Ten Toes theWEEKENDER Review – An iSUP That Surprises you In More Ways Than One

Ten Toes theWEEKENDER iSUP Review

Nothing says weekend than a nice paddle on the beach, soaking in the sun, and having a good meal afterward. Nowadays, people are appreciating what the beach offers and trying out more water activities as they go to it. One of those activities is stand-up paddleboarding. It’s a lot like surfing but you have a paddle. It’s a great weekend activity with your friends and kids. 

Speaking of weekends, one of the best beginner-friendly stand-up paddleboards you can invest in is the Ten Toes theWeekender iSUP. It’s really called ‘theWeekender’, so don’t worry about the typos. theWeekender iSUP is an all-around paddleboard that you can buy when you’re not keen on investing so much in SUP. It’s light, durable, and reliable. Read on for a full review of this iSUP. 

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Ten Toes Board Emporium

The Ten Toes Board Emporium is a Los Angeles-based company that focuses on manufacturing all kinds of boards – inflatable SUPs, SUPs, longboards, you name it. Although the company has been around fairly recently, they have already made a name for themselves in the SUP industry.

If the name sounds familiar to you, that’s because they are a revival of a 1960s surfboard brand. Surfers may have heard of it, hence, the familiar name. Since the company is not only focusing on surfboards, they made a product line specifically for SUPs, too. 

Currently, they have 4 inflatable SUPs in their lineup – Weekender, Globetrotter, Jetsetter, and Nano. All these iSUPs are made with the same military-grade PVC material and durable dropstitching. The company even gives a one-year warranty for all of its paddleboards. On top of that, Ten Toes Board Emporium also gives a 50-day money-back guarantee on all of them. 

What makes Ten Toes Board Emporium different from other companies is that they are invested in making all sorts of boards. Hence, their knowledge of the technology needed to make different boards is vast. They are also one of the few companies that have complete accessories when you buy their boards on their website. 

A Quick Overview of the Ten Toes theWeekender iSUP

A Quick Overview of the Ten Toes theWeekender iSUP

With just its name, you already know that theWeekender iSUP is all about fun and excitement. When you take a look at its design, you will get why. It has an eye-catching retro design that brings you back to simpler times when it was just you and the beach. 

Of course, Ten Toes didn’t stop at the design. They made sure that this iSUP is ready for any kind of adventure on the water. This all-around iSUP has a curved nose which is ideal for people who want to do SUP yoga, fishing, casual, and surfing. 

Unfortunately, it’s not the iSUP you want for touring. Because it has a curved nose, it’s not the fastest paddleboard out there. However, it does give enough speed so you can race for fun with friends. Besides, the Ten Toes theWeekender iSUP focuses on having a more all-around experience for beginners. (Touring and racing are commonly for advanced paddlers).

When it comes to durability and stability, theWeekender iSUP is a good entry-level choice. For its affordable price, you already get an iSUP that you can trust even when the waves are moderately high. The paddle that comes with it is also very easy to use and maneuver. 

Features of the Ten Toes theWeekender iSUP

Features of the Ten Toes theWeekender iSUP

So what makes theWeekender iSUP an excellent choice for beginners and intermediate paddlers? Here are all of its amazing features. 

Rounded Hull Design

The rounded hull design is responsible for making this paddleboard a truly versatile iSUP. Because of its shape, you are able to use theWeekender iSUP for surfing, yoga, and fishing. Other paddleboards with a pointed nose only allow for touring and racing. 

Moreover, the rounded hull design helps in the stability of the board over calm waters and medium-sized waves. It also provides a larger space for you to do your yoga and Pilates sessions on the board. 

Multi-Layer Construction

You’ve already heard of the military-grade PVC material on theWeekender iSUP but did you know that this board has several more layers of durability? 

At the top is the PVC material and underneath it are four other layers. Right below the PVC is an extra-supportive fabric, a 2nd layer sheet, a first layer sheet, and a base cloth. Keeping them all together is a durable dropstitching technology. 

The dropstitching technology is a network of threads that keep all of these layers together. It is also responsible for keeping the shape of the paddleboard when it is being inflated. Without it, theWeekender iSUP won’t be able to maintain its surfboard-like shape. 

High-Traction Deck Pad

From the middle extending to the rear is a high-traction deck pad. This deck pad allows for a nice grip on the paddleboard. Whether you’re kneeling or standing, you’ll easily be able to find your balance. With this spacious deck pad, beginners will get to balance easily on the board. 

Middle Handle

Right at the middle of the deck pad is the handle. The Ten Toes theWeekender iSUP only has one handle to minimize the distractions on the board. Apart from the bungee system and D-ring for the leash, there are no other add-ons found on this iSUP. 

The middle handle is made to make it easier to carry the iSUP when you’re going to the sea. It’s right in the middle, so it’s the ideal place to hold when you’re carrying the inflated SUP. 

5 D-Rings

As mentioned above, there is a bungee system in front of the deck pad. This bungee system is held by 4 D-rings. These D-rings make a spacious bungee system that can hold your paddle, water tumbler, and other things. The other D-ring is found at the rear for your leash. 

There is only one bungee system on theWeekender iSUP so that there is enough space for you to move around the paddleboard. 

3 Removable Fins

The Ten Toes theWeekender iSUP has three removable fins at the bottom rear of the board. Most paddleboards only have the center fin removable. However, Ten Toes thought it would be ideal to make all three fins detachable. This lessens the damage done on the board when it’s folded. 

Portable and Collapsible Design

As an iSUP, theWeekender is meant to be deflated and portable. When this iSUP is deflated, it goes down to the size of a sleeping bag which makes it convenient for people to carry it wherever they want to. Even when this iSUP is deflated, you can easily transport it since it only weighs 29 pounds. 

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Pros and Cons of the Ten Toes theWeekender iSUP

Pros and Cons of the Ten Toes theWeekender iSUP

Wondering if theWeekender iSUP is the ideal paddleboard for you? This pros and cons list will help you decide. 


  • Affordable

The Ten Toes theWeekender iSUP is an excellent choice for anyone looking to buy an affordable paddleboard. This package already includes a paddle, pump, and a leash, so it’s very ideal for beginners. The only thing missing is the carry bag, which you could do without. 

  • Already comes with a paddle

One of the most inconvenient gear to buy is the paddle. Since you need a paddle for a SUP, it’s perfect that Ten Toes thought about making the paddle and the board a package deal. You don’t need to buy them separately. 

  • Has removable fins

Like what was said above, the Ten Toes theWeekender iSUP has all three fins removable from their boxes. Most of the time, other iSUPS only have the center fin detachable. With, theWeekender iSUP the smaller fins will not make dents on the PVC material when you roll the deflated board.

  • Lightweight and easy to bring

When the board is fully inflated, it only weighs 29 pounds. This is lighter than a lot of iSUPs. If you’re new to paddleboarding, theWeekender iSUP is a good practice for you to get used to carrying paddleboards. Besides, when you deflate this iSUP, it only rolls to the size of a sleeping bag. Quite portable!

  • Very durable

At its price point, you’d expect theWeekender iSUP to be a medium-quality board. However, the whole construction of this board is too good that it will last for a couple of years. Not bad for an initial investment in SUP!

  • Has its own repair kit

It’s rare to find an iSUP that comes with a repair kit. This accessory is a great addition to the package just in case you need to make a few minor repairs on your board. 

  • Can be used by intermediate paddlers

Most beginners don’t notice this as much, but as you get used to paddleboarding, theWeekender iSUP remains maneuverable and ideal for a lot of SUP styles you want to try. In other words, you don’t stop using this iSUP after a few years. Even when you become an intermediate paddler, this iSUP remains good to use. 


  • Bungee system too close to the deck pad

Yes, the bungee system has enough storage space but if you’re thinking of putting your paddle there, it’s going to feel a little crowded on the deck pad. If Ten Toes moved the bungee system a little forward, then you’d have more space to do your yoga and pilates poses. 

  • No carry bag included

Since this is an inflatable paddleboard, it’s always better to have a carry bag to make sure that it doesn’t get damaged. Unfortunately, a carry bag is not included in the package of this iSUP. 

  • Not for SUP touring

Despite being an all-around iSUP, theWeekender iSUP is not for all types of SUP. Because of its rounded hull, you can’t use it for long-distance paddling. You can’t use this for racing, either. Since it is marketed for beginners, advanced players looking for another SUP style to try might be better off with other boards. 

  • Warranty is only for one year

Other reputable companies offer a 2-year warranty on their iSUPs so the Ten Toes warranty isn’t as impressive as you think it is. It would be better if it had a 2-year warranty to really prove its durability. 

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How Does the Ten Toes theWeekender iSUP Compare with Other Paddle Boards?

How Does the Ten Toes theWeekender iSUP Compare with Other Paddle Boards?

As an all-around iSUP for beginners, theWeekender iSUP is very similar to a lot of affordable mid-range models in the market. There isn’t necessarily a unique feature of this iSUP save for durable construction. Ten Toes’ multi-layer construction makes this iSUP better for long-term use. 

When it comes to design, you can also say that theWeekender iSUP has a more unique look to it. Other paddleboards have a minimal design with the usual colors. However, for this iSUP, you have a retro feel to it, so it’s more appealing to the eye. It also has a lot of color choices to choose from. 

Unfortunately, theWeekender iSUP can still do with a few more improvements on its features. For one thing, the bungee system can be moved a little to the top so you can better maximize the deck pad. If you were planning on bringing a dog or a kid with you, there won’t be enough space for both. 

To add to that, it would be nice to have a carry bag included in the package. Unlike other models that come with a case, theWeekender iSUP could do with a cover to further protect the quality of the PVC. Sure, the PVC is already military-grade, but there’s no harm in having another layer of protection. 

Verdict - Final Thoughts!

Verdict - Final Thoughts!

If you are looking for an affordable and all-around iSUP, the Ten Toes theWeekender iSUP is a good candidate to consider. It’s a lot like your usual iSUP but it has a better design and a multi-layer construction. The dropstitching on this board is also high-quality. 

As for the performance, it’s easy to maneuver and perfect for surfing. Paddlers who also want to try SUP surfing may use this board because of its size and shape. This board can be used for yoga and fishing as well. 

In spite of a few improvements, theWeekender iSUP offers just enough features to get you started on your SUP adventure. 

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