to that the design and construction iRocker is known for and you have a winner right there. 

If you compare this paddleboard with other mid-range iSUPs, you’ll find that the former still has an impressive performance. Aside from the fact that it is an all-around iSUP (most mid-range models aren’t), it also comes with a large capacity. This makes it perfect for people who want to bring their kids along. 

However, iRocker still has to work on its comfortability when it comes to the pad. The pad is rough and too hard for anyone to easily warm up to it. Unlike other iSUPs that don’t need getting used to, this iSUP does. 

Nonetheless, this isn’t a deal-breaker. Even with some weak points, the iRocker iSUP 11’ is still an excellent choice for beginners and price-sensitive paddlers. This is also ideal for people who want to try different SUP styles but don’t want to invest in another SUP. 

Verdict - Final Thoughts!

Best Paddleboard for surfing woman

Is the iRocker iSUP 11’ worth it? Of course, it is! Anyone who knows iRocker knows that the company takes its paddleboards very seriously. All of its paddleboards are made with high-quality materials and solid construction. The iRocker iSUP 11’ is no different from the other iRocker iSUPs. 

As an all-around iSUP, it also meets your expectations. It’s not too large to be uncomfortable but it’s also not too shaky for larger waves. There’s just so much to love about this iSUP, it would be a waste if you don’t consider it. 

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