Zray X1 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board – Never Lets You Down!

Zray X1 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review

Summer is quickly approaching, and what better way to beat the heat than by paddle boarding in the waters? If you’re looking for a good paddleboard to bring with you on all of your aquatic adventures, then you’ve come to the right place!

The Zray X1 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is a reliable paddleboard that’s more portable and durable than hard paddleboards. The inflatable feature makes it the perfect paddleboard for travelers on the go. This is also made by a reliable company so you can trust it to give a superior performance. Eager to know more about this iSUP? Read on below for a detailed review.

Z-Ray X1 9'9" All Around SUP Stand Up Paddle Board Package w/Pump, Paddle and Travel Backpack, 6" Thick
  • VERSATILE iSUP BOARD - Easy to maneuver with 1 central fin and ultra-stable at 30” wide. The perfect size for touring or recreational use. Can support riders up to 264 lbs.
  • TOUGH & DURABLE - Constructed of a premium double layer outer skin with a super rigid 6” thick drop-stitched material. Very resistant to dings and scratches.

All About Zray

ZRAY is a company committed to the construction of high-quality, top-level water sports equipment. It has been around for over a decade and they have evolved into a sophisticated and competitive brand in the industry. Its headquarters, leading researchers, and product developers are situated in China. After over a decade of striving for perfection, the company has made a name for itself and it is currently a household name in the field of water sports equipment.

You can see their products in various locations like supermarkets, importers, retailers, and e-commerce. The company succeeded in taking over the world by championing virtues like honesty, professionalism, and excellent customer service. 

ZRAY is a constantly evolving enterprise. The company has released innovation after innovation with the goal of making competent, efficient, and high-quality water sports equipment. Some of their most notable and award-winning inventions include UAL Technology, DRDH Technology, BAM Technology, and DCS Technology. Today, we’ll take a closer look at the ZRAY X1 iSUP.

ZRAY X1 iSUP: A Quick Overview

ZRAY X1 iSUP A Quick Overview

Inflatable paddleboards are taking over the market because of their convenience. ZRAY took the lead and created the ZRAY X1 iSUP. This was created for everyone, from casual water adventurers to professional paddleboarders. 

This board is designed to provide the rider with more protection and durability. The sturdy build comes with a good navigation system and balancing features that will fully support the rider.

The ZRAY iSUP is constructed with durability in mind. It is made of PVC with drop-stitch material for a reliable performance in the water. The dimensions are 9’9” x 30” x 6”, perfect for the average person. It has a weight capacity of 264 pounds. One cool feature is the removable center fin so that you can customize its performance. 

As mentioned earlier, the ZRAY X1 is made for portability. It has a unique central carry handle which is different from the usual pair of handles that other ‘boards have. In this manner, you can carry the board with just a single hand. 

Features of the ZRAY X1 iSUP

Features of the ZRAY X1 iSUP

What makes the ZRAY X1 iSUP a good choice? Take a look at its main features to understand the product even further. 


This measure 9’9” which may feel intimidating to some but the size is actually perfect to let the user gain full command over the waters. The gigantic size makes it less susceptible to water elements and it also makes it easier to move in a straight line. The size is just right to make the user gain and sustain momentum. It performs well on both still and wavy waters.

The width reaches up to 30 inches and you have to admit that that’s a lot of room for comfort. The width allows the user to stand up comfortably and retain balance, both on still and moving waters. The spaciousness will let you find your footing with ease because you don’t have to worry about falling off.

The ZRAY X1 iSUP is 6 inches thick. Unbeknownst to most people, thickness is very important in paddleboarding. A thick board feels sturdier to the rider, hence giving him the extra boost of confidence to perform well in the water. This also reduces the tension at the center of the board so that the board won’t dip underwater. The ZRAY X1 also has a weight capacity of 264 pounds. The weight of the person won’t impact the performance of this paddle board.

Quality Construction

You can trust that the ZRAY X1 is made of the highest-quality materials with the finest build. This is made of a rigid, double-layered PVC material. It is reinforced with a double drop stitch construction so you can trust this to be durable and indestructible. This material won’t corrode over time, no matter how long it is submerged in the water.

This also has a 3-layer laminated polyester mesh that reinforces its durability. The seams have core rail and extra reinforcements to keep everything together. This is tear-proof and leak-proof. You don’t have to worry about it deflating in the middle of your ride. 

Anti-Slip Pad

A good paddleboard is one that you can comfortably stand on and not slip off when you’re on the water. This comes with an anti-slip pad along the deck. The pad boosts friction so that you can stay on the board with confidence. This also helps you establish your footing so that you won’t lose your balance.

This pad is also useful for getting yourself back on the board after you fall. It provides a gripping point so that you can hoist yourself up.

Elastic Bungee System

This unique feature reinforces the ZRAY X1’s portability. You can use the cords to attach the board to a vehicle or any other transportation mode so that you can carry it with you wherever you go. The cords also have enough room for you to attach extra cargo to the board like accessories, bags, and many others. You may also use the cords as a handle so that you can grip the board as you walk.

Unique Central Carry Handle

Most paddleboards in the market today come with two handles: one on the nose and another one on the tail. That means those can only be carried by two people. That can be inconvenient if you’re a lone paddle boarder which is what makes the ZRAY X1 so special.

The X1 iSUP has a central carry handle that allows you to grip the board and tuck it under one arm. This leaves your other arm free to carry your other gears. This is also a more comfortable and convenient way to carry the board in and out of the water.


This may be superficial but you have to admit that the way your board looks can influence your performance in the water. The ZRAY X1 looks impressive and sleek. The colors are vibrant and the high-quality features are quite noticeable on all fronts. The design looks great and it will surely boost your riding confidence.

Complete Package

One great thing about this board is that it comes with the essentials you’ll need as a paddleboarder. The complete package makes it so much worth the price. Aside from the iSUP, you also get an adjustable aluminum floating paddle, a durable carrying bag, a high-pressure pump to inflate the board, a waterproof phone case to keep your phone dry and secure, and a SUP seat for relaxed paddling.

Overall Performance

This recreational board lives up to the hype. It keeps the user stable, grounded, and secure – all of which are key elements for a comfortable paddling session. The board can handle all kinds of environments while keeping the rider safe from harsh waves.

This is a versatile board that can be used by enthusiasts and professionals alike. It gives a reliable performance that will give you lots of fun time on the water. It can handle most types of water, but be wary of white water. White water is the harsher type of water that is more suitable for kayaking and that might be too dangerous to traverse with an iSUP alone.

The ZRAY X1 is intelligently constructed to make paddle boarding effortless. Its construction works well with the water and enables you to build momentum, especially in tame waters. Overall, this board is worth the cost and will give you a bang for your buck.

Z-Ray X1 9'9" All Around SUP Stand Up Paddle Board Package w/Pump, Paddle and Travel Backpack, 6" Thick
  • VERSATILE iSUP BOARD - Easy to maneuver with 1 central fin and ultra-stable at 30” wide. The perfect size for touring or recreational use. Can support riders up to 264 lbs.
  • TOUGH & DURABLE - Constructed of a premium double layer outer skin with a super rigid 6” thick drop-stitched material. Very resistant to dings and scratches.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons

No product is perfect, and the ZRAY X1 isn’t an exception. It has its own share of pros and cons which we have listed down. This way you can decide if this iSUP is a match for you.


  • Value for its price

This is a budget-friendly iSUP that is perfect for beginners. It is a value pack that comes in an all-inclusive set so you’ll get so much more than just the board. You’ll get additional accessories that can improve your performance and help you make the most out of the iSUP.

  • High-quality board

This is a high-quality board. You’ll notice the manufacturers’ attention to detail because every stitch, mesh, and reinforcement contributes to making this a reliable companion in the open waters.

  • Versatile board

This meets the basic expectations for an iSUP. It’s a good beginner board with a high weight limit so it can be used by everyone.


  • Deck padding is too small

It’s very hard to look for cons on this board. The biggest downside might be the deck pad which could be larger to become more comfortable. A larger deck pad will give you more room to find your footing to stay balanced and upright. However, the size could be acceptable considering that it’s proportional to the overall size of this board.

  • Pump takes too long to inflate

The pump takes too long to fill up the iSUP. It’s also difficult to deflate. You need to plan ahead so that you can set aside the time needed to inflate and deflate accordingly.

  • The accessories may be unreliable

The accompanying accessories are good for beginners but you can’t expect them to be long-lasting and durable. The solution would be to invest in better paddles, SUP seats, pumps, and other accessories. 

Z-Ray X1 9'9" All Around SUP Stand Up Paddle Board Package w/Pump, Paddle and Travel Backpack, 6" Thick
  • VERSATILE iSUP BOARD - Easy to maneuver with 1 central fin and ultra-stable at 30” wide. The perfect size for touring or recreational use. Can support riders up to 264 lbs.
  • TOUGH & DURABLE - Constructed of a premium double layer outer skin with a super rigid 6” thick drop-stitched material. Very resistant to dings and scratches.

How Does this Compare to the Other Boards?

How Does this Compare to the Other Boards?

What sets the ZRAY X1 apart from the rest? It’s one of the best value packs you can find on the market. It provides a reliable experience without breaking the bank. 

Other boards in the same price range do not have the same high-quality build and reliable performance. Brands like SereneLife, AquaPlanet, and ISLE do not come close in terms of quality and innovation. Brands like NIXY have more expensive iSUPs but the ZRAY X1 is a good dupe for the high-end iSUPs.

The ZRAY X1 has unique features that will cater to your needs as a paddleboarder. For example, it has a unique central handle that is new to the market and enables single-handedly carrying the board in and out of the water. The size and weight limit caters to a wide range of users and you can’t see that versatility elsewhere.

The performance is also miles away from its competitors. The sturdy build, high-quality stitches, and extra layers result in a reliable board that you can use for the years to come. The dimensions are specifically crafted to cater to everyone.

This also comes with a pack of accessories that helps improve your paddleboarding experience. You can use the adjustable aluminum paddle to stand up, or install the detachable seat so that you can sit down.

Lastly, the company itself is one you can trust. They are dedicated to creating high-quality products that don’t disappoint. They also have a team of experienced researchers and designers so they will create top-of-the-line products that are innovative and up to date. Every release is better than the last. Patronizing the brand will set you apart from your peers because you know you’ll use water sports equipment that has your back.

Verdict - Final Thoughts!

Verdict - Final Thoughts!

This is a good investment piece because the durable build will last for a very long time. It is made of high-quality materials and reinforced numerous times for a seamless experience. The best part is that it comes with handy accessories that can enhance your experience. 

The ZRAY X1 is a good candidate for your very own iSUP. It hits the perfect balance between affordability and performance.  The board is a reliable product that can be used for all types of waters and by all kinds of riders. 

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