17 Different Types of Resorts and Finding The Holiday to Suit You

17 Different Types of Resorts and Finding The Holiday to Suit You

Are you tired of the same old, humdrum vacation routine? Do you crave something more than the standard hotel experience? Well, fret not, for we have just the solution for you – resorts! A far cry from your typical lodgings, resorts offer a world of entertainment, relaxation, and exquisite experiences all under one roof – or sky, if you’re looking at the open-air kind.

From the chilling Arctic to sun-kissed beaches, from tranquil mountains to bustling urban environments, there’s a resort for every taste. This article is your personalised travelogue, guiding you through the delightful world of resorts

When you picture a resort, what comes to mind? Whether it’s the official Disneyland Resorts in Paris, Florida, Tokyo and so on or if it’s that all-inclusive space-out-and-spa relaxation therapy retreat on a secluded island, there is something for you.

They’re not all the same, we promise.

There are actually 17 different resort packages and holiday destinations around the world to suit you as an individual. If you love horses and hate the idea of lounging by the sea, then the Ranch Experience is for you. If your ideal escape involves putting an ace and leaving behind any sense of family splashing, you’ll probably want to hear more about specialised Golf Putter resorts.

So, we’ve developed the ultimate know-how and guide to the different resort packages and holiday destinations around the world with a hint of holiday joy sprinkled throughout the advantages of resorts, too. 

Have a look at what this guide covers:

  1. What is a Resort?
  2. Where Did the Idea of Resorts Originate?
  3. What are the Benefits of a Resort Holiday?
  4. What are the Categories of Booking for an Escape?
  5. What are the 17 Different Types of Resort?

You may have heard a little myth here and there floating around the holiday-sphere that mention small things such as “you only have buffet food on the menu” or “you lose out on local culture when you go to all-inclusive resorts”. 

While both of these aspects can hold weight in a resort (you often have the option to head to a buffet and everything you’d need to wind down is within the resort), but neither are true. Holiday resorts are not the same as prisons; you may leave the confines of the hotel room, explore with tours or on your own and experience fine dining anywhere you choose. 

The resort is there to help make things easier. But you don’t have to conform to a daily routine of lazing without engaging in the activities that bring out the spark in you after so many aspects of mundane working life have tried to blow it out. 

Read on to discover your idyllic resort with the team here at The Hobby Kraze, begin to relax as you picture yourself there and begin to organise a future to look forward to. Whether it’s pulling the lever on a slot machine, seeing the biggest grin on your little one’s face as their favourite characters come to life or finding yourself perfectly deserted with palm trees and pina coladas on the beach.

What is a Resort?

What is a Resort

A resort is a self-contained destination offering everything from the room and the restaurant to the adventures awaiting just outside the gates.

It’s slightly different to a hotel as it’s more than just a room with extra facilities to fit the holiday destinations. The advantages to a resort rely solely on their ability to provide a little more spice. They enter realms of relaxation, adventure, space, exploration, opportunity, freedom and more. There are extra sprinkles on your ice cream and there’s more sun beaming down on you. 

That’s not to say that a hotel getaway is not a perfectly reasonable holiday; it’s just to say it’s a simplified version of what it could be.  

Traditionally speaking, a resort is a location for extra-curricular fun. It’ll generally have a focus such as being sports, relaxation, rehabilitation, theme or environment orientated. They’ll feature all the amenities necessary to keep you satisfied within the resort, and in doing so, they’ll feature a resort-based hotel. 

Where Did the Idea of Resorts Originate?

Where Did the Idea of Resorts Originate

Looking back on history, we find ourselves in awe at the innovative Roman Empire who coined the ‘resort’ in both terms and tastes. 

The Romans used to create public bath houses around naturally occurring springs after inspiration from the Ancient Greeks who would do the same without the level of grandeur that came with the bath houses.

One of the more famous bath houses is in England’s city of Bath; when the Romans came to town, they stumbled across our island’s only naturally occurring hot spring, turning it into a hub for public bathing. As this was sometime after they had been engaging in the practice throughout Rome, these baths no longer separated the genders and were open to everyone who owned the coin. 

The reason it’s believed these bath houses were the first concept of a resort is due to the sheer amount of facilities and activities that were also offered within these leisure centres. 

In Bath, for example, there isn’t just the Great Bath, there were other baths for smaller groups to enjoy, heated rooms that resembled saunas, areas for eating and drinking, leisure facilities, changing rooms, a diving stone, a curative water fountain, oil treatments, massages, a cold plunge and even a sacred spring as a focal point for worship. 

What are the Benefits of a Resort Holiday?

What are the Benefits of a Resort Holiday

While no longer simply offering the same leisure facilities as the historical Roman bath houses, resorts now cater to individual tastes. Yet still follow the same premise of offering more to escape.

Heading out for a resort holiday, rather than a city escape with a hotel room comes with a variety of benefits. As mentioned, the advantages of resorts bring a plethora of activities available at your fingertips. And, while this may increase the daily price, it will certainly be found beneficial, especially when opting for the ‘all-inclusive’ option at booking. 

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of all the things that could pander to your every need when you look at the different types of resorts for holiday destinations:

  • Everything can be included
  • Resort staff can organise excursions
  • There’s fun, activity, food and sleep all in one place
  • It can save time and money in the long run
  • Booking is far more simple
  • There are packages to choose from that suit your budget
  • You can choose a resort type that pampers your hopes for a holiday
  • There is an increased level of convenience and comfort
  • It can be far safer when staying under the protection of a resort
  • They’ll typically feature medical bays for any emergencies
  • There’s less of a need to consider hiring a car
  • Resorts around the world feature a choice of activities and attractions
  • All amenities are within an accessible distance 
  • There can be member discounts 
  • Depending on the types of resorts, they can be bigger with better availability
  • You can meet new people with similar interests
  • There are kids club activities 

What are the Categories of Booking for an Escape?

What are the Categories of Booking for an Escape

As you’re probably already aware, there are a few different ways to book a holiday which can involve specific package deals or a DIY escape to provide full freedom and autonomy to explore when there. 

However, when it comes to a resort, there are some options that are more common and price effective than others. With at least three distinct booking types for each of the 17 types of resorts around the world, it’s important you know the difference.


As the name might suggest, when booking a resort holiday labelled as room-only you’ll be entitled to the room. Any other luxurious, adventurous and tasty extras will need to either be added to the package or bought on-site. 

However, it’s not all doom and gloom even in the sense of the types of resorts you might be heading off to. Simply because creating a room-only booking brings opportunity to travel, lower initial costs, fewer things to cram into the travel diary, more chances to find deals on individual aspects of the holiday, opportunity to be flexible with the booking and more. 

Yet, it does mean that a tightening of the purse strings could be necessary and always at the back of the mind when it comes to eating, drinking and doing anything else in the holiday destinations. For example, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, alcoholic drinks, excursions, taxis and anything else you can think of will need to be charged to the room and paid at the point of departure. 

Bed and Breakfast/Full-Board

The bed and breakfast styles and the full-boarding option are very similar but include more of a full belly depending on your choice. 

With the bed and breakfast, it is much like the room-only option in that it does what it says on the tin. You’ll be eligible to access the bedroom and an all-you-can eat buffet for breakfast (fried, sunny-side-up, benedict or poached, it’s all yours). However, any additional meals throughout the day (don’t forget the doctor suggests three square meals) will need to come out of the extra holiday budget. 

Yet, another one of the advantages to resorts is that they have all the amenities on the grounds. From a shop to eat food in the room all the way to your choice of restaurants. You’ll just need to remember to take your wallet.

Then in the different resort packages, and much like the bed and breakfast but not, is the full-board option. You’ll get everything you do with the bed and breakfast and more. In fact, it extends out to lunch and dinner. However, drinks and snacks and any other fun activities or benefits still aren’t included in the price, hence the next step-up.


We’re here: the all-inclusive, leave your brain at the airport, holiday packages featured within resorts around the world. Of course, you’ll pay a small premium for the luxury of the all-inclusive holiday destinations, but it more than pays off. 

This is the most common choice for many resort goers simply because it takes away the stress about thinking of a budget and what’s in the pocket in order to enjoy a day out or a nice meal. 

Of course, all-inclusive doesn’t necessarily always mean all inclusive; this is because the resort may still offer day excursions and extra packages that can be booked, pencilled-in and paid-for upon arrival.   

Yet, the premise of having all amenities, necessities and a factory-filled with activities and bonuses are still at your fingertips. Whether it’s access to the kid’s club, a free meal in the five-star restaurant, all first rides free, a butler, access to extra sports areas, one free excursion, unlimited drinks and so on. 

Another benefit to opting for the all-inclusive types of resorts and holiday packages is the all-round holiday care. Often, travel companies working with resorts will organise all flights and transfers with the deal, meaning everything is booked, timed and organised simply for you to turn up at the airport with your luggage (and travel companions, of course).

What are the 17 Different Types of Resort?

What are the 17 Different Types of Resort

With everyone having their own life, personalities, hobbies, and talents, there is a need for individual resorts around the world who are able to cater to each one perfectly. Having one large resort catering to every individual out there is simply impossible. Let’s take the little ones, as an example: you wouldn’t be taking them on a quest to find Mickey Mouse on a nude beach while dodging flying golf balls. 

So, there are special resorts that isolate themselves and bask in the glory of being the luxury location to fit you, your wants and your needs in a holiday resort. Find out which one – or ones – take your fancy:


Adult Only

While tiny humans with big smiles can light up a room for many, there’s sometimes a need to go somewhere without any screams, without any child-friendly areas and without being splashed while relaxing by the pool. 

Here comes the adult-only resort; these types of resort cater either to singletons looking to leave the single life behind, seniors wanting to share adventure with those who share life’s wisdom or simply parents wanting to escape for a full week while the kids are under the watchful eyes of their grandparents. 

Amusement Park

Amusement Park

The amusement part resort is the resort that brings together rides, thrills, hotels, splashes, restaurants, room experiences and more. From the traditional carnival-style amusement park to the more ride-focused stomach-churning max-factor locations like Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Alton Towers, Thorpe Park and other fantastically quintessential British staycation resorts. 

These amusement park resorts were made for small children and big kids at heart while catering to the many. 

However, for many amusement park resorts around the world, they provide different resort packages that include the main event with thrilling rides. All the while also offering a taste of other holiday fun such as waterpark paddles, woodland cabins, bars and restaurants, stargazing opportunities, in-house cinemas and more. 

Beach Laze

Beach Laze

It’s a straight-forward concept about the beach laze resorts. These types of resorts bring peace, calm, crashing waves, the iconic hammock between two palms and strawberry daquiris on tap. 

The advantage of resorts with a beach laze focus is completely down to the private real estate and conveniences partial to the holiday destinations package. 

They’ll often have the hotel on the beach with restaurants, spa facilities, an on-beach masseuse, loungers, designated sea space, an indoor pool, bars, beach activities, butlers and more. With this, these types of beach laze resorts are often seen as very luxurious and tend to mingle with the other resort types such as the island adventure and the adult-only.

Casino Den

Casino Den

Whether you want to place your coin on blackjack, poker, roulette or the fruit machines, the casino den is the resort made for you. With many high-flying attendees wanting to splash the cash, these casino den types of resorts can either be the holiday on the up or a holiday to forget. 

With gambling being an age-restricted activity, casino den resorts around the world hold a strict adult-only policy. Despite this, globally renowned resorts like Las Vegas’ Bellagio still offer other areas of luxury to unwind and escape reality. For example: restaurants, a gym, a pool, shopping, a barber, a salon, a spa, tours, golf, racing, excursions, concierge and dog facilities, too!

Cruise Leisure

Cruise Leisure

A cruise leisure resort is often an all-inclusive cruise travelling to a set number of destinations. Such as: the Scandinavia tour or the Mediterranean getaway.

But it’s important to know the cruise ship is not just the transport from A to B to C. It’s ‘the’ resort.

Many cruise ships will feature themes and trends from resorts all around the world, such as: restaurants with a gastro from every country, pools, waterslides, shopping centres, theatres, operas, bars, ballrooms, sports courts, pantomimes, kid’s clubs, auctions, photography studios, spas, masseuses, stargazing experiences (breathe) and more. There really is a little bit of everything that screams the advantages of resorts.

Eco Pod

Eco Pod

Many out there are very aware and conscious about the well-being of our planet and the negative effect that commercial resorts and other holiday destinations are having.

So, there are eco pod resorts offering gentle planet retreats that allow you to escape the 9 to 5 while being courteous to the environment through sleeping in these very eco pod resorts. 

These resorts tend to focus on clean eating and clean resource living such as only having limited water supplies, locally produced foods and solar power electricity sources.

But, that doesn’t take away from the endless resort possibilities. With spa treatments, yoga classes, beach clean-ups, hikes and sourcing local produce, there’s much to enjoy.

Forest Exploration

Forest Exploration

Much like the eco pod types of resort, other resorts around the world like to focus on the beauty of what’s around us and enjoying freedom without leaving a large footprint. 

An example of this is the Forest Exploration, with resorts around the world hidden deep within the forest trees, they are the epitome of sweet seclusion and total emersion in nature.

With the essence of seclusion, the forest resorts need to be able to provide everything from entertainment to amenities such as food and accommodation.

Golf Putter

Golf Putter

For a putt on the green and a par in the bunker all before heading in for a fine dining experience, spa treatment and relaxing sleep within a golfer’s paradise, these golf putter resorts around the world provide only the prestige of resorting to those holding the clubs.

With some of the best being Cornelia’s Diamond in Turkey, Barcelo Bavaro in the Dominican Republic, Royal St George’s, Olympic Lagoon in Aiya Napa and Regnum Carya in Turkey. Each of these golf resorts are a must-visit throughout the year while touring the locations of the British Open.

Historical Travel

Historical Travel

Whether you’re in the mood for sightseeing the great Egyptian pyramids, the Aztec temples, the Viking settlements or the questionable plantations dotted around Southern USA, historic types of resorts tailor the experience to the holiday destinations of historical and archaeological importance.

With reinvented resorts that make you feel as though you’re living within the grandiose of ancient life, you’ll feel connected with a distant ancestry while learning something new. 

From walks along the Jurassic Coast of England to discover new fossils of a life that once was to a guided venture through India’s Golden Triangle and into the seven wonders of the world. Historical resorts are built around your inquisitive nature.

Island Adventure

Island Adventure

Something that could never be missed off the bucket list for a once-in-a-lifetime experience is finding yourself in the heart of the ocean and in the spree of seclusion. 

Island resorts cater to the need for the iconic and luxurious escape into the middle of nowhere while being waited-on hand and foot for every whim.

With the Caribbean Islands remaining a popular choice for many, there’s luxury within two senses. From the stunning serenity of the known through the Sandals resort in Grenada to discovering new possibilities with St Lucia’s Jade Mountain. 

Lakeside Activity

Lakeside Activity

For everything based by the calm waterside, there are plenty of lakeside activity resorts around the world focusing on everything water-sports, nature or yoga related. 

With some of the most famous being situated in England’s Lake District, these types of resorts and holiday destinations feature everything from lakeside walking and historic town tours to clay pigeon shooting experiences and wakeboarding washouts.

Taking Lake Windemere’s Lakeside Hotel as an example, their different resort packages involve boating trips, spa facilities, restaurant bonanzas and more.

Meditation Retreat

Meditation Retreat

The meditation retreat is just that: a retreat for the mind and body in order to empower, raise confidence and build strength on both a mental and physical capacity. 

With modern day lives, economies, working days and the other requirements to stay afloat, stress and anxiety levels are more prevalent than ever, meaning there has been an increasing rise in the popularity of going to resorts focused on releasing ‘negative energies’ through yoga, stretching and pranayama techniques. 

The best thing is that all the different types of resorts focusing on meditation retreats can then branch out into the zone that speaks to you the most: eco pods, forest adventures, beach laze, lakeside activity, nudist resort or island adventure.

Nudist Resort

Nudist Resort-min

Warning, nudity may follow (if you’re lucky). Nudist resorts have the sheer advantage of resorts not needing to account for luggage (or much of it) as well as being freeing, leaving tan lines in the sand and basking in the glory of empowerment because we share the same clay model.

More often than not, the resorts running at a naked capacity are featured in some of the most private, secluded and cosy areas such as a forest, island or beach cove. 

However, if you’re heading there with family, we suggest getting to know each other a little more before thinking about unveiling what lies beneath!

Ranch Experience

Ranch Experience

For the horse and animal lover, heading for to the ranch for a week indulging in all that makes you happy is everything this world could provide. 

Different resort packages across America (as the ranch experience is based on historical ridings by Western USA cowboys brought over by the Spanish) will incorporate boarding, feeding, cleaning, spa facilities, exercise and more. For the humans, they may offer a tent, but just know you’ll have to pitch it yourself. 

On a serious note, ranch experiences can be a place of luxury with white sand arenas, family fun park activities, trail rides, farrier training, horse care, history talks, award winning accommodation and all-inclusive dining experiences.

Safari Cruiser

Safari Cruiser

With the safari being commonly associated with the wild plains of Africa riding passed lions, warthogs, meerkats and other Lion King animals, Africa is the hub for luxurious, exciting and guided tours through national parks.

From the tip of South Africa to the Land of waterfalls in Zimbabwe, Africa is the inner lioness of the world. It offers exquisite holiday destinations and resorts that feature all-inclusive safari trips into the wilderness as well as five-star accommodation and breakfast with the animals.

Another thing to keep in mind is that many of these safari cruiser getaways place a heavy focus on being eco-friendly, building further on the advantages of resorts that offer everything in one place.

Ski Run

Ski Run

One that simply can’t be forgotten is the powder snow runs of the ski resort. Either grab your sled, your skis or your board and begin to make new trails as you head off piste with only one thing in mind: the après ski. 

Ski resorts can be a fantastic mix for the extremities with many involving shopping in the resort town, thermal spas, massages, fantastic fondue-filled delectables and more. 

Mountain resorts around the world can all feature the ski run given good snowfall, but there are a few that will never be beaten anywhere else. For example: Grindelwald-Wengen or Zermatt in Switzerland, St Anton in Austria and Cortina d’Ampezzo in Italy.

So, get your thermals on and begin your white blanket adventures.

Theme Park

Theme Park

Very similar to the amusement park, theme park resorts around the world bring life to the characters you grew up with and the characters your little ones are growing up with. 

Resorts such as Legoland, Disneyworld or Thomas Land all have magic in the air from the moment you wake up on the resort. Going from breakfast with childhood best friends to being strapped into the rides and enjoying the what. the theme park has to offer.

These holiday destinations and types of resorts tend to focus on the identity of each character but that doesn’t mean to say they don’t also feature bustling experiences with life, adventure, cuisine and thrill. Some may offer an animal kingdom escape or tour through history while others focus on the pantomime of it all.


So, where will your adventures take you? Which resort speaks to you the most? And, most importantly, who will be travelling by your side?

The world of resorts is as vast and diverse as the globe itself, teeming with possibilities that cater to every taste and preference. Whether you’re longing for a tropical getaway at a beach resort, an adventurous escapade at a ski resort, a rejuvenating retreat at a spa resort, the energy of an urban resort, or the tranquility of an eco-resort, there’s a perfect match waiting for you.

For more interesting, fun and explorative articles that guide you through pretty much everything you need to know about living your best life (what a modern 20s phrase), rummage through The Hobby Kraze’s blog. Our team has everything you need from gathering the tools-list for at-home crafts to making your first loaf with a fool-proof recipe. 

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