21 Fun Hobbies for Women of All Ages (Interesting Too!)

21 Fun Hobbies For Women Of All Ages

Sometimes even 24 hours in a day aren’t enough, right? There is so much to do; it’s overwhelming and exhausting. That’s when the mind and body want to rest and take a break. You will need something to break away for the never-ending cycle of managing your work and home. 

Social media provides some relief but causes equal stress. Did you ever feel like shutting off everything and be on your own? Were there times when you carved a hobby to keep your mind occupied as your body relaxed? 

Women are used to multitasking so much that it’s become a part of our lives. We are almost always managing, monitoring, working, cleaning, and whatnot. Do you think it’s time to change the routine? Don’t you want to do something different, fun, exciting, or relaxing to rejuvenate yourself? 

Hobbies help us stay sane in this insane world. They give us the much-required relief from leading monotonous lives. The best thing about hobbies is that they don’t have to abide by a set of rules. You don’t have to excel at mastering your hobbies. You don’t have to take it up that day if you don’t want to. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a list of hobbies to go through and choose one? Scroll through the post, and you’ll find 21 fun hobbies for women of all ages. 

So don’t wait any longer. Check out the list and tick the ones you like. 

Out with Nature

nature hobbies for women

1. Butterflies in the Garden 

Why not start our list with something happy and lovely? We all know that gardening is a famous hobby and recommended for everyone. You might already be having a garden and tending to it as we speak. So we’ve decided to make a teeny tweak to the hobby. This isn’t something we’ve come up with either. We aren’t taking the credit, nope. 

Okay, no more talking in circles. What do you think about a butterfly garden? It would be fabulous, right? All those colorful and tiny wings fluttering around and landing on your cute flowers would make a beautiful sight. Butterfly gardening is one step ahead of gardening. That’s because you’ve got to create a garden with plants that would attract the butterflies in your region. You’ll need to set up the garden where there is plenty of sunlight, water, and shade. But this sure is a great way to learn more about butterflies, isn’t it?

2. Walk the Dog 

Walking the dog twice a day is also a hobby. It’ll be a chore only if you consider it as one. Instead, use this time to step out of the house and breathe in the fresh air. Say hello to acquaintances and smile at strangers. 

What if you don’t have a dog? Well, that’s not an issue. Animal Rescue Centers need volunteers to take the dogs for a walk and some exercises. You can become a part of one such place and spend a few hours per week caring for dogs from the rescue center. 

Not just that, if you want to earn some money on the side, you can become a part-time pet sitter or a dog walker. People with pets can contact you to take care of their fur babies when they are out of town.

4. The Trails are Calling 

Hiking is a super fun and adventurous activity. You can either go on your own or with your girl’s gang. You don’t have to visit far off places to hike the hills. Some are bound to be there nearby. Check out the internet and plan a trip on the weekend. But hiking isn’t a one-time activity. You’ll need to stay fit enough to walk through the rocky path and climb the hills. 

Hiking is a cool way to connect with nature that surrounds you from all sides. The clear sky, the green treetops, the brown earth, and the cries of animals and birds are exciting and exhilarating. Planning hiking trips regularly will help you stay fit and develop endurance. Don’t worry about your age. Take smaller trips, bigger breaks, and talk to your doctor for assurance.  

5. Horseback Riding 

Don’t you love the picture this hobby presents in your mind? Imagine sitting on a beautiful horse and galloping across the vast greens. Wouldn’t it be amazing? But to gallop on a horse and still stay firm on the saddle, you’ll need to learn horse riding. It’s not that easy as we see on the television. 

Cowgirls make it look so simple, don’t they? However, you will need to join classes and start learning right from the basics. It’s a process that requires time, patience, effort, and money. It’s also a good way to challenge yourself and achieve something. Not to prove to the world, but for your personal satisfaction. And, can we deny the delight of the oohs and aahs in the comments when you upload a picture of yourself on horseback on social media? Do you know how some ladies in their later years ride horses with such ease? They’ve probably been doing it all their life.

5. Time to Camp 

Just as with hiking, camping is also a way to escape from the rush of our daily lives and breathe in the scent of the woods. Camping is suitable for single and group activities. If you want to find some peace, pack your tent and backpack and hike into the woods. Set up the tent, light the campfire, and enjoy your me-time. 

If it’s been too long since you ladies have had a girl’s night out, try camping instead of hopping to the clubs. The starry sky and crackling flames are much more attractive than disco lights at times, aren’t they? Why not try it once and let us know, will you?

6. Skate in Line (Inline Skating)

What’s inline skating? Nothing fancy, we assure you. It’s rollerblading where you tie the roller skates to your feet and glide through the streets. That would be wow, right? But yeah, you’ve got to learn it first. Who will wish to fall flat on their face in front of a crowd, we know. 

Start by borrowing a pair of roller stakes and learning the art. Try it indoors until you are sure you can stake down the streets without tripping. Inline skating is a good way to tone your body muscles and get some exercise. You also get to soak in Vitamin D and gain some confidence as a bonus. Cool, isn’t it? Remember, you are never too old to give it a try unless you have joint pains or other health issues. Think of the 60+ lady who is still a graceful ballerina.

7. Biking/ Running/ Walking 

Well, that’s a 3-in-1 hobby we’ve listed. But you don’t need to do all these three. It’s just our way of sneaking in more hobbies to the list. Smart, isn’t it? So, back to the topic- what do you like the most? To ride the bike, jog every morning, or take a leisurely stroll in the evening, or go for a brisk walk every day? 

Either of these activities will help in improving your health. You just have to make sure to follow them daily and also not overdo any of them. Talk to your doctor if you have any sensitive health issues and follow their advice. But, a bit of walking is always good to improve your spirits after a long day. 

Let’s Organize Artistically

artistic hobbies for women

8. Declutter Your Space 

Well, if you are a natural organizer, we don’t have to specifically tell you anything. If you have OCD, we aren’t even going to lecture about organizing and decluttering. Your place is going to be a prime example of how organized any space can be. 

But for the other folks (like us), decluttering can be a serious hobby. When even the thought of arranging the shelves and separating stuff you don’t need scares you, you will need this pep talk to take up the monstrous task. If you are too confused about how and where to start, there are books to help understand it better. Otherwise, make a plan and tackle each shelf with determination. You will be occupied for a while after which the cycle will start again.

9. Upcycle and Recreate 

Upcycling has many advantages. You get to use things you thought were absolutely useless. You can do your bit to reduce landfill waste and also protect the environment. You don’t have to invest in buying something when you can reuse the existing things. You develop a good and useful hobby and set an example for your loved ones to follow. 

Oh, yeah, you can also sell the items you recreate and upcycle from the existing ones. A good number of people sells upcycled furniture. You can also gift those items to your friends and family. Wouldn’t it feel awesome to see something you’ve made be proudly displayed in their homes and offices? Giving an old vase a new coat of paint also counts. Upcycling doesn’t have to involve a load of back-breaking work.

10. Start a Collection 

Becoming a collector is a matter of pride, really. Even if you collect chocolate wrappers or pebbles, it’s still a valuable collection (for you). From something ridiculously expensive like antiques or the finest gemstones to something quirky like dried leaves or flowers, collect things you love the most. 

Maintaining a collection needs work. This will require you to keep a list of what you have and what you still need to add. You will have to clean and take care of the collected pieces to preserve them for a long time. You will start learning some interesting things about the objects once you start your collection. It’s not just fun, it’s educational too.

11. Train the Brain 

Heard of cognitive fitness? It’s training the brain to keep it alert and active. Just as our body needs physical exercise to stay fit, our mind too needs something to keep it running. The day to day work is fine. But over time, it results in stress and anxiety rather than keep us active.

Mindful meditation is one such activity. It helps increase your focus and memory power. Puzzles are another way to train the brain. Connecting the dots, fitting the puzzle pieces, solving Sudoku and crosswords, participating in memory building games, etc. are some hobbies to take up and train your brain to give you what you want. This will help you in becoming creative.

12. Interior Designing 

Interior designing doesn’t have to be a profession. You can even make it a casual hobby or a paying hobby. It is the art of designing the décor and creating a cozy, warm, and happy space inside the house. Some of you would naturally be talented at it. Look at how our mothers, grandmothers, and aunts keep their homes beautiful. 

But if you think your skills are rustic or need to be polished, you can join online courses and get a certificate. The courses are available for free and for payment. You can also join the local community programs and develop your skills. Being an interior designer is all about adding life to the lifeless décor around you.

13. Learn Mosaic Art 

Mosaic art is something we totally love. There’s something so attractive, colorful, and inviting about mosaic art, it makes our hearts swell with love and happiness. Nothing is useless when it comes to mosaic art. Broken pieces of wood, glass shards, metal strips, and just about anything can be used to create beautiful and mesmerizing art pieces. 

Be it wall hanging, garden art, jewelry, decorative platters, tiny gift baskets, etc. you can explore the creative side in you and give wings to your imagination. Mosaic has no rhyme or reason. It’s carefree and abstract. Yet, it creates a pattern that reflects the thoughts of the person who sees it (and the person who created it).

14. Arrange Flowers or Try Press Flower Crafting

Whether you like your flowers fresh or dried, you cannot ignore the color, vibrance, and fragrance they bring to your place. Arranging flowers in different combinations and themes is truly an art. It’s not just throwing in a handful of random flowers into a vase (even if it looks like that). Learn the significance of the flowers, understand their properties, and create arrangements that signify something important. 

Flowering pressing is an ancient art form in China and Japan. You can easily buy an inexpensive flower presser and press the dried flowers to preserve them. These flowers can then be used to create wall hangings, greeting cards, showpieces, etc. Flower pressing brings out the colors and also changes the shades much to your delight. 

For Body, Mind, & Soul

body mind and soul hobbies for women

15. Join Self-Defense Classes

Self-defense classes have become compulsory in today’s world. But you can consider them a hobby and way to build your strength and confidence rather than get depressed about the state of things. You not only learn how to kick and pull a punch. You learn how to stay alert and use your instincts to spot predators. You will learn to gauge the potential threat and ways to neutralize it by giving the attacker a good kick they’ll remember for a long time. 

When you join self-defense classes, you also get to meet other women, young and old, and make friends. Who knows, you might meet your future bestie at the classes. Kicking and punching also relieve stress and anxiety. Make sure you continue to practice regularly even after the course is complete. This isn’t a skill you’d want to lose touch with. Depending on your age, you can choose customized courses and not exert yourself in the process.

16. Learn a New Game 

Now, this is again your choice. The game could be anything. Indoor, outdoor, water-based, etc. Learn something you have never tried. Or learn the game you used to play as a child but forget over the years. Anything new game is exciting and interesting. Just make sure to choose something you can continue for a long time. 

Chess, tennis, polo, ice hockey, basketball, baseball, ice skating, etc. are a few examples. You, of course got to keep in mind your health, age, and other factors when choosing a game. If you aren’t certain, consult your physician and take their advice. Read more about the game and meet a coach/ trainer. Be 100% sure that you want to pursue the hobby and get into it with full energy.

17. Bowling and Trampoline 

Hey, bowling is really cool, you know. It’s hardly surprising that there are many bowling centers (which happen to be swarmed with the young folk). Bowling is easy, affordable, and fun. It feels so nice to see the pins fall one after another as you knock them with that huge metal ball. Just don’t drop it on your feet. *wink* 

How many of you remember jumping on the trampoline? We simply love it. You’d have probably had a mini trampoline in the backyard as you grew up. Why not bring another now? Jumping and dancing on the trampoline improves your body fitness, your body balance, and is also good for your lymphatic system. It’s time to become a child again and jump up and down, not on the couch but on the trampoline. Arthritis is going to cause quite an issue with these hobbies, so you might want to be doubly careful.

18. Learn Magic Tricks 

Who doesn’t like a bit of magic to add spark to the day? Whether you want to put on a full-fledged magic show or entertain your friends with little card tricks, learning magic is sure to bring the magic dust into your life. The tricks require concentration and skills that will keep your mind engaged and sharp. 

Psst! You don’t have to stop with magic. Yep, take one step further and try Wicca. We aren’t asking you to dabble with sacrifices or calling the demons. Wicca can be used to heal and bring out positive energy. Who doesn’t want to surround themselves with happy vibes? 

19. Tour the Museums 

How can you learn more about the history, art, architecture, and culture of the region you belong to? Museums are a wonderful source of information. They hold and display many secrets for us to understand our past generations. 

Touring museums is entertaining and informative. You and your bestie can plan a day of museum hopping and spend the day together laughing and learning. If you’re a photographer or a student, you know how helpful this hobby is.

20. Explore the World 

What’s better than traveling? Well, we don’t know. We think it is the best thing in the world. Yes, it requires money and time, both of which can be an issue at times. Still, whenever you crave a break, pick a destination, pack your bags, and fly away. 

You can either laze around on the beach or become an avid tourist by visiting all the famous places mentioned in the travel book.

21. Food is Good- Grow, Cook, Bake, Taste 

Yep, we finally come to food. There’s so much you can do here if you want to. Right from growing your own produce to using it in cooking, preserving the rest for the coming months, and even selling some of it, the options are endless. 

If none of those are interesting, take up a wine tasting. Aha! Now we’re talking, right? Wine tasting is an excellent hobby. You get to attend events, learn more about winemaking, and taste some exotic wines even before they are released into the market. If you are truly interested, you can go on tours to visit the vineyards in other countries and continents. 


Looks like we are done with the list already! That was over in a jiffy, wasn’t it? No worries. We’ve got many more countless hobbies women of all ages can pursue and have loads of fun. Whether you want to take up belly dancing or start a book club, whether you want to volunteer at shelter homes or run campaigns for causes you believe in, whether it is mentoring or gaming that grabs your attention, the sky is the limit, ladies. 

Why let the day’s stress push you into a corner when you can beat it with a hobby and come out victorious? Pick a hobby for a rainy day, for a sunny day, and for the cozy winter noon. Find your inner peace and glow with the confidence of being a lady who knows her mind. Take care and have fun. 

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