Ultimate Review of The Best 10-Person Tents in 2023

Best 10-Person Tents

When you head out for family camping or with a huge group of people, there’re often two shelter options; buy a huge tent or use a couple of small tents.

While the small tents have their appeal, I prefer sharing my nights under the stars in a large tent.

Besides allowing more socializing and creating the perfect bond between friends and family, larger tents don’t make for longer establishment in the overcrowded camping site. Plus, relocating and clean-up in between camping sites is easier with a larger tent.

The greatest benefit, though, is the space offered by the large tent. Whether it’s extra kids, a dog, or just the desire to have extra room for gear, the family tents often provide extra indoor space, lacking in other tents.

Unfortunately, not every “family” tent lives up to their name, which is why I would recommend the 10-person tents if you’re truly looking for something spacious.

I know the 10-person tents may seem enormous, especially if you own a 6-person or 8-person tent. However, with the recent innovations, the weight and bulkiness of the 10-person tents have only downed.

While they’re still a hassle to set up and carry, they remain manageable and perfectly okay for campgrounds.

I consider the 10-person tents the happy medium between the apartments and mansions of the tent world.

Unfortunately, not many of these 10-person tents and fewer have the quality and features, but these five are worth considering.

Quick Comparison Table!

Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup


Core 10 Person Cabin Tent


Ozark Trail 10-Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent


Tahoe Gear Olympia 10-PersonTent


Coleman Weathermaster 10 Person Tent



The Best 10-Person Tents For The Money

Best 10-Person Tents for the money

#1 Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup


Coleman has been the go-to brand for families and more serious campers, and the Coleman Cabin Tent is no exception.

For the price, you get a practical shelter solution with high-quality material and a stable structure.

We also like that the tent sticks to a traditional and classic cabin shape, and while it might not perform well in super high winds, it offers a more spacious shelter option.

For me, the greatest draw is the darkroom, which keeps the tent cool even in the scorching summer while allowing me to have a nap during the day.

Features and Benefits

Dark Room Technology

Nature rarely cooperates with our plans. And while harsh weather is a possibility, excessive sunlight is a common issue.

Traditional tents do a terrible job of blocking early morning light, forcing you to wake up at the crack of dawn, whether you want it or not.

But not with Coleman Instant.

The Coleman features an exclusive darkroom technology to block 90% of the sunlight shining through into the tent which is great for keeping lights out from the sun when trying to get sleep.

Instant Setup

The Coleman Instant Cabin is advertised as an “instant” tent with an easy setup, an accurate description.

It takes less than 60 seconds to set this tent up, and for its size, the ability to set up such a large tent fast and effortlessly is a rare feature.


If you’re camping with your family or a large group, the Coleman Instant would be a bargain purchase.

With a total area of 140 ft², it’s a spacious option, and though they claim it can fit four queen size beds, I wouldn’t unless you want the tent busting at the seams with no room for your bags or even to walk around.

Ideally, I would recommend fitting two queen size beds, so it can be a great option for parents camping with two kids and a dog.

The tent is also super tall, typical of a cabin style tent with angled yet straightened walls. With a stand-up height of 79 inches, it offers plenty of headroom for the tall guys and more usable space to walk around the tent. It also makes the perfect tent for use with the portable crib for infants and toddlers.

Weather Resistance

Coleman is weather-resistant, but only to some extent.

It will stand up to the test for the light rains to moderate rains, but for heavy frog strangling downpour, not so much.

Let me explain.

The ceiling on the Coleman is all-mesh and can’t be closed, so the tent can be ideal for the warm weather conditions. As for the rain protection, the fly is minimal and vented, and even if it’s fully waterproof, the rain will still find its way to the zippered walls, so chances of leakage are enormous.

Sure, the tent boasts of a proprietary WeatherTec system, and while it will work well in most conditions and keep you dry, you should avoid areas with strong winds.


The six expansive windows, along with the full mesh roof, offer great air circulation and create the outdoors’ perfect panoramic views.

Yet, the meshed design stops the bugs from accessing your tent, so you can leave everything open and not worry about the creepy crawlies getting in.

Door Design

With more people using a smaller space, it’s normal to experience traffic, with people wanting to enter and exit the tent at different times.

But with the Coleman, this shouldn’t be a problem anymore, thanks to the D-shape hinged door, which allows hassle-free access for entry and exit by multiple people at a go.



#2 Core 10 Person Cabin Tent - Spacious Option


Core 10, a typical cabin-style tent, is our second favorite option, offering plenty of awesome features.

It comes with tall and straight walls, and with an incredible peak height of 86 inches, it’s a livable shelter option.

But is the Core 10 the right camping tent for your family?

Features and Benefits

Tent Size

With an incredible 14 feet by 10 feet size, it’s possible to fit two queen size mattresses and even leave some space for the camping cots, storage for gear, and a resting place for your dog.

If the weather gets a little wet, you can even bring some camping accessories such as camping chairs and still have enough space to relax.

Keep in mind space on the Core 10 is based on the backpacking principle, and if you’re going to have a lot of campers, I would suggest you opt for the 12 people (10 by 18) Core Tent.

Nevertheless, for a family of 6, the Core 10 is awesome to use and comfortable. And with a center height of 86 inches, standing up isn’t an issue and will even allow the tallest member of your family to walk freely around inside.

Room Divider

On Core 10, you’ve the option of using the tent as a single large space or divide it into two separate rooms with a divider.

The removable divider is easy to attach, creating two separate rooms, perfect for campers who value privacy. You can even give your kids one of the rooms which they’ll love.

While room dividers are standard large tents for sectioning off the tent for specific parties, few offer multiple doors and exist. However, the Core 10 features doors on opposite sides of the tent, so when the room divider is in use, each door leads to a different room, adding layers of privacy not seen in many tents.

Instant Setup

Setting the Core 10 is a delight, and like the Coleman Instant, pitching the tent is effortless and takes less than 2 minutes.

Compared to the traditional tents, you can set the tent without requiring any help, and it will be less of a hassle.

Weather Resistance

Core 10 is a summer camping tent and not more than that, though it can be suitable for the late spring and early autumn.

It has plenty of open areas, and while it’s good for ventilation, it’s not much for a cool or wet environment.

The tent has a rainfly, but it’s minimal, and though it will hold its own in the light showers, it can’t stand the abuses of a downpour.

Plus, the exterior 68D Polyester isn’t rated for waterproofness.

The only silver lining on the construction is all the seams are thermally heat sealed to prevent leaking.

Nevertheless, I wouldn’t want to put the Core 10 under too harsh tests.


Core 10 comes complete with a host of accessories, including tent poles, gear loft, tent stakes, and an expandable carry bag.

It also includes a discreet access point for an electrical cord, allowing you to feed a cord into the power to power your devices.



#3 Ozark Trail 10-Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent - Best for Portability


Ozark Trail, with its large size, fast pitch, and blackout interior, is a shelter option you shouldn’t overlook if you’re in the market for a tent large enough for your family or group of friends.

And like the Coleman Cabin, it comes with darkroom technology, perfect for the late sleepers or those camping with their kids.

But is it worth shelling out your hard-earned dough for?

Features and Benefits

Dark Room Technology

By keeping the interior dark, you’ll love that your kids will sleep much longer than ever before because it’s dark. The darkness is also convenient for early/late night sleep and any time sleep.

Plus, the technology creates a cooler atmosphere in the tent, perfect for resting on the hot summer days.

Instant Set-Up

Pitching the Ozark tent is a doodle, and for such a larger tent, we were impressed by the remarkable setup time of fewer than 60 seconds.

At most, the setup will take 2 minutes and won’t even require a helping hand, so you can do it by yourself.


There’s a lot to do on the 140 square feet of space offered by the Ozark tent.

While the tent is meant to hold ten people, a more realistic number is 6 or 7 as you’ll still need space for moving around in the cabin.

The large space can hold two queen mattresses, perfect for a couple and their kids, and still, leave enough space for storing gear or even for a pet. And if the weather deteriorates, you can even bring in some of your camping chairs inside without sacrificing the livable space.

Ozark also offers an optional curtain partition dividing the tent into two. This is quite handy for campers who require privacy or need to use separate tents in different ways. In particular, families will benefit from having parents in one room and the kids in another room.

Weather Resistance

As with most of our previously reviewed items, the Ozark isn’t the perfect tent for the harsh weather.

It comes with a small rainfly, only covering the top of the tent. While it’s a practical weatherproof option, I wouldn’t trust the tent in a heavy downpour without an additional tarp or heavy coating of spray-resistant on the shell.

Nevertheless, the polyester fabric is water-resistant and sturdy and will stand up to the light shower rains or camping abuses.

Additionally, the tent features a steel frame for sturdiness, and the tent isn’t easily swayed even in the high winds.


Coming with 8 windows, a large door, and plenty of ventilation on the upper, the Ozark has plenty of free airflows while offering a picturesque panorama of the surrounding.

Further, all the ventilation holes, save for the door, are fitted with a mesh to keep the pesky crawlies for the interiors.



#4 Tahoe Gear Olympia 10-Person Tent - Value Option


Tahoe isn’t as popular as the Coleman or the Core, but this brand has created a name for manufacturing reliable and quality products.

The Tahoe Gear is one such product, and after a thorough review, I feel confident recommending the tent for anyone looking for a larger family tent.

Of course, it has a fair share of drawbacks, which we shall look into later, but it keeps you safe, warns, and dry, which is what you would hope for in a family tent.

Features and Benefits

Build Quality

With such a wonderful price point, we were naturally concerned with the overall quality of this tent.

Fortunately, Tahoe doesn’t disappoint, with the reliable polyester construction not only surviving punctures, tears, falls, and even poor storage.

The Tahoe Gear also has an added durability benefit. Combining high walls and ceilings with the durability of a traditional dome tent has an inherent toughness than you might achieve from a regular family cabin tent.

Weather Resistance

Without proper water resistant and windproofness, it’s easier to find yourself packing earlier than you would have expected.

Fortunately, that’s not an issue with the Tahoe Gear, a testimony that it’s possible to find a true weather-resistant tent on a budget.

The rain fly seams are reliable, with the entire rain fly canopy shrugging off any abuses from a downpour.

Additionally, the wall height works to its benefit by providing a steeper surface to slough off rainwater before it permeates the rain fly.

I would rate the Tahoe Gear as a 3-season tent, and unlike other tents we’ve reviewed, I’m confident the tent will take you through spring, summer, and fall.


Tahoe Gear offers everything you need for successful camping, but it doesn’t go beyond that.

First, it lacks an attached screen room, and while it’s not a necessity, it’s a great option to enjoy the outdoors, even when it’s rainy.

The real killer, though, is the lack of internal space. Though rated for 10 people, the tent doesn’t hold as many people as advertised, and trying to squeeze 10 people is a terrible idea.

However, it does fit two queen size beds and might be a perfect option for a couple and their two kids plus a pet.

Ease of Use

Tahoe Gear isn’t an instant tent, but setting the shelter isn’t a hassle.

While it will require some elbow grease to set it up, it is not much of an effort compared to other tents within its class.



#5 Coleman Weathermaster 10 Person Tent - Best Weather Resistant Option


There’s a lot to love about the Coleman Weathermaster.

This tent is not only weather-resistant, but it’s also the ultimate family tent, coming with a host of features to make your outdooring experience more fun and comfortable.

Features and Benefits


There’s no 10-person tent that can comfortably fit 10 people, and the Coleman Weathermaster is no different.

With a space offering of 17 x 9 feet, the Coleman realistically fit 5 to 6 people comfortably.

It will fit two queen size beds, though, and still leave extra space for other gear, accessories, and even a resting place for your cat.

The headroom is also decent, and while not the highest, the 6 feet is sufficient for accommodating the taller family members while still offering a space for them to move around on the inside.


Due to the double room construction and straight walls, Coleman’s cabin design won’t stand up against the storms and bad weather like a dome-shaped shelter does.

However, if an overnight storm sets in and the tent is staked down well, it could still survive and stand in the morning.

However, the best advice when using the Weathermaster is to avoid the storms altogether. Also, remember to give the tent a coat of spray water-proofer to prevent leaks.

The 75D taffeta rainfly isn’t waterproof, and while it can withstand light to moderate rain, it doesn’t do so much well in downpours.


Coleman Weathermaster is an extremely sturdy tent, thanks to the superior construction.

The polyester shell is reliable and stands up to the abuses of camping and traveling. It’s not easily punctured, even when stored poorly or staked on the uneven ground. After several seasons of use, you shouldn’t have any reason to replace the tent.

Plus, the fiberglass frames are reliable, though not as steel frames, they perfectly blend strength and lightness, so you get a reliable structure that is easy to carry.

Hinged Doors

When picking a tent, the door is always the last thing you should be concerned about.

Coleman has gone an extra mile on the door construction, fitting the Weathermaster with a hinged door, which is brilliant for walking in and out, even when carrying something heavy and bulky.

Even younger kids should have no problem getting in and out with this door.



Best 10-Person Tent Buying Guide

Best 10-Person Tents buying guide

When shopping for the best 10-person tent for your camping needs, there’re several buying factors to consider.

By determining the factors most important to you, it’s easy to create a checklist to find your perfect find.

Here’re some of the crucial buying factors to base your purchase decision.

Factors to Consider when Selecting the Best 10-Person Tent Buying Guide


10-person tents come in an array of shapes and sizes, and though they can accommodate one regular-sized adult sleep bag, some are roomier than others.

For instance, a 10-person tent with a 14ft by 10ft footprint can accommodate 10 sleeping bags but only two queen-size air beds. On the other hand, a 10-person tent with a 20ft by 10fet can easily accommodate three queen-sized air beds.

Again, just because a tent is labeled as a 10-person tent doesn’t necessarily mean it can comfortably accommodate 10 campers and their gear. This is why it’s vital to double-check the floor space and ensure it has enough room for your camping requirements.

Also, it would help if you consider the tent’s total height or headroom and shape. While the difference might seem minimal, it can make a huge difference to your comfort, especially for taller campers.


10-person tents are not lightweight and certainly not built for backpacking.

Packing, storage, and moving some of these tents require elbow grease, so be sure to check on the weight and dimensions of a tent before making a purchase.

Weather Resistance

Not every 10-person tent can keep you sheltered and dry.

While most of the tents on our list offer some degree of weather protection, some are more capable of dealing with heavy rains and bad weather conditions than others.

If you need a true all-season tent, pick an option that does well in all weather conditions and has enough weather-resistant properties.


Of all the weather-resistant properties you could hope for in a tent, pick a tent that comes with a rainfly. Secondly, check to see if the rainfly is designed from quality materials with a high waterproof rating.


Picking the right type of material for your tent ensures you get the most enjoyment.

There’s no “best” material for a tent, as the idleness depends on where and when you plan to use the tent.

If you’re backpacking, it would only make sense if you opted for a tent with lightweight materials such as aluminum, plastic, and fiberglass for the frame.

That said, the ultra-light frames come at the expense of durability and stability.

For the tent’s shell, the commonly used materials are nylon and polyester. While both are quite similar in performance, there’re gradations in quality, which is why we advise only picking the best quality.

For instance, fabrics listed as “ripstop” are more tear-resistant and less prone to punctures.

Access and Storage

Tents have different access and storage designs.

However, the best tents have multiple doors and internal storage too.

While their absence is inconsequential, we recommend picking an option with storage as it makes your camping far more comfortable.

For instance, any extra space is perfect for keeping bags out of the tent, while multiple doors make life easier when getting in and out of the tent.


If you need the option to enjoy some privacy from your friends and/kids, choose an option with a room divider.

You may assume all large tents come with a divider, but that’s not the case.

Some only have one big main cabin, while others feature multiple room dividers, allowing you to instantly turn your tent into 2-room or 3-room tents.


Another thing to consider is the breathability and airflow in your tent.

Consider the number of doors and windows as the more they are, the more ventilated your tent is.

Also, check the window type; some tents feature larger, pull-out mesh windows, while other feature zippered windows integrated into the doors.

If you often go camping in the summertime, consider a tent with multiple mesh windows on all sides to allow proper airflow and ventilation.

For those camping in the wet season, ensure your tent features zippered and waterproof windows to prevent the interior from getting soggy.

Ease of Set-Up

When choosing a camping tent, it’s vital to consider the overall ease of set up.

Ideally, your choice of a 10-person tent should take the least time and effort to get it set up.

For a lightning-fast setup, consider the instant tent.

Wrap Up: Our Choice

wrap up

Our list of the best 10-person tents consists of some wonderful choices that will keep your entire family safe and protected against the elements in your outdoors.

However, if you’re still in limbo on what tent to pick, I would suggest the Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup.

Let me explain why?

First, it’s an instant tent, so pitching the tent should require the least effort and time.

The greatest draw, though, is the dark room technology that keeps the tent dark, perfect for extending your sleep late into the day while keeping the tent cool during the warm summer.

Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup is also a spacious and comfortable option, and while it won’t fit the claimed 10 persons, it can hold two queen size mattresses and still leave extra space for gear pets.

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