Ultimate Review of the Best Costco Beach Umbrellas in 2023

Ultimate Review of the Best Costco Beach Umbrellas

If you’re heading to the beach, one thing you can count on is there will be little shade unless you bring your own.

An umbrella gives us the opportunity for a break and keeps us cool.

For families, umbrellas are more important, especially if you’ve kids or seniors. It protects them from the damaging effects of UV light.

That said, any regular beachgoer knows the classic beach umbrella struggle.

Personally, my experience with beach umbrellas has been a hit and miss.

See, over the years, I’ve had many umbrellas. Most of them were from cheap brands that we picked from Home Depot or bought at a huge discount in the low season.

For the most part, we never really paid attention to the beach umbrellas and their quality.

The funny thing is we always ran into problems with them. And from our experience and speaking to other beachgoers, we realized most people experienced the same.

A common issue with these shade options is quality and pole issues.

One, there’re days when the beach umbrella simply refuses to stand up no matter how much we dug, twisted, and turned.

Secondly, I can’t recount the number of times when our umbrellas flopped over or took a flight, bouncing across the sand like a dangerous missile.

There were also times when the wires would bend, followed by damage to the fabric.

An annoying issue was putting the pole in the sand. Sand on the beach can be fickle, and if the rod isn’t deep enough, then the loose sand can’t hold it, and the umbrella blows over.

But despite all the frustrations, I can never imagine a day on the beach without an umbrella. The dangers of sun exposure are well documented. Besides, it’s much more pleasant to sit on a chair shaded by an umbrella than in the baking sun all day.

Now, if you’re interested in a beach umbrella that is not only reliable but incredibly easy to carry, easy to set up, and stays on sand even amidst the typical sand gusts, you’re in the right place.

In the guide below, I’ll share some of my favorite Costco beach umbrellas from brands like Sports Brella, Bahama, and BeachBUB.

Whether you want a Costco umbrella for family, travel, UV sun protection, or simply looking for a cost-effective option to use now and then, I’ve got you covered.

Quick Comparison Table!

Sport-Brella Sun and Rain Canopy Umbrella


Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrella


Frankford Steel’s super 7.5-foot commercial grade umbrella


BeachBUB All-in-One System


EasyGo Umbrella



The Best Costco Beach Umbrella For The Money

Best Costco Beach Umbrellas For The Money

#1 Sport-Brella Sun and Rain Canopy Umbrella - EDITOR'S CHOICE


Just when I was to resign myself to purchasing new beach umbrellas every summer, I came across the Sport-Bella.

I’m already sold.

See, the Sport-Brella isn’t your typical sand umbrella. It’s a unique kind of an umbrella/tent combo-they call it the “canopy umbrella.”

I love the new twist to the standard umbrella design for two main reasons.

One, it gives me maximum shade and portable protection from the elements.  It’s a great choice for element protection whether you’re at the beach, a sporting event, or even in your backyard.

Secondly, it offers some privacy. Not much, but the cover side flaps are a huge perk in the ever-crowded beaches.

Now, while some users may see it as a portable cabana, the Sport-Brella has something that most cabanas don’t have-zippered windows.

You get two wind vent on each side of the beach umbrella for better airflow and an unhindered view of the ocean.

And the good thing is you don’t have to worry about the sun’s pesky rays when you’re relaxing underneath, thanks to an SPF 50 lining. It’s an invaluable accessory for preventing sunburn during sunny days.

But be sure to angle the Brella with the sun at your back rather than facing the shoreline straight on so that the shaded area covers you completely.

Brella’s construction is heavy-duty too, and though it may look flimsy in the picture, it holds up exceptionally well to the windy conditions.

The 4.5mm steel ribs and a 5mm steel stretcher enhance the sturdiness of the Brella, but I found that putting sand around the edges of the beach umbrella was helpful.

Furthermore, its telescopic pole (install pole to the red sand line), ground stakes, and tie-down cords add the overall stability, keeping your umbrella in place even in a blizzard.

I’ve used other cheap umbrellas that would normally buckle under rain and gusts of high wind speed, but not the Brella. The 8-foot canopy made using strong 201D polyester offers fundamental all-weather protection.

And as you would expect from an all-around protection option, Sports-Brella is also water repellent. It allows me and my wife to stay nice, warm, and cozy, even during the light rains.

We also find Brella quite practical, considering we also bought some mat-style chairs to sit under the shade. It can fit two comfortable chairs.

We usually sit up to read for most of the day, but when my wife wants to sunbathe, she pulls them out into the sun to lay flat on.

Of course, given it looks like a mini tent, I was skeptical at first putting this thing up and breaking it down. But it’s surprisingly simple, and I can do it in a matter of minutes while watching my kids.

Overall, the Sports-Brella is a good beach umbrella, quite practical, and I would highly recommend it.



#2 Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrella - Premium Pick


We bought the Tommy Bahama Umbrella last year for use in Florida. We were hoping for a good quality, solid and reliable umbrella-but it’s more than what we bargained for!

See, we’re avid beachgoers and have used this several times, and so far, we feel it’s going to last for a long while.

One thing we love about the Tommy Bahama Umbrella is how lightweight it feels. Nearly half the weight of our first pick, carrying the Tommy Bahama is a breeze. Plus, it comes with a strap on the included carrying bag, so it goes right over your shoulders for easy transport.

On the sand, the Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrella also works well. The base is easy to get down to the sand and holds tight.

We were at a couple of windy locations, and the Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrella stayed put. Yes, the canopy moves a lot in the breeze, but the 7-foot aluminum and fiberglass rib deliver the resistance you would expect from a quality option.

The Tommy Bahama shade is also well-made and durable. Plus, it comes with new tweaks to the design that helps enhance the performance.

For example, a telescopic aluminum pole (install pole to the red sand line) will let you adjust the Tommy Bahama to the desired height. Meanwhile, the tilt option helps you adjust the canopy based on the position of the sun and boosts wind protection.

Another nice addition to the Tommy Bahama is a wind vent at the top of the canopy. It increases the tolerance and overall stability while improving the airflow when the conditions are still.

And as with all the best beach umbrellas, Tommy Umbrella doesn’t fail in the skin protection department.

A silver lining on the heavy-duty material enhances UV sun protection. It’s rated UPF 50+, just what you need to enjoy your vacation in all safety.



#3 Frankford Steel's super 7.5-foot commercial grade umbrella - Best Beach Umbrella for Making a Statement


Are you a professional beach bum? Or do you visit the beach looking longingly at the solid umbrellas that the water-front restaurant and hotels display?

If that’s you, I’m sure you’ll be interested in the Costco Frankford Steel Grade Umbrella.

It’s one of the few tricked-out models on our list of the best beach umbrella and is designed to last.

First, it uses marine-grade fabric, and it’s beloved for how well it stands up to the strong winds. In fact, it reminds me of the sand umbrellas of the fifties and sixties. Heavy-duty fabric and a heavy-duty construction where others failed miserably.

Sure, at first glance, it may seem that even the slightest breath will knock it off, but let it out in the gale, and you’ll be impressed.

Secondly, it boasts durable zinc-plated steel ribs, stainless steel springs, and an attractive 8-foot ash wood pole,

Simply put, it’ll stand up to whatever the elements are thrown at it.

While remaining strong, the extra heavy acrylic tear-resistant fabric on the sand shade has a 50+ UPF rating, so it protects you from the damaging effects of the sun rays.

On the sand, this Costco umbrella is tough as nails. We had a steady 20 mph wind speed, and it held the entire time.

Screwing the sand grabber into the sand and fitting the tightened umbrella pole ensures the umbrella remains firm.

Setting up this bad boy is also a breeze while carrying it is the easiest of the tasks. You can sling it over on your shoulder, or as I did, hold it like a suitcase.

I had no problem putting the umbrella portion back in the bag, and I found the carrying bag just the right size for the umbrella.

The only knock from a five-star rating from this Costco umbrella is because the size is measured over the umbrella’s top. It’s a whole lot smaller than I expected when I opened and measured it from side to side.

To get a true 6.5 feet, I recommend getting a larger size, something like 7.5 feet.

But otherwise, everything else on this Costco umbrella is simply amazing.



#4 BeachBUB All-in-One System - Best Costco Beach Umbrella for Windy Days


One of the selling features for the BeachBUB is how well it stands up to wind gusts.

The manufacturer has figured out an easy way to set up the umbrella.

See, when we visit the ocean, we need to bring a shovel or some other tool to set up the umbrella so that it doesn’t fly away.

Not the BeachBUB.

This sand umbrella uses a revolutionary design, consisting of a patented, pyramid-shaped base.

The base attaches itself to the bottom pole using an anchor collar, and the best part is it requires zero extra weight on your part.

You simply need to fill the base from the sand.

The benefit of such a system is you get an easy and unique solution that will prevent the umbrella from flying away during the sandy gusts of winds. It prevents injuries and even saves lives in the long run.

Besides the base, this umbrella also comes with a canopy designed to prevent inverting specifically. So, you’re saved from the inconvenience of having to fix your umbrella’s canopy every few minutes.

Along with all the benefits of a sturdy design, this shade also comes with a host of other awesome features that promote ease of use and practicality.

For example, it includes a carry bag and a wrench.

The 7′ shade canopy also provide shade and weather protection while remaining easy to set up.



#5 EasyGo Umbrella - Heavy Duty Umbrella


Our final pick, the EasyGo, advertises itself as a “heavy-duty” umbrella, and the manufacturers claim it is indeed true.

First, I can tell from the construction that this bad boy will last for a long time. It seems super-sturdy and will take on the elements and weather inclination like a champ.

The other plus with EasyGo is the size.

It’s a monster shade, coming in at a whopping 8 feet in diameter, so it’ll comfortably accommodate you and your partner and leave space for more.

And the best part is that it comes with many of the same features as we saw in the premium Tommy Bahama Beach umbrella.

For example, it comes with a tilt option and a sand anchor, helping to keep it down in the sand.

From experience, I can tell the sand anchor pole is super-strong and will stand up to the abuses of the wind gusts.

Furthermore, it’s a joy to use the umbrella feels lightweight, and the pole can be adjusted to different heights for your convenience.

The ventilation is yet another desirable feature of this Costco umbrella. During the strong winds, the openings will create a wind exit at the top of the umbrella, making it unlikely for the umbrella to blow away.

The openings allow the free air flow to create a cooling effect on the umbrella on the calmer days.

While the large size may prove a bit challenging to carry, I love how the umbrella breaks down into a smaller size and fits over my shoulders for easier carrying.

Overall, the Costco  EasyGo is a nice Costco umbrella, large and with plenty of awesome features.

The only thing I would like you to check is to confirm your local rules. Some rules prohibit umbrellas over a certain size.



Best Costco Beach Umbrella Buying Guide

Best Costco Beach Umbrella Buying Guide

Still unsure on what Costco beach umbrella to purchase?

Here’s a buying guide to help with your next selection.

Factors to Consider when Buying a Costco Umbrella for the Beach


It’s important to consider the weight of a Costco umbrella.

Remember you’ll be carrying the Costco umbrellas from your car to your preferred spot at the beach. And you’ll likely have other gear such as chairs, cooler, and towels, so finding a light umbrella is critical.


Along with lightness, your choice of the umbrella should also be compact.

It should compact effortlessly for portability.

Most of the compact Costco umbrellas have a canopy that breaks down and a telescopic handle.

Fabric/ Material

The choice of material for your Costco umbrella should be strong but lightweight.

Generally, most beach umbrellas use nylon as their preferred choice of material, though marine-grade acrylic is gaining popularity among commercial-grade umbrellas.

Now, depending on the thickness of your umbrella’s material, also consider the material that filters the UV rays.

Manufacturers provide a UPF rating, which refers to the amount of rays material filters. Usually, the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends materials with a UPF 50- they can filter 99% of the UV rays.


Finally, you need to consider the ease of use and practicality of an umbrella.

For example, Costco umbrellas with a tilting mechanism are handy when you need shade at 3 pm in the afternoon.

Tilt helps users to change the position of the canopy depending on the position of the sun. So, you don’t have to move your chair over and over again.

Also, consider umbrellas with an anchor. They’ll help you pin your umbrella to the beach sand and prevent it from flying during the wind gusts.


Finally, consider the price.

Price isn’t a reflection of quality, but it is usually for most of the part.

The higher the price, the better your purchase is.

But always put your budget first. There’re plenty of inexpensive but wonderful options in the market.

Wrap Up: Our Choice

Best Costco Beach Umbrella Wrap Up Our Choice

Our number one for the best umbrellas is the Sports- Brella Umbrella.

We chose this Costco option because it’s quite a unique offering, and it exceeded our expectations in terms of reliability, weather protection, and ease of use.

It’s a wonderful creation that ticks on the boxes in the right areas, and I would highly recommend it.

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