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10 Invaluable Tips To Be Noticed For College Lacrosse

10 Invaluable Tips To Be Noticed For College Lacrosse

Thinking of applying for college lacrosse? How do you even stand out? With a lot of student athletes aiming to get in to college lacrosse, you can expect competition to be tough. Thus, those who shine the brightest are those that get their future coach’s attention. So how do you do that? 

Here are 10 tips that will help you get noticed and get an application from your dream college.

10 Tips On How To Be Noticed For College Lacrosse

10 Tips On How To Be Noticed For College Lacrosse

1. Be proactive. 

Here’s the truth: you’re not going to be chased by college coaches. What about the athletes that get chased in movies? Well, they’re movies for a reason. You can’t expect your story to be like theirs. If you just keep waiting for a coach to notice you, then you’re not making an opportunity for yourself. 

So what do you do? Start your college lacrosse team hunt early on. Talk about it with your parents and your coach so that you know which colleges you want to apply in. Knowing what you want early on will help you start work early towards your dream college. And if you already have an idea of where you want to go, you can start networking with other college coaches. 

It’s better to start this early because as you already know, there are other people like you wanting to get your dream coach’s attention.

2. Prepare your highlight video. 

Are highlight videos required? Not really; however, they’re a great way for coaches to know you and your play. Without a highlight video, how else will your coach know you? 

A highlight video should contain everything that needs to be known about how you play and your character. Just like what others say, “actions speak louder than words”. The same concept applies to your college lacrosse application. If there’s anything that your coach should see, it should be in your highlight video. If you want to show how good you are at throwing, then that should show in the video.

According to college coaches, the best videos contain clips of your high school season and your club games. Needless to say, you need a club. But that’s another tip. Since it’s a highlight video, include clips showing you being a talented individual while being an excellent team player at the same time. 

3. Be a team player. 

Wait, isn’t this an individual application? Why do you have to show that you’re a team player? Think about it this way. Your coach is not just building you as an athlete; he is also building a winning team. If you don’t look like you adjust or mix well with a team, then you’re out of the list. 

One of the ways to show your team spirit is to emphasize your synergy with your team in your highlight video. This doesn’t mean that you show them all the time. Rather, you have to show how you worked with your team to create a great defense or how you led your team to get those winning shots. 

4. Check your body language.

Did you know that coaches also look at your character in your highlight video? If you’ve never paid attention to it, then now is the time to start. In reality, skill is only half the battle when you want to get noticed. You also have to have the character they’re looking for. 

Again, lacrosse is a team sport. If you’re hard to train and it shows by how you react to defeats and a shouting coach, then your prospective coach wouldn’t want to work with you. Your chances of getting in to your dream college will be bleak as well. 

So what do you do? Make sure that when you play, you maintain the right body language. This is easier said than done because some reactions are involuntary. However, if you train yourself to be more aware with how you react, then that will definitely improve your chances.

5. Ace your academics.

Nobody likes a flunker, even college coaches. Do you think you’ll get an invite even when you’re failing your classes? You won’t and that’s usually one of the first truths you’ll realize when you start looking at college lacrosse applications. A good academic record is actually a requirement for the first and second divisions of the NCAA.

When it comes to academics, there is no easy way to raise your grades. Just like being a good lacrosse player, you have to work hard for it. Studying may not be your thing, but it has to be especially when you bag a spot in the top two divisions in college lacrosse. 

6. Join a club.

What’s a club? A club, more commonly known as club lacrosse, is literally a club for playing more lacrosse. It’s not your regular high school season which usually happens during spring. Club lacrosse is a year-round event where you learn more skills and play with different clubs. It’s as simple as that. 

Playing club lacrosse is going to be beneficial for you and your future because college coaches go to club lacrosse games. They do their scouting in these events knowing that those who play club lacrosse are those who are very committed to the sport. If they weren’t, then they won’t join another team other than their school’s. 

To join a club, search for teams in your area. You don’t necessarily have to join a team near you, but it’s much more convenient. Clubs usually get players who have the same character and mindset as the rest of the players. Finding the right club will help you sharpen your skills and bring you one step closer to getting noticed by a coach.

7. Fill your email with all your credentials.

This may sound basic but you’d be amazed by how many people forget to make their first email to the coach stellar. Think about it, you’re pitching yourself to a stranger and you need him to consider you out of all the applications that were sent. So how do you do that? By showing you’re the best player, of course!

When you send an email to a college lacrosse coach, you have to put your best foot forward. Write your email in such a way that you highlight what you have that other people don’t. It may sound like you’re writing a cover letter, but how else will you lay out your accomplishments? 

Don’t forget that your academic credentials are as important as your lacrosse experience, too. If you have high grades, then you should give them some limelight in your email as well. 

8. Request a visit.

Have you established a connection with a college coach? If so, then now is the best time to take advantage of that connection. Establish a good reputation with them and make sure that you show enough interest in applying for their team. 

A visit is one of the ways to further reach out to a college coach. You can ask them more about the team and even ask permission to watch a game of theirs. That way, you show interest and enthusiasm while you get to know more about how the team practices and how they work. 

A campus visit also serves a lot of benefits on your end and it’s not just about lacrosse. If you have any doubts about where to go, school visits will help you be a little sure about your applications. 

9. Establish a relationship with your high school coach.

Your high school coach is your best reference for your future coach. That means if your current coach doesn’t see you as the hardworking, cooperative, and skilled player, then you have to start building that view of yourself on your coach. 

For obvious reasons, a college coach will be talking to your current coach on how you are as an athlete. This is why it’s important to be on your coach’s good side. Who else is going to pitch you to other people? It’s also a good idea to ask your coach about things you need to improve on. That way, you get to work on them before the college coach arrives. 

10. Network. 

One coach didn’t respond to you? That’s all right. Sure, it doesn’t feel nice that your dream college didn’t even give you any attention, but that doesn’t mean you can say goodbye to that dream. What’s great about the whole college application process is that there are other ways to contact coaches. 

If you play club lacrosse, then that’s a good way to network with other coaches. Coaches love visiting club lacrosse games to scout for talent, so it’s best to always give a good game even if you think no one’s watching. Other than club lacrosse, it helps to reach out to other coaches through their friends, games, and profiles. 

Final Words

Getting noticed by a college lacrosse coach is not easy but it’s not impossible either. If you follow these tips, you’ll be able to grab your dream coach’s attention enough that you might even be able to meet him in person. Remember, competition is tough, so make sure that you stand out! 

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