Ultimate Review of The Best Beach Wagons in 2023

Ultimate Review of The Best Beach Wagons

I wasn’t a big fan of the beach and always opted to stay behind during the summer family beach visits.

And don’t get me wrong; I wasn’t afraid of the sand getting on my body, sunburns, or anything.

But the level of packing needed to get through a single day at the beach was a deal breaker. Hauling gear across the hot sand single-handedly beat the hell out of me.

Of course, I would’ve opted for a backpack, but you can’t really load it up. Having to carry a cooler, folding table, pile of rods, several chairs and other beach necessities felt like a nearly-impossible task.

But all of that changed when I came across the Big Kahuna Beach Wagon on one of my online shopping sprees.

I didn’t think much of it, but it turned out to be a savior, effectively relieving me of my “mule” duties.

Today, I no longer have to break my back dragging all our day’s supplies or even have to deal with sore shoulders afterward.

The beach wagon is quite a practical solution, especially for my family when we need to go fishing or surfing because it accommodates our beach essentials.

While it still does need a bit of muscle to get through the soft sand, it handles most of the carrying, and I couldn’t be happier.

As we speak, we now have several of the wagons for different uses, and our days on the beach are more pleasant than before.

I’m now thinking you might be interested in some of these beach wagons.

The good news is, I’ll share my top five recommendations that won’t disappoint.

Our choices are well-built, easy to use, and, more importantly, have nice and wide wheels that hardly get stuck in the beach sand.

Quick Comparison Table!

Sekey Folding Wagon Cart


Radio Flyer Classic Red Wagon


Mac Sports Double Decker Wagon


Moon Lence Collapsible Outdoor Utility Wagon


Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler


Big Kahuna Beach Wagon



The Best Beach Wagons For The Money

The Best Beach Wagons For The Money

#1 Sekey Folding Wagon Cart - EDITOR'S CHOICE


I purchased the Sekey Wagon Cart, hoping to save my back from carrying heavy loads of supplies for our beach outings.

And what I can say is that the wagon has made our beach vacations so much pleasant.

One thing I love most about this beach wagon is its generous weight-bearing capacity.

See, my family usually takes a lot of stuff to the beach, so I wanted a wagon that could accommodate everything at a go.

Sekey Wagon is great and seems like it was built for family uses. It’s quite spacious (31.5” x 17.5” x 10”) and has a maximum weight capacity of 176 lbs. So, I can load it down with lots of our beach supplies, miscellaneous items and still have some extra space left.

It’s a do-it-all beach wagon, and when I’m not using it on the beach, I can load it with other items and garden tools such as yard equipment and even firewood.

But for such a monster truck, I know what you’re thinking.

The good news is Sekey Truck is a collapsible wagon and can compact to a measly 23” x 8” x 30” for space-saving, easy storage and transportability.

The Sekey cart folds way smaller than my current stroller, and we’ve even managed to check-in at the airport gate at no extra charge because of how light and compact it’s when folded flat.

The build quality of this wagon was also impressive. But I’ve to admit for the price of admission; I thought it would be janky.

However, the construction is a dream. The fabric is nice and thick and hasn’t torn up as most beach wagons do. Meanwhile, the steel frame construction is also sturdy and doesn’t break or bend.

Plus, the 600D double-layered polyester fabric is easy to maintain. It doesn’t collect much sand and dust, and cleaning is quite easy.

Of course, the ultimate test of any beach cart is how it handles the soft sand.

I love Sekey’s maneuverability, and I’ve many uses for it.

With new patterns and bearings, the wide 4″ by 7″ PU wheels work great on wet and dry sand.

On top of that, the chunky & oversized wheels handle the wooden walkways, concrete, grass, and dirt like a dream. Simply put, they seem to go over any sort of terrain, and when I’m not using the wagon on the beach, I use them at the farmers market, park, wild camping, shopping and so on.

Using the Sekey Beach Wagon has also been a pleasant experience. Pulling the wagon over the sand is a breeze, but the retractable trailer handle makes the experience nice and easy.

The adjustable handle is quite long and extends for tall users like me (6’4″) to handle the truck without slouching. It’s a quality cart.

Overall, the Sekey Foldable cart is a nice beach cart, and I’ve had nothing but positive reviews.

It’s perfectly suitable for sand use and has exceeded my expectations. I can’t get enough of this purchase, and I highly recommend it.



#2 Radio Flyer Classic Red Wagon - Classic Wagon


I know I should act my age, but I was inspired to get the Radio Classic Wagon because it rekindles childhood memories of the wagon!

See, if you grew up on the farm, then I’m pretty sure you’ve come across the Radio Boardwalk wagon.

We had a wagon like this on our farm, and it was the go-to vehicle as a kid, and you wouldn’t believe how functional and versatile it was.

Now that I’m all grown up, I’ve purchased this wagon. What for?

I wanted a cart that I could use to move stuff and heavy items in my backyard and on the beach, and this old-fashioned wagon seemed like the right choice.

It has a nice red color scheme that rekindles my old childhood memories.

Even better, it’s built like a battleship, just like the original models. The components, especially the material, are thicker on this particular model and don’t deteriorate like the old one.

The Radio Flyer Wagon is super sturdy, and even after using it for several seasons, it doesn’t seem like it’ll break down or give in.

But the greatest benefit of this best beach wagon, at least to me, is its multi-functionality.

I mean, I’ve several uses for this, and there’re few, if any, hauling tasks it can’t handle.

We primarily use ours for gardening for hauling heavy sacks of soil, peat moss, bales of hay, transporting heavy plants and so on.

It has a generous weight capacity of 200 pounds, so transporting gardening supplies, coolers, diapers and sports equipment should be a breeze.

Maneuverability for this wagon is also impressive by all means.

It comes with chunky and rugged 10” rubber tires for a smooth ride.

The wheels are quite large, making it a nice option for hauling cargo and kids. I use mine to take my kids around the block and in the neighborhood.

Plus, the wheels offer a nice ground clearance to go over most obstacles and steps.

The Red Flyer Wagon has decent performance and will particularly roll over the dry sand effortlessly on the beach.

Using the Red Flyer wagon is also a pleasant experience.

Assembling is easy, and as I was setting it up, I actually found myself giggling with delight. It’s as straightforward as it can get.

There’s also an adjustable handle, long enough for adults to pull the wagon without bending over.

Overall, the Red Wagon Outdoor utility wagon is a nice purchase and the best beach wagon I would recommend, especially if you want to bring your inner kid back to life.



#3 Mac Sports Double Decker Wagon - Heavy Duty Wagon


I’ve wanted the best beach wagon to use at the beach and around our yard.

After looking and reviewing a couple of options, I finally settled on the Mac Sports Double Decker wagon.

It’s a great cart and turned out to be more than I bargained for. I’m thrilled that I can now tot all my supplies, especially the park or beach, with relative ease.

But one of the main highlights with the Mac Sports Wagon is the thoughtful design, especially the added height.

It’s a helpful feature, and the obvious benefit is I no longer have to bend down to put heavy items into my truck or take them out.

The extra height might seem like a trivial feature, but it makes all the difference, and for a senior like me, less bending to pick up heavy stuff is a nice thing.

Another helpful feature of this wagon is its generous capacity.

I wanted a cart to accommodate all my beach supplies, which fit the bill.

The interior space is larger and deeper than what the pictures depict. It has a generous dimension of 29” by 17.8” by 17.5”, which is more than enough for my day’s supplies at the beach.

What’s more, it has an expandable lower deck/bottom tray. It’s a cool shelf design for packing long, bulky items that won’t fit the upper basket, such as folding chairs, umbrellas, batting net, and canopies.

Yet, I love how the wagon folds down and compacts into a nice, small size. It’s a practical solution that consumes a lot of space at the back of our Prius, with plenty of room to spare for groceries and beach supplies.

Even better, collapsing the wagon doesn’t take much effort. It requires only one simple motion.

The ultimate test of any beach wagon is how it performs on the soft sand, and this one doesn’t disappoint.

It has some reasonably wide tires to stop it from getting buried in the sand.

I’ve not had any issue maneuvering the cart on the uneven ground either. It also serves me well when I visit the gravel and non-paved roads at the flea market or when shopping.

On top of the incredible performance, Mac Sports Outdoor utility Wagon also comes with some nice extras to make the whole experience a delight.

For example, an adjustable handle provides a nice grip for easier pulling. There are also two cup holders to keep your beverages.

Overall, the Mac Sports seems like a decent and multi-functional wagon.



#4 Moon Lence Collapsible Outdoor Utility Wagon - Easiest Beach Wagon


I’m a family guy, and space, time, and functionality are important, especially when heading out for the beach.

The Moon Lence Collapsible Outdoor Utility Wagon has all of them and much more.

It’s a fantastic, all-purpose folding cart. We primarily use our Lence best beach wagon for the beach days, but we’ve also found it quite a handy option for gardening and sporting events.

Out of the box, you can tell the Moon Lence Collapsible Wagon is sturdy and built to handle all the punishments of outdoor use.

It’s designed from 600D Oxford fabric and a heavy-duty frame. We’ve been using ours for quite a while now, and it’s still perfect. It doesn’t seem like it’s going to break upon us anytime.

The only issue with the metal is that it has started to squeak, but it’s nothing WD-40 couldn’t fix.

I’m impressed with the deep hauling area. It’s so huge that our wagon has been doubling as a pack-n-play for our 10-month-old at baseball practice.

But more importantly, it can haul a lot of things in it with its 150-pound weight capacity. It carries all our beach supplies and beach gear for the day and has saved me from the need to make multiple trips to our car.

Moon Lence has also proven to be quite a game-changer for our lives.

This thing gets pretty compact when collapsed, and it fits well in my Prius. I also have no problem hauling in the small elevators.

It compacts to a small footprint, about the size of a couple of cases of soda. Even better, it has a strap for folding it down snugly and a cover to keep it tidy and folded down for transport.

Setting up the wagon isn’t intimidating either. It takes a second, and all you need to do is pull it open, push the bottom down and pop the folding bottom in. Super easy.

Lence also maneuvers quite well, thanks to the rotating front wheels. My kids are delighted with how easy it is to manipulate the wagon.

The wide wheels move smoothly regardless of the direction and are wide enough not to get buried under the deep sand.

Using the Lence is insanely easy. There’s zero assembly or anything.

An adjustable handle set at my preferred length is also handy for effortless pulling. I don’t have to slouch when moving the wagon.

Meanwhile, the cup holders hold my beverage well without spillage.



#5 Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler - Best Beach Wagon for Chairs


Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler is a nice beach cart for family trips to the beach.

We’ve had ours for a couple of seasons now, and we couldn’t be happier.

It fits the needs of our family of three, especially the need for moving beach chairs.

It has quite a generous space capacity enough to hold all our day’s supplies and essentials, including a beach umbrella, soft cooler, baby bag, toys, and much more.

But the best part is that Wonder Wheeler can accommodate four full-size beach chairs. Not many beach carts can do that.

Zero gravity chairs are quite heavy and large, but I still managed to rack one and then pile items on the top.

Rio Beach Wagon carries a lot of stuff, but it also pushes like one of those “old lady grocery carts.”

The wide, all-terrain wheels will take on the demanding terrain conditions like a champ.

But once you hit on the soft, I’d recommend you reverse it onto two back large balloon wheels and pull it.

Pulling is easy as the wide & sturdy wheels don’t get buried under the deep sand. It works like a workhorse on the firm & deep sand and concrete.

Using this all-terrain beach wagon is also a nice experience and has made me look forward to the beach days.

For example, it comes with an extended, stroller-style handle which makes pulling the cart quite effortless.

The wagon also folds nicely after use, and this is helpful for easy storage and transportability.

I’m also impressed with the range of accessories the wagon comes with, especially for the price. It has a side umbrella holder, storage pocket and a detachable tote bag for snacks, beverages and much more.



#6 Big Kahuna Beach Wagon - Premium Beach Wagon


Our last pick, the Big Kahuna Beach Wagon, is one of the most popular beach wagon and highly-rated options.

It’s also my favorite beach wagon.

While it’s a bit pricey, it comes with everything I need to haul my gear on the beach.

I’m impressed with Kahuna’s capacity and love that it can accommodate all my beach supplies, from beach chairs, a cooler, blanket, fishing gear, and an umbrella.

The wagon also has an impressive performance and works great on the sand.

We use ours on the beach, but I’d recommend keeping the large wheels on low pressure, so they don’t dig on the sand.

It’s a bit of a workout pulling the wagon, especially on soft sand, but it’s still manageable and better than having to carry the items by hand to and from your car.

Big Kahuna wagon is sturdy, and the aluminum metal frames can take all the outdoor abuse. It stands up to all the punishments and even to elements.

We’ve had us for several seasons now, and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to break, bend or anything. I’m happy with the purchase.

After use, packing this bad boy is a breeze. While it’s not exactly collapsible or foldable, you can remove the walls and the tires for an easy fit in your SUV.

It also comes with a range of accessories, but my favorite one has to be the set of rod holders on the wagon’s rear. There’re four total holders.

Overall, if you can look past the price and want a wagon that should last a long time and haul a range of goods, the Big Kahuna Wagon is an inspiring option.



Best Beach Wagons and Carts Buying Guide

Best Beach Wagons and Carts Buying Guide

With so many beach carts in the market, choosing the right one for your needs can be nerve-wracking.

The good news is you don’t have to worry about the selection because I’ve prepared a special guide outlining everything you need to know about selecting the best beach wagons and carts.

But first, let’s check the different types of wagons available.

Types of Beach Wagons

The three main categories of beach wagons are:

1)      Collapsible wagons

A collapsible beach wagon, also known as a folding beach wagon, is the most popular.

As its name suggests, the collapsible beach wagon can “collapse” or rather fold down into a compact size when not in use.

The great benefit of foldability is portability. It’s easy to store the wagon when not in use.

It’s also convenient since you simply unfold it to support all your stuff.

2)      Non-collapsible beach wagons

The non-collapsible options don’t collapse or compact for convenient storage or transportability.

One of the strongest suits with the non-collapsible wagons is sheer strength and ample storage space.

They are mostly designed from sturdy material, ensuring longevity.

3)      All-terrain beach wagons

All beach carts come with big wheels for smooth rolling over sand, but some are equipped better than others.

An all-terrain beach wagon is sturdier and tougher than your basic wagons. They usually come with large balloon tires covered in the deep tread to overcome everything from mud gravel to sand.

Key Features to Consider in the Best Beach Wagons and Carts

There’re several key features you should always look out for in a beach wagon.

The three critical features you should never make a compromise on include:

1)      Heavy-Duty frame

The frame of any wagon determines the overall sturdiness and longevity.

Wagons designed from sturdy metal frames retain their shape and are less likely to suffer from bending and breakage when hauling heavy stuff.

2)      Lightweight

The best beach wagon should be ultra-light.

Lightweight beach carts are convenient and ultra-portable. A lighter wagon is easier to maneuver, haul and store.

3)      Stable & Extra Wide Wheels

Finally, you need to consider the wheels.

The ideal beach wagon wheels should be fast-rolling and stable on the sand.

Ideally, consider the larger, wider wheels because of their extra stability on the sandy ground.

Also, consider the tread because it’ll allow you to use your wagon on the tough terrain.

Factors to Consider when Selecting the Best Beach Wagons

Factors to Consider when Selecting the Best Beach Wagons

I’ll highlight some of the crucial elements you need to consider when selecting the best beach wagons in the section below.

Weight and Weight Capacity

Some users are satisfied with a selection of drinks and a towel, while others need to bring more than that.

So, the first thing to consider when selecting a beach wagon is the amount of supplies and beach gear you wish to bring to the beach.

From there, consider the specifications of your beach cart, and check to see if it can bear your load.

Special Features

Some wagons are simple and quite basic. On the other hand, other beach wagons are premium and come with plenty of extras.

The latter are the specialized models and may fit best users looking for special features for the beach outings.

For example, anglers may prefer a beach wagon with a fishing pole holder. Rod holders aren’t a standard feature in most wagons.

You might also include a side umbrella holder, cup holder and compartment.

Push or Pull?

Most beach wagons come with a pull design.

Pulling by the handle is comfortable for most users, but it can feel challenging for others, especially when moving long items such as umbrellas.

If you feel a pull beach cart is challenging to use, consider a push option. These are mainly the vertical beach utility carts.


While most beaches are sandy, it’s good to consider the type and nature of sand.

For example, some beaches have super-soft sand, while others have dense rocky shores.

The larger, hollow tires will effortlessly glide over the super-soft sand, while dense tires with more traction are better suited for the rocky shores.

Kid-Friendly Wagons

If your most crucial beach accessory is your kid, be sure to consider a beach wagon that can safely accommodate them.

Whether they need protection from the heat or simply a nice way to keep them comfortable during the journey, pick a beach wagon that is comfortable and safe.

Ideally, pick a beach cart with a backrest, seat belts, support, shoulder strap, cushy material and some extra space. I would recommend the Veer Cruiser with an infant car seat if you’re seriously looking to invest in a wagon for your kid.


Finally, you need to consider how much you’re willing to invest in a beach wagon.

Most decent wagons retail between $80 to $100.

There’re also some reasonable budget options available, but for most of these, you need to sacrifice some special features like seats, canopy and the number of special features such as a carry bag.

Best Collapsible Wagon Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the best beach wagon wheel size?

A: Generally, the bigger the wheel size, the better.

But there’re exceptions; for example, if you’re heading to the rocky grounds, consider the smaller wheels with more traction.

Q: What is the right beach wagon for soft sand?

A:  The best beach carts generally have wider wheels that can roll soft sand without sinking.

Q: Can I carry my kid in a beach wagon?

A: It depends whether the beach wagon is specially-designed for carrying kids or not.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t recommend carrying your kids on just any beach wagon.

The right one should be made for kids and have the specs supporting a safe and comfortable use.

Q: Are there differences between a beach wagon and a beach cart?

A: Beach carts are generally smaller than beach wagons.

The other difference is in design. Most carts have a stand-up design, consisting of two wheels, while the beach wagons are larger, sturdier and roll nicely on four wheels.

Q: How do I maintain my beach wagon?

A: Most wagons let you separate the fabric from the steel frame.

Use a clean piece of wet cloth to clean the beach cart and remove the extra stains.

For wagons with an open-grid design, you simply need to hose them down and allow them to dry.

Q: Will a beach wagon wheel roll on the sand?

A: Yes, the beach wagon wheels are designed to roll over the loose sand.

The wide, treaded versions, in particular, will maneuver over the soft sand without sinking.

Wrap Up: Our Choice

Wrap Up Our Choice

Our winner for the best beach carts is the Sekey Folding Beach Cart.

It’s the ultimate solution for all your beach traveling needs.

The beach cart has a generous weight capacity and can haul everything you need for a day out at the beach.

Plus, it has some nice, wide wheels that hardly sink into the sandy beaches.


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