21 Fun Hobbies For Men Of All Ages (Interesting Too!)

Interesting and fun hobbies for men

What do you do when you’re bored? Or does your schedule doesn’t leave enough time to feel bored? Is there so much to do that you are desperate to take a break and try something different? Routine is comforting, but it also gets strenuous after a while. We start to lose interest and become mechanical in following the schedule. 

One day, we realize that we’ve got nothing else to do apart from work. Well, let’s not let ourselves reach that phase. Even if you are already there, here’s something to help you come out of it. 

Hobbies are lifesavers in many ways. We aren’t being dramatic here. Young and old, men and women, everyone needs hobbies. There are no exceptions or rules when it comes to hobbies (except that it has to be legal). 

For men wondering if they should stay on the couch all day and watch the ball game or do something different and productive or fun, here are a few things to help you.  We’ve listed 21 fun hobbies for men of all ages for you to choose from. 

Be it working on your health and fitness to taking over the kitchen and traveling across the globe, you’ve got many cool hobbies to try. Whether you’re in the mood for something light and relaxing or for something that fills you with bundles of energy, try different hobbies to see which suits your personality the best. Add more layers and depth to your interests and gain knowledge along the way. 

Guess what, you can even earn some money on the side. Why wait anymore now? Let’s get started with the list right away. 

Physical Fitness is a Must

physical hobbies for men

1. Workout- At Home or Gym

You don’t have to roll your eyes at this one. The workout was going to feature somewhere on the list. We just put it up in the first place to signify the importance of being physically fit. Living in a continually buzzing world with activity and desire to succeed leaves little time for other activities. 

Some of you would be working 18-22 hours a day, skipping meals, and sleeping a few hours barely, to stay ahead of the game. This puts your health at great risk, and well, the consequences aren’t worth it. If you aren’t taking the time to take care of your body, you should surely start now. If the gym isn’t to your liking, go for home workout.

Enroll in online training programs, buy DVDs, download apps, and dedicate a fixed time each day to work out and relax your muscles. Your age should not stop you from working out.

2. Martial Arts/ Boxing

Nothing relieves us of the day’s stress like some punching and kicking. Since we can’t do that to others, we’ve got to find something legitimate to punch. Boxing is one such way to release steam. You just need a punching bag and a pair of good gloves. Oh, yes, proper training too. You don’t want to sprain your wrist, especially if you are aging. 

Martial arts are not limited to being self-defense techniques. And yeah, you don’t have to go around teaching the baddies a lesson, either. Karate, Aikido, and other martial art form are not just to win medals or pound people but also to stay fit and gain peace. The training makes you disciplined, will help you understand your body and mind better, and will rejuvenate your senses.

3. Snowboarding and Skiing

If you live in snowy regions, what’s better than skiing to have as a hobby? You don’t even have to fly to colder regions, right? Snowboarding and skiing are great hobbies to have. From improving physical fitness to increasing your reasoning skills, these sports ensure you have loads of fun in the process.

You do have to invest a little money in buying the gear, though. Yes, you can rent it. But if you want to be regular, buying will save money. Plan an outing with your buddies and get started. So what if you haven’t tried them before? Someone in your gang is bound to know how to ski. They could teach you, right? It’s time to become a kid again. 

4. Hit the Target- Archery

Bows and arrows have been formidable weapons for centuries. We aren’t asking you to go on a war, though. Archery is a sport that requires dedication, skill, practice, and patience. Hitting the bull’s eye continuously is no mean feat. It requires persistence and a balanced mind.

You also need to be physically fit to become an archer (even if getting into the national games is not your intention). With little investment, you can buy yourself nice equipment. Join training classes, set up the target in the backyard, and practice every single day. And yeah, maybe try and not hit animals while you are at it?

5. Rock Climbing

This pushes physical activity a notch higher, doesn’t it? Rock climbing is hardly easy. It requires good training and physical fitness. Not just that, you have to mentally strong and prepared to climb up the rocks as the open valleys and empty plains lie below.

People with vertigo and other health issues should contact their physician before taking up this hobby. Of course, it is good to try and overcome your fears, but you’ve got to do it with caution and planning. You can join camps and take part in mock-rock-climbing events otherwise. Those are safe for most people. Rock climbing and rock sports are best enjoyed as team events though you can go ahead and climb up the hill all alone.

6. Sports are Super Fun

Watching sports is fun, we know. But playing them is also fun. Sports teach us teamwork, accepting wins and defeat, planning, execution, and keeping us fit and active. You can try many sports, right?

That’s why we haven’t specifically mentioned any sport, leaving the choice to you. Remember your days from childhood when you ran off to play with friends? It’s going to the same now, except with more dedication and proper training.

Join the sports club in your region, make new friends, work on your endurance and skills whenever you have time.
If you think you are too old to take up a new sport and learn it, you can train the young kids instead.

7. Cycling/ Mountain Biking

Biking or cycling is a good way to stay fit, save fuel, and also enjoy the sights the world has to offer at a much leisurely pace. Don’t let the bike rust in the corner of the garage. Take it out and go biking at least a few minutes every day. A little cycling shouldn’t hurt, but do consult your physician if you have health issues.

Yeah, we do understand that not everyone likes to use the bike in the city. Too much pollution, right? We’ve got a fab option for you. Mountain biking is quite famous and gives you the kind of peace you are craving, away from the crowded cities. Pick a trail and plan a weekend biking trip. Go prepared with water, food, and a small first-aid kit, and of course, a fully charged smartphone.

Artistic Skills

artistic hobbies for mne

8. Stone Sculpting

Skills require dedication and patience. You don’t master them overnight. Stone sculpting is one such art. Are you thinking of Michelangelo? He was a true master, wasn’t he? Chiseling and chipping away at a stone’s block to create a breathtaking statue is a matter of pride.

Sculpting is a hobby that requires some investment, both in terms of time and money. Online tutorials will help only so much. It’s more advantageous if you get hands-on training from an expert. One day, you might even put up an exhibition of your artwork. Until then, you’ll learn how to focus, assess, and become confident of what you’re doing.

9. Can You Make Knives

Oh, well, this isn’t something everyone knows in today’s world. We’ve come a long way from having to make our own tools and weapons. But learning some skills will always come in handy. What’s so special about making knives you ask? Besides having a cool skill to flaunt, you will know how to survive in the wild or get out of a tricky situation (as in the survival games).

Knifemaking is an ancient art that teaches you the power to make a weapon that has many uses. Learn more about flint knapping, the traditional way of making stone tools. You definitely don’t have to stop at making knives. You can gift and even sell them to others with initials engraved on the handle. Voila, you’ve become a customized knife seller.

10. Make Watches- Show Time

Horology, or the art of watchmaking, is scared. And why not? You are, after all, working with the ever-elusive time. Okay, that’s too much philosophy. Watchmaking has more or less being a family art, passed down from one generation to another. Fitting those tiny components into a small disc that shows time is a fascinating job.

If you’ve always loved watches and even own a super cool collection, it’s time to extend your hobby. Don’t stop at being a collector. Become a maker. This way, you’ll not just learn to repair watches but will also appreciate the effort goes into making watches. You can even take proper care of the antique watches without depending on others.

11. Woodworking and Carpentry

Woodworking is yet another skill that requires focus, calculations, vision, and patience. It also needs some heavy lifting and can double up as a good way to stay fit. Woodworking starts with understanding the different types of wood and knowing which one to use for which purpose.

You can look up to create just about anything with a block of wood. From furniture to showpieces to artwork (wood statues, anyone?), let your creativity flow. Join as a part-time assistant under a carpenter and learn skills straight from the expert. Woodworking also doubles up as a money-earning hobby. Stick to smaller objects if you can’t work with the bigger pieces.

12. Build a Motorbike

Some of you are already excited, aren’t you? That’s what motorbikes do to people. The freedom you experience as you ride across the city/ countryside and the power of the humming beast are truly intoxicating. If you want to invest completely in a single hobby, building a motorbike might be your thing.

From gathering the spare parts to fitting them, checking how the engine works, and making calculated changes will keep you occupied for a long time. And there’s no doubt that your efforts will be rewarded as you successfully build a motorcycle that zooms past the crowd with ease. Do remember that it needs solid investment.

13. Repair Your Car

Now, this is a hobby that can save you money and also make you self-sufficient. When you own a car, it’s always good to learn a little about how it runs and what components it has. You don’t have to be a full-fledged car mechanic (you can, of course), but you need to know to understand what went wrong.

Apart from fine-tuning the engine, you can also be assured that you’ll not get stranded in the middle of anywhere if the car were to start troubling you on a trip. Engines are fascinating, and there is so much to learn if you want to. Guess what, you can even earn some money by working at the garages in your spare time. That’s a great way to get your hands on different models of cars, isn’t it?

14. Rocketry or Robots

If you are a man of science and technology, these two hobbies are sure to grab your attention. Rocketry is the art of creating model rockets and releasing them into the sky. You get to design, build, and launch a mini rocket right in your backyard and study its progress. Unless you are already trained or have the required knowledge, you’ll have to join a course to learn the process.

Robotics is ruling the world. With AI gaining prominence, robots are becoming popular, friendlier, and human-like. Why not start building your own robot from scratch? Why not give it features you’ve wanted a robot to have? It is a consuming hobby, so be prepared to invest your time and money.

For the Mind

mind hobbies for men

15. Reading, Writing, Blogging

It’s time to make use of that super brain of yours. We’ve listed three hobbies in one for you to take a pick. While writing and blogging have overlapping features, reading is a wee bit different.

That said, you can become a book reviewer, where you read and write about what you’ve read and how it made you feel. Not all of us are bestselling authors to have writing as our main source of income. But we can surely make it a serious hobby and work on becoming a published author.

Whether you like to analyze books and participate in book club discussions, whether you like to write blogs (from travel to technical), or whether you like to write fiction/ non-fiction books, these hobbies are a delightful way to gain knowledge without moving from your place.

16. Play Poker

Poker is a fun game for a night with family and friends. But it’s also a serious hobby for many people. As long as you don’t get addicted to the high that comes from gambling, you can use poker for personal benefit?

How? Here’s how. The word poker face comes from the game, doesn’t it? You get to learn how to control your emotions and not let your face reveal your thoughts.

You observe others, read their body language, and notice the subtle changes in their gestures or even in the tone of their voice. These skills come in handy when you sit for important business negotiations. And earning a bit of income while having fun is welcome anytime, right?

17. Go Digital- Coding and Designing

The internet is now thriving like never before. It seems like our future is very much tied to the internet and digital media. There’s an increase in demand for programmers and software developers in the market. So what if you belong to another industry? You can start learning how to code, even if it is to create silly little apps for fun.

From web designing to create apps and games, computers and technology are enthralling and consuming. Do you belong to the previous generation with no computers? That shouldn’t stop you. Why not make use of your current free time to conquer your fear of using technology. Even if coding is too much, you can still learn how to use the digital platforms, connect on social media, and play online games.

18. Investment Planning

Are you a financial wiz? Do you have the knack for finding the right areas to invest in? Maybe you want to become one so that you don’t have to rely on others to make financial decisions. Whatever the reason, if accounts, finances, and investments attract you, what are you even doing without making it a hobby already?

Investment planning is quite similar to playing chess, except here, your stakes are quite high. Whether you want to dabble with the stock market, or take up good old real estate, put your entire focus into the hobby. Learn what you’ll need to know to protect your investment. Learn how to identify frauds and scams. Join clubs, talk to others, read books and articles. Age shouldn’t be a factor here, right?

The Kitchen’s Calling

kitchen hobbies for men

19. Brew Beer at Home

Kombucha, or homebrewing beer, is an excellent hobby for beer lovers. Why not? When you like to grab a bottle or two at the end of the day, you can try and brew it at home, right? The process isn’t too complex. You just need the basic starter kit and have to watch a few tutorials.

Brewing beer at home is fascinating, and getting it to taste exactly how you want is absolutely priceless. Make it a family event by gathering your dear ones to help you out (with brewing and tasting). Or call your buddies to take a sip and give you feedback.

20. Cooking, Baking, & Food Photography

Isn’t it strange that women are expected to cook at home while the men cook at restaurants? Cooking is a basic survival skill everyone needs to know. But it can also be a smart hobby where you get to impress your family or your special lady.

Alright, we understand it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but why not mix up two hobbies to make it exciting? We are talking about food photography. If cooking and baking are art, so is food photography. Arranging the dishes, adjusting the lighting, and take dozens of pictures just to get the right one is so… phew, rewarding!

21. Wine/ Scotch/ Cheese Tasting

Making something might be too hard and time-consuming, but tasting isn’t, right? Whether you are an avid traveler, a food lover/ critic, or just a man with sensitive taste buds and good knowledge, tasting events are fun places to be.

You get to try some new flavors, interact with the masters, and connect with fellow food lovers. Keep an eye out for exclusive tasting events and make it a point to attend them. You can also use these events to expand your social circle.


Well, are you still looking for some more hobbies? We’ve got them too. Try leather craft, ice sculpting, volunteering, astronomy, thrift shopping, museum hopping, pottery, gardening, mentoring, flying, parasailing, skydiving, and whatnot? 

Yes, we do know that all hobbies are not suitable for men of all age groups. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make exceptions or tweak the hobbies a bit to suit your age and health conditions. Don’t we customize hobbies based on our tastes? It’s the same time age. You are required to be extra careful and take permission for your physician.  

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