Properly Storing Your Vintage Using the Various Types of Wine Racks

Properly Storing Your Vintage Using the Various Types of Wine Racks

As someone who loves to sip that perfect balance from an Italian vineyard, you’ll want to know how to begin storing important bottles on the right types of wine racks.

This is because your wine needs to be stored in optimum conditions to allow it to age gracefully while remaining smooth and taut in all the right areas of the palette. 

And being a connoisseur (or even a first-time taster) of mature fine wines is – of course – a hobby. As well as a career for many, too. So, the team here at The Hobby Kraze thought we’d take the time to walk you through some modern wine storage ideas.

We’ll begin this article by addressing some FAQs about how to store wine and the difference between wine rack systems before heading onto the various types of wine racks out there. Of course, if you’re really only here for the ultimate guide to wine furniture to make sure your bottles age optimally while standing out as a decorative feature, you’ll want to skip through to number 8. 

  1. When Did Wine Storage Ideas Become Introduced?
  2. Where is Best to Place a Wine Rack System?
  3. Can the Types of Wine Rack be Used for Other Bottles?
  4. Is it Ok to Store Red and White Wines Together?
  5. How Many Bottles of Wine Can a Wine Rack System Hold?
  6. Are There Optimum Conditions for How to Store Wine?
  7. Where Can Various Wine Storage Ideas be Bought From?
  8. What are the 24 Types of Wine Racks?

Just because we’re talking about the types of wine racks here in this ultimate guide to wine furniture, it doesn’t mean to say that these storage ideas are for wine bottles and wine bottles, only.

Wine storage ideas tend to be far more elaborate, architectural and designed than any old fridge. So, there are plenty of people out there who love a good wine rack for the storage possibilities it brings for other kitchen drinks! 

In fact, here at The Hobby Kraze, we know people who have bought a hand-made slate wine rack system all the way from a holiday in Wales, only to use it to hold their stationary in their art room. And it was a stunning option, too.

So, what we’re trying to say is, you don’t have to be a wine lover to be a wine rack system lover!

When Did Wine Storage Ideas Become Introduced

Our ancestors have been making and enjoying wines for centuries upon centuries. In fact, the first known remnants of wine stem all the way back to the Northern Zagros Mountains in Iran from 8500 B.C.! 

Yet, we only started bottling our wine in the last 4 centuries. In the 17th century, when they were first used, they had rather large bases and short necks. It wasn’t actually until the 19th century that these glass bottles began to look more like the wine bottles we know today. 

Actually, if you were to stumble across a 17th century bottle now, you wouldn’t be able to store it within a modern wine rack system. If you want to know how to store wine from this time, it’s more of a case of finding a cold cellar with hollowed-out caves in the walls big enough to fit the specific bottle. The lack of air flow, low humidity and low temperature underground was perfect for keeping these bodies of wine fresh.

Where is Best to Place a Wine Rack System?

Where is Best to Place a Wine Rack System

The best place for a wine rack system actually takes into account the methods of our recent ancestors. As mentioned, their strange-shaped glass bottles (as well as the casks) were all kept underground.

With this in mind, your best bet for storing wine is underground in a wine cellar or basement area. This is because the ground is cooler and has less airflow. While our corks are a great way to keep any red, white or model Cabernet Sauvignon optimal, they still let in minimal traces of oxygen. This oxidation is bad for wine as it can let out the earthy aromas, nutty senses and the whole nose of the bottle. 

So, it’s best to keep them in an area that has low airflow, low humidity, low light and low temperature. In order words, you should really be keeping your types of wine rack low. 

However, here at The Hobby Kraze, we know it’s not always an option to have a cellar or underground area capable of knowing how to store wine. So, there are a few other places you can make use of in your home with the ultimate guide to wine furniture. Especially when the bottle features a wax seal. Take a look:

  • Hallway
  • Living Room
  • Basement
  • Attic
  • Studio
  • Dining Room
  • Drawing Room
  • Library
  • Walls
  • Staircase
  • Garden
  • Pantry

If you’re interested in knowing how people live around the world and where you could be setting up your next wine storage ideas, have a look at our other article: “The 26 Types of Houses and Homes Across the Globe: Where Will You Live?”.

Can the Types of Wine Rack be Used for Other Bottles?

Can the Types of Wine Rack be Used for Other Bottles

As mentioned, wine racks aren’t just for holding wines. While being a wine rack system might be their initial purpose, the ultimate guide to wine furniture says cast out your imagination. 

If you love pieces of modern wine storage ideas but aren’t actually a wine person, then you’ll still be able to enjoy the types of wine racks and whatever else you find to store on it. 

From water bottles and cans of drink to other non-food items like rolled-up newspapers, art supplies, yarns, jewellery, office supplies, kitchen utensils and so much more. 

Plus, when you begin to appreciate your newest wine rack system for other purposes, you don’t have to think about how to store wine or any best practices (which we’ll get to later on in this FAQ).

Is it Ok to Store Red and White Wines Together?

Is it Ok to Store Red and White Wines Together

Before we begin to answer this question, there are a couple of things we need to clear up. After all, this is the ultimate guide to wine furniture and storage. 

In the world of vineyards and wine lovers, there are two temperatures you need to be aware of. The first is the storing temperature and the second is the serving temperature. When it comes to your merlot and your chardonnay (A.K.A. your red and your white), it’s important to know they have different serving temperatures.

Red wine, for one, should be served up at 15°C while white wine is best served at a more chilling 10°C. This makes for the perfect complement to dishes, while a dry red wine pairs with a hot plate of red meat such as steak, a white will accompany any chicken and cream dish with hints of sweetness.

That said, the storage temperatures can be kept the same. Despite many enthusiasts arguing the difference, both wines can be stored at 10°C. This way, the white is ready to serve, and the red should be left in the glass to warm for 10 minutes before serving.

However, there are dual-temperature types of wine racks out there that allow you to store your red and your white bottles at either side of the wine cooler within their optimum conditions. This way, you get the perfect reserve at the perfect supple.

How Many Bottles of Wine Can a Wine Rack System Hold?

How Many Bottles of Wine Can a Wine Rack System Hold

The types of wine racks are capable of storing bottles in numbers anywhere from 1 to 1000. And, of course, more depending on where you’re willing to go with the ultimate guide to wine furniture (beyond the home, maybe?).

Typically speaking, a stand-alone wine rack can hold anything from just a few bottles to around 80 before it gives up the ghost. However, for a smaller collection, a tabletop wine rack will generally hold 1 to 8.

Are There Optimum Conditions for How to Store Wine?

Are There Optimum Conditions for How to Store Wine

Yes, you may have picked up on some of these optimal conditions for how to store wine throughout the article so far. However, if you’re a skipper, we’ll reel them off all in one place. 

Wine needs to be kept in conditions to reduce the amount of light, warmth and oxygen that can get to the wine. It also needs to be kept in a way that doesn’t adjust the nose of aromas that make the wine special, or the aging that causes such speciality.

So, here are 6 conditions you should keep in check when considering the new types of wine racks for storing your bottles:


As already mentioned, whether it’s a red, a wite or a rosé in between, they have their own optimal temperatures for storage and serving. Storing the wine at too warm of a temperature can shorten the lifespan and reduce the development of the aging. 


We’re here to let you know that wine and sunlight simply don’t mix. This is because the UV rays can penetrate the glass bottle and change the chemical levels. For example, they can rifle the B2 and B5 vitamin levels which, together, can create smelly amino acids.


When it comes to how to store wine, you may not have considered the humidity of the room. This is an important factor in choosing your types of wine racks as high humidity levels can actually cause mould to form and labels to come loose. So, it’s best to keep humidity levels at around 60%.


The seal has a large role in deciding how to store wine: in fact, it’ll define which types of wine racks you should go for. When sealed (with a cork and wax), the bottle is best laid on its side to keep the cork moist and expanded. When opened, you should re-cork (or use a stopper) and store upright.


As mentioned, the location of your wine storage ideas should involve closed rooms that have a controllable level for things such as light, temperature and humidity. These places include the basement, under the garden or even in a wine fridge in the kitchen. The location should serve purposes of preservation.


The material of both the bottle and the wine rack system are a key part in ensuring the aging of wine happens naturally and optimally; for example, the only woods recommended for use are redwood and mahogany. However, metal helps keep temperatures down and plastics are a durable test of time.

Where Can Various Wine Storage Ideas be Bought From?

Where Can Various Wine Storage Ideas be Bought From

As you’ll find as we mull across the caskets of the 24 types of wine racks, there are many different places to source wine racks. From shop buying or DIY creating to outsourcing the storage, there’s always an option that suits you, your home and your bottle.

As well as this, it’s worth noting some types of wine racks are best bought directly from the source such as a slate rack. When in Northern Wales, there is no better souvenir than an authentic dual-hole wine rack. However, it will be a bit of a heavy-duty souvenir to carry home. 

Yet, as the ultimate guide to wine furniture, we can let you know there are plenty of different places to procure the perfect wine rack system and storage solutions for the gifted Cabernet. For example, Amazon or any local furniture store. There’ll even be some high-quality types of wine racks looking for a new home in charity stores.

What are the 24 Types of Wine Racks?

What are the 24 Types of Wine Racks

And we’re finally trough to the 24 types of wine racks you can store, mount, hang, place or fix into your home. 

They’re able to store anything from the table wine for uncorking at a dinner party to speciality yields and fermentations from your favourite vineyards around the world. Hint: here at The Hobby Kraze, we have a specific taste for the not-so-common sweet and fruity nose of the Northern Bulgarian Raspberry Wine.

But, moving on:

Art-Work Wine Rack

Art-Work Wine Rack

First on the list is the art-work wine rack. We wanted to share this wine rack system as part of the ultimate guide to wine furniture because it is often imitation artwork adapted to feature covert wine holders made using wooden beams or metal hooks. For example, a Piet Mondrian rendition.

Column Wine Racks

Column Rack Wine Holder

Columnar wine racks feature your wine stacked in single file from top to bottom. They are the perfect storage solution for bijou homes in need of more interior flair for getting the number of wine bottles you have to be stored in one place. The best part is that these can be specially made and fitted, too.

DIY Wine Rack

DIY Wine Rack

The DIY wine rack is becoming more of a popular choice among homeowners throughout the UK. Simply because they produce unique flavours of interior design, storage and exhibition for the types of wine racks. For example, we’ve seen horseshoe holders, dragons and a range of decants for 1 to 6 bottles.

External Wine Storage Facilities

External Wine Storage Facilities

When we say external wine storage facilities, we don’t just mean coming up with innovative wine storage ideas for keeping your vineyard’s best in the garden. Instead, there are companies such as Vino Vest who store wines for optimal aging in secure facilities around the world until you want to uncork.

Ferris Wheel Wine Bottle Holder

FerrisWheel Holder

The ferris wheel bottle holder is a short and cylindrical wine rack capable of holding anywhere from 6 to 12 bottles depending on the size. They carry this name due to the formation of a circle. Of course, some do take the novel look of the ferris wheel, but others are repurposed such as a large film reel.

Free-Standing Wine Rack System

Free-Standing Wine Rack System

Your free-standing wine rack system is one of the most flexible types of wine racks out there allowing you to move it throughout your home as you feel. No matter the size or shape of your home, free-standing systems fits as a floor-situated feature with designs from wood to iron and more.

Hallway Wine Bench

Hallway Wine Bench

If you’ve ever seen a bench in the hallway or foyer of a home, you’d probably consider them to have the role of harbouring shoes. However, modern wine storage ideas see the base converted into the ideal cube setting for a number of wine bottles to feature. After all, it’s your house and they’re your rules.

Hanging Wine Rack

Hanging Wine Rack

For types of wine racks with a smaller hold capacity yet more of a featurette design to any space in the home is the hanging wine rack. Some may hang from the kitchen cupboards and others may hang from the ceiling over the island. They are typically minimalistic and will only hold around 1 to 6 bottles.

Hard-Wood Wine Shelving

Hard-Wood Wine Shelving

For something more rustic and to fit the wooden interior of the home, there are hard-wood wine shelving units that can be found. Often handmade using Mahogany for a custom fit into the home, they’ll feature a temperature control, a glass door and a stunning finish to help age your bottles gracefully.

In-Built Cabinet Rack Systems

In-Built Cabinet Rack Systems

If you’re the person with a few kitchen cupboards and not much to do with them, you could have the interior shelving converted. Potentially into side-hold bottle braces so your best party tipple is ready for grabs. It also helps shade from direct sunlight, but it is likely to become warm and humid!

In-Built Island Rack Systems

In-Built Island Rack Systems

Just like with the in-built cabinet types of wine racks, you can have your island converted to allow for the braces of wine bottles. When wondering how to store wine in an island, it’s best to consider accommodating a small wine fridge, but it can also feature modules capable of holding all types of bottles.

Metal Cage Wine Stand

Metal Cage Wine Rack

A metal cage wine stand is great for keeping the temperature of wine cool when in the shade. They’re often made using sturdy materials like iron. Plus, they can be bought in any design including the quintessential arch with decorative ivy and grapes as an ode to the vineyards they came from.

Modular Wine Racks

Modular Wine Racks

A modular wine rack system is great for the various sized and shaped spaces throughout your home. Even if you’re in an apartment, there will be the right space. They typically come in Redwood cubes with diagonally crossed shelves and can be stacked, staggered or placed individually around your home.

Plastic Wine Container

Plastic Wine Container

As they’re not necessarily the most visually appealing designs, the plastic types of wine racks aren’t the most popular and can often be found holding your wine bottles in a cabinet or in the basement. However, they are lightweight, strong and durable. They also don’t conduct heat in the sun like metal does.

Rattan Basket Wine Rack System

Rattan Basket Wine Rack System

The rattan basket is becoming more popular as interior design trends lean on biophilia and cottage core styles. That said, these baskets are a handmade feature using materials like wicker which can easily break with the weight of a few bottles. So, they’re best kept as decoration for the one bottle.

Slate Types of Wine Racks

Slate Types of Wine Racks

As mentioned earlier, the Welsh reserves of slate are booming. And you simply can’t experience towns of the North without picking a hand-made slate wine rack as a (rather large and heavy) memento. They are a stunning natural wine rack as they keep temperature and light levels low while holding 1 to 8 bottles.

Tabletop Rack

Tabletop Rack

Tabletop types of wine racks are what they say on the label; they’re small wine storage ideas allowing you to store a feature bottle on any surface. Some have a novelty design such as a 3D printed dragon and others may be the simple plastic wine rack system. But they generally hold 1 or two bottles on show.

Upside-Down Holder

Upside-Down wine Holder

The upside-down holder was a very popular design around ten years ago. However, their demand has dwindled as people continue to choose to store bottles in the optimum sideways conditions. Despite this, there are still some featurette tabletop designs made using iron metal to hold 1 to 6 bottles.

Walk-In Wine Vault

Walk-In Wine Vault

If you’ve got the space in your basement as well as more wine bottles you care to count and a budget to support it, we suggest a walk-in wine vault. They’re large, controlled spaces that aid in optimising the talents of the cru for temperature, humidity, light and all other factors, too.

Wall-Mounted Wine Rack

Wall-Mounted Wine Rack

You’ll need a studded wall for these types of wine rack to hold the various wine yields of the century. Wall-mounted racks can be a stunning design addition and the perfect opportunity for a personalised gift. They can often hold 1 to 9 bottles and also feature space to hang glasses from the base, too!

Wine Bottle Holder

Wine Bottle Holder

ZEbag is an example of a wine bottle holder. It’s a hexagonal bag capable of storing and carrying up to 6 wine bottles with a cool environment without letting light or humidity in. They’re the portable wine storage ideas for carrying wine to parties, beaches and all sorts without spoiling the nose.

Wine Cart

Wine Cart

If you’re picturing the 20s Art Deco style wine cart on wheels sometimes made of glass and others of gold-plated metal, you’re on the right lines. While a sight, they really only hold bottles in the up-right position unless you shop around, so maybe keep them for parties and events to temporarily hold the vino.

Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar

The wine cellar is one of the first wine storage ideas to be used by our ancestors in their castles. These speciality basements are optimal low-temperature, low-humidity and low-light arenas for wine storage, allowing them to age gracefully. However, today, they also play the part of aesthetics.

Wine Fridge

Wine Fridge

Lastly, for knowing how to store wine for long periods while ensuring they’re ready for serving, your best option is the purposefully built wine fridge. Some are small and are able to stand-alone or fit within a kitchen island while others hold hundreds of bottles in the basement at the correct levels for aging.


And that puts a cork in the last of the types of wine racks we have right here at The Hobby Kraze. Of course, there are other speciality wine rack systems you can find on your travels. Such as the dragon bottle holder we mentioned earlier or a vintage-style bicycle bottle holder. There are also vaults and safes that can be bought specifically for your basement. Although, you will need to shop around for these.

So, if you enjoyed this article, don’t forget to share it to all your friends and family who may also want a few wine storage ideas. Or, in case you want to drop hints regarding an upcoming birthday, you can share this article while saying you have a few bottles of reserve in need of a new home. 

Otherwise, as a drinks lover, you may also be interested in some of the other articles written by The Hobby Kraze team. For example, “Uncorking and Unwinding in the 26 Novel Types of Bar”!

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