Ultimate Review of The Best Drop-Down Longboards in 2023

Best Drop-Down Longboards

Every sport has certain elements that makes it challenging to play.

Skateboarding is no different, and definitely takes a lot of skills. It has a long learning curve, and for the impatient, it’s all too easy to give mid-way.

I mean, for an exhausting sport filled with injuries, high chances of making mistakes and hard to learn, it’s not a surprise that wannabe players throw in the towel after a few attempts.

While I wouldn’t want to say it’s the hardest sports, learning the basics first such as balance, pushing and carving is certainly beneficial when you start learning tricks like ollies and kickflips.

Another often ignored element that should help you avoid a failed-start in skateboarding is the choice of longboard.

While a board isn’t necessarily a ticket to learning skateboarding, it plays an important role in expediting your progress.

Of course, everyone has their dream board, but when starting, I would recommend you consider your options and choose something beginner-friendly, like a drop-down longboard.

Drop-downs, as their name suggests, have their decks lowered lower than their truck, so they lay a bit lower than other boards. The associated low center of gravity translates to better stability, so beginners are less likely to tip off or get swept.

The laid-down design also means it’s easier to slide and push, so they may be a great pick or long-distance pushing, pumping, and freeriding, especially to experienced riders.

They’ve their downsides, too, and having one of these boards means you sacrifice grip and responsiveness.

However, the downsides aren’t a deal-breaker for me, especially considering they’re great for all riding types, and I love them for freeriding.

But with plenty of them in the market, choosing the best drop-down longboard is challenging.

Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about the selection, though, because we’ve done the hard work for you.

Quick Comparison Table!

Atom Drop Deck Longboard (41-Inch)


MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard 40-inch Drop Deck


VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard


Globe Bannerstone


Landyachtz Switch Longboard Complete



The Best Drop-Down Longboards For The Money

Best Drop-Down Longboards for the money

#1 Atom Drop Deck Longboard (41-Inch) - EDITOR'S CHOICE


The Atom Drop Deck is an extremely popular longboard because of its affordable price and decent quality.

However, the reason I’ve included it as our top pick is that it’s a fantastic drop-down option for beginners or even for seasoned riders who’re looking for something easy to push, commute or carve.

From its overall construction to performance, this longboard is sure to enthrall even the most discerning riders.

Features and Benefits


The first observation of the Atom lies in the beauty of the design.

Atom’s graphic really pops with the black and orange color scheme, while the deck’s glossing makes it nice and shiny.

Overall, the design is sharp and clean, but it doesn’t attract undue attention riders may not want.

The other feature that I find attractive on this board is the low center of gravity.

Typical of the drop-downs, Atom has a significant drop, making it lie low to the ground.

So, why does this matter?

First, it’s a useful feature, especially for new riders, because they’ll not be afraid when they’re on it as it’s stable and extremely close to the ground.

Given how stable the board is, I’d say it would work well for dog-running in the park.

Secondly, having a low-profile board also means your foot doesn’t travel far to push the board, so you’re less likely to tire quickly. It puts less strain on your calf and leg muscles, so a great option for long-distance traveling since you use less energy when traveling.

The board’s stability isn’t only useful for beginners, but also the seasoned longboarders. The ultra-low riding style of this board makes downhill carving and breeze.

The cradling effect protects riders from speed wobbles as they go for those high-speed downhills.

Couple that with the wide high rebound wheels, and it’s clear why so many riders enjoy using this board.


When it comes to the things most riders look for in a board, the Atom Deck more than fits the bill.

The deck, for instance, flaunts high-quality materials and is easy to maneuver. Even better, it’s just fun to ride.

Atom, with a full laminate maple construction, won’t come apart after you hit a few bumps on the road, so you can enjoy your board for longer. I’ve banged the deck off countless curbs, and surprisingly, it handles the abuses well.

I noticed that since the deck is made to be solid, there’s almost no flex to it while riding.

It’s a useful feature as it makes for a very stable board, especially when you’re going fast downhill.

On the downside, it makes the board quite stiff. However, stiffness isn’t something you should worry about on the Atom because it absorbs more vibrations and shocks from the ground instead of, say, pintail.

Atom’s deck won’t transfer much of the vibrations from the road to your body.

Sure, it feels a bit uncomfortable to ride because of its stiffness, but the board’s shock absorption properties balance that out.


Atom wheels, as described by one reviewer, are like butter. Smooth. And handle the terrain with confidence.

I can’t agree more with the reviewer because 70mm wheels make the board qualified for cruising and downhill carving. On the other hand, the medium-sot 78A wheels dampen your ride, even on uneven and patchy terrain.

Another feature we wouldn’t want to disregard is the Reverse Kingpin Trucks.

They promote effortless maneuverability and are quite handy when making snappy turns around obstacles or avoiding collisions.



#2 MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard 40-inch Drop Deck - Best for Downhill Racing


Minority has long been associated with longboards, and indeed, it has an impressive line of options.

Their boards are known for reliability, safety, and speed.

Today, we’re going to review one of Minority’s best longboards for downhill enthusiasts.

The Minority Downhill deserves a place on our list of the best drop-down longboard, thanks to a revolutionary design, impressive performance, and much more.

Features and Benefits


Minority’s design is eye-catching and bold and sparks many compliments, especially when carrying it on the tram.

My favorite part of the board, though, is the deck construction.

I’ve been riding this board for nearly two years with no problems whatsoever. The deck has held up remarkably well after years of use, only showing the slightest signs of wear and light chipping.

Part of the reason behind the robust durability is the 8-ply hard rock 100% maple that is cold-pressed to offer amazing physical performances and unsurpassed strength.

In fact, it can accommodate users up to 220 pounds.

Despite the sturdiness, the board has a lot of flex, allowing for a very natural pumping feel. I couldn’t ask for more for a user like me at the high end of the weight limit.

Low Center of Gravity

Adhering to a classic drop model longboard design, Minority Downhill flaunts a low gravity construction, with the deck lying closer to the ground.

It’s a useful feature, especially for beginners who are hoping to familiarize themselves with the art of longboarding.

For the seasoned longboard riders, the drop deck makes pumping easy and long-distance riding more effortless. On any given day, I can push the board as far as 30 miles without my calves getting fatigued as I would have on other longboards.

The design also makes the board quite a versatile option; regarding the environments, I can use it on.

For example, I use the board for everything I can, including long distances, hill, city commuting, hill, and I find it perfect.

Build for Speed

Few skateboards are designed to help you race downhill at full speed without losing balance.

Minority Downhill, however, is an exception.

As its name suggests, this board is meant for downhill, and it does an outstanding job at keeping you stable while going down at high speeds. I do like how fast it goes, but sometimes, I have a hard time slowing it down if I’ve to.

The board boasts of a 40-inch deck made from 100% maple. So, whether you’re speeding downhill or taking a leisure cruise in the street, it offers the right amount of stability for mad fun.

Trucks and Wheels

Maneuverability on the Minority is made easier by the trucks and wheels.

For instance, I find the standard kingpin truck responsive and smooth enough to carve well. Nothing fancy or overly smooth, but not stiff either.

On the other hand, the 70mm wheel is a good place for beginners to learn the feel of riding. Their 78A medium hardness and sizing make them a perfect option for riding on different terrains as they run smooth and absorb a considerable amount of vibration.



#3 VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard - Best Cruiser Board


If you’re looking to invest in a top-quality longboard that offers a sturdy and responsive ride, you can’t go wrong with the Volador.

It’s a good longboard and among the best transportation options for many across the world.

However, it’s not exactly like the typical drop-downs, but rather a blend of a drop-through and drop-down.

Nonetheless, it still offers the benefits of drop-downs, but now focusing on maneuverability and speed.

Features and Benefits


I’m not an expert in colors or designs, but I can tell this board has a great design and a great feel to it.

The board is exactly as described and pictured; very colorful and great design. The topside deck is slick and elicits compliments.

And excellent grip helps so you can ride with confidence.

Overall, the board is quite helpful, especially when making my way across campus.

Another nice feature on the board’s design is the cambered deck. The deck isn’t overly concave, which is a good thing as it makes for a comfortable ride for my better half, who has large feet.

The fair amount of concave also helps my feet stay held on the board to perform different tricks such as carving, sliding, and other advanced skills without the worry of slipping.

It also rides lower, though a few inches higher than a true drop-down. Nonetheless, it still offers unmatched stability and is quite useful for beginners and intermediate with wobbly legs.


I’m a big fan of Volador’s symmetrical deck with a kicktail at either end.

It’s a useful feature for improving the overall grip, and more importantly, preventing wheel bite at any angle.

Commuting to work on the board feels as smooth as a surfboard on water, and its design will capture the elegance of how I experience the calmness of the breeze you would feel just like you were on Mt Fuji.

The deck is also quite large, standing at 9-inch wide. When paired with the decently sized 42-inches length, you get a board that can accommodate even the largest feet.

The premium 8-ply hard-rock maple with epoxy will offer a durable and reliable experience throughout the years in terms of build.

At first, I was iffy about the board quality, but I’m amazed to say everything about Volador is high-quality after several crashes on the curb.

Of course, Volador isn’t the sturdiest longboard, but it will take on the hits and crashes like a champ. More importantly, it can support 250 pounds of weight without a problem.

Wheels and Trucks

Volador’s 70MM 78A amasses plenty of smoothness and ease of use.

Beginners will get a lot from this board without having to make much of an effort.

The trucks are probably the most exciting part of our Volador’s review.

They’re adjustable to 50 or 45 degrees according to your needs and offer outstanding maneuverability.

Riders will have an easy time making turns, avoiding obstacles, and riding freely on steep or curved roads.



#4 Globe Bannerstone - Best for Distance and Speed


There’s plenty to love on our fourth pick of the best drop-down longboards.

The Globe Bannerstone is an awesome longboard designed for riders who yearn for more speed and distance.

It lies low to the ground, offering unmatched stability for the new riders.

The board also has a host of awesome features, and even better, it comes at an affordable price.

But is it the right pick for you?

Features and Benefits


I know aesthetics always take a second seat when choosing a board, but we can’t just ignore that Bannerstone has a wonderful design.

The bamboo, graphics, and wheels make the board look beautiful and is sure to get you compliments.

My favorite design feature is the clear grip tape that is not only handy in providing grip when pushing the board but makes Bannerstone look even sharper.

Down to Earth

Generally, drop-downs sit closer to the ground than other longboards, but Bannerstone takes this to a whole new level.

With a 1” slanted drop, longboards can’t get any lower than this. This does three things for me:

One, it makes pushing a breeze. Not only is the slight dip to push, but it’s also easy to find where your feet should be. My calves no longer have to tire even for long distances as they don’t travel a lot.

Two, the “walls” of the drop are great. They come at an angle that makes it possible to rest my feet against them.

And three, the feel. I mean, riding Bannerstone feels more like you’re inside a pocket. The dropped platform gives you a secure foot lock-in for throwing big slides at higher speed with greater confidence.

The only small caveat to this board is the bottom deck can sometimes touch the ground when you hit a big pump.


Durability is yet another benefit that makes Bannerstone such a popular option.

Bannerstone’s deck, sporting a bamboo construction, is super sturdy and can take on the knocks, dings, and even smashing against the curbs like a champ.

Despite the sturdiness, the deck offers some flex without affecting stability at speed. The deck doesn’t transfer the body’s shock and will ride smooth even on the patchy grounds.

 While still on the speed, the slight side-to-side concave design adds to the secure feel when riding fast.

As for the dimensions, you get a 41″ by 9.75″ deck. It is comfortable to rest both of your feet without even looking.

Wheels and Trucks

Bannerstone’s 180m Slant 50-degree RKP trucks provide a smooth and responsive experience, perfect for commuting and pushing the board.

I also find the truck stable and responsive, a useful feature when riding fast on steeper hills.

On the other hand, the large 72mm wheel offers a fast ride, and its medium softness (78A) is ideal for riding smoothly over different terrains.



#5 Landyachtz Switch Longboard Complete - Best for Professionals


The Landyachtz Switch is among the pricey longboards on this list.

I thought it would be a good idea to include it here because it’s a premium drop-down designed for serious free riding.

It makes for a qualified purchase for the professionals who need a performance-oriented and reliable longboard.

Features and Benefits


The longboard’s photo doesn’t do it any justice. The board’s graphics are phenomenal and worth a second look.

The greatest design feature is the symmetrical shape, boasting of large wheel cutouts, which allow deep turns, including downhill, without resulting in wheel bite.


A board’s greatest feature is the deck, and Switch doesn’t disappoint in this department.

First, I’m a big fan of its generous dimension. It’s 40” long by 10” wide. Wider than most of the longboards on our list.

This serves riders with two main benefits:

One, it offers an ample standing platform for maximum comfort when riding fast downhill.

Secondly, it makes the board more qualified to accommodate the taller riders with large feet.

Another observation we made on this board is the choice of material.

Switch’s deck sports a durable maple construction, which we find quite useful for handling rough use, including crashes, jumping curbs, or even accidental collisions.

Down to Earth

The Switch, like the Globe, has a significant drop for an ultra-low and stable ride when going fast.

Beginners will delight in the board’s design as it’s stable, so they can ride without worrying about falling.

But one of the things that set this board apart from the others is the deep concave, which reflects the focus on technical freeriding and sliding.

The comfy pockets on both ends of the deck give your feet a lock-in feel, which I find quite handy when trying new tricks at high speeds.

Trucks and Wheels

The manufacturer hasn’t specified the wheels’ sizing and softness, but our guess is they’re not different from our previous options.

We think they have 70mm wheels with 78A durometer, which is pretty standard among many longboards.

They’re a great option for a smooth ride on different terrains, while the trucks are responsive enough for better maneuverability.

Overall, the Switch is an awesome board, and while you’ll pay a premium for it, it’s worth it if you want to take your freeriding skills to the next level.

The board gives you comfort, support, and all the confidence you need.



Best Drop-Down Longboards Buying Guide

Best Drop-Down Longboards BUYING GUIDE

The longboard market is pretty expansive, and narrowing it down to the best board can be a little challenging.

Fortunately, we’ve compiled a handy buying guide with tips on selecting the best drop-down board for your needs.

How To Select the Best Drop-Down Longboard

Consider your Skill

Generally, drop longboards (drop-downs and drop-throughs) are thought of as a great choice for skaters at a beginner level in particular.

This is because they’re positioned closer to the ground, promoting greater stability when maneuvering your board while letting you develop and perfect your skills.

Once you build your confidence with skills, you can now advance to the intermediate options. However, initially, the drop-down will help you work on stability and balance.


Most longboards are designed with speed in mind, some offering faster capabilities than others.

The drop-downs, with their innovative design, offer a high-speed ride with maximum security.

Their quality bearing helps to accelerate the speed faster and is a suitable option for long-distance commuters.


Drop-downs are an ideal choice for beginners, and most importantly, are highly versatile on where they can be used.

Most riders find the boards perfect for downhill traveling, length commute, and simply cruising around town.

They are easier to maneuver to wear and tear of traveling and easier to control on demanding terrain.


A longboard’s surface varies depending on the longboard. Some are large, while others are small.

We don’t have a specific size recommendation, as this is always a personal choice.

Ideally, find a board you feel comfortable with. However, it should be large enough to provide you with the space you need for moving freely.

Remember, size also dictates the weight. Generally, the larger boards are heavier than the small boards.

Secondly, size affects performance, but at an individual level. While some riders may find the small boards easier to transport, others find them a little difficult to gain secure balance upon.

On the other hand, the heavier boards offer more stability but at the expense of portability.


If you plan to skateboard frequently, you should select a board with good build quality.

Durable boards will last for a considerable amount of time and are less likely to break even after abuse.


Design on a longboard doesn’t count a lot, especially regarding performance, but it wouldn’t hurt to have a chi board.

If you care much about aesthetics, you can go for options with patterns and unique designs.

Whatever you choose, be sure that it satisfies your preferences and taste.


Longboard retail at different prices, some significantly expensive than others.

The good news is if you’re surfing with a specific budget in mind, there’re multiple options to cater to this.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to splurge, there’re plenty of options to suit this too.

Remember that you get what you pay for.

While not all inexpensive longboards are cheap, you may sacrifice a lot in performance and features if you choose to go on the extreme low-end.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What’s a drop-down Longboard?

A:  A drop-down, as its name suggests, is a longboard style that has its deck lying lower than the trucks.

It’s a great offering for beginners as it has awesome stability and greater control and responsiveness.

Beginners find the design ideal for developing their technique before progressing onto a more intermediate or advanced longboard.

Q; What’s the Difference Between a Drop-Down and a Drop-Through Longboard?

A: There’re plenty of similarities between these two models. The first one is they both lie close to the ground and hence the tag ‘drop.’

However, they also have differences, which also lie in their name.

On a drop-down longboard, the deck is positioned lower than the trucks. On a drop-through has the trucks mounted “through” the deck.

There’re pros and cons to each design, but at their basic level, they offer unmatched stability. They also feature large cutaways between the truck, which prevents instances of wheel bit.

Q: Is a Drop-Down Longboard Good for Beginners

A: Yes, drop-downs are fantastic options for beginners who are familiarizing themselves with the concept of skateboarding.

They offer unmatched flexibility, thus qualifying as ideal picks for different rider styles.

Overall, they are a great starting point before advancing to the more advanced and intermediate longboard style.

Wrap Up: Our Choice

Best Drop-Down Longboards wrap up

It wasn’t hard picking Atom Drop Deck Longboard (41-Inch) as our winner.

Atom comes with plenty of benefits, including a solid construction that handles all the abuses and skateboarding rage like a champ.

Secondly, the board adheres to a true drop-down design, lying extremely low to the ground.

It’s a useful feature for promoting stability and ease of use, especially to beginners and users with wobbly feet.

Old hands will also love the board’s performance, especially its ability to handle tricks with ease.

Finally, the board comes at a reasonable price that most riders, including beginners, can afford.

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