PEAK Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review

PEAK Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review

Inflatable stand-up padddleboards are becoming more popular these days, so if you haven’t considered buying one, this is the time to do it. iSUPs are durable (even more durable than hard paddleboards) and convenient which makes them ideal for all kinds of paddleboarding. 

PEAK’s iSUP is one of the heavy-duty paddleboards that you need if you are planning to use it all the time and in varying water conditions. It’s known to be a durable and sturdy iSUP, too. Besides, it’s a product of PEAK, what more can you ask for? But if you need to for yourself how good this iSUP is, here is a comprehensive review complete with a pros and cons list. 

Peak All Around Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Package | 10'6" Long x 32" Wide x 6" Thick | Durable and Lightweight SUP | Stable Wide Stance
  • ENDLESS SUMMER FUN ON THE WATER - Inflated: 10'6 x 31" x 6" | Rolled up: 11” x 36” | Weight 23 lbs
  • BEST ALL AROUND iSUP DESIGN - Rigid and Stable Shape, Great for All Skill Levels and Conditions
  • INCLUDES iSUP ACCESSORY BUNDLE - Paddle, Carry Back Pack, Coil Leash, High Pressure Pump
  • TOUGH 6” MILITARY GRADE PVC CONSTRUCTION - No more worry about dings or damage
  • 30 DAY GUARANTEE + 1 YEAR WARRANTY ON MATERIALS – Risk Free Returns within 30 Days

PEAK Paddle Boards

If you’ve been doing SUP for some time now, you would have heard about PEAK. PEAK is one of the most popular SUP brands even if they only started in 2015. 

PEAK was founded by veteran stand-up paddlers who weren’t satisfied with a lot of available SUPs in the market. Even if they were able to try a lot of models, not a single one was remotely high-performing. Hence, these veterans started to build a company that would answer the lack of top-quality SUPs. 

PEAK’s focus is to create high-quality inflatable stand-up paddleboards. However, they also make it a point that their products are affordable. There is no Peak iSUP that goes above a thousand dollars. Moreover, all of these iSUPs come with a full package – paddle, pump, backpack, and fins. 

Currently, there are three iSUPs in PEAK’s product line. These iSUPs ranges from 10-12 feet. All of which have a one-year warranty perfect for any repairs that need to be done. But PEAK assures its customers that they will hardly need to use this warranty. After all, all of their iSUPs can last for many years without a single scratch.

A Quick Overview of the PEAK Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

A Quick Overview of the PEAK Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

The PEAK iSUP, commonly known as the PEAK Expedition, was created with adventurous paddlers in mind. Hence, this iSUP is perfect for all kinds of SUP styles including yoga. You’ll see from its design that its nose is somewhat shaped to fit SUP touring and racing. This only proves that PEAK designed the Expedition to be an all-around paddleboard. 

As an inflatable stand-up paddleboard meant for the adventurous, the PEAK Expedition is made from the best construction materials. It uses a thick PVC material complemented by strong dropstitching. What you’ll get in return is an iSUP that is 6 inches thick that can carry another person with you. 

What makes the PEAK Expedition different from other iSUPs within its range is that it has a high weight capacity. In total, it has a max capacity of up to 275 lbs. This means that you can bring another adult with you or pack a lot of things on your paddleboard. 

And if you’re wondering if the PEAK Expedition is durable, it is. Its construction was made to last for many years. If you fully inflate this iSUP, you’ll also notice that it’s a lot stiffer and harder. Sometimes it feels like an epoxy SUP. So for those looking for an iSUP that feels like a hard paddleboard with more durability, the PEAK Expedition should be your first choice. 

Features of the PEAK Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Features of the PEAK Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

What makes the PEAK Expedition a must-have iSUP? Take a look at some of its features. 

Military-Grade PVC Material and Dropstitching

When it comes to durability, PEAK takes its construction very seriously. The PEAK Expedition uses a military-grade PVC material and has excellent dropstitching to ensure that the PVCs retain their shape when the iSUP is inflated or deflated. 

These features of the PEAK Expedition are some of the most important. Without them, this iSUP ceases to be durable even for recreational paddling. But since PEAK insisted that their iSUPs stand the test of stormy waters, the Expedition was made to be durable for a number of years. 

The effect of the PVC and the dropstitching on this iSUP is not just on the durability. In fact, you’ll notice that this iSUP is rather rigid. This is intentional because PEAK wants to make sure that the board doesn’t wobble even when you’re facing tough waves. 

6”-Thick Rigid Board

The 6-inch board further complements the rigidity that the PEAK Expedition was going for. While this thickness is standard among a lot of iSUPs, the synergy of the material and the dropstitching help make the board even sturdier than it would usually be. 

2 Carry Handles

There are two carry handles found on the PEAK Expedition. One is right at the center of the board and one is at the nose. 

The handle at the center is used to carry the board easily when it’s already inflated. While this handle sticks out right in the middle, it’s small enough not to distract you when you’re standing atop this iSUP. 

As for the handle on the nose, this makes pulling the inflated PEAK Expedition easier. If you were planning to drag it to the shore, then this handle is a convenient addition. 

Hybrid Nose

It was mentioned a while ago that the PEAK Expedition has a hybrid nose. This isn’t noticeable if you don’t have another iSUP to compare it to but if you have one, you’ll notice that the nose is somewhat pointed. 

The PEAK Expedition’s hybrid nose is meant to make it easy to cut through the water. This makes it ideal for those who truly love rough waters. Despite being an inflatable stand-up paddleboard, the Expedition can make it even when you go SUP surfing and touring. 

To add to that, the hybrid nose aids in giving the PEAK Expedition additional speed. If you didn’t know, iSUPs are not as fast as hard paddleboards. In terms of speed, the latter still reigns. However, with the hybrid nose, the Expedition can be a good contender. 

Brushed EVA Pad

A big part of this iSUP is the EVA pad. This feature is a non-slip pad that will make it easier for any beginner to find their balance. Even when the board gets wet, its deck will still keep you steady. 

3-Piece Aluminum Adjustable Travel Paddle

The PEAK Expedition comes with additional accessories, one of which is the travel paddle. This paddle is a 3-piece construction that can be detached in case you need it in the carry-on bag. 

The PEAK Expedition’s paddle is made of aluminum which guarantees that it can withstand rough waters. It is relatively heavy to ensure maximum stability when you go paddle through higher waves. 

Pros and Cons of the PEAK Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Pros and Cons of the PEAK Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

There’s a lot of features in the PEAK Expedition that look good but the question is, are those the features you were looking for? Here is a pros and cons list to help you out. 


  • Affordable

You have to hand it to PEAK, they made sure that their iSUPs are affordable. Compared to a lot of mid-range iSUPs in the market, the Expedition is priced less than $700! This is already a big plus considering that it comes with a lot of accessories. 

On top of the deal are a 60-day guarantee, free shipping, and a one-year warranty. Even when you’re not price-sensitive, you have to admit that this deal is sweet!

  • Can be used for any type of SUP

The PEAK Expedition stays true to its branding – that it’s an all-around iSUP. It works well when you’re doing SUP surfing and it’s just as good when you do SUP yoga. Beginners who are looking for their preferred style will be able to find out with this iSUP. 

  • Rigid and stable

By now, you’re already fed up with hearing that the PEAK Expedition is rigid and stable, but it is still worth noting. The Expedition is a trustworthy iSUP that you can bring anywhere. Hence, it’s great for beginners and intermediate paddlers who prefer to have an all-around SUP. 

  • Has a very large capacity

With a 275-lb capacity, you can easily bring another adult with you when you go for a paddle. You can bring your dog, kid, or a large icebox, too (but make sure they’re all within 275 lbs). The high capacity is handy especially if you plan on going fishing or paddling with someone else. 

  • Easy to use

The PEAK Expedition is one of the easiest iSUPs you’ll get to use. There’s nothing complicated about this one – just inflate it and you’re ready to go. PEAK even adds some helpful accessories so that you can immediately bring to the water. 

  • Grip is good

A large part of the board is made up of a non-slip EVA deck. If you’re a beginner and you haven’t mastered your balance, this deck pad has a lot of space for you to practice. It also adds some traction when the board gets wet on top. 

  • It will last a long time

It comes as no surprise that the PEAK Expedition can last for a couple of years. If you take care of it properly, you can keep using it for more than five years. Imagine how much you’ll save by not needing to buy a new iSUP!

  • Has a lot of storage space

Most pictures of the PEAK Expedition you’ll see online will show that it only has a bungee system at the front of the board. However, there are also D-rings found at the rear of the board should you need additional storage. 


  • Paddle is heavy

There are a lot of good things about the PEAK Expedition but unfortunately, the paddle isn’t on par with the quality of the board. It’s a bit heavy so it’s uncomfortable to use especially when you’re just a beginner. You’ll most likely end up buying a lighter paddle. 

  • The pump takes long to fill the iSUP

Another accessory that doesn’t live up to the quality of the PEAK Expedition is the pump. While it’s not a big deal, it would be better if it could inflate the Expedition a lot faster. On average, it will take you 10-15 minutes to fully inflate the iSUP to reach its max pressure. 

How Does the PEAK Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Compare with Other Paddle Boards?

How Does the PEAK Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Compare with Other Paddle Boards

Is the PEAK Expedition better than most mid-range iSUPs? The good news is that it is and you’ll believe it the moment you set foot on its board on top of the water. 

The rigidity of this iSUP is so underrated because most will not notice its difference. However, if you’ve been in the SUP industry for a while now, you’ll know that the PEAK Expedition is one of the best paddleboards out there that can easily outdo a hard paddleboard. 

Needless to say, the quality of this iSUP is top-notch. There’s nothing bad to be said about its PVC construction and dropstitching. The Expedition is even known to be indestructible. When you compare this to other inflatable stand-up paddleboards, you won’t get the same quality. 

The only problem with the PEAK Expedition is not the board itself but the accessories that come with it. Other brands that come as a complete package have good-quality accessories. Unfortunately, you can’t say the same about this iSUP. 

If there are a few things that competitors got right over the PEAK Expedition, it’s the paddle and the pump. These two accessories are very important since they make the whole paddling experience more convenient. PEAK should make some improvements on their accessories so their customers will have the best experience from in every aspect. 

Verdict - Final Thoughts!

Verdict - Final Thoughts

Overall, the PEAK Expedition is a good candidate for the best all-around heavy-duty iSUP. It’s definitely something you should consider if you are planning to do all sorts of SUP styles. For beginners, it can last for a long time even if you’ll be paddling for the next five years. To top it all off, the Expedition can let you bring a friend on the paddleboard. 

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