Ultimate Review of the Best Bodyboard Leashes in 2023

Ultimate Review of the Best Bodyboards Leashes

My friend and I were out in California for two weeks, and on the first day on the water, some idiot flew off his board with no leash, and it hit my friend right in the chest.

He was messed up big time, and looking forward to these two weeks ended up being a complete bust.

Now, while I understand some of you want to feel macho and impress the ladies, don’t project your stupidity onto others or even risk your life.

See, surfing without a leash is like skating without a helmet, and after this incident, I remembered years back when I was still in my heydays as a bodysurfer.

By then, I had no regard for safety, and I thought I didn’t even need a leash on my bodyboard.

So, on one fine morning, I headed out to the ocean as usual, but Mother Nature had other plans.

Once I was several hundreds of feet into the water, the tide changed, and I lost the board on the first wave I went for.

I was in a spot of bother.

While the tide was still low, the waves were breaking further out than usual.

I felt completely naked without my board, and unfortunately, it was the first time I was this far out without a board in this condition.

At the time, I was anxious as the waves kept on coming, and I felt I needed assistance to get back to shore.

But there was no help around.

I knew I had to get back on shore if I had to survive.

I mustered courage and began swimming back to shore. It wasn’t the easiest task, and I don’t think I’ve ever been so tired flapping around.

But the good thing is I made it.

I had been in a precarious situation, but what even bothered me most is I had surfed the same spot on days where the surf was bigger, and conditions could have been “worse” in that situation. Sadly, it could have been tragic, but I’m glad it was not.

From there and on, I never attempt to get into the water without a bodyboard leash.

Yeah, I know a board and leash won’t keep you from drowning or getting hit by the strong overhead waves, but they significantly improve your safety in open water.

This is not to mention they’ll keep other surfers out of harm’s way in case you lose your board.

Now, if you think you need one of these surf gear, here is a review of some of my favorite bodyboarding leashes.

Quick Comparison Table!

BPS ‘Storm’ PRO Boogie Board Leash


XM Bodyboard Leash by XM Surf More


Own the Wave Premium


Creatures of Leisure Ryan Hardy Bodyboard Leash


WOOWAVE Bodyboard Wrist Leash With Plug


Hydro Bicep Coil Leash



The Best Bodyboards Leashes For The Money

The Best Bodyboards Leashes ​For The Money

#1 BPS 'Storm' PRO Boogie Board Leash - EDITOR'S CHOICE


My boys have multiple boards, and the BPS Pro are the only ones that have stood the test of time.

Personally, I bought this leash and mounted it on my Morey board, and fell in love with it.

Mounting this leash to a new board is a snap, and it didn’t even take me more than five minutes. I even didn’t see the need to read the manual because installation is straightforward.

Out of the box, I also noticed this Pro Boogie is a well-engineered product. I mean, the material and workmanship are quite incredible. And the good thing is all of this adds up to a quality product. It translates well even when you get on the water.

For me, at least, I love how it feels on my arms and how it performs and wears in the water. I’d be confident to wear this bodyboarding leash in any surf.

Boogie’s design is also exciting, and if the color of your wrist leash matters, this is for you. It’s offered in seven colors, more than any leash on our list, so you can always pick one that perfectly matches your personality.

And that’s not even the best part!

This premium-quality wrist leash comes as a complete package consisting of a bodyboard leash plug and dual stainless-steel swivel. It’s what probably makes it more attractive over other leashes.

Another admirable benefit of the Boogie is its unmatched versatility.

While it’s intended mainly for wrist use, it’ll also fit your bicep, thanks to the adjustable Velcro strap.

There’s enough material on the cuff, so Boogie will fit my wrist or bicep effortlessly as it fits my 14-year son.

The other good thing with Velcro is it feels comfortable to wear and won’t result in irritation or chafing on your skin.

While the Velcro system is wonderful, I prefer a connection with a buckle that reverses so I can tighten it easier with one hand. Instead, the Boogie has the older style of two overlapping pieces, which can be a pain to tighten with one hand. It’s not a deal-breaker, though.

What about the stainless steel swivels?

They may not be as heavy-duty as some more expensive leashes, but they hold up strong. I’ve used the Boogie in Lake Michigan, and absolutely no issues or rust. Looks like dual stainless steel.

The rest of the wrist leash has similar performance and will last for a long time, especially if you rinse it in fresh water after use in the ocean and store it away from direct sunlight. In fact, you’ll likely find that you’ll be transferring the Boogie to new boards as it outlasts many boards.

It can take a beating and thrashing in the rough surf, and I feel much better now, knowing that I’ve a quality leash if I run into trouble.

Another unique feature that makes the Boogie stand out from other leashes in the market is the handy hidden key pocket.

The key pocket in the cuff lets you store your keys safe while you’re out catching waves.

I also love Boogie’s performance on the water as it comes with a super quick release tab, so drop knee riders can always remain safe and satisfied.

The only bug with this wrist leash was a design flaw that limits its usage for some users. Boogie comes with a 3.5” stiff, inflexible rubber adapter connecting the leash to your wrist.

It doesn’t toggle as I would have wished, making it a bit challenging for me to place my hands on the boards. It pushes me against the board and prevents a good grip.



#2 XM Bodyboard Leash by XM Surf More - Simple Bodyboard Leash


XM Surf More doesn’t fail to amaze bodyboarders with their products because they always exceed their expectations.

And today, we’ll look at one of its latest offerings, the XM Bodyboard Leash.

It’s a plain rad-looking leash, but it might just be what you need to add a little more thrust to your bodyboard.

This leash has a nice strong connection with the power ring. The cuff is soft and secure. And I love that it ties off everything with a bicep leash plug and leash line.

You’ll find exceptional comfort wearing this leash on your bicep because it utilizes excellent Neoprene material. You can say goodbye to chafing and irritations on your hand.

The sturdy Velcro is also important as it keeps the leash on your bicep, regardless of the wave conditions you’re riding it in.

And the best part is the Velcro strap is more adjustable than the other brands I bought, so it fits my kids and me equally well.

But the XM Bodyboard signature feature is probably the hook and loop feature, at least for me. It’s beneficial because it lets you wear the wrist leash with the least effort, and taking it off is also hassle-free.

Simply put, using the XM bodyboard leash is fun, and you’ll love the extra convenience it offers.

And that’s not all!

What makes the XM purchase competitive over other brands is it comes with a three-year warranty.

So, if it breaks or there’s dissatisfaction from your end, you can always return it for a replacement or refund.



#3 Own the Wave Premium - Premium Pick


Own the Wave Premium is a premium bodyboard leash that ticks on all the boxes for the best bodyboard leash.

It comes with everything you would need for a bodyboarding leash.

I’ve used it a couple of times, and all I can say is it’s a good bodyboard leash that won’t disappoint.

The first thing to love with this wrist leash is the choice of colors. Yeah, I know aesthetics don’t count much, but if you’re a color person like me, you’ll love the huge selection of color options. You can choose from ebony black, brink pink, or my favorite color, bright blue.

Versatility is the other reason I’m gaga with the Own the Wave.

The Wave is so much better than your standard wrist-leash for bodyboarding, as I can connect it on my wrist or bicep if I need to. I’m a larger guy with big muscles, yet this leash fits me effortlessly as it does for my smaller, better half.

The Own the Premium leash comes with the bicep leash plug to correctly connect the leash to your bodyboard.

Unfortunately, it lacks a swivel. Instead, the bicep leash connects to the neoprene cuff on one end with a lark’s head knot. The other end attaches to the round “bicep leash plug” with the other knot.

I know the absence of a double swivel might be a bummer for some, but not a problem for most bodyboarders. It’s just the right length to attach to your arms above the elbow without interfering with paddling.

So far, I’ve not had an issue with the leash breaking or even coming off in the rough waves. The heavy-duty thermoplastic polyurethane (high-quality plastic) survived my 14-years son dragging the board to and from the beach with no issue, and I don’t expect one any time soon.

Besides, the cuffs on this leash appear to be super comfortable. I wear them all day surfing and don’t feel any discomfort, chafing, or irritation on my skin.

Another attractive benefit of this leash is the ease of installation.

I thought I would have to buy crazy glue to attach the bicep leash, but I didn’t!

Instead, the leash is easy to attach and fits perfectly on my Boogie board. It’s a simple screwing together of two pieces.

Plus, it comes with a free installation tutorial video, but I bet you wouldn’t need that.

Overall, the Own the Premium Leash is a wonderful option, and I would recommend it to any drop knee bodyboarders who love to boogie board and don’t want to get rid of the ones they have due to missing leash.



#4 Creatures of Leisure Ryan Hardy Bodyboard Leash - Prestigious Bodyboard Leash


If you need a leash that walks the talk, you won’t go wrong with the Creatures of Leisure Ryan Hardy Bodyboard Leash.

It’s a great leash that looks and feels comfortable and durable.

I love how the strap always returns to its original shape without an issue, and the attachment to the same board is 100% secure.

As with most bodyboarding leashes on our list, the Creatures Leash is available in different shades, so you can always grab one according to your personality.

This wrist leash allows you to connect it to your bicep, so you can always enjoy a balanced and safer bodyboarding experience.

But the best feature on the Creatures of Leisure bicep leash, at least according to me, is the eye-catchy 360-degree rotator swivel system.

The benefit of this double swivel design is it promotes a tangle-free bodyboarding experience by keeping the leash from knotting around the body or arm.

And the good thing is the double stainless steel swivels utilize sturdy dual stainless steel, so it hardly breaks or rusts even when exposed to elements.

But remember, Leisure Ryan Hardy Leash doesn’t include a bodyboard leash plug. It’s a deal-breaker for some drop-knee riders, but since it was a replacement for some old, tired wrist leashes, it didn’t matter to me. However, if you’re ordering to install a new board, you need to contact COL if you didn’t receive a bicep leash plug.

Having this neoprene cuff on your body throughout your bodyboarding surf session is fun as the cuff feels comfortable on your bicep with its patented non-slip technology.

The Neoprene and Mesh materials used on the cuff don’t slip as with other materials and offer a snug bodyboard leash fit, despite wearing it for long.

Another wonderful feature of this wrist bodyboard leash is the heat-bonded coiled cord, which promotes the longevity and practicality of this leash.

The leash perfectly works as it should. It has been on my nephew’s boogie board for the whole of summer and gets dragged, pulled, and all that stuff that a typical 9-year old would do, and yet it remains strong and doesn’t break.

Bodyboarders also can’t get enough of the DNA Flex Mould features that absorb the sudden impact and fight breaks under pressurized conditions.

It’s responsible for the leashes’ flexibility and will last for a long time, even when you execute tricks while bodyboarding.

Finally, no need to worry during emergencies because this leash features a quick-release tab to save you.



#5 WOOWAVE Bodyboard Wrist Leash With Plug - Best Carbon Tripod


The Woowave Leash is our top pick for the best leash for beginners.

I’ve used it for a while now after replacing my leash that snapped on my boogie board.

One thing I like about the Woowave is that it remains strong, even after taking a battering from the surf. I’ve not noticed any wear or give yet, and all I can say is I see it holding up even when shacked multiple times a week on stormy 4-6 ft. slabs.

Exchanging my broken one for the Woowave was quite easy too. Installing the leash is a breeze, and using it is easy as it comes with everything you need to get started.

The Woowave is intended mainly for wrist use, but it also fits many biceps thanks to the adjustable strap with strong Velcro closure. Sometimes I use it on the wrist and other times on the bicep.

Using the Woowave bodyboard bicep leash is also fun. The high-density neoprene offers a snug fit, without causing blistering or an uncomfortable experience, even after wearing it all-day.

Plus, the leash attaches to the board’s leash plug and Velcro wrist strap with a nylon cord, so it’s forgiving and not in a fixed position.

It’s lightweight, but can take substantial hits by waves. Plus, if well taken care of, it can last for a long time. Ensure you keep it away from direct sunlight and rinse it with fresh water after use.



#6 Hydro Bicep Coil Leash - Most Convenient Leash


Our final pick on the list of the best bodyboard leashes is the perfect option for those looking for greater convenience.

The Hydro Bicep Coil is a preferred option because of its hook and loop webbing advantage. This feature will make it effortless for you to put on the leash and take it off.

Plus, the leash is much more secure with hook and loop webbing technology.

And that’s not all!

The neoprene cuff on this leash is padded, making it comfortable to wear for long bodyboarding sessions.

To top it off, these bicep leash coils feature a strong leash plug anchor that can pair seamlessly with the leash. Regardless of the wave conditions, the leash plug anchor plays an important role in keeping the leash secured with the board.

Like the Creatures of Leisure leash, this tight coil leash utilizes a 360-degree swivel system that promotes a tangle-free bodyboarding experience. The leash won’t get in your way when surfing or create unnecessary distractions when performing tricks.

Plus, the swivel is constructed using high-quality dual stainless steel, so you can say goodbye to rust or effects from the elements.

Meanwhile, the cord utilizes Urethane quality material. This guarantees that the leash won’t break, regardless of how hard the waves batter you or how hard it’s subjected to body movements. It remains strong and lasts for a long time.

When it comes to the cuff, the premium quality neoprene material ensures comfort on your bicep. It matches well with the hook and loop webbing advantage and well keeps you from abrasions and chafing.

Plus, the neoprene cuff is padded, making it comfortable to wear for long hours.



Best Bodyboard Leashes Buying Guide

Best Bodyboard Leashes Buying Guide

If you’re still undecided on what bodyboard leash to choose, here’s a guide to help you with the purchase.

But first, let’s look at the parts of a leash.

Parts of a Bodyboard Leash

There’re four main components to a bodyboard leash.

1)  The Leash Cord/Leash Coil

The cord is the spiral part that extends and contracts when your surfboard springs away.

Most bodyboarding leashes are coiled, allowing the cord to stay out of the way more efficiently when bodyboarding.

It’s generally agreed that the more coiled a leash is, the better it works.

You want to look for a coil that can take a beating. Remember, it’s going to be your go-to for getting your board back to you.

2)  The Leash Plug

The leash plug secures your leash to your board.

Most leashes have a leash plug with a similar design, but it’s the tiny details that make all the difference.

One, you want a leash plug that is wide and durable. ABS plastic is a solid bet.

Secondly, choose a wide plug, instead of a narrow one. Wide plugs cover more surface area to keep your leash tightly in place.

3)  The Strap

The strap is what attaches the leash to your body.

When choosing a strap, you want to look around because the straps come in an array of materials.

Nylon and neoprene straps are more expensive but durable and comfortable.

4)  The Connector/ Swivel

The swivel connects the coil to the strap.

Choose a leash with dual brass or stronger stainless steel swivels.

I would recommend the bicep leashes with double stainless steel swivels over the dual brass swivels. These have connectors on both ends and promote maximum durability with your leash. Plus, they reduce tangling.

5)  Leash string

A string attaches your leash to the leash plug.

It may look like a flimsy piece of string, but you shouldn’t overlook t

The string is crucial in keeping your board secure.

If it’s cheap, it’ll snap or break, or worse, you could lose your board completely.

What to Consider in a Wrist Bodyboard Leash

What to Look for in a Wrist Bodyboard Leash

Bodyboard Leash Placement

Depending on the model, bodyboarding leashes can be worn on your wrist or bicep.

Some models, however, can be used in both positions, adding to the overall versatility in different riding positions.

Your choice of leash position depends on different things, including your previous bodyboarding experience, your riding technique, and your style.

Wrist Cuff

Most of the leashes have wrist cuffs.

As its name suggests, the wrist cuff attaches the bodyboard to your wrist.

The wrist cuff is perfect for newbies and offers exceptional control when riding waves.

It also keeps you closer to the board, which is beneficial since there’s no need to prepare for a stance.

However, if you’re hoping to improve your bodyboard skills or catching the bigger waves, the wrist cuffs aren’t ideal.

They tend to get tangled when paddling or that the leash snaps at the plug.

The wrist leashes are also fragile, tend not to withstand the big surf, and get clogged with sand easily.

Bicep Cuff

The bicep leash attaches your bodyboard to your bicep.

These leashes are more expensive but have an advantage over the wrist leash, especially as you get more skilled at bodyboarding and start catching bigger waves.

They tend to be shorter than the wrist leashes, so they keep the strap out of the way when paddling or riding a wave.

However, because of their weighty feel, they’re best used by intermediate and professional surfers.

Bicep or Wrist Leash

If I was to choose between these two leash types, I would recommend the bicep leash.

They’re much more robust in allowing you to paddle without entanglement and can cope with different impacts of the waves.

Determining the Leash Cord Size

Determining the Leash Cord Size

The other important thing to consider is the sizing of the cord leash.

Here are the important elements to consider when selecting the leash length.

Leash Type

The type of leash helps you calculate the leash cord length.

If you choose an ankle leash and your leash plug towards the bottom of the board, you should be fine with around 5 feet.

If you’ve a wrist leash, the extra length mentioned above doesn’t matter much. You should be fine with a 5’ leash.

Finally, if you choose a bicep leash, go for about 6’ minimum.

Leash Plug Position

Last but not least, consider where to place your leash plug on your board.

We recommend beginners place their wrist leash plug near the top of the board, either in the middle or whatever side is comfortable for them.

On the other hand, advanced riders have the preference of where to position their wrist leash plug.

But ultimately, the wrist leash plug position depends on the type of leash you use.

For example, ankle leash riders should be better off with their plugs on the bottom of the board.

Best Way of Using a Bodyboard Leash

Always wear a leash when heading out to the waters, whether the sea, lake, or ocean.

They’re particularly important when heading far out from the ocean.

Another thing, don’t use an ankle leash for a bodyboard.

What are the Precautions to Keep in Mind When Using a Leash?

The best bodyboard leash isn’t your safety ticket in the wild waves-they’re not life-saving devices.

Sure, they improve your survival rate significantly, but you also need to understand your beach or any new beach before hitting the water.

You need to know how to read the beach, particularly the rips, the waves on the bank, and have a get to safety strategy.

Without the proper knowledge, you risk your life.

The other thing is consider the manufacture’s instruction. For example, don’t wear them anywhere except on the wrist or bicep, depending on the type.

Caring for my Bodyboard Leash

Always wash and rinse your leash after every use. This is because salt water is damaging to the material.

Secondly, avoid storing your leash in sunlight to avoid material deterioration or color fading.

Finally, do inspecting of your leash to ensure all parts are solid. You don’t want the leash to give up on you, while in action.

Best Bodyboard Leashes Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How long should the best bodyboard leash be?

A: The length of a leash depends on many factors, including the types of bodyboarding leashes. But generally, most of the leashes are anywhere from 4 to 6 feet. However, you can choose a longer leash depending on the comfort and ease of use.

Q: Do you need a leash for the bodyboard?

A: Yes, the right leash keeps you safe and prevents the board from breaking away from you. It also keeps other surfers safe from accidental collisions

Q: How do you wear a leash?

A: When wearing a leash, ensure the cord faces away from the arm’s inside part.

The purpose is for the cable not to interfere on the arm’s thumb side. It allows the leash to rest on the board’s deck as you paddle. It also won’t snag on the board’s nose.

Wrap Up: Our Choice

Best Bodyboard Leashes Wrap Up Our Choice

Our winner for the best bodyboard leashes is the BPS ‘Storm’ PRO Boogie Board Leash.

I chose this option because of its simplicity and functionality.

It’s straightforward to install and doesn’t prove any difficulties using the leash.

Plus, it even comes with a hidden key pocket, something that no other leash offers.

More importantly, its performance on the water is incredible as it keeps the board on you at all times and won’t break even if it’s battered by the surf or subjected to rigorous body movements.

Wrap Up Our Choice

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