Arbor Dropcruiser Review : Everything You Need To Know!

Arbor Dropcruiser Review

Is there a terrain nearby that you have been wanting to shred but couldn’t? Does your cruiser limit you from doing what you really wanted with it? Put your apprehensions aside and consider upgrading your board. You deserve something better!

If your board allows you to cruise and snooze at the same time, throw it away! Cruising does not have to be so boring. Take cruising to a different level and opt for nothing less than the Arbor Dropcruiser. Why choose an Arbor? 

The History of Arbor

The entire longboarding community agrees that Arbor longboards are, for lack of a much description, amazing! Years before Arbor’s skateboarding division existed, their designers were already creating longboards out of old snowboards. But, when they used the longboards around town, many people were attracted to it. It was then that the concept of Arbor skateboards was brought to life. 

What’s the best thing about Arbor? Arbor has earned a reputation for being the first action sports brand that considers sustainability in all aspects of their production. Today, the name Arbor is one of the highly recognized brands in the world among board enthusiasts. 

Each Arbor longboard is a representation of the company’s dedication to high quality craftsmanship. Not to mention their adherence to environmental sustainability for 25 years. The wood construction of each Arbor longboard remains true to this advocacy up to this day.

A Quick Overview of the Arbor Dropcruiser

A Quick Overview of the Arbor Dropcruiser

The Arbor Dropcruiser is part of the company’s Flagship Series. The series also includes Pilsner, Sizzler, Axis and Zeppelin Flagship boards. How can you tell the differences between these lineups of boards? Arbor arranges the aesthetics of their boards in accordance with the series that each board belongs to. 

Each lineup in the Flagship series is also distinct in the shape, size and overall construction of the board. Furthermore, all these boards were produced by a growing community of artists and designers whose primary aim is to create boards from the best and most environment-friendly materials. 

Proof of their being eco-friendly is their production of decks from recycled materials. As a result, a board is a clear reflection of each Arbor designer’s masterpiece and dedication. Of course, the deck is not the only thing that’s eco-friendly about Arbor cruiser boards. The wheels and everything in it are also made with environment sustainability in mind.

What are some of the other great things that you can do with this board? You can indulge in technical sliding, freeriding tricks such as heel side and toe side slides done at 180 degrees. 

Are you ready to start ditching your old longboards? Check out first the Arbor’s Dropcruiser features. 

Features of Arbor Dropcruiser

Features of Arbor Dropcruiser

Why should you choose Arbor cruisers over any other longboard brands? Well, there are plenty of reasons why you should do so! Some of these reasons are indicated in the following features:

Canadian Hardrock Maple Deck

The Arbor Dropcruiser is made of 9-ply Canadian Hardrock Maple which is manufactured with environment sustainability in mind. If you’re an advocate of eco-friendly products, you will be happy to ride on this board knowing that its wood by-products are being reclaimed for recycling and for the production of other products. 

This board features a drop-through mount that provides the advantage of a lower deck. This spells convenience when foot braking and pushing. It has the size of 38”X 9.75”, which adds stability and comfort. 

Lower, Mild Concave Deck

The mild concave that this board possesses allows the rider’s feet to be locked in securely so that downhill freeriding can be done with much peace of mind. Riding on faster speeds is also more comfortable because of its very low platform. The good thing about having a lower deck is that it tends to be less intimidating when pushing sideways at a faster speed. 

Paris 180mm Trucks 

The Arbor Dropcruiser is equipped with Paris 180mm trucks which are known to be suitable for any type of terrain. Its 180mm hanger has the capability to compliment every longboard, no matter what riding style users prefer. 

Its open bushing seat allows it to perform a full-tilt that guarantees smooth carving. Paris trucks have a reputation for being one of the bests for longboard trucks. Besides, its 50° baseplate angle ensures a fluid turn, making each carve an effortless one. 

Arbor Outlook Wheels 

These Arbor Outlook wheels not only look classy but they are the best when it comes to carving and cruising. It has a 78A durometer rating for its softness, coupled with 2.5 mm offset which translates to a perfect grp and balance combination. A 78a durometer provides excellent grip when cornering. With these features, rolling over cracks and small bumps is one less thing to worry about. 

What benefit does a 2.5mm offset provide? It enables the board to have a more forgiving slide initiation. And, when you have a perfect level of grip, you will also have better control over your board. The Arbor Outlook Wheels also have a round lip that makes transitioning from grip to slide a lot easier to do. 

Higher Center Ridge

The Arbor 38mm core is built to have a higher center ridge. This prevents the urethane wheels to deform. So, even when the rider uses the board on bumpy roads, the integrity of the wheels in maintaining its shape still remains. All these benefits without having to worry about compromising speed or difficulty maneuvering. 

The Sucrose Formula

Environment-conscious riders will also be impressed to know that Arbor wheels make use of the Sucrose Formula which is a sugar-based curative. But, what do you mean by the Sucrose Formula? This means that the components of the wheels are environment friendly. 

This formula is part of Arbor’s initiative to reduce the petroleum footprint that is emitted by urethane wheel production. In turn, the wear and tear of these wheels each time they are used will not cause any serious adverse impact to the environment. This Sucrose Formula also allows the Arbor wheels to possess greater resistance to deterioration. 

Returning Roots

Arbor takes pride in letting their customers know that the company gives back whatever it takes from her. During the process of manufacturing boards, Arbor takes large amounts of wood from the forest. This is why right from the beginning; Arbor has already practiced the three basic principles of eco-friendly production. 

What are the three Arbor principles? These are protection to the environment, sustainability and quality. With these principles, customers can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the products they purchased are made by people who are serious about taking actions towards the achievement of a better environment. 

Pros and Cons of Arbor Dropcruiser

Pros and Cons of Arbor Dropcruiser

The above-mentioned features of this Dropcruiser board are no doubt outstanding. However, not all boards are perfect for every rider. There will always be two sides of the coin. If you’re about to purchase a cruiser, wait until you have read all of the following advantages and disadvantages of this Arbor Dropcruiser board. 


  • Spacious platform

If you are frequently cruising on terrains that require a lot of pushing, this board will serve you well as it provides more foot space. Moreover, its double drop design, with its drop deck and drop through truck mount makes standing on the platform so comfortable. Pushing the board does not cause much discomfort because it is built to be lower to the ground and an excellent standing platform. 

“I’m using size 12 shoes. Will this board be right for me?” If you’re a rider wearing size 12 shoes, you will still find this board comfortable to use due to the fact that its deck is designed to have plenty of foot space. 

  • Durable deck

Some more than 200-pound riders also claim that they feel comfortable riding on his board despite their size. For a certain longboard to be able to cater to big riders, it needs to have a deck width of at least 9.75”. Luckily, you’ll get this feature from Arbor Dropcruiser. 

Moreover, it’s deck durability can be attributed to the fact maple wood possesses greater strength and density. Riders can also be assured of perfect balance and harmony as the deck is also designed with Palisander wood ply for its top and bottom finish. 

  • Longer wheelbase

The Arbor Dropcruiser is created with a long wheelbase that makes it very comfortable for one to cruise even at some speed. Its symmetrical shape, along with its large wheel cutouts means wheel bite is something that the rider will be less likely to experience. 

How does a longer wheelbase benefit a beginner? A longer wheelbase would be very beneficial because it makes practicing some slides and downhill riding easier to do. 

  • Shock absorbent wheels

The wheels have the softness level of a 78A durometer which ensures better shock absorption. This is also the level of softness that offers enough grip which is perfect for fast-carving. Plus, the inclusion of Paris reverse trucks also means a very fluid and highly responsive ride. 

  • Great curvature

The great curvature that this board boasts of is apparent on its edges that are being slightly raised. This helps ensure that the feet are locked in on the platform. This translates to safety and stability when riding on faster speed. Besides, when you know that your feet are locked in securely, it becomes easier for you to quickly break into a slide or go downhill. 

  • Stunning artwork

While its materials and other features truly make the board stand out from the rest of its competitors, its graphics are no doubt also a real headturner. This comes as no surprise since Arbor also has the best graphic artists from Draplin Design Company.

  • Dark grip tape

Arbor Dropcruiser comes with a dark grip tape made from recycled glass re-grit, making the board so easy to maintain.  

  • Eco-friendly

Purchasing Arbor longboards allow individuals to also be part of Arbor’s aim to restore Hawaii’s Koa forests. A small portion of the sale is donated to the efforts of maintaining and restoring this forest. 


  • No kicktails

Some riders claim that since the board has no kick, it will be difficult for them to do very quick turns. Ollies are also not possible with this board.

  • Poor bearings

Many skateboarding and longboarding fans find the ABEC-5 bearings of Arbor Dropcruisers to be not so impressive. Many people would prefer other aftermarket precision bearings such as the Bones Reds, than the ABEC 5 bearings. 

  • Insufficient grip

Many boarders find the grip tape not suitable for use on asphalt or other smooth surfaces. It doesn’t give riders enough capability to stop certain corners with much ease. 

  • Easily chips

The maple construction of the board makes it prone to chipping over a period of time. 

  • No shipping outside the U.S.

This product is not available for shipping in countries outside the United States

How Does the Arbor Dropcruiser Compare with Other Boards in the Market?

How Does the Arbor Dropcruiser Compare with Other Boards in the Market

Is this board too expensive? Arbor Dropcruiser boards are not too pricey nor too cheap. But considering the kind of materials that they are made of, it definitely offers the best value for your money. Unlike other brands of longboards out there that are almost within the same price range, Arbor Dropcruiser doesn’t give you generic wheels. 

Instead, Arbor provides you with wheels produced from their own aftermarket products. So, you can rest assured that you will get the best wheels for your money. Not to mention the capability to ride with improved performance. 

Arbor Dropcruiser were manufactured with aftermarket Paris trucks which, the board enthusiasts are aware of, are among the highly recommended brands for longboard trucks. 

Does the board offer greater responsiveness? However, since the board is made from maple wood, it is less responsive when compared to other boards made from bamboo material. The maple wood is also heavier than bamboo so riders may find it bulky to lug around. 

Verdict - Final Thoughts!

Verdict - Final Thoughts!

The Arbor Dropcruiser is ideal especially for beginners and intermediate riders. You will be able to get a high-quality board at a price that’s not too high nor too low. Most of all, would you like to do something good to the environment? Purchasing any of Arbor’s products leads you to become one significant contributor to the protection of the environment.

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