Ultimate Review Of The Best WaterProof Tents For Camping in 2023

best waterproof tent for camping

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Camping is at the heart of every nature-bound adventurer. After all, nothing matches the feeling of a relaxed stay in the outdoors especially when the weather is looking dandy.

But, as a lifelong camping enthusiast, I know first-hand that sometimes, nature can torment you during your outdooring. In particular, nothing can put a damper on a camping trip as quickly as a rainstorm.

Getting soaking wet while trying to get some sleep is effing annoying; it can quickly turn into a nightmare when your tent fails, and your belongings get soaked.

Fortunately, it’s easy to avoid all the above inconveniences by choosing a waterproof tent.

A waterproof tent offers a comfortable night’s sleep, providing more than a place to lay your head; it’s a home away from home. Waterproof tents are your shelter, comfort, and protection-they’ll let you rest comfortably without the worry of getting soaked.

Their waterproofness doesn’t compromise comfort or convenience.  For instance, some are versatile options, coming with a detachable rainfly that can be removed during the sunny days for ventilation.

They also don’t sacrifice durability, and depending on the material construction, it’s easy to find an option that will last for several seasons.

Now, let’s look at some of the best waterproof tents in the market.

Quick Comparison Table!

Coleman Sundome Tent
Editors Choice New

Coleman Sundome Tent


Core 9 Person Extended


FLYTOP Waterproof


NTK Cherokee GT


Skandika Waterproof 




The Best WaterProof Tents For The Money

Waterproof tent buying guide considerations

#1 Coleman Sundome Tent - EDITOR'S CHOICE


For a waterproof tent packing a whole lot of punch at a seriously affordable price, look no further than the Coleman Sundome Tent.

Coleman Sundome 6, popularly known as the Coleman Dome Tent, comes with enough floor area to fit two queen mattresses, 6 feet of headroom at the center, and good ventilation.

Sure, it lacks the bells and whistles-aluminum poles, lightness, or “bombproof” waterproofing, but it checks many of the boxes for those looking for a solid, reliable, and spacious tent without digging too much into their pockets.

But how’s the performance of this tent?

The Sundome is roomy, with 63 square feet of floor space, the perfect size for an adult couple, and one or two kids or two or three adults with some gear. But unlike many camping tents that rarely live up to their capacity numbers in real life, this option is an exception, offering a comfortable experience, and leaving little space for gear or daytime activities.

The tent also boasts of a decently sized porch area and enough headroom to ensure “cabin fever” is unlikely to strike even on those days the weather conditions keep you holed in the tent for hours on end. Aeration is helped by the various adjustable ventilation panels that allow proper incoming of fresh air inside the tent and skipping heat out.

Like most of the dome-shaped tents, Sundome is fairly stable in wind and storms. The rainfly works well to cover the central roof mesh, doors, and rear window to keep your dry during rain. While it won’t stand up to a storm, it can withstand heavy rainfall, but you must ensure all zippers are closed.

Waterproofing on the Sundome is taken to a new level, thanks to the WeatherTec System, a unique construction consisting of material seaming and corner weld on the tub floor to keep rain and moisture out.  It helps to keep your loved ones comfy and safe, regardless of how much it pours outside.

According to the manufacturer, this tent is also tested to withstand winds of up to 35 miles per hour. Along with the WeatherTec waterproofing, it makes the Sundome the perfect choice for camping in the rain.

Durability is a non-issue with a tent, with poly guard fabric extending the life of the tent, and so, you don’t have to worry about getting one every season.

The floor material is made from polyethylene, and we love how the material is properly welded with the wall from all sides to prevent leakage from the floor. The seams are situated a bit above the ground level, while the doorway has an extra rise to keep away the rainwater from coming inside the door.

Another feature that grabbed our attention was the ease of use.

First up, a handy, expandable carry makes carrying the bag to and from the pitching location painless. More importantly, setting up the tent is effortless, and it shouldn’t take more than 10



#2 Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent - Best Family Tent


Few tents merit the description “palatial,” let alone those falling into the budget category of family camping tents.

The Core Extended Tent, however, does just that.

It’s a large, high-quality, and weather-resistant tent, coming with some great features.

A major selling point for this tent is the generous 144 ft² floor space and a peak height of 72 inches. It’s a larger option than a majority of the dome-shaped tents, and it can accommodate up to 9 people.

It’s possible to fit three queen air mattresses inside and leave some extra space for luggage. I know the picture doesn’t do the size much justice, but the tent is real big, and the perfect option for those who wish to experience all the goodness of the great outdoors, while still retaining a little more in the way for comfort.

Despite the larger size, the tent easily compacts when folded, measuring a measly 27 by 10 by 10 inches, which improves the overall portability.

Aesthetically, we were also impressed by the unique extended dome design of the tent. Contrary to the cabin style for family tents, Core Dome takes the classic dome shape among the smaller tents, supersizes it, and adds extension on either side. The look is simply fantastic, feeling much more like a “camping tent” than a cabin.

Core 9 also holds up the harsh weather conditions, with the heat-sealed seams preventing seepage of water, and zippered windows and doors keeping showers away from your room.

Condensation in the interior is also kept to a minimum, thanks to the adjustable air vents, and removable rainfly. The large mesh panels also contribute to aeration, while allowing for awesome panoramic views.

The 68D polyester fabric is a long-lasting and reliable option that is going to serve you for several seasons without breaking down.

Other awesome performance features include an interior gear loft, storage pockets, and a handy E-port for running an extension cord inside the tent without exposing the interior to drafts or precipitation.

Core 9 also comes with a rainfly with thick tape heat-sealed to the fabric for added protection from the elements.

Unfortunately, the fabric on the rainfly is rated 600mm HH, meaning the tent isn’t geared towards wet-weather camping. It’s not built to sustain heavy precipitation but would make an ideal option for the fair-weather campers.

Nonetheless, it’s still a solid option, and it easily stands up to the light showers. For summertime adventures with family, a few family friends, and even a family pet, Core 9 is a solid option well worth considering.

With such a spacious coverage, it’s easy to think Core Dome 9 would be a hassle to set up. We also thought so, but to our surprise, this tent is a cinch to set up, requiring only two people.



#3 FLYTOP Waterproof Tent - Best 2-Person Tent


Having a waterproof tent doesn’t mean you need a fortune. Before you shell out on any of the offerings from the big-name brands, be sure to compare the specs with those of the Flytop Waterproof Tent as it might just save you a small fortune.

Flytopp Waterproof Tent is a faultless 4-season tent and an option that will protect you from harmful situations throughout all seasons from extremely hot to icy cold.

It’s not the most spacious tent, as it’s only 83 inches wide and 59 inches long and with a height of 45.38 inches but enough for two people. It will even allow a taller person to stand or even change clothes with ease.

Regarding waterproofness, I don’t think tents come any “bombproof” than what Flytop Waterproof Tent, and certainly not at the price point.

Employing a combination of 210D materials with a hydrostatic rating over 3500mm, this tent is the most reliable waterproof option.

Also, the tent comes with double stitched seams, stitch taping, and anti-rain technology. These features ensure you stay dry even in heavy rains. When the storm rolls and the rest of the visitors are scampering home, this tent allows you to comfortably relax in your tent, letting the weather do its worst in safe knowledge the tent has you covered.

In addition to the tough material construction, the tent also features sturdy storm laps or skirts around the exterior of the tent to prevent snow accumulation on the base of the tent or seepage of groundwater.

The tent has impressive ventilation, with the double layer of walls preventing moisture formation. It also comes with two triangular pop-up ventilation windows on the flysheet ad with no-see-um mesh panels for maintaining airflow inside the tent.

It is a sturdy and durable option too, with the aluminum stakes and pole offering the strength needed to keep the tents still in stormy weather. On the other hand, the outer tent material, 210D Polyester with anti-tear technology, is long-lasting, waterproof, and even offers UV protection.

The oxford fabric on the floor of the tent is equally waterproof and durable. It doesn’t let soil moisture get inside the tent and prevents bugs and insects from peeking inside the tent.

Flytop Waterproof Tent comes with a freestanding design, so it’s easy to set it up single handedly, which is a plus if you plan to camp alone.

It’s a great all-weather waterproof tent, and if you plan to take your adventures from the summer months into the dead of winter, few tents can match the performance of Flytop Waterproof Tent.



#4 NTK Cherokee GT - For Group Camping


NTK Tents are great for group camping, especially if you’ve kids. And today, we shall look at one of the popular NTK tents, the NTK Cherokee GT.

It’s a free-standing option and one of the family-friendly waterproof camping tents out there.

It’s one of the larger tents on our list, and its capacity is only rivaled by Core 9. It has a generous floor space of 97 ft², which the manufacturer claims can fit two queen size beds. The sizing makes the tent a perfect family-sized tent, ideal for comfortably holding up to six people.

This option also has the added benefit of being 100% waterproof. All the exposed areas and fly are constructed are polyester with a polyurethane coating and 2500mm water rating. The HH rating on the material is more than enough for full coverage against adverse weather conditions.

Even better, the thermoplastic seams are pre-heated to protect you from the harsh UV rays.

The floor is equally waterproof as it’s covered with a seamless high-strength antifungal polyethylene material, which keeps you safe from groundwater. Uniquely, the floor comes with a bathtub design, ensuring you don’t wake up in a puddle.

The folks at NT, also claim the materials on the Cherokee meet CPAI-854 fire-retardant standards for the ultimate protection.

Polyester is also durable, and when you also factor the usage of special threads in the seams and frequency of stitching, you’ll see why the tent is such a long-lasting option.

Away from the protective fabric, durability is also evident in other components of the tent. For instance, the shock-corded fiberglass, which is commonly used in the premium tents, is durable and sturdy, helping to keep your tent still during the windy days.

Despite the spaciousness, this tent is lightweight, weighing less than 16 pounds. It also easily compacts when folded, and so a great option that promotes portability.

Ventilation is also awesome, with the large door and Ultra-thin NO-SEE-UM polyester micro-mesh fabric offering the free flow of air while at the same time protecting you against the bugs and insects.

 Inside, the tent features storage pockets and a hook for the lantern on the ceiling. Both help to keep your space conveniently neat while creating more space.

Setting up the tent is a breeze, and straightforward, too. It won’t consume those precious hours as it doesn’t take long to assemble.



#5 Skandika Waterproof Tent - Ideal for Storms


There’s a lot to love about the Skandika Waterproof Tent. It’s spacious, comfortable, and protective enough, shielding you against the elements such as rain and wind. It’s not a surprise; it’s an easy recommendation for the best waterproof tent for the family.

Space is the name of the game with this tent. It offers plenty of sleeping areas and perfect for those in large groups. It will not only offer a comfortable resting place but also leave extra space for storing luggage or even a place for your pet to relax.

What sets the Skandika Waterproof Tent apart from the rest is the high hydrostatic rating. This tent comes with 5000mm waterproof seams, the highest we’ve seen so far. Remember, Flytop is the closest we’ve seen with a waterproof rating of 3500mm.

With such a high waterproof rating, Skandika Waterproof Tent excels at keeping the rain away and preventing water from soaking into the tent.

It’s such a reliable option, and to my option, it’s the perfect option for handling the rough storms.

Though it’s a relatively large option, portability should be the least of your concerns when moving the tent. Sure, the 58 pounds might be heavy to some, but you can always get a helping hand if you think it’s too heavy. Even better, it comes with a carry bag, so it’s convenient to carry and easy to store.

Skandika Waterproof Tent is also a breathable option, with the ventilation windows offering a free flow of air. It comes with an impressive 6 windows, which make a big difference in the aeration, especially considering it has three doors. The aeration is particularly essential during the warmer months as it makes the tents easier to camp in.

Skandika Waterproof Tent is an awesome and spacious tent, seemingly ticking all the boxes for the best waterproof tents. Sure, it doesn’t have the bells and whistles of some of the models, but if you’re strictly looking for a heavy-duty option to stand up to the rough storms, you can go wrong with this option.



Best Waterproof Tents Buying Guide

woman in waterproof tent

With plenty of waterproof tents available in the market and plethora of jargons thrown around , choosing the right tent for your needs can sometimes be confusing to say the least. We have therefore outlined all the key points that you will need to think about before buying one for your family. HAPPY CAMPING!

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Waterproof Tent​

Material Construction

You must always consider the main material used to make your waterproof tent. Understand that not all materials are waterproof, and some are more water-resistant than others.

A common material used for waterproof tents is nylon or polyester. Polyester has a polyurethane coating, which adds to the overall strength and water-resistant ability of the tent.

Other lesser, but common materials are poly cotton and PVC coated canvas.

HH Rating

Hydrostatic Head is a water resistance rating, determining how good your tent’s fabric is when it comes to resisting water. It’s a measure of how water leaks through any particular fabric and is normally calibrated starting from 1,000.

If your goal is to pick a waterproof tent, pick one with a high HH rating. Ideally, your pick should have a HH rating of more than 1,500.

Tent Shape

The shape of your tent plays a role in determining how good a tent is at keeping you dry. A majority of the waterproof tents come with a dome or half-dome shape.

It’s a convenient shape, allowing water to slip off the sides while at the same time offering greater wind stability.Also, it’s a flexible option, giving you the ability to alter the shape of the dome by adding or reducing the number of poles.


In as much as waterproofing is a critical factor when choosing a waterproof tent, it shouldn’t come at the expense of durability.You don’t want to pick a flimsy option. In addition to waterproofness, you would also want to pick a sturdily built and high-quality tent.

This is particularly true considering rain is almost always accompanied by wind, so you also need to pick an option that can hold up well against the wind.

For a durable tent, pick an option with sturdy poles, and one with the ability to hold up against wear and tear.


The capacity of a tent refers to the number of people it can comfortably hold. Fortunately, most of the tents have a capacity rating, outlining the number of people it can hold.

So, when planning your trip, consider the number of people you’ll be sharing a tent with, and go for an option that will hold you comfortably.


I can’t overemphasize the importance of a rainfly. In my opinion, it’s what makes a waterproof tent truly waterproof. A rainfly may cover the whole tent or only the top of the tent, depending on the design. Whichever way, it’s crucial you invest in a tent with a rainfly


Tents can be bulky, considering it comes with plenty of attachments and poles. A tent may also need storage space, though the weight shouldn’t be too much.
If you are hiking, the goal should be to carry as little weight as possible. For those traveling by car, you can add a few pounds, though the packaging should be compact to save space on your trunk. 

Kraze Facts & Stats

For the geeky nerds who like our facts & stats:

  1. Campers who take along a waterproof camping tent have a greater chance of staying dry in the event of rain or bad weather.
  2. A waterproof camping tent can keep up to 95% of the moisture from entering, ensuring a dry tent on wet or rainy days.
  3. The average waterproof camping tent can hold up to 5 people and weigh between 10 to 12 lbs depending on the brand and model.
  4. Most waterproof camping tents are made from polyester or other sturdy fabric materials that resist water and last for many years.
  5. Waterproof camping tents come in a variety of shapes and sizes suitable for every type of campers, from solo trips to larger family trips.
  6. It’s important to read the label of your waterproof camping tent before buying to make sure you are getting the right size and style for your camping needs.
  7. Campers can find waterproof camping tents at local camping stores, sporting goods stores, and online retailers.
  8. Many waterproof camping tents offer superior ventilation, keeping campers dry and comfortable by allowing air to circulate during wet or humid weather.
  9. There are several different types of waterproof camping tents on the market, from traditional dome styles to more modern pop-up designs.
  10. Most waterproof camping tents use nylon or polyester or some other type of fabric as the main material to make the tent watertight.
  11. For added comfort, some waterproof camping tents feature a waterproof rain fly that can be added to help keep the interior of the tent dry.
  12. Many waterproof camping tents are designed to be easy to set up and take down, making them a great choice for campers who want to be able to move quickly if needed.
  13. For added convenience, some waterproof camping tents are designed with zippered windows and doors for additional ventilation and ease of use.
  14. Before packing up a waterproof camping tent, it’s important to make sure all zippers are closed properly and all poles are properly secured to ensure the tent will stay sturdy and waterproof in the wind.
  15. A waterproof camping tent can help protect items stored inside from getting wet, making it a great choice for storing sleeping bags and other camping items.
  16. Many waterproof camping tents feature gear loops and pockets, giving campers a place to store small items such as flashlights, batteries, and keys when not in use.
  17. Some waterproof camping tents can also be used as sun shelters, offering shade and protection from the sun on hot summer days.
  18. It’s important to keep a waterproof camping tent clean and free of dirt and debris, as a dirty tent can easily become a breeding ground for mold and mildew.
  19. After use, it is important to inspect the waterproof camping tent for any damage and make necessary repairs to keep the tent functioning properly.
  20. Waterproof camping tents are the best choice for campers who want to stay dry and comfortable in the outdoors without worrying about rain or bad weather.


Camping is awesome and we all love it. However, before heading out for outdoor adventure, it’s important to have a good quality gear to weather the storm-so to speak and invest in a high quality tent to avoid experience taking a soggy turn for the worse.

I genuinely hope this article has provided a much needed insight into buying your camping tent. As always, please drop us a message and let us know your experiences and anything else you would like us to see cover

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