Ultimate Review of the Best Wakeboards for Women in 2023

Ultimate Review of the Best Wakeboards for Women

Many people still believe that the only difference between women’s and men’s wakeboards is purely cosmetic. If anything, they see the best wakeboards for women as simply a men’s one slapped with a splash of pink on it.

It’s understandable, considering men in the past dominated this sport, and there wasn’t an emphasis on creating female gear.

This, however, has changed over the last few years.

With professional women wakeboarders like Meagan Ethell and Zahra Kell creating quite a stir in the once male-dominated sport, many sports brands have smartened that more women are joining wakeboarding at record rates.

Today, there’re wakeboards that specifically cater to girls and women.

While in most ways, women’s wakeboards are similar to that of men, there’re key differences.

For example, since women generally weigh less and are shorter than men, their wakeboards are usually lighter and small.

Women’s wakeboards also tend to be more flexible, offering better control, and are made in a relatively smaller size.

Again, a woman’s center of gravity is different from that of a man, so the wakeboards made for women are also different, keeping this fact in mind.

What’s more? Women’s wakeboards often showcase more female-oriented designs and styles.

Of course, not every woman may need a ladies-specific wakeboard, but you may benefit from one.

By taking a deeper look at our review of the best wakeboards for women, we hope you’ll find and invest in the gear for the sport.

Quick Comparison Table!

Hyperlite Prizm Women’s Wakeboard


Liquid Force Arris Women’s Wakeboard


Ronix Quarter ‘Til Midnight Women’s Wakeboard


Ronix RTX Wakeboard


Liquid Force Melissa 135 Wakeboard



The Best Wakeboards for Women For The Money

Best Wakeboards for Women for the money

#1 Hyperlite Prizm Women's Wakeboard - EDITOR'S CHOICE


The Hyperlite Prizm is a lightweight boat wakeboard, specifically designed for women’s riding, but with the performance and quality of a professional board for men.

It takes your wake riding to new heights and is laid up with Hyperlite ladies-specific satin flex ensuring it responds to the female rider appropriately.

The board’s endurance and consistent pop are sponsored by its Variable Edge design while its bamboo construction adds more speed and an incredible feeling under your feet.

Hyperlite’s shape begins with a subtle three-stage rocker; there’s no flat spot. The rocker simply increases yours underfoot for a colossal boost off the wake. It also ensures you stay atop the water instead of sinking and provides greater control to break up the water.

Meanwhile, a mellow center landing spine hull with our 0.8″ P-Wings delivers a more sensitive ride and creates softer landings, while the rounded edges deliver a solid edge when you want it and forgiveness when you need it.

Overall, the Hyperlite Prizm is sure to become a favorite amongst your team, be sure to get one today.



#2 Liquid Force Arris Women's Wakeboard - Best Women’s Board for Tricks


Big airs, tweaked grabs and laid-out presses are what you can expect from the Arris Women’s Wakeboard.

This deck is available in two sizes, 133 and 138 centimeters, giving a rider a choice to select the optimal format for you according to your weight and height.

Female wakeboarders benefit from the robust grind base all year long. It offers reliable protection and perfectly molds to the wakeboard’s contours. It also helps in maintaining the performance attributes of every exceptionally tuned hull shape.

As with our top pick, Liquid Force sports a Hybrid 3-stage rocker that blends two curves for improved performance and lively ride.

The wood/PU core is also one of the best things about this board. The material gives a rider the best of both worlds. It helps in providing the appropriate flex and springs of a solid atomic wood core. In addition, it has incredible strength, and so, whether you’re hitting the cable or out behind the boat, this core will ensure you’re at the height of your game.

Liquid Force is also known for providing the best bases, and it’s not any different on the Arris Women’s Wakeboard. The Exclusive Grind Base present on the Arris is handy in maintaining the performance features of each finely-tuned hull shape. The board becomes resistant to damages and lasts longer.

Finally, the multi-colored board is beautiful and gives a soft feeling for ladies.



#3 Ronix Quarter 'Til Midnight Women's Wakeboard - Most Versatile Women’s Wakeboard


The Ronix Quarter Til Midnight is the perfect crossover board for those who want to ride the wake one moment and to the cable park the next.

It’s super-smooth, fast, and feels like a snowboard in the wake and a skate in the park.

The Ronix Board is designed for anybody on the board, from beginners, intermediate riders to professional female wakeboarders. It just has a really fine blend of almost any kind of wakeboard into it and won’t limit you to any specific boat riding style.

I like the Ronix Til Midnight versatile rocker line; it’s a full continuous rocker on the rail. The rocker line is perfect for the female wakeboarders who like to charge very hard into the wake as the wakeboard delivers a smooth and fast pop.

For the female riders who love to come in a little bit slower and want an extra lift, you’ll benefit from a flat center base and a three-stage rocker. So, as you flatten out for your jump, the three-stage rocker kicks in, and this board delivers a little more vertical ride.

Ronix has a softer flex pattern, somewhere towards like stored energy, so when you hit the wake, the wakeboard doesn’t have an instant pop and drive up the wake as traditional wakeboards would. Instead, these boards tend to deliver a “delayed” sweet spot pop.

This wakeboard also comes with a Grip N Rip Technology from Ronix. It’s essentially a rail running on the lateral edges of the wakeboard and what it does is increase your grip. But when transitioning on your edges or jumping the cable parks, it lets air flow down the wakeboard, releasing the suction and making this board a little bit faster.

A concave lift on the nose and tail allows the wakeboard to release nice, clean, and smooth off the wake so that your jump is consistent every time.

Meanwhile, a variable rail down the center of this women’s wakeboard lets you have a looser feeling wakeboard, making it easy to spin the wakeboard. Secondly, if you jump off a spin and land a little bit off, the rail lets you pivot back to straight to keep your wakeboarding instead of knocking you down.

Ronix’s best feature, though, is the secret flex. It’s a flex pattern built inside the wakeboard, and while it’s strong enough for guys to ride, the pattern is designed around women’s bodies. It offers a playful feel both behind the boat and at the cable park.



#4 Ronix RTX Wakeboard - Best Wakeboard for Advanced Riders


The Ronix RXT isn’t a beginner board. Because of its advanced construction and efficiency, many advanced-level riders endorse this product.

It’s a great option for aerial performance and has an incredible feel to it.

Awesome wakeboard, continuous rocker, so nice and predictable, and carries a lot of spin to the wake and good predictable pop.

The RXT is the highest end wakeboard in the line but worth every penny. It comes as a complete set, including matching binding and super intuitive soft boots for optimal performance and comfort.

One of the standout features of this Ronix Wakeboard is the Blackout Construction process. While the details behind the construction are top secret, the idea behind the construction is to provide a reactive and lightest wakeboard in the market.

A few unique things on this women’s wakeboard that we know are hollowed side carbon tubes running on the sidewalls. This helps in adding stiffness and rigidity and, most importantly, reactivity to the wakeboard.

When referring to the wakeboard construction and why rigidity is important for you, it builds up energy when cutting through the wake and riding on the cable parks. But more importantly, a rigid wakeboard rebounds and snaps back into its normal shape, the more explosive and bigger the pop it delivers.

The other thing riders will love is the continuous rocker line. The smooth continuous bend is ideal for expert riders looking to achieve a smooth continuous pop leaving the top of the wake. If you feel like you’re getting some pop-off at the top of the wave, but you just don’t have great control once you leave the top of the wave, RXT continuous profile gives you more control, more stability, and more predictability.

For me, at least, it makes it easier to do spins, perform grabs and generally makes everything else a lot easier on a continuous rocker versus a three-stage rocker wakeboard.

The super durable sidewalls are also a nice addition and make the wakeboard to be super-fast. Also known as the speed wall system, it lets you gain higher speed coming into the wake while at the same time reducing the overall drag.

The last thing to note is the edge channels that come off at the top of the board. Whatever fin option a rider chooses, the channeling helps with better water displacement on the tip and tail, increasing the overall acceleration while giving you a bit of extra stability and bite as you’re coming into the wave.

Overall, the Ronix RXT is a perfect board, and many ladies enjoy riding the wakeboard. It has an awesome setup, great color scheme, and effortless to ride. Make sure you get yourself one today.



#5 Liquid Force Melissa 135 Wakeboard - Best Hybrid Board for Female Riders


Melissa 135 is an incredible wakeboard, a creation of Melissa Marquardt in collaboration with the well-known manufacturer Liquid Force.

Melissa loved the feel of her original boat board, the Angel, but wanted to integrate those features into a new hybrid model.

It’s a great hybrid shape for women riders and suitable for all types of wakeboarding.

The first notable feature on this great board is the continuous, three-stage aggressive rocker profile. It’s powered by a hybrid profile and will play a handy role in ensuring you benefit from soft landings and a smooth ride up the wake.

It also sports a polyurethane core or PU wood core. The deck construction allows you to relish the material’s resilience and strength. More importantly, it has an awesome spring and flex, so it feels reactive and explosive when taking on the wakes.

All season long, women riders will benefit from a strong grind base. It provides the needed protection, all while preserving the superbly tuned contours for better performance. This is not to mention it helps to mold and maintain the wakeboard’s shape.

A sturdy construction also lets beginners get the confidence they need to get behind a boat, while the all-new flex technology, the FlexTrack system, facilitates the ultimate control and rapid response.

All in all, the Liquid Force Melissa is an incredible and high-performance wakeboard that will make you undoubtedly feel like you’re ready to conquer the waters with it.



Best Wakeboards for Women Buying Guide

Best Wakeboards for Women Buying Guide

Wakeboards have plenty of similarities that many users find it challenging to select the best wakeboard for their needs.

But it doesn’t need to be so.

I’ll share everything you need to consider in your next wakeboard purchase spree in the text below.

But before then, let’s first look at the different types of wakeboards for women.

Types of Wakeboards for Women

The three types of women’s wakeboards are:

Wave Park Waveboards

The first types of wakeboard are the wave park board.

These are often used in riding in wave parks, and because of this, they’re equipped with reinforced sidewalls to offer an extra layer of durability.

The wave boards are specifically designed for absorbing the stress on flat landings and kickers.

Plus, their flex pattern is softer, which is necessary to keep you in your comfort zone while on the water.

Boat Boards

The boat wakeboards are those you ride as you’re towed by a boat, usually in the open sea.

Boat boards come with a set of removable fins at the base and have stiffer lex patterns to allow female wakeboarders to maximize the energy while transitioning off the wake and boosting off the lip.

As you would expect, the boat boards undergo so much stress from regular use, and this is why they need to have heavy-duty construction.

Hybrid Boards

As their name suggests, the hybrid boards provide a middle ground between the boat and wave park boards.

They’re perfect if you don’t want to purchase two separate boards.

Factors to Consider When Selecting the Best Wakeboards for Women

Skill Level/ Riding Style

The first thing to consider when selecting a wakeboard is your skill level.

For example, beginner wakeboards are usually cheaper and less complicated because they don’t perform complex tricks.

Beginner wakeboards are built with stability and control in mind.

Riding Style

Most wakeboarding fans have a background in either snowboarding or skateboarding.

We recommend surfers and snowboarders to go for the single-tip boards with a tapered front and a square rear design. This can only go in one direction.

On the other hand, skateboarders will feel more comfortable in the twin-tip model as they’ve already mastered the art dynamics of switching from the left to the right foot.

Key Consideration to Make When Selecting Best Women’s Wakeboards


The first step to finding fun and success in the water is determining the right size of your board.

If it’s too large, you’ll struggle to turn and lift. And on the other hand, if it’s too small, you’ll struggle to maintain balance and control.

Your weight also has an impact on the board you choose.

In general, the shorter wakeboards are ideal for the lighter folks, while longer boards are suitable for taller guys.

Shape and Edges

While the wider boards are harder to turn and carve, they allow for higher speeds and bigger jumps.

Conversely, the shorter boards will easily cut through the wake and will allow better control. On the flip side, they don’t jump off the water with ease.

The edges of the board also play an important role in control and cutting.

Beginners tend to go for the blunt edges as they offer better stability, while the advanced wakeboarders look for smooth, rounded edges, making it better to perform new tricks.


The fin is usually located on the underside of the board towards the back and is critical for maintaining a steady ride.

Most beginners prefer boards with deeper fins as these offer better balance and control.

On the other hand, advanced users prefer the shallower fins, which requires users to better maneuver the board.

Generally, more fins translate to increased stability, while fewer fins have less traction but more speeds and higher jump heights.


This refers to the shape of the underside board.

The two main types of rocker are:

Continuous: This rocker has a smooth curve from the tip of the board to the tail. It allows for more speed, greater turns, and smooth rides.

This rocker is ideal for beginners or boarders wakeboarding on calmer waters.

Three-Stage Rocker: This rocker has two bends on both ends that level o to a flat bottom.

This rocker allows for higher jumps but slower speeds.

It’s ideal for advanced female wakeboarders interested in aerial tricks and intense workouts.

Hybrid Rocker

As its name suggests, the hybrid rocker is a blend of the three-stage rocker and the continuous rocker.

The hybrid rocker provides the benefit of both of the two rocker types while cutting down on their weaknesses.

Women’s Wakeboard Prices

Wakeboards are available in a range of prices, and sometimes, this may challenge you when making a purchase decision.

Keep in mind the most expensive boards aren’t necessarily the best. But you shouldn’t go too low either and compromise the quality.

Here’s a short breakdown of what to expect at the different price categories.


These are boards under $200. At this range, most boards are ideal for the less-experienced female wakeboarders.


These boards are between $200 and $300 and are often from some of the trusted brands.

They also come with a range of features and styles to choose from.


Boards over $300 are durable and well-suited for experienced wakeboarders. They’re generally products from the best wakeboard brands, include an array of advanced features, and come in various colors.

Best Wakeboards for Women Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the best wakeboard for beginners?

A: The best wakeboards for beginners should inspire more confidence on the water. They should offer a stable platform to help beginners work on their wobbly women’s feet and offer soft and comfortable landings.

Q: What are the best wakeboards?

A: The best wakeboards for females are reliable and can stand up to abuse. They’re durable, and more importantly, are performance-oriented.

Q: What size of wakeboard do I need?

A: Wakeboards are available in different sizes and shapes, and while there are no fast-hard rules for choosing the right size, it’s generally accepted that the best size depends on your weight and wakeboarding style.

You can also choose to follow the sizing chart to find your recommended size, but the best way to go about it is by trying the board for a first-hand experience.

Wrap Up: Our Choice

Best Wakeboards for Women Wrap Up Our Choice

Our winner for the best women’s wakeboards is the Hyperlite Prizm.

We choose this model because it comes with everything, or at least most of the features women would be looking at on a lady’s wakeboard.

It’s super light, easy to use, fast, and has a wonderful performance.

Prizm isn’t expensive either.

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