Ultimate Review of The Best Camping Chairs in 2023

Best Camping Chairs

When planning for a camping trip, many people think little of a camping chair. Instead, they think about the tents, sleeping bags, and inflatable mattresses.

But as a seasoned camper, I can tell you that a camping chair is just as important as a sleeping bag or tent, so make sure to bring one with you on your next camping trip.

See, never underestimate the importance of little comforts. While camping, enjoying the joys of nature is one thing, but you’ll be in for a rough ride if you don’t have the equipment you need to enjoy camping.

Seeing how camping activities require a lot of effort on your part, it would be nice to have a nice, comfortable chair to rest, and this is exactly what a camping chair offers.

But as far as these chairs are concerned, the market has so much to offer, and it’s easy to pick the wrong camping chair for your needs.

To help you find the best camping chair for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best camping chairs in the market. We’ve also included a handy camping chair buying guide to help with the selection.

Quick Comparison Table!

Timber Ridge Folding Chair


Kijaro Dual Lock Chair


Coleman Big-N-Tall Quad Camping Chair


Cascade Mountain Tech Chair


Oniva Portable Folding Sports Chair



The Best Camping Chairs For The Money

The Best Camping Chairs For The Money

#1 Timber Ridge Director’s Folding Chair - EDITOR'S CHOICE


Timber Ridge Company has an incredible history of manufacturing quality camping chairs. Whether you’re a zero-gravity fan or prefer to rely on a folding frame, the folks at Timber Ridge got you covered.

And today, we’re going to look at one of its offerings, the Timber Ridge Director’s folding chair.

This aluminum chair has everything you need for comfortable camping.

It’s a versatile option too, with its usage extending beyond camping but can also suitable for beach, picnics, BBQs, and much more. Basically, it works great for anyone who is looking to invest in a comfortable camping chair.

But is the model right for you?

Features and Benefits


One of the first things you’ll notice with this camping chair is a flip-down side table. It’s a unique feature and something that you don’t often see at this price point.

The flip-down side table is also practical, as it folds out when you unfurl the chair, allowing you to use it for holding your drinks, phones, or storage of whatever suits you like a book.

It can also fold back, thus preserving space, and it’s essential during storage.

Material Construction

The folks at Timber have used 600 Denier polyester reinforced with PVC coating and foam padding.

The material construction means this chair is more than capable of withstanding elements, a critical feature for the camping chairs.

Alongside, PVC coating stands up the UV and makes it easy to clean if you spill something on it.

The aluminum frame extends the reliability of this chair; besides promoting the overall aesthetics, the coated frame provides the needed rigidity to support your weight while seated.

Speaking of weight, Timber Ridge has a generous weight capacity of 300 pounds which proves to be sufficient for most people.


With a modest dimension of 33.8 x 18 x 25 inches, Timber Ridge strikes a balance between practicality and ease of use.

It’s large enough to accommodate adults without compromising their comfort. At the same time, it can be compacted further to 21.26″ X 7.09″ X 35.83″ for easy storage, and you shouldn’t have a problem fitting it into your car’s trunk.

Ease of use is further compounded by the measly 7.58-pound weight, allowing you to lift the chair without the least effort.


Regarding comfort, this option has cushioned armrests and a roomy seat for a comfy experience. The seat is also padded to reduce pressure and allow you to sit for long without feeling fatigued.

Another comfort feature is the breathable mesh fabric, offering users a cooling effect, especially when busking during the warm, sunny afternoons.

The only flaw with this chair is the limited back height. At 16.5 inches, the back support area for this chair might not be adequate for some users, especially those above 6 feet.



#2 Kijaro Dual Lock Chair - Premium Choice


Our runner up is yet another fantastic camping chair built with comfort and ease of use in mind.

It’s the perfect option for those on a camping expedition as it comes with every desirable feature for the best camping chair.

The star point, however, is the innovative dual-lock system promising for a superior seating experience all-around.

Features and Benefits

Material Construction

All quality camping chairs start with great quality materials, and the Kijaro Chairs doesn’t disappoint in this sector.

The chair combines ripstop polyester and a mesh back. Altogether, both of these materials are durable, and the mesh back goes further to keep the airflow in check.

On the other hand, the frame on the Kijaro is made from steel, guaranteeing strength and durability against elements.

Dual Lock System

A major highlight for the Kijaro Camping chair is the presence of patented dual lock technology for reinforcing the chair at all points of use.

The technology locks the chairs solidly when unfurled, assuring users of maximum stability.

It’s an iconic feature allowing users to secure parts of the frame in place, which assures greater stability when seating.

Even better, disengaging the lock for folding is a cinch; with a simple press of a button, the chair allows for easy and fast folding.

Weight Capacity

Much like the Timber Ridge we had reviewed earlier, this chair offers a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds.

However, it offers more back support than the Timber since the fabric on this option extends across the entire back region. So, yes, it can also be a fantastic option for users with lower back issues.


It’s the little features that make a difference in a camping chair, and the Kijaro has plenty of them.

For starters, the chair features two cup holders, which you can use for storing multiple drinks. This means fewer trips to the cooler, which is a good thing when you want to relax.

Each cup holder is a mesh pocket, so it’s less likely you’ll find your drinks heated up even when left for a long time.

To ease transportation, the Kijaro Chair comes with both a carry bag and a handle. Sure, they might not be necessary but are welcome additions. They allow you to carry your chair like a briefcase or even strap it over your shoulders in case you decide to go for a hike.

However, the chair comes with some caveats, and the biggest setback is the weight. With a weight inching close to 10 pounds, Kijaro isn’t the lightest chair, and for long-distance hikes, it could pose a problem.



#3 Coleman Big-N-Tall Quad Camping Chair - For Big Guys


Selecting the best camping chair is challenging, but even trickier for the big guys. This is because most of the chairs are tailored for the “normal” people, but not Coleman Big-N-Tall.

Aptly named the Big-N-Tall, the Coleman camping chair is specifically designed to cater to the needs of the big guys.

Let’s see what it has in store for us;

Features and Benefits

Solid Construction

When searching for the best camping chair for big guys, you need to go beyond material construction and comfort.

More importantly, you need to consider the build quality, and the Coleman doesn’t disappoint.

It’s a sturdy build option, boasting of quality craftsmanship; it has an impeccable steel construction, reliable enough to hold the weight of up to 600 pounds, and still hold up for years.

Oversized Seat

When it comes to the large guys, the size of the seat does matter a lot, and if you’re among those who are conscious of the size of seat they go for, then the oversized design of Coleman is sure to win your heart.

The seat is sufficiently large to accommodate the biggest of the users, not to mention it offers unmatched comfort.

Seat Drain Design

Another sensible feature for the outdoor camping chairs is the seat drain design.

This one on the Coleman doesn’t disappoint as it helps to rid any excess rainwater building on the seat.

By draining the water away, it prevents stagnation and pooling of water, which isn’t only a real inconvenience but might even damage the seat.

Large Feet

The feet on the Coleman Camping Chair are large, a necessary feature for extending the stability.

The large feet lets the chair rest firmly on the ground and will let you rest without the worry of falling after a day of fun in the outdoors.

 Cross-Joints for Easy Use

Besides the choice of materials, the design of the frame also plays a crucial role in the overall performance and ease of use of a chair.

With this option, you enjoy cross-joints on the frame, which not only extends the reliability of the chair but also makes setting up and collapsing fast and effortless.


Comfort is by far one of the aspects you just can’t afford to get wrong when shopping for a camping chair, considering you might even have to sit on one for hours on end.

The good thing with the Coleman is that it’s not just built for performance, but also for comfort, which is why it features an adjustable arm height to ensure you can easily set it right where you want.

Additionally, the chair offers sufficient backrest on the same fabric forming the seat, meaning you’ll never have to stand up feeling fatigued. Instead, you get sufficient space to lay your back on for a comfortable experience.



#4 Cascade Mountain Tech Chair - Compact and Low Profile


Sometimes, all you need is a lightweight and compact chair when camping. This is particularly true if your car has a small trunk, or you find it challenging lifting the bulky chairs.

This is exactly what the Cascade Tech Chair offers; it’s an ultra-light and svelte chair. But make no mistake; it’s equally a capable chair, and a comfortable option, too.

Features and Benefits

Robust Frame

The frame is by far one of the essential elements you don’t want to miss when shopping for a camping chair.

The good thing with the Cascade Camping Chair is it comes with a robust steel and aluminum frame that has your back-literally.

 For its size, the Cascade is a pretty reliable option and one that will last for long.

It’s also strong, with the ability to support up to 250 pounds-it’s not the highest weight capacity, but an impressive rating for such a class.

Low Profile Seat Design

One of the striking features of the Cascade Camping Chair is the low profile seat design, built with functionality and necessity in mind.

It’s not too low for comfort. Instead, it seats at 9 inches off the ground, the perfect height setting for you to snuggle around the campfire without having to sacrifice your comfort.

Though the low seat height might prove to be a challenge for seniors or those with limited joint mobility, it’s a versatile option, perfect for multiple applications from the outdoor uses, including camping, BBQ to sports events.

The low profile design also means users can sit on the ground and not interrupt anyone behind them.

Compact Design

Using a quality chair is fun, but it can’t be said for all camping chairs, especially the bulky options, which are a pain to transport and use.

Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about that with the Cascade Camping Chair. With a modest dimension of 26 inches by 8 inches when folded, this chair downsizes into a nifty little package that you won’t struggle transporting.


Cascade Camping Chair doesn’t win any medal when it comes to comfort, and this is not surprising considering the size and dimension.

However, it doesn’t mean it’s a pain to use; it has several handy features to promote comfort. One such feature is the breathable mesh fabric offering breathability and aeration during the hot sunny evenings.

You can also count on the low profile design for endless comfort, even when you’ve to sit for hours on end.


Combining a compact design and robust construction there’re few places, if any, you can’t take this chair.

You can always count on this option for outdoor activities, whether camping, sports, BBQ, and any other occasion.



#5 Oniva Portable Folding Sports Chair - Best for Camping and Sports


If you’re in search of a director’s style chair with a little flash and more room, you can’t go wrong with the Oniva Chair.

Likewise, if you also are both a sports and camping fan, this lightweight and durable folding chair would also be a blast.

Features and Benefits

Solid Construction

The folks at Oniva have chosen to use high polish aluminum that guarantees a solid and robust chair.

Even better, the aluminum construction can accommodate users of up to 300 pounds, all while at the same time halving the weight of most steel chairs to a measly 8 pounds.

Being rugged and easy to use the chair, it makes the Oniva the perfect option for the more active people.

The chair is also a stable option, with the legs able to extend well below to offer support and stabilize the chair even on uneven grounds.

Material Construction

Like the Timber Ridge, Oniva Chair uses 600 D woven polyester material, which offers plenty of strength, while maintaining the ability to dry quickly and easy to clean, regardless of the stain.

The material construction is the perfect cover for the lightweight frame with just the right amount of stretch for comfort, but not so much that the chair feels like it has any give.

Storage and Accessories

The little things in life make a big difference, and on the Oniva Chair, we love the side pockets, handy for storing the items you might need right at your fingertips such as phones, supplies, or snacks.

Additionally, the chair also features an insulated beverage holder and a secure zipper pocket for storing the more important items.

Add to the folding side table, and you’ve the ultimate picnic chair that can easily adapt to any situation.


For portability purposes, Oniva Chair can downsize to 19 inches by 33 inches.

When the compact dimensions are combined with the low weight, the Oniva Chair becomes easy to carry and set up in any location.



Camping Chairs Buying Guide

Best Camping Chairs buying Guide

With the market offering so much, choosing the best camping chair can be intimidating at the least.

Fortunately, we’ve compiled a buying guide below to help with the selection process.

But before I share the tips with you, let’s first look at the various types of camping chairs.

Types of Camping Chairs

Some of the common types of camping chairs are:

Quad Fold Chair

Quad fold chairs are among the popular camping chairs as they’re lightweight, inexpensive, and compact than other types of chairs.

They can also fold up quite easily, which is a plus as they don’t take much of your space.

Unfortunately, they’re not the most comfortable options.

Director Chairs

Director chairs are a little sturdier than the quad chair and offer more back support.

They provide a more rigid seating position and a flat base, meaning they let you sit in a more upright position, as you would be sitting at a table.

However, they don’t fold compactly as the quad chairs do. Instead, they fold flat and are rather bulky.

Flat Folding Camping Chairs

If you’re looking for a super-deluxe camping chair, you can’t go wrong with this option.

They’re luxury options, coming with plenty of whistles and bells, from the side tables, multiple recline positions to cooler parts.

They’ve a similar outlook to the director chair, only that they fold flat onto itself, thus enhancing portability.

They’re bulky, though, and expensive, too.

But if budget and portability are non-issues, I would recommend these as they’re extremely comfortable.

Other Camping Chairs are:

  • Camping stools: These are relatively small and collapsible. They’re suitable for those needing something lightweight and compact.
  • Kids chairs: They’re quad-fold types, suitable for the kid. They’re also quite inexpensive.
  • Lounge/double chairs: If you love lying while camping, the double chairs are the perfect chair.
woman relaxing on a camping chair

Features to Consider When Selecting a Camping Chair


Always check on the weight of a camping chair as it determines the overall portability.

However, if you camp where your car is, then weight won’t be much of an issue. However, if you’ll need to carry the chair for a distance, then you’ll certainly need something lightweight.

Likewise, consider the dimension of the chair. Generally, the large camping chairs tend to be bulky. This can be an issue during transport as most of them won’t fit or even leave no space for other essentials in your car’s trunk.

Preferably, you should choose a lightweight and compact option for portability; even better, pick a foldable option that can be compacted further for easy storage.


Comfort is king when looking for a camping chair.

Ideally, you want to pick a chair that you can sit all day long, without the urge to steal your mate’s chair when they get up to go to the bathroom.

However, understand the most comfortable camping chairs are bulky. If you’re looking for an ultra-light and foldable chair, you’ll have to sacrifice comfort.

On the other hand, if you need a recliner seat with a footrest, you should be prepared for a bulkier, bigger, and more expensive chair.

Durability/ Quality

All camping chairs are designed to withstand adverse weather conditions, but they’re not all created equal.

Now, if you don’t do a lot of camping, there’s nothing wrong with a simple and the best value camping chairs. However, expect a shorter lifespan than you would have with the more expensive version.

If you’re a regular camper, then you should pick a durable and reliable option. Sure, most of the quality options will set your finances back, but it also means you enjoy greater comfort and longevity.

Weight Capacity

You also need to check the weight capacity or rating of your camping chair.

Though camping chairs might look the same, they’re different and can’t hold the same amount of weight.

We recommend considering the weight of the heaviest person who will sit on the chair, and pick an option that can accommodate their weight.

Ideally, pick an option with a slightly higher weight capacity as opposed to the exact rating to keep you on the safer side.


A majority of the modern camping chairs come in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from the 3-legged minimalist stools to the large and bulky reclining chairs.

To determine the right size for your camping chair, you need to consider whether it’s wide enough and whether it can accommodate your weight.

We’ve already checked on the weight rating aspect, and when it comes to size, choose an option that you can comfortably sit in without too much strain. The right-sized camping chair should offer a snug fit, allowing you to sit comfortably.


Always have a budget in mind when preparing to purchase a camping chair. It’s a good idea to compare the different prices for a different brand.

Like any other purchase, you get what you pay for with camping chairs. So, try to avoid the cheap models.


There’re lots of uncomfortable things to sit on out there: sand, wet leaves, rocky ground. But don’t let your camping chair be one of them.

Thankfully, we’ve provided you with a camping chair buying guide, an asset to help you pick the best camping chair for you. There’s no need to suffer when such convenience is easily at hand.

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