Ultimate Review of The Best Knitting Bags & Organizers in 2023

Best Knitting Bags & Organizers

If you’re an avid knitter, it won’t be unusual for your knitting essentials to be strewn all over the place. For me, I am often guilty of heaping my knitting supplies next to my favorite chair rather than neatly tidying them away.

Of course, without proper organization knitting can become a total nightmare, which is why we recommend getting yourself a knitting bag and organizer.

The best knitting bags aren’t only a hobby essential for storing and organizing your crafts at home, but are also increasingly becoming a travel essential.

There aren’t many of us who want to be separated from our knitting projects for too long, so choosing a portable and convenient knitting bag is something that should be considered a necessity.

After all, what would be a better way of passing time than working on your favorite pattern while on a flight or relaxing by the beach?

The best knitting bag and organizer accommodates all your crafts. More importantly, it offers a safe storage spot, where yarns and other essentials are less likely to get entangled or damaged than when left in a heap.

We’ve rounded up a review list of the best knitting bags and organizers, and hopefully, you’ll find a bag that suits your needs.

Best Knitting Bags & Organizers wrap up

Our list of the best knitting bags comprises some exciting items, each popular in their right.

However, we feel the Teamoy Yarn Organizer Bag is best positioned as the ultimate winner.

We recommend this option because it comes with everything knitters need to hold their knitting accessories safely.

First, it’s a spacious option, capable of holding several yarns and other essentials in a single place.

Its greatest feature, though, is the tangle-free knitting experience. It has compartments that run from the top to the bottom, ensuring that individual yarns are separate from each other to avoid tangling or the damage of smaller items.

It also comes with a smart design that allows knitters to see their project through transparent PVC.

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Quick Comparison Table!

Teamoy Bag




Bontime Knitting Bag


Designer Stitch Happy Knitting Starter Kit



Miles Kimball Knitting Tote Bag


Best Knitting Bags & Organizers for the money

The Best Knitting Bags and Organizers For The Money

#1 Teamoy Organizer Bag - EDITOR'S CHOICE


Our favorite pick, the Teamoy Organizer Bag, is small enough for travel yet large enough to hold all your knitting supplies.

It comes with everything you would need to hold your knitting essentials in an organized and safe way.

But, is it the right organization bag for you?

Features and Benefits


The Teamoy Yarn Organizer Bag has a great structure, and many users love it for its design.

It’s a sturdy option, with an insulated nylon construction helping to repel liquids and keep your yarn and other essentials safe.

It also features a see-through vinyl cover, which is exactly what you need to keep your items safe from liquid spills or snagging.

The greatest design draw for me, though, is how the bag stands upright, even without anything in it. I love that I can pack it up and go anywhere with it, and it’ll sit on the bus floor, in my car, or even on the seat when I knit at work or in transit.

Two-ways to carry

We selected the Teamoy Yarn Organizer Bag because of its small and compact portable design which allows me to carry it easily wherever I go.

It’s small enough (15.5 by 9.8 by 11.5 inches) to fit under the seat of a train, bus, aircraft, or car.

Its size aside, the bag features both a hand strap and a long shoulder strap, offering two convenient ways to carry the bag.

I prefer the shoulder strap when traveling for long distances with my projects and work on the go.

The straps also have nice padding to prevent my shoulders from getting sore when my current project is heavy.

The shoulder straps are detachable too, so when I’m at home and the bag is next to me I can remove the strap to get it out of the way.


The Teamoy Yarn Organizer Bag is small yet surprisingly roomy enough to hold my work in progress and several skeins of yarns.

The large section has one sizeable main compartment and five other small compartments for holding skeins.

If using store-bought skeins of yarn, you can easily fit six in the spaces provided.

My favorite part, though, is the project pocket sitting behind the yarn. It offers a convenient way to secure your project even when you’re on the go.

The bag also comes complete with other compartments, including front pockets for storing hooks, pens, stitch markers, or even scissors.

I rarely use the side pockets because their tops are open, but I can slip my phone or wallet on the side with Velcro straps when on the move.

No tangling

Working with yarn is fun, but detangling isn’t.

Fortunately, you don’t have to face any of that with this bag. This is because the internal dividers run from the top to the lower part of the bag.

The full-sized dividers eliminate the risk of yarns getting tangled together or smaller items having to shuffle or dangle beneath the bag from one side to another.

They’re spacious, too, with each divider measuring 2.5″ wide x 6″ long x 9″ tall, which is enough to hold a regular skein of yarn but might be stretching it for a jumbo skein.

Smart organizational design

With a PVC see-through cover, it’s easy to see everything you need from the outside.

The bag’s design also allows you to store all your unfinished projects without having to cut off your yarns.

This means that everything stays organized and in place until you need it.



#2 BeCraftee BEST YARN BAG/ KNITTING BAG - Best for Traveling


If you need a knitting bag that you can take with you wherever you go, you can’t go wrong with the BeCraftee Yarn Bag.

It’s a lightweight and portable bag that will suit all your traveling needs.

BeCratee also ticks all the boxes for the best knitting yarn box, coming with everything you need to hold your tangle-free yarn projects and knitting accessories.

Let’s see what this yarn holder has in store for us.

Features and Benefits

Material construction

If you need something to carry every day without the worry of wear or tear, you’ll love the BeCraftee Yarn Bag material build.

The thick-lined and polyester material on the outside survives reasonably harsh elements, while the smooth EVA lining eliminates yarn snagging.

While the exterior isn’t actually waterproof, small amounts of water falling on the bag, such as light rain, won’t penetrate to do any harm to your yarn or project inside. 

Lightweight and portable

I like the portability of the BeCraftee Yarn Bag.

When you want to take your project outdoors, you’ll love how the knitting bag stands on its own, so you can go ahead and knit even when on a bus, by the beach, or just relaxing in the park.

And that’s not all!

You can take out your unfinished project without cutting the yarn.

Depending on your project’s size, you should be able to slip it through the slits on top of the bag without cutting.

This bag also comes with a handle and shoulder strap, offering convenient ways for you to carry your knitting supplies.


This bad boy is roomy enough to hold all your knitting essentials and leave space for more.

It’s the perfect bag to fit and store your yarn and wool for both large and small projects.

According to the folks at BeCraftee, the bag is large enough to hold at least ten skeins of yarns, so you never have to choose between projects to take with you.

Besides the main compartment, the bag also has a front pocket for holding scissors and hooks, and three other small compartments for crochet hooks, and much more.

No tangling

For knitters with cats who always eye their yarns with mischievous eyes, you’ll love what the BeCraftee Yarn Bag has to offer.

This organizer tote comes with four slits on top, which not only prevent the yarns from tangling, but also keeps curious cats away.

It allows the yarn to be pulled at perfect tension and is stiff enough so that yarn won’t pull out or pets get in.

We love that the slits allowed us to work with multiple yarn skeins at the same time, while simultaneously allowing the yarns to glide smoothly and preventing tangling.



#3 Bontime Knitting Bag - Most Elegant Design


The Bontime Knitting Bag is a perfect pick for knitters who want to look good while storing their projects safely.

This bag is elegant and attractive and is sure to gain you second looks and compliments.

At the same time, it helps to keep all your knitting needles in place, and we love the spacious internal divider that allows you to store all your knitting essentials.

Features and Benefits


I’ve had other yarn bags that didn’t work well or for long, or the quality was shoddy, but I’m pleased with my Bontime Knitting Bag purchase. It’s the perfect, good-looking solution to my long-standing problem.

Sporting heavy-duty and durable fabric, this option will last for a long time without the wear and tear of regular bags.

It also keeps your knitting accessories safe from the elements and prevents the yarn from snagging.

And, did I mention that the classic-striped canvas and beautiful design is going to bring you many compliments?


Space is always a priority for knitting bags, and this option doesn’t fail in this department.

It’s roomy enough to carry many balls of yarns or your in-progress project.

With dimensions of 17 x 12.7 x 3.1 inches, it will easily accommodate all your yarn bowls, knitting looms, needles, and yarns.

Knitters also love that it comes with several compartments, further extending the spaciousness of the bag.

I can fit all my needles nicely in the front flap, along with my little bag of darning needles and stitch counter.

Other compartments also prove handy for crochet hooks, scissors, and even pens.

No tangling

The Bontime Knitting Bag is the perfect knitting bag for those who love to stay organized and neat.

The bag is divided into separate sections, and the inside divisions go all the way to the bottom.

What’s the benefit?

It’s a great design for keeping individual yarns separated from each other to prevent tearing, tangling, or fraying.

Smart design

The folks at Bontime have done a great job coming up with a smart design that promotes the overall convenience and ease of using the bag.

For instance, it has a clear PVC top giving knitters an easy view of what is inside without the need to open the cover.

But my favorite feature is the six grommets for feeding the different yarns.

They allow the yarn to pull out of the bag with ease while preventing instances of tangling.

It’s easy to thread the yarn through the top of the bag and still keep my mischievous dogs and cat from attacking my yarn while I’m knitting.



#4 Designer Stitch Happy Knitting Starter Kit - Roomiest Option


When shopping for a knitting bag, you need a roomy option that will grant you easy access.

The Designer Starter Kit offers exactly that and is a winner, thanks to the high-quality design, multiple pockets, and a tool case.

With this option, you no longer have to worr about your tools and accessories because everything is stored safely and comfortably.

Features and Benefits

Starter kit

As its name suggests, the Designer Stitch is the perfect starter kit for beginners.

Besides the bag, the kit comes complete with a 20-piece knitting kit for beginners, including scissors, a tape measure, a row counter stitch holder, and much more.

It offers the perfect introduction to knitting, coming with everything knitters require to launch their hobby successfully.

I prefer bamboo needles for knitting, but still, I like the metal needles in this option because they seem to be of good quality and durable.


Space is one thing you do not have to worry about with the Designer Stitch.

With a large 13 x 10.5-inch bin, this wonderful bag is large enough to accommodate nine skeins, even the big and chunky yarns.

It gives you more than enough space to contain your projects, yarns, bowls, knitting looms, and needles.

The Designer Stitch bag offers a convenient way to keep everything you need for your knitting project in once place.

Knitting protection

The Designer Stitch offers more than a convenient way to hold your knitting accessories.

It’s a safe holding place, too and will keep your essentials free from the elements.

This large hobby bag has a zip-up top and a pocket that guards your yarns and supplies against liquid spills and snags.

I love that it also keeps the skeins away from my playful cats and kids.

And, there’s more!

The brand employs Halo-Zip technology on all closures. The technology uses soft halo ringlets to fasten and zip the closures instead of angular teeth that tend to snag and tangle yarn.

Four-way divider

The Designer Stitch is compartmentalized into different sections consisting of a four-way internal divider that lets you kiss goodbye to tangling.

The dividers keep all the yarns separate from each other, eliminating the chances of fraying or tangling.

The tangle-free experience is further helped by the lid slits that allow you to pull out the yarns easily and keep them taut, without mixing everything together.

Travel friendly

If you’re a knitter like me who loves working on their projects on the go, you’ll want to consider the Designer Stitch.

While it’s big enough to accommodate all your knitting essentials, it’s also super light, and the two position handle and shoulder strap lets you quickly pack and carry your essentials, even while on the move.



#5 Miles Kimball Knitting Tote Bag - Best Value


We choose the Miles Kimball Bag as our value option because it comes at a low price, yet still retains a lot of great features.

It’s spacious too, and the different levels of compartments will keep all your knitting accessories safely tucked away in a single location.

Features and Benefits


Despite the budget tag, the Mile Kimball doesn’t cut corners when it comes to durability and sturdiness.

The plastic and polyester construction is strong and will serve you for a long time to come.

More importantly, it keeps your knitting essentials safe from the elements.

While it won’t hold up to a dip in the water, it’ll easily take on light rain showers, occasional spills, and water splashes.


The Mile Kimball is a spacious knitting bag and offers sufficient space for knitters to hold their essentials while still leaving space for more.

The bag has generous dimensions of 12 by 14 by 9 inches. According to the manufacturer, it can hold up to six skeins of yarn.

Besides the main compartment, the bag also comes with side pockets which I find handy for storing items such as crochet hooks, needles, pencils, and papers.

Tangle-free knitting

Using the Miles Kimball is a delight as the bag is convenient and offers a tangle-free experience.

At the top, you’ll find grommets that allow you to feed your yarn through as you need. It’s true for all six skein yarns and will keep your wools and materials from getting tangled up with each other.


Another thing you will like about Miles Kimball is the overall portability.

It’s not only light, but it also comes with a convenient carry handle, which is great, especially if you’re traveling long distances.



Best Knitting Bags and Organizers Buying Guide

Best Knitting Bags & Organizers buying guide

With so many options on the market, choosing the best knitting bag and organizers for your needs can be a bit challenging.

Fortunately, we’ve compiled a detailed guide to help with the selection.

What to look for in a knitting bag

Zipper or no zipper?

Traditionally, zipper bags have been the go-to option because of their convenience and reliability.

However, when it comes to knitting bags, we would advise knitters to steer away from zippers and instead opt for another closure system such as drawstrings, snap, or magnet fasteners.

This is because zippers, and to a lesser extent Velcro, tend to snag yarn and can damage it beyond repair.

Zippers can, in particular, catch the yarn which almost always results in shredding it beyond being able to use it. This is something you would want to avoid, especially when carrying expensive yarn.


When choosing your knitting bag and organizer’s size, go for an option that can fit all your craft essentials.

While at it, you also need to consider your future needs and pick an option that you’re less likely to outgrow in a few years.

For those who love traveling, it’s best to pick a small and compact bag that is portable. It shouldn’t be hefty or pose any logistical challenges when you are on the move.

In particular, those traveling by aircraft should check to see whether they’ll be allowed to bring the bag onto the plane as luggage or a carry-on.

Choose woven interiors

Knitting bags come in various interior materials, and you should be careful about the type of lining you choose for your bag.

For instance, open mesh design is prone to losing your valuables, and the sharper tools, such as needles, tend to rip on the gaping hole causing everything to spill out.

On the other hand, however, woven linings offer some degree of protection to the bag’s exterior and will prevent snagging or ripping.

Another option to consider is plastic, but keep in mind that not all plastics are created equal.

Some of the popular plastic optics are HDPE, polypropylene, and low-density polyethylene.

HDPE is the most common plastic option as it’s ultra-light, deflects moisture, and is resistant to scratches and tears.

Polypropylene is far superior with regards to strength and should be considered for the lining of a bag. It’s also acid-free, preventing leaching or dyes and chemicals from the rest of the bag to your yarns.

Low-density polyethylene has fantastic tear resistance compared with HDPE, but it is not common in the knitting world.

Pocket space

The ideal knitting bag should have plenty of storage space.

Having internal or secure external pockets with closures helps you carry around tools and accessories with ease.

They also help with the organization by keeping your supplies in order while preventing tangles from happening.

Pattern storage

Besides having a few pockets at your disposal, you’ll also want a bag that can hold your patterns safely and securely.

This is achieved through an integrated pattern storage pocket or a flap or cover that keeps the elements from damaging your current project.


Accidents are bound to happen at the best of times, and your fragile yarn and paper supplies are likely to get soaked up.

To prevent such mishaps, we recommend getting a bag with water-resistant materials at the least. If possible, choose a completely waterproof bag.

The closures used should also be secure and should provide similar protective qualities against moisture seeping through.

Unfortunately, the waterproofness rules out many of the eco-friendly materials that are increasingly becoming desirable.

One compartment

While a carry-all design will benefit all your clothes and general luggage when on the move, a one-pocket design isn’t particularly ideal for your knitting supplies.

We recommend choosing a bag offering multiple pockets.

Always remember your knitting bag is more of an “organizer” as a solution for carrying around your knitting supplies.

Plus, you’ll be carrying around fragile items, sensitive to tangling and ripping, and so a carry-all bag isn’t the best idea for your knitting bag.

Sizing problems

While it’s impossible to determine the size you’ll need for your bag, you’re always going to want to lean towards something that is a bit bigger overall.

However, choosing a bag that is too big can be awkward to carry.

Where possible, we would recommend you “try on” some bags for size to get an idea of what fits your body well.


While knitting supplies don’t weigh much on their own, you’ll soon find out how heavy they can become when you add all the accessories and necessities.

With time, it becomes a strenuous chore to carry everything around by hand, which is why we would recommend choosing a bag with a handle.

However, the perfect handle should be integrated on a shoulder strap or one that leans towards a backpack design.

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