21 Perfect Hobbies for Introverts (Good Ones!)

21 Perfect Hobbies For Introverts

Introverts are our favorite kind. Do you know why? Well, we are one of them. Doesn’t look like, does it? That’s the thing about introverts. We are pretty good at expressing things on paper (or in the text) rather than face to face. But that’s for later. 

Tell us something, do you wonder how introverts spend their free time? What kind of hobbies do they have? What do they do for fun? Extroverts like to party, meet people, and expand their social circle. They are the life of any event they attend. 

But introverts? We also like to talk, right? Fellow introverts are nodding their yes. *wink* 

We just feel more comfortable being on our own and doing things we like. Of course, introverts also get bored and like to try out new hobbies for fun. As long as these hobbies don’t involve too many other humans, we are happy experimenting. 

In this blog, we’ve collected 21 such hobbies, which introverts would love to try. Some of you might already be having a few hobbies listed here. Why not check out the others too? The hobbies are relaxing, challenging, encouraging, entertaining, educative, and also limit social interaction. 

However, you can use the same hobbies to increase social interaction if you want to give it a try and see how other humans spend their free time. Yep, these are flexible hobbies, with the choice resting solely in your hands. Shall we get started then? Got your pen and paper ready, folks? 

Let’s Start with Books & Art

Books & Art hobbies

1. Reading, Obviously 

It’s hardly a surprise that reading is the first hobby we’ve listed for introverts. We are known for devouring books and having huge piles of TBRs (To Be Read). Getting lost in a book is one of the best feelings ever. Imagining a new world and watching the characters come alive as the words dance on the page is a wonderful feeling. 

Whether you love to read sweet and spicy romances or guess who the murderer is in a crime thriller, the book’s choice is entirely yours or your book club’s if you are a part of one.

No, no, book clubs don’t have to be offline. There are many online book clubs where you read the month’s book, write your review, and discuss it with others. You can either get a library card or search for online libraries (like KU), and binge read your favorite author’s works.

2. Creative Writing, Why Not 

creative writing for introverts

Okay, this isn’t creative writing. But do you know how many authors (even the successful ones) are actually introverts? Yep, you may not believe it. After all, they have to go on book tours and book signings. The truth is that most of them talk about being uncomfortable in interacting with readers and fans during the initial days. 

Back to the topic, creative writing is a great way for an introvert to put their imaginative thoughts into words and build different worlds and characters. Write on paper, in books, or type directly into the word document. But write down the stories whirling in your mind. Make sure you learn to edit what you’ve written. Refine it, tighten it, and present it.

3. Origami 

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Origami, Quilling and Paper Toys

Not every one of us knows origami. So what? We can always learn it, right? There isn’t any need to go to special art classes either. The internet, especially YouTube, is a wonderful place to know the basics of origami. Search a little more, and you’ll find videos with complicated patterns and models. 

You will have to buy origami paper for the purpose. But until you learn it properly, you can use old scrapbook sheets lying in some drawer of your room. Why let the good paper go waste when you can use it to learn something new? In no time, you’ll start decorating your home with colorful origami designs.

4. Draw, Color, & Paint


You don’t need to get into all, though. Some of us like to draw, some can’t draw if their life depended on it, but can paint like a dream. And some are masters at using the crayons and color pencils. Whether you want to go with what’s comfortable or pick something that’ll push your limits, art is liberating and rejuvenating.

Set up the easel and splash colorful paints on the canvas. Let the pastels slide on the paper adding hues and shades of life. It doesn’t matter if you indulge in your hobby once in a while or every day. The idea is to let the stress of the day seep away as you immerse yourself in art. If you want some company, join art or painting classes. Meet amateur artists and exchange stories of your experiences.

5. That’s a Puzzle

Doing Puzzles

Puzzles can be anything. You can do crosswords, Sudoku, or cardboard jigsaw puzzles that need to be arranged in a specified pattern to get the required image. There’s no time limit to do puzzles either. Some like to start their day with crosswords while others sit with it at the end of the day. You can also take part in online puzzles and games. 

In fact, you don’t have to stick to solving them. Yep, you can create puzzles as well. Wouldn’t that be fun? If you like a challenge, set the timer and see how long it takes to solve something. You can also have games with friends and family to see how can complete the puzzle in less time. Too much pressure? Let it be then. Do it at your own pace.

6. Calligraphy

Which Calligraphy Equipment for Beginner’s Should You Have in Your Art Room

Calligraphy is an art form of writing beautiful fonts by hand. Unless you are blessed with wonderful handwriting, calligraphy is going to take some effort from your side. It’ll also need some decent investment. You’ll have to buy calligraphy pens, brushes, ink, and some high-quality paper. Don’t ever write with a calligraphy pen on an ordinary paper. It’ll bleed through and ruin the whole thing. 

Also, calligraphy needs regular practice until you get the hang of it. Try to dedicate at least 20-30 minutes every day to write 2-3 pages. Once you start mastering the art, you can fill your house with handwritten quotes and poems. You can send handwritten cards and wishes to your friends and family. Of course, they might start demanding your calligraphy services more often after that. *wink* 

Sports and Activities

sport hobbies for introverts

7. Learn Chess

Well, chess does need another person if you want to play it with real pieces rather than virtual. But the best thing is that chess players don’t have to speak or chatter. Rather, you are expected to stay as silent as possible so that you and the opponent can plan peace strategies. That’s wonderful, right? Surely a win-win situation!

Okay, so you don’t know how to play the game? It’s fine. Nothing to fret about it! Yeah, yeah, it isn’t easy to learn, but it’s not impossible. Start by learning what the pieces denote and how they are allowed to move. The strategy will come on its own as you start playing (and losing a few times). Just make sure you choose the right opponent to teach and play with you.

8. Go Cycling 

Is Cycling Good for Weight Loss

Cycling is again something you can do on your own. There’s no need to interact with anybody unless you want to. Take out the bike, put on the helmet, lace your sneakers, and start cycling down the street. It’s also a great way to explore the city/ town you live in. 

Cycling is good for health, both the body and mind. You get to burn a few calories and also get rid of the stress of the day. If you are feeling adventurous, you can explore new places and trails in and around your area. If you want to go a step further, join a cycling group and take part in marathons and events. Either way, remember that cycling is a regular activity. Doing it once a while will only disturb your system.

9. Gardening


Your garden can be a safe haven. It’s a way of getting some exercise by flexing your muscles and also growing something beautiful. Watching the seeds turn into saplings and bloom into tender plants is so satisfying. It’s like a balm to the soul, isn’t it? 

Be it the kitchen garden or the flower garden, grow the green thumb, and let plants thrive under your care. Gardening is a daily activity and will take a good amount of your time, energy, and money. But it is one of the best hobbies anybody can have and not just introverts. It’s a bonus for introverts as you can talk to plants and not humans who talk back.

10. Travel Alone

Suitcase 101: Picking the Right Travel Luggage for Your Journeys

Well, this does involve a bit of interaction with others. Come on, we can hardly travel from one place to another without saying a word to anybody. We’ve got to buy the tickets, pay the entry fee and stuff, and ask for directions. Still, you can travel alone and keep the interaction to a minimum. 

You don’t have to join a gang of friends and sit with them or work your activity schedule around theirs. You are free to do what you want (as long as it is legal, of course). Traveling alone also boosts your self-confidence and will make you feel assured and in control of your life. The trick here is to plan well and make allowances for errors. It’s okay if things don’t go as planned.

11. Mountain Biking Anyone?

Mountain biking Bicycle Touring Category Picture

What if you still have to interact with others when cycling? Is there anywhere you can take your cycle without being disturbed? Yes, mountain biking is the answer to your questions. It’s pretty much similar to cycling, maybe a little harder as you have to cycle through rocky routes and bends. You don’t have to worry about crowded cities, traffic, and pollution. You can switch off your mobile phone, or just log off social media and spend some time with nature. 

You can also explore the regions around your city, though you will have to make arrangements to carry your bike to the terrain. Of course, that isn’t a big issue, is it? You can load the bike in a car or truck and drive to the terrain. That way, you won’t be too tired to cycle through the mountains and can also reach home on time.

12. Nature Walk Today, Everyday

Can You Use Blundstones for Winter Walking

Nature walking is such a breath of fresh air in our pollution-filled lives, isn’t it? If there are woods nearby, go for a walk on the trail. Opt for a different one each day or take the same path for comfort. Spend time among the trees, shrubs, and birds and look at the wide blue sky overhead. 

You can also walk in the parks as long as you avoid the crowded zones. Simply plug in your earphones and pretend that you haven’t heard someone call your name. Okay, that’s rude, but you can still make excuses and get away. Either way, spending time out in the open with nature is good for your physical, emotional, and psychological health. 

Work with Hands and Mind

Work with Hands and Mind hobbies for introverts

13. Bake a Cake 

Even though we mention baking, you can add cooking to it. As an introvert, you might like to order takeaways rather than visit a restaurant or a diner. But wouldn’t it be cool if you could cook your own food? What if you feel hungry and can’t order a takeaway? 

A little cooking is always going to come in handy. And when you turn it into a hobby rather than a chore, you’ll realize that it’s much more fun. It’s the same with baking. Sure, baking scares a good many people. Burning a cake is so easy! Still, baking is an engaging and therapeutic hobby. Measuring the ingredients, mixing them as per the instructions, waiting for the batter turns into a delicious delicacy, and savoring the scent of freshly-baked goodies is just amazing. Try it.

14. Write Code

write software code

Coding or programming is an excellent way to create innovative stuff on the internet. You don’t have to be a trained software developer to write code. Many people with regular jobs write code for fun. They like to create and develop websites, games, and online platforms or apps. 

Coding does require knowledge, skill, and patience. You’ll also need to learn debugging (getting rid of errors in the code) so that your program actually works. You can start by joining free online classes (if you have no idea about programming) and start learning. Once you start mastering it, you can even consider a career change, thanks to your hobby and newly-found skills. It is a time-consuming hobby, so make sure you have a schedule to match it.

15. Gaming is Fun

Video Gaming

Are you a gamer? Quite likely, right? We do know a lot of introverts who are gamers, and pretty serious at it. While not everyone can invest in the latest PlayStations, headphones, and gamer laptops, we can still take up gaming as a hobby and have a good time winning. 

Various online games are free. Some come with in-game purchases, which are not mandatory. If spending too much on gaming is not your thing, but you are interested to give it a go, start with the free versions. Whether it is virtual gardening, baking, housing, or solving mysteries and fighting wars, give them a try before choosing what appeals the most. Remember, it is easy to get addicted to gaming. Make sure to follow a time schedule to avoid addiction.

16. Do It Yourself

diy hobbies

Do what? Anything, literally. Create an art piece. Build a birdhouse. Make homemade soaps and shampoos. Paint the house. Repair the roof. The concept here is to take up an physically and mentally satisfying activity and make you smile.

From using leftover stuff and waste materials to create something artistic and useful for keeping your home neat and tidy by taking care of it, DIY can involve anything you like. There are YouTube videos for almost everything. You can learn how to repair a chair, how to fix a leaking faucet, how to arrange flowers, and how to turn waste into best. Some of it involves investment, especially if you want to make something from scratch.  

More For Introverts

introvert things to do

17. Fishing- Serenity and Tranquility 

How do you like to spend time outdoors? What if you don’t want to walk or cycle? Spending time with nature doesn’t mean you have to exhaust yourself, right? That’s where fishing comes into the picture. Reminds of you men who love to get away during the weekends with their friends, doesn’t it? 

Well, fishing doesn’t have to be a group activity as long as you know where you are going. Many people prefer to go fishing alone. You’ll need to master the art, though. That way, you won’t end up hungry or topple over from the boat into the water. And since the golden rule for fishing is to remain silent and make no noise, introverts will find it easier.

18. Kite Making & Flying 

Kite festival

If being creative and spending time outdoors are your two favorite things, here’s a hobby that’ll tick both boxes. Kites have traditional significance in many cultures. But they can also be made to enjoy the sheer beauty of the sight. Imagine colorful pieces of paper in different shapes flying high in the vast sky. 

For a first-timer, kite making and flying are going to be tough. You’ll need a little outside help, at least from one other person. Why not ask a fellow introvert to join you? That way, neither of you will be obligated to keep the chatter going and can also enjoy the flying kites as the wind carries them far away.

19. Animation Come Alive

Animation comes alive

We’ve talked about coding earlier, right? If that doesn’t catch your interest, why not try animation. If you are a fan of cartoons, you’ll love creating some of them on your own. Animation again requires technical knowledge, but hey, there are free online courses to learn the basics. 

If you like what you are doing, you can invest in the hobby and go for professional training. One day, it’ll start reaping returns, and you’ll be able to earn money from something that it’s fun and exciting.

20. Podcast and Documentaries


Not all hobbies have to involve work. Sometimes, all you want is to do nothing. For such instances, pick podcasts and documentaries. Instead of binging on Netflix, why not use the same time to learn something about your favorite topics? 

A small keyword search on the internet will give you pages of results with links to videos and podcasts. You can gain knowledge without moving from your place on the couch. Cool, right?

21. Animal Shelter Needs You

animal shelter

We understand it’s not easy to talk to strangers even though you want to help them. There are other ways to help. Visit the local animal shelter and try to volunteer in your free time. Taking animals for a walk, cuddling them, talking to them, etc. is a lovely way to spend time and reduce stress. It’s natural to feel that people don’t understand you. Introverts experience it often. Try talking to animals. They are way better at comforting you. Take our word for it. 


Hobbies are not just a way to spend free time. Choosing hobbies that challenge you will make you become a better person. Hobbies can be relaxing and will get rid of stress and anxiety so that you’ll feel happier in life and have the strength to deal with various circumstances. 

Pick up hobbies that you can continue for a few years, at the least, if not for the rest of your life. Let hobbies enrich your character and life. Let them bring new opportunities to excel and gain more knowledge. And don’t forget about having a good time. After all, what’s life without some good fun and laughter? 

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