Ultimate Review of The Best Carbon Fiber Surfboards in 2023

Best Carbon Fiber Surfboards Buying Guide

I know there’re mixed reactions to carbon fiber technology for surfboards.

I’ve read and heard from some guys in my area that the carbon fiber boards are stiff and no good performers.

To me, it sounded like the carbon fiberboards were a new-fangled technology, still in its infancy R&D stage.

But that quickly changed once I visited my friend in Florida, and he allowed me to surf his carbon-fiber Aviso.

It was a 5-10 Twin Fin Rocket Fish, and I must say I really loved the board.

I mean, it was so good-looking and downright sexy.

It also had a good amount of flex, so it felt pretty natural when riding.

On top of that, I didn’t find them as cocky as I would have imagined.

The build quality was also impeccable. Smooth, flush all over and felt reassuringly solid.

And as for the strength, I didn’t acquire a single dent, indentation, or scratch.

Simply put, the experience with carbon boards was like a revelation to me, and I really wanted one.

The only problem is there’s no way I could talk myself into spending that much cash on a board. Instead, I figured that I could get three custom boards for the price.

But here’s the thing; I’m a guy who believes in the soul of surfing. I don’t see it as a sport, but rather a lifestyle.

I’m willing to go that extra mile to make my surfing better every day.

So, after much thought, I decided to bite the bullet and go for one.

And I’m glad it was the best purchase ever.

Now, if you’re still deliberating whether to go for one, my message would be-get one, try it first and then decide.

Don’t worry much about the price because these carbon fiber boards will likely last 3-4 times than your regular PU boards.

Yes, they’re expensive, but keep your eyes open, and you can get some good deals on them. For instance, I couldn’t get 2 or 3 custom boards for what I paid for my Aviso. I would have probably gotten a new Merrick but it could have ended up junked in less than a year.

Plus, you don’t need to go for the Aviso or Tesla carbon-fiber boards!

In the guide below, I’ll share with you some decently-priced carbon fiber boards that deliver on all fronts. I’ve already added some of these in my quiver and love their performance.

Quick Comparison Table!

Haydenshapes Hypto Krypto FutureFlex


Aviso DVS 5’10 Rocket Fish


Guy Takayama KOA GT20 9 ft


Guy Takayama Makani





The Best Carbon Fiber Surfboards For The Money

The Best Carbon Fiber Surfboards For The Money

#1 Haydenshapes Hypto Krypto FutureFlex - EDITOR'S CHOICE


Our top pick, the Krypto, has some pretty awesome features that make it a standout in the world of surfboards.

One of our favorite features is the stringer-less frame construction made out of high-density EPS.

The frame comes in handy at delivering speed and drive on the waves while still allowing a natural flex.

And the good thing is the board doesn’t twist as much, so you can still control it as much as you’d like.

Another plus with the Hypto Krypto is its balance of tradition and modern performance with its old-school twin fin nose and rounded pintail.

It’s a unique design and shape that helps enhance speed on this bad boy while making it easy to make the snappy turns and greater control for the tight pocket turns.

On top of the features we’ve mentioned, Hypto Surfboard pleased us with its unmatched versatility. From beginners to advanced surfers, Surfers will surely enjoy this board for all types of wave conditions- whether on the small-choppy wave or the big-day waves.



#2 Aviso DVS 5’10 Rocket Fish – Best Value for Money


The Aviso Rocket Fish is one of my favorite carbon fiber surfboards for several reasons.

It’s a speed demon designed to rip through various beach break conditions.

While not the ideal board for beginners, it has everything the expert riders would want in a short, snappy board.

The narrow outline, combined with a pronounced rocker and different fin system, allows optimal performance for the small, marshy wave conditions.

Thanks to the unique shape and less drag on the water, it’s also hailed for more speed.

In addition, this carbon fiber composite also offers a lot of feedback and flex. It’s also directional and maneuverable.

Unfortunately, it’s not the most stable offering out there and will require someone with a lot of experience to handle it. But remember, as we mentioned earlier, the Aviso isn’t a pick for beginners.



#3 Guy Takayama KOA GT20 9 ft – Beginner-friendly Pick


The Guy Takayama KOA is the perfect carbon board for beginners.

It arrives at 9 feet long, so; it has great buoyancy and will help new riders work on their wobbly feet.

On top of the length, this beast has some awesome performance design characteristics that will enhance better performance on the waves.

For example, it’s lightweight, so it shouldn’t fatigue beginners when carrying or even surf for extended periods.

It’s also durable and maneuverable, so it’s exceptionally responsive and ideal for surfers who want to rip on the waves.

Another desirable feature of the KOA is its unmatched strength. The board has fiberglass covers on both the top and bottom sections, resulting in more strength and better durability. There’s also an added resistance to every dent.

We’ve tested the models in different wave conditions, and while it handles most of them decently, it excels in the bigger waves.

This is because of the bigger volume design.

At the same time, its speed isn’t compromised either, and while not as snappy as the Aviso Fish, it has a pretty decent performance.



#4 Guy Takayama Makani – Best for Paddleboarding


The Makani is yet another great offering from Guy Takayama.

It’s a one-of-a-kind surf board and the ideal pick for surfers who want to enjoy both surfing and paddleboarding.

As with its sibling, KOA, Makani is also voluminous and arrives with a generous length.

The significant design is handy for providing better floatation and buoyancy when paddling the surfboard or catching the smaller waves.

And despite the size, it doesn’t feel as bulky as you would expect. It’s ultra-light and easy to manage, even for the less-endowed paddlers.

When it comes to performance, this bad boy doesn’t disappoint either.

There’re numerous aspects to its performance, but the 5-fin setup stands up amongst them all.

Along with the well-designed internal management components, this board is responsive and flexible for better performance.

The carbon fiber deck also makes this great board quite durable and tough. It takes the beatings like a champ and doesn’t break down easily as other surfboards do.





Our final pick, the JT Vegan Fish, is a production of Dark Arts and comes with everything you would be looking for in a high-performance Carbon Surfboard.

Before we look at what this model has in store for us, understand that it’s based on the classic “San Diego Fish” template.

Darks Arts has designed the Vegan to resemble San Diego in more than one way.

For example, the deck width and thickness are similar, while the design is shortboard style, with a pulled rail and tail.

This Dark Arts new model will help you glide effortlessly, but more importantly, allow you to perform contemporary tricks and different styles.

As a shortboard, you might think Vegan Fish is not predisposed for use by beginners.

We also thought so, but when you look at the Dark Art Vegan Fish dimension, you’ll realize it’s wide, thick, and stable.

While not as extended as the traditional longboards, it has some pretty awesome floatation qualities, making it a great option for beginners and intermediate surfers.

At the same time, Dark Art Vegan Fish is also a blast for advanced surfers, and this is because of the shortened length.

This allows for snappy maneuvers and controlled movements in pocket maneuvers.

Along with the design, Vegan Fish is also easy to paddle and has explosive speed.

On top of that, the Vegan Fish, combined with the Dark Arts vacuumed carbon fiber has some pretty awesome characteristics such as greater flexibility, durability, high strength, and supreme weight.

And finally, in line with Dark Arts popular mantra, “What you ride today should be the board you ride tomorrow,” Vegan is quite durable and will stand up to anything you throw at it.



Best Carbon Fiber Surfboards Buying Guide

Best Carbon Fiber Surfboards Buying Guide

If you’re still undecided on what carbon-fiber surfboard to go for, our guide below will shed light.

We’ll share everything you need to know in your next purchase.

But first, let’s look at the benefits of carbon fiber surfboards.

Advantages of Carbon Fiber Surfboards

Here’re some of the reasons why carbon fiber is such a good material for surfboards:

1)      Control over the design process

One of the reasons designers prefer carbon fiber is because it’s easy to control.

This way, designers find it easy to shape and fine-tune the board for maximum performance.

EPS foam is a great alternative but challenging to trim, while wood has grain textures and knots that are hard to work with.

2)      Better flex and form

Carbon fiber surfboards have better flex than other materials.

And depending on the pattern and design, carbon fiber surfboards can be customized to offer more stiffness or a lighter feel.

3)      Strong and lightweight

The weight of carbon fiber is one-fourth that of steel.

Surfers who want to play naturally and want a lighter board will find these surfboards great.

At the same time, you don’t have to worry about the strength because carbon fiber is four times stronger than steel.

It’s well-known that the impact of the sea waves is large, so a carbon fiber board will resist damage.

4)      Great Balance

Surfing requires a great deal of balance.

The good thing with carbon fiber surfboards is they’ve a strong seismic resistance and balance performance.

Many riders can attest that there’s little difference between standing on the best carbon fiber surfboard and standing on the ground.

5)      Resistance to corrosion

The final benefit of considering a carbon fiber surfboard is that it has a high resilient quotient against alkaline, hydrogen, and oxygen.

Carbon fiber’s stable chemical properties ensure that it can withstand abuse in saltwater for a long time without breaking.

Factors to Consider when Selecting the Best Carbon Fiber Surfboard-Get the Right One for You

We’ve looked at the different reasons why you need to consider a carbon fiber surfboard. Now let’s look at the factors you need to prioritize when selecting the right surfboard for your needs.

Specific Material Design

Generally, carbon fiber surfboards are designed to be super light, fast and balanced.

But it’s not to mean all of them are similar or even deliver the same performance.

Instead, the specific material design into each model determines the performance and quality you get on a surfboard.

Here’re some of the elements to consider when selecting the right carbon-fiber surfboard for your needs:

1)      Skill level: Generally, beginners are recommended to choose the longer surfboards with more volume. They’ve better buoyancy and float well.

2)      Type of wave: The fish shortboards are designed for use in small to moderate waves. They’re also ideal for experienced riders who want snappy turns. On the other hand, the longboards are best suited for beginners and use in giant waves.

3)      Frequency of surfing: If you are not surfing daily, we recommend picking a significant and longboard.


Always consider a surfboard with fins and leashes for the best value.

Other accessories to look out for include a bag, rinsekit, and a rash guard.

Best Carbon Fiber Surfboards Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How do I care for my Carbon fiber surfboards?

A: Carbon fiber surfboards are generally heavy-duty and resistant to wear, but it’s always good to take good care of them for longevity and performance.

Taking care of carbon fiber surfboards isn’t any different from regular surfboards.

Of course, each brand has its product care.

Q: Is carbon fiber good for surfboards?

A: Yes, it is in more than one way.

Carbon fiber is lightweight, flexible, durable, and has immense strength.

Simply put, it has all the desirable properties you would want in a high-quality surfboard.

Wrap Up: Our Choice

Best Carbon Fiber Surfboards Buying Guide wrap up

We’ve reviewed some of the best Carbon Surf boards in the market, but our winner goes to the Hypto Krypto for several reasons.

First, it has a 5-fin setup, allowing you to configure it in different designs for a full range of experiences.

It’s also a reliable, high-strength, and high-performer surfboard that excels in an array of departments.

While a bit expensive than traditional polyurethane models, it’s decently priced among its fiber peers, and I would recommend it even for beginners.

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