21 Most Expensive Hobbies in the World (We Bet!)

Most Expensive Hobbies

Whoever said money can’t buy everything certainly didn’t consider hobbies. Why? Swimming, walking, cycling, etc. might need some money, but not too much investment, right?

Well, what about skydiving or scuba diving? Imagine collecting antique vases or first edition hardbound books. You do know how much some people would pay for antique pieces, right? Why? This is because it is their hobby to collect such pieces. They take pride in collecting them. 

Many of us would have wondered about expense hobbies and how much it’d cost to pursue them. Whether you happen to have a safe full of dough or are simply thinking of indulging in an expensive hobby to experience the thrill, you will first need to know at least a handful of those. 

We’ve thought it would be super fun to collect 21 such expensive hobbies in the world so that you can scroll through the list and marvel at how some people spend dollars on a favorite pastime. 

Of course, we will also help you a wee bit by sharing a few tips to try out the expensive hobbies yourself. Yep. With some planning and research, we all can experience the thrill of pursuing an expensive hobby without spending as much. That’s cool, isn’t it? 

Shall we first gawk the list of hobbies and see how some people like to spend their free time? 

Surrounded by Blue

expensive sea hobbies

1. Dive from the Sky 

Who hasn’t got skydiving on their bucket list? Not many, right? Only those with a fear of heights would be wary of this extreme sport. But even they know that the allure of falling from the sky is hard to resist. It’s no surprise that skydiving tops our list. Those who have experienced the thrill swear that everyone should try it at least once in their lifetime.

We wholeheartedly agree with the statement. It’s not just a few minutes of flying in the sky like a free bird. It’s an enthralling experience that’ll stay with you forever. While people usually limit skydiving to once or twice, others take it up as a hobby and jump from the plane at regular intervals. How much do you think it costs? One skydiving session costs anything between $150 and $300 (or more) depending on the location.

2. Let’s Race on the Sea- Speedboats are Cool

After flying in the sky, let’s race on water. Speedboats are amazing, aren’t they? Sleek, stylish, and trendy, they have enough power to turn water into a dust of bubbles. We would have seen speedboat racing and chases in a good number of movies. These add to the glamour quotient of the film. 

But, speedboat racing is quite a famous hobby in real life too. All you need to do is shell out $50,000 or $60,000 to buy a speedboat. Yep. *wink* No one is going to stop you from dashing ahead and spraying water at everyone around. Remember, the investment doesn’t end with buying. You’ve got to take care of the machine if you want it to race and not sink.

3. Dive deep into the Sea 

Since we are talking about water bodies, why not explore them in detail? You’ve got it right. We are talking about scuba diving. A simple scuba diving session wouldn’t cost as much. But that’s not a hobby, is it? If scuba diving is a hobby, you’ll have to go for extensive training (just as with skydiving) and even get a certificate. 

You’ll need to own the scuba diving kit so that you can use your own devices wherever you go. You also get to go deep into the seas and oceans and glimpse the exotic and rare aquatic animals that hide away from humans. Depending on where you want to try it, you’ll have to shell out around $3000 for one session.

4. Don’t Forget Yacht Racing 

What else can you do on the water? Yacht racing, obviously. Reminds you of movies again, doesn’t it? Personal yachts are no way cheap. Each beauty, similar to the speedboats, costs anything between $30,000 and $50,000. That’s all? Nope. Some super-luxurious models cost a whopping million or more.

Billionaires don’t just buy yachts and holiday or party on them. They even race them to a finish line. What? Well, not really. They don’t race all kinds of yachts, and definitely not the ones that cost billions of dollars. But they do race with the ones that are worth millions. Should we even mention the amount they have to spend on preparing for the race? Just add another handful of millions.

5. Own a Hot Air Balloon

We agree, there’s too much water around us, and it’s starting to get scary. Let’s hop into a hot air balloon and fly away, shall we? Got the hint, didn’t ya? Yes, hot air balloon flying is yet another expensive hobby. 

As expected, people don’t pay for an hour’s ride and have a guide to take them up to touch the sky. They own a hot air balloon and probably enough land to use it. No, not everyone can buy and use the hot air balloon. You’ll need to attend the flight institute and get trained for the job. You’ll also need a hands-on crew to do the groundwork for you. By the way, the balloon costs about $35,000.

6. Can You Fly a Plane

If balloons are not your taste, try something sophisticated, like a plane. Imagine the beauty if you can fly your own plane and travel anywhere! Oh, the freedom of operating the bird with an engine. Firstly, you’ll need to attend official training and get the license to fly. This will cost around $5000 to $8000. 

Then you have the choice of owning an aircraft so that you don’t have to lease it. This purchase will cost you quite a bit of money, say one million or more. Of course, you can get a plane for less than a million as well. If you love the thrill of flying on your own, this hobby will be your favorite. 

With Nature by Your Side

expensive hobbies in nature

7. Mountaineering 

Mountaineering is a fancy name for one of the most difficult yet wonderful hobbies, mountain climbing. This hobby demands complete focus on your body, mind, and soul. You’ve got to have the physical, psychological, and emotional capacity to go on such a trip. 

It takes months, if not years, to get ready for such an exercise. Climbing the mountains, braving extreme weather conditions is not easy. The gear itself would cost $10,000. Then you’ll have to take training, (not compulsory) or join a team to get started on the adventure. From permits to flight tickets to reach the place to purchasing essentials and stuff, you will have to spend quite a bit of money.

8. Equestrianism- Do You like Horses

Equestrianism is basically horse riding. Should we add that it is a hobby for the wealthy and super-rich? Back in those days, horses were a means of transportation. They are now reserved for the royals and billionaires who own some of the most exotic breeds.

Well, cowboys and cowgirls with ranches can’t really say horse riding is a hobby. It’s a part of their life. But living near the ranches sure makes it easy to take up horse riding as a hobby even if you aren’t rich. However, if we talk about the other folk, they spend millions on buying and maintaining horses just for a fun ride through the countryside.

9. Travel Across the Globe 

How about spending money on something different? Like what you ask? What do you say about touring the world? How many of us have a world tour on our bucket list? Some of you are slowly but surely ticking off the countries you’ve visited while others are saving money for the same. 

Traveling is costly, and we all know it, right? But if you were to travel with all luxuries and comforts, stay in the best hotels while enjoying the trip, think about how much you’d have to pay. If you get to do that for every country you visit, amazing, right? A full-fledged tour will take years. We can safely say that you need to set aside $150,000 or more for the tour. 

10. It’s Snow Time- Go Skiing 

Okay, skiing may not be as expensive as the above hobbies, but it is nowhere cheap. Yes, you can rent the skiing gear for $25-$45 per day and ski to your heart’s content. But that’s not it. You’ll have to pay for tickets and other stuff as well. Round it off to $150 or $200 per day! You’ll have to spend thousands to own your own gear, which we say could be a better option if you love to ski regularly. 

But first, you will need to learn how to ski. Not every one of us will be natural at it and to be on the safe side, let’s add a few medical expenses as well to the final tally.

11. Golfing- After all, You Play on the Greens 

Golfing is a favorite sport for many people in the US. Do you know just how many men love to talk about nothing but golf? Sigh! Golfers can think about nothing but the game. They take care of their kits, which cost quite a lot of money, and pay to play on the greens. 

Some even take it a step further and have mini golf patches at home. Not surprising, right? You might have seen these on the telly or probably have a friend who does own something like that at their place. Becoming a prestigious golf club member is a matter of pride, and people happily spend hundreds of dollars on it.

Collectors are Rich

collection hobbies

12. Flaunt Your Car Collection 

Cars are, unsurprisingly, the favorite toys for a lot of people. Yes, the field is somewhat dominated by men, but women too love their cars. Gender aside, collecting cars is a very old hobby. It has been in trend for decades. And they don’t just collect any car. It has to be the best in terms of everything. If it is antique, it is even better. 

Some of the world’s wealthiest people are quite famous for their car collections that cost billions of dollars. When a single-car could easily be $1.5 million or more, it doesn’t take much to touch the billion count, right?

13. Collect Shoes- Designer, Mind You 

Shoe fetish, anyone? Though they say women love to collect and flaunt their shoes, men are not way lagging. Some people love shoes and go to great lengths to add to their collection and display them. Not all of them actually wear shoes either. 

People who collect only sneakers are called sneakerheads. There was a time when sneakers were a must-have, especially for the young gang. The hobby to collect them probably started at the same time. Designer shoes are rarely available in ordinary stores for discounted prices. They are limited editions and cost thousands of dollars. Of course, we can always start by collecting shoes from famous brands, which are not that expensive.

14. Art Collections are Exquisite 

What do we even say about art collectors? Millions or billions don’t matter to them when they see a wonderful painting. Some collectors limit themselves to antique art pieces. They have private collections displayed only for the limited crowd and high-security systems. After all, one doesn’t want their prized possessions to be stolen. 

We tend to see art collectors in art exhibitions, bidding on paintings, searching for the artists, and inspecting the display with an eagle eye. Kenneth C. Griffin, an American billionaire, spent $0.5 billion for a painting. Imagine that. The art collection, like car collection, is definitely not for every person, right? 

What Else Can You Do

expensive hobbies

15. Ballroom Dancing

Surprised that something like dancing entered the list of expensive hobbies? Contrary to the general opinion, ballroom dancing is costly. What you see on the telly, with couples waltzing on the dance floor, involves a lot of money. They get trained for the show, but if you want to learn it properly, you’ll have to spend anything between $50 and $200 per hour. 

And if you are quite serious about it, get ready to spend $100,000 for just one competition. We aren’t kidding. Ballroom dancing is expensive and addictive. Many celebs fell in love with it and spend a good amount of money on mastering it.

16. How About Exotic Pets

Having non-conventional pets is not new. People have mice, snakes, iguanas, and even bats as pets. But some people take it further by having exotic animals. What do you think of owning a tiger? Maybe an octopus? Or a lion? Who has them you wonder? Mike Tyson has three Bengal tigers. Nicholas Cage has an octopus. 

Nope, they definitely don’t live in animal conservatories to do that. You only need enough money to buy the pet, get a license, hire professionals to care for it and pay for the maintenance. You’ll have to spend around $100,000 to $250,000 for the pet, and then spend a few thousand each month for its maintenance.

17. Go Royal- Try Polo 

Polo has almost always been the game of the royals. Who else would own as many horses and land big enough to play a game sitting on the horse? However, the game started appealing to a lot of people. This resulted in creating polo clubs where the necessary arrangements are made for you to go and indulge in a game or two. 

So does that mean any of us can give it a try? Not exactly. Polo is still kept exclusive for those who can afford to pay thousands. Think of $8000 or more for the membership fee (per annum) and another $20,000 to $25,000 for the horse. Add a few more for the gear and training. Voila, you’re ready to play the royal sport.

18. Country Clubbing  

Want to try something the royals were good at? Here’s country clubbing. It’s no doubt a wonderful way to relax after working yourself to death for months. But then, make sure you don’t have to work double as hard to afford the membership fees. 

Country clubs are pretty much exclusive. The membership is limited and restricted to the well-to-do category. Well, not every one of us can pay $250,000 per year to go to the country club for a few days or weeks, right? Don’t panic, though. You can get membership even for $5000 per year. It just depends on which club you choose. 

19. Model Rocketry and Railroading- Take Your Pick 

Does the science of creating something fascinate you? Engineering is amazing, isn’t it? Whether you’d like to launch a rocket into the sky or build a complete model railroad, you’ll have to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on the equipment. 

Why, one piece of a set for the model railroad is $300. Multiply that based on how many you’ll need to complete the model. It’s the same with amateur rocket launching. Here, you’ll have to spend money on the fuel to launch the rockets as well. Of course, you can use the rockets again, if they don’t end up crashing, that is. Want to build a rocket from scratch? Be prepared to spend even more.

20. Ice Sculpting- It’s Freezing

Sculpting rock, wood, or metal is hard enough, who’d want to sculpt ice? Some do, obviously. If you are up for some tough challenge and have got the bucks to go ahead and take it head-on, ice sculpting is more than worth trying. 

First, you’ll need the training to understand and learn the task. Then, you’ll need the equipment. Next, you’ll need a block of ice and a workshop conducive for the hobby. The total cost will run in thousands, naturally, when you have to spend $300 on a single block of ice. Imagine chipping it too hard and rendering it useless for sculpting. Sigh! 

21. Poker or Blackjack- Card Castle 

Gambling is undoubtedly the most expensive of vices, erm… hobbies. We aren’t talking about an odd game with friends. High-end poker and blackjack have extremely high stakes. It’s a good thing that not everyone is allowed to take part in these. 

Things go good as long as you win, and you’ll call it the easiest hobby ever. But the tide could change anytime, and you might end up losing more than what you’ve got. Building card castles is surely fun, but it’s extremely dangerous too. Skill, eye, patience, luck, knack, and loads of money are needed to take up this hobby. 


What is the most expensive hobby in the world?

It’s difficult to determine the most expensive hobby in the world, as the cost of a hobby can vary greatly depending on the individual and their interests. However, some hobbies that are often considered to be expensive include:
– Collecting rare and valuable items, such as art, antiques, or rare coins.
– Flying private planes or owning a private aircraft.
– Yachting or owning a private yacht.
– Car racing or collecting rare and expensive cars.
– Traveling to exotic locations and staying in luxury accommodations.
– Horseback riding and owning horses.
– Golfing at exclusive courses and owning expensive golf equipment.
– Scuba diving and owning high-end diving equipment.
– Photography with high-end camera equipment and lenses.
– Gaming with high-end gaming equipment and accessories

Why are hobbies so expensive?

Hobbies can be expensive for a variety of reasons. Here are a few possible explanations:
High-quality materials and equipment: Many hobbies require specialized materials and equipment, which can be expensive to purchase. For example, if you’re a photographer, you may need to invest in high-quality camera equipment and lenses. If you’re a scuba diver, you may need to purchase a wetsuit and other diving equipment.
Rarity and demand: Some hobbies involve collecting rare or valuable items, such as art, antiques, or rare coins. The rarer an item is, the more expensive it tends to be. Additionally, if there is high demand for a particular item, its price may increase accordingly.
Travel and accommodation costs: Some hobbies, such as traveling to exotic locations or attending exclusive events, can be expensive due to the cost of travel and accommodations.
– Maintenance and upkeep: Certain hobbies, such as owning a yacht or a private plane, require ongoing maintenance and upkeep costs that can be quite expensive.
Training and education: Some hobbies, such as flying a private plane or scuba diving, require specialized training and education, which can be costly.

How much do people spend on hobbies?

According to a survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of GoBankingRates recently, the average American spends approximately $1,497 per year on hobbies. However, this amount can vary greatly depending on the individual and the hobby


Yes, yes, we remember promising tips to try out expensive hobbies. We can’t guarantee that you can try them all, but some of them can definitely be added to your list without breaking the bank. 

The first thing to do is to see if you can rent the equipment instead of buying it. If it’s just for the trail, why spend as much money? Pay for the period you use the equipment and tick it off the list. 

Now, what if the equipment cannot be rented? The next step is to look for deals and discounts. You can even buy secondhand equipment, right? Also, there is no need to buy additional gear for extra money. Buy only what you need the most. If a friend has the equipment, borrow it from them. Payback some other way, if you don’t like borrowing! Maybe you can have an exchange system where you borrow something and lend something else. 

Either way, having expensive hobbies can be fun and exciting if you know how to manage your finances. The same goes for almost every hobby, of course. Just don’t be afraid to take up a hobby because it seems to be expensive. Try and find to way to reduce the investment. We are sure you’ll be able to do it. 

Tip: If you are not keen yet for expensive hobbies but looking for a quiet indoor activity, Our post on indoor hobbies perfect for introverts offers some great suggestions

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