Ultimate Review of the Best Longboard For Tricks In 2023

Best Longboard For Tricks

Most people want a longboard to cruise around the city, bomb down a hill, or simply commute.

But there’re more than a couple of ways to enjoy your longboard. I think anyone interested in performing tricks will be interested.

Just like skateboards, there’re numerous tricks you can perform on a longboard, depending on your skillset.

I know skateboards reign supreme in this department, but you’d be surprised what tricks you can pull off on a longboard.

Of course, learning to perform tricks on a longboard doesn’t come easy.

Throughout my ten years of riding and teaching others how to perform tricks on longboards, I’ve found the single most de-motivating aspects of many riders is a lack of confidence and fear of getting hurt.

It’s mainly due to a lack of structure in progression and partly due to their choice of longboard for tricks.

And today, we shall focus our attention on choosing a longboard for tricks.

See, the choice of a longboard for tricks plays a critical role in maximizing progress and minimizing injuries.

The type of board you ride affects the types of tricks you can perform at different levels of difficulty.

For instance, the smaller cruiser boards are great for ollies and popping tricks, while longer, more standard-sized boards are ideal for flips and dance moves.

Now, if you need to learn new longboarding tricks and don’t know which longboard for tricks to go for, we’re here to help.

In the review post below, we shall look at what makes a quality longboard for tricks. We’ve also thrown in five of the best longboards for tricks.

Quick Comparison Table!

Landyachtz ATV Series Skateboard


Arbor Catalyst Longboards


Landyachtz Stratus 46 Faction Longboard


Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout drop through


ENKEEO 40 Inch



Top 5 Longboards for Tricks For The Money

Best Longboard For Tricks for the money

#1 Landyachtz ATV Series Skateboard - Best for Street Longboard Tricks


Our first pick, the Landyachtz, is a hybrid board, ideal for hardcore street/skatepark riding and tricks.

It’s the perfect pick for skaters who regularly cruise across town on their street board or longboarders who wish to hone their street trick skills.

But in my opinion, that’s not even Landyachtz Skateboard’s selling point.

As its name suggests, the Landyachtz ATV Board is quite simply the “all-terrain vehicle” of the Landyachtz lineup.

Besides offering a traditional longboard skateboard feel, they offer a fantastic performance of any terrain and are suitable for different riding styles and longboard tricks.

Features and Benefits


Landyachtz design draws inspiration for the Landyachtz ATV Series line of boards.

There’s plenty of resemblance to the design ethos of these boards, and one feature you can’t miss is the hybrid form factor.

Landyachtz is a merge between a longboard and a street skateboard.

Many riders say it offers a sweet spot between these two, and I agree.

I’m a fan of this design as it increases the overall versatility of the board.

For users like me without a dedicated riding style, I’m glad to use this board to carve, cruise, pump, and perform longboard tricks and still feel like I’ve the best board for my style.

Moving on, let’s get into the superficial elements of the board’s design.

A striking feature about this board is the rad skeletal design at the back. Paint, scratches, mud, or smears don’t make this cruiser board less appealing- in fact, it only adds to Landyachtz ATV’s rogue all-terrain vibe.

Overall, Landyachtz ATV is an awesome board, and if you need a high-quality and versatile board for street skateboarding, you can’t go wrong with this option.


Landyachtz ATV deck doesn’t fail either, and while it doesn’t look any different from your typical cruising board, it has subtle details that promote trick performances.

Let’s start with the construction.

Landyachtz ATV’s Canadian hardrock Maple deck is as sturdy as it gets and will take a beating like a champ. More importantly, the rock finish can withstand the rigors of aggressive longboard tricks and won’t break even when performing the drop-in or slalom.

The Canadian maple deck is flexible, too, and will give you enough pop for performing tricks and flips. You can even get away with some manuals.

Another feature we liked is the slight camber deck.

I can’t overstate the importance of this street decks design, especially for a beginner learning the basics of performing tricks.

For instance, I find it vital when performing foot brakes, as it locks you on the platform, keeping them from moving around the board.

When performing the pivots, the camber concave deck also locks one of your foot to prevent slippage.

Overall, Landyachtz ATV is fantastic for tricks yet sturdy enough to withstand anything you throw at it.


As we mentioned in the introduction, Landyachtz ATV is an all-around option, and so whether you need a board for performing tricks, street or skate parking, this board shines all through.

Landyachtz ATV has an effortless ride, and you don’t even have to worry about tweaking or changing them anytime soon.

Wheels and Trucks

As with all the Landyachtz ATV series longboards, this board comes with soft Chubby Hawgs PU wheels.

The PU wheels deliver a smooth ride while enhancing the “all-terrain” capability of the board.

I love how this Landyachtz wheels shred the crusty spots and rolls just about over anything.

While Landyachtz wheels aren’t the fastest, they’re big enough to offer decent rolling performance.

The ABEC-9 bearings and trucks are also decent and will provide you with endless possibilities for rolling speeds and maneuverability.

Overall, I would say the Landyachtz ATV is the ideal trick longboard for skaters who want no limits.



#2 Arbor Catalyst Longboards - Best freestyle tricks longboard


Our second pick, the Arbor Catalyst, is the perfect pick if you prefer to perform the freestyle tricks and freeride.

The freestyle tricks lie in between the street tricks and dancing tricks, mainly involving ollies, tiger claws, and kickflips.

While it’s no doubt the Arbor Catalyst has the specifications for a trick longboard, many riders are also interested in other elements.

Is the Arbor durable, safe, and, more importantly, fun to ride?

Let’s find out.

Features and Benefits


The first thing that will catch your eye once you see the Arbor Catalyst is the board’s design itself.

Arbor looks timeless, and combined with the beautiful designs by Max Neutra, a premier graphic designer; it’s a beauty to behold and will certainly earn you compliments.

As with our top pick, the Landyachtz, Arbor is also a do-it-all board.

It sports an amazing setup that lets you use the board for a little freeriding, for tricks, cruising around town, or even bombing downhills.

Another benefit of the Arbor is the lightweight design.

With minimal effort, you can stash the board in your backpack and carry it around when shopping at the mall.

But the biggest benefit is how it gets easy to pop the board and engage in a variety of freestyle riding and movements- we shall see this momentarily.


When it comes to trick-boards, everything comes down to the deck.

And with Arbor, riders will love every single deck’s detail.

First, let’s look at the construction.

Arbor’s Canadian maple deck is sturdy and can take on a beating without breaking or chipping. 

Additionally, corners have been added to a different part of the board, so riders can use them as a reference point as they perform tricks.

It feels stiff, more than the typical drop-throughs. But it’s a critical feature for a longboard for tricks because it has a nice pop and direct response when pulling tricks.

Secondly, Arbor’s symmetrical shape is helpful for longboarding tricks, especially those involving riding switches.

But my favorite feature is the drop-through shape with a mellow concave.

The shape lowers the board to the ground, inspiring confidence in beginners to attempt bolder tricks.

The camber concave lowers the foot platform even further while offering a “lock” to you when setting up for tricks.

Combined, both of these features allow for effortless power sliding during freestyling trick sessions.


Arbor prioritize comfort, and this is evident through the 41″ long and 10″ wide drop deck.

This freestyle longboard has sufficient footpace for moving and stepping on and off with confidence when performing tricks such as shuvits and even dancing tricks.

We also feel the board is an awesome transition board. This is because it’s enough for beginners and intermediates but well-designed enough to grow with the skill level of the rider.

Wheels & Trucks

Arbor’s riding performance and maneuverability are simply amazing.

First, it comes with Paris 180mm trucks, which offer great maneuverability. The trucks are durable, too, and will last for a long time.

On the other hand, the ABEC 5 bearings offer great rolling speeds, while the Arbor Outlook 70mm 78a PU wheels will roll just about on anything.



#3 Landyachtz Stratus 46 Faction Longboard - Best for Dancing Tricks


Third, on our list of the best longboard for tricks is yet another option from Lanyachtz.

Landyachtz Stratus 46, however, is a unique board, deserving a review of its own because it’s among the lightest and flexiest dancing longboards on the market.

Many riders use the Landyachtz Stratus 46 for performing the flatland street tricks such as cross-stepping, board walking, and other sophisticated footwork.

But is it the right pick for you?

Features and Benefits


Stratus’s design isn’t any different from Landyachtz boards.

It has an intriguing design element and is aesthetic.

It’s lightweight, too, and you shouldn’t have any problem carrying the board for extended periods.

Because of the featherweight, Stratus is ideal for kicks, and snappy response turns. However, it often invites riders wanting to do the heavy tricks, which may result in premature wear.


One of Stratus biggest selling points is the deck.

While it’s by no means the biggest platform out there, the 45″ length and 9.25″ width provide an effective platform for performing boardwalk and cross-stepping.

Using this board inspired confidence since a beginner won’t have to worry about missing a step or even wiping out.

The other feature we love on the Stratus is the full symmetrical design and slightly-concave 4” double kick.

I’m a big fan of this design as it makes it easier to do the more challenging tricks such as manuals, pivots, and shuvits.

The longboard is also quite flat in the middle, with a mild concave for the freestyle dancing movement.


Riding the Stratus feels enjoyable, and you’ll certainly love every second on this longboard.

The first thing that will arouse your curiosity is the incredible flex.

Now, while the deck feels firm, it responds lively once you start riding.

Yet, it doesn’t sag or bottom down when landing a trick- assuming you’re in the right weight range.

When cruising around, you won’t feel the flex as much. Instead, you get a comfortable eel that helps with edge control and carving.

But when performing tricks, you’ll love how the springy and flexible deck absorbs the shock on the ground.

Wheels & Trucks

Stratus has slightly smaller wheels than our previously reviewed options, but this is good as they help with the rolling speed.

While the speedy wheels might not help with tricks, they may come in handy when cruising.

While this may limit their usage on different terrains, I love that they can take out most of the obstacles on the street.

The longboard also comes with ABEC-9 bearings and truck mount, and combined; they help with the board’s turnability and maneuverability.



#4 Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout drop through - Value Pick


Sector 9 is a reputable brand in the longboard community and is synonymous with quality craftsmanship and reliability.

The brand has an array of longboards on their stable, and today, we take a dig at one of their value options, the Sector 9 Blue Wave.

It’s a mid-range drop through longboard that strikes a balance between cost and performance.

While it may not have the frill and frays, or even ground-breaking features of some of the premium options, it has what it takes for the casual tricksters.

But is it the right pick for you?

Features and Benefits


I would highly recommend this option to anyone starting or even the experienced skaters, thanks to the quality craftsmanship of the foot platform, trucks, and hardware.

The longboard feels sturdy, and for the prices, I was surprised that it didn’t come with a lot of flimsy plastic components as many boards on this price point do.

Also, if you’re a little heavier than the average longboarder, don’t let that stop you.

This longboard can accommodate the heavier riders without breaking.


Sector 9’s deck is also awesome, and riders will love every bit of it.

First, the lightweight Canadian maple and bamboo deck top side has a rough sandpaper material, offering the right amount of grip without any discomfort.

Traction on Sector 9 is never an issue, and riders performing tricks love this feature to initiate their tricks without sliding.

The other element we love with Sector 9’s is the choice of material.

Maple is sturdy, yet it has enough pop and plenty of responsiveness. It’s a great feature for those who perform ollies and other tricks as they can land easily.

Many riders are also in love with the drop-through deck style.

First, it lowers the center of gravity, making it easy for riders to do tricks without fear of serious bodily harm in case of a fall.

More importantly, the concave mounting system creates room for the wheel wells, necessary to avoid the all-too-common wheel bite.


Sector 9 rides like a dream, has a great setup and wonderful turning radius.

Its riding performance feels smoother and will give you maximum control, even when bombing hills or doing crazy tricks.

Beginners also say it’s forgiving and will let you ease back into the groove without the fear of outgrowing it over time.

Wheels & Trucks

Sector 9’s trucks aren’t too loose, though you might need to tighten them depending on the longboard tricks you plan to do.

The ABEC 5 Bearings have a smooth and fast-rolling performance, though some users claim they’re too soft.

On the other hand, the 74mm 78A shelf wheels with medium softness will roll on just about every obstacle with ease. The wheels feel cushy, too, and will dampen all the vibrations on the road.



#5 ENKEEO 40 Inch - Affordable Option


Our last pick, the Enkeeo 40 inch, will get you into longboarding, particularly the art of performing freestyle tricks at a very affordable price point.

Despite the budget-friendly price tag, this longboard for freestyle is as reliable as it gets, and I particularly love the maple/aluminum platform that stands up to anything.

But how does it fare as a trick longboard?

Let’s find out.

Features and Benefits


If price is a big criterion when choosing the best longboard for tricks, stop here and make your purchase.

The Enekoo, with the lowest price point on our list, takes first place in the price wars.

While this longboard for freestyle doesn’t come with many frills and frays, it has awesome graphic choices to pick from.

It comes in three graphic choices, but they’re not very much differentiated from each other.


There’s a lot to love with Enekoo’s deck.

First, it’s super sturdy, and the aluminum/maple combo stands up to anything you throw at it.

The durability is fantastic, and we didn’t expect such an amount of sturdiness for a board at this price point.

Another exciting feature is the drop-through deck design with wheel cut-outs.

While the deck shape may limit carving, this is eliminated through the wheel wells and cut-outs.

There’s no complaint about wheel bites, so you can perform your tricks comfortably without having to worry about getting wiped or thrown off.

But we recommend tightening the truck to the appropriate tension to prevent wheel bite when making sharp turns, such as slalom.

The drop-through style has another benefit, which is enhanced stability.

Enkeeo rides lower to the ground and will inspire confidence in beginners as they undertake the crazy tricks.

And that’s not all!

With a load capacity of 220 pounds, most riders are comfortable riding this longboard. It doesn’t bottom down, yet it is flexible and with plenty of pop.

The deck’s top is also covered with epoxy glue to lock you and keep you on the board, even when doing crazy tricks.


Enekoo’s riding performance is fantastic, and riders how it rides smoothly and makes it easy to do tricks.

The wheel wells eliminate wheel bite, while the wheels and trucks allow you to move effortlessly over any ground.

It’s a comfortable option, too, and the wide deck will provide a sufficient platform to place your legs without missing.

Wheels & Trucks

This drop through longboard sports four large 70 by 51mm PU wheels making it possible to move over the ground effortlessly and attain higher speeds.

The wheels, with medium hardness, also help to absorb vibration and shock.

Further, the Enekoo utilizes ABEC-11 bearings to offer stable support and an enjoyable riding experience.

The precision bearings are particularly vital for providing a smooth ride without loss of control.

On the other hand, the 7-inch drop-through aluminum trucks bring the Enekoo closer to the ground, making it easier to apply foot brakes and push Enekoo.



Best Longboard for Tricks Buying Guide

Best Longboard For Tricks buying guide

If you’re a longboarding expert, you know boards come in different types of shapes and sizes.

Tails are never the same; trucks are mounted differently; some decks are closer to the ground, while others are wide than others.

Simply put, there’s plenty to consider before making a purchase decision,

But from a trick perspective, you can look at boards in one of two ways;

1)      Directional longboards

2)      Symmetrical longboards

Directional Longboards

Also known as directional, these longboards go in one direction only.

It’s easy to identify them because their tail and nose are different.

As their name suggests, directional boards are designed to go in one direction only.

The dancing, carver, and cruiser boards are mostly directional options.

Most pintail shape longboards are directional.

Symmetrical Boards

Symmetrical models have similar shapes on both ends and might come in handy depending on the tricks you’re attempting.

While they don’t look like they’re suited for tricks, they’ll allow you to perform jump tricks, particularly if your longboard has a kicktail.

The symmetrical options are most suited for freestyle riding and freeride, although they can do just anything.

Longboard Riding Styles Aren’t Tricks

Generally, when longboarding enthusiasts talk about tricks, they’re often referring to fancy jumps, spins, and wheels.

A longboarding trick is different from a longboard style.

However, some styles such as dancing tricks or carving at speed are often referred to as a trick.

It all depends on what you consider a trick, but if you choose to perform dancing tricks, carving, or bombing downhill at speed, I suggest you get a dedicated best board for that style.

Beginner Board Tricks you can Perform on a Longboard

While professional longboarders can perform hundreds of cool tricks on any skate, beginners are limited to a select few longboarding tricks.

Some of the common board tricks for beginners are:

Manual: A manual is a wheelie on the back wheels of your board you can hold for as long as possible.

Pivot: Pivoting involves turning your body and board 180 degrees and riding away with your opposite foot.

Ollie: Ollie is getting a board in the air. It entails popping the tail and sliding the front foot up in the air.

Shove it: This style resembles a pivot, only that you turn 180 degrees and your body remains in the same position.

Boneless: This trick involves bending down and grabbing hold of your board. Riders can use one of their feet to jump into the air while keeping the other on the board.

Best Board Size for Tricks

As we mentioned in our introduction, skateboards are the best option for performing tricks, leading you to believe shorter longboards or Penny are better.

But this is far from the truth.

Of course, tricks will always come second, but you need to consider your riding style when choosing a longboard.

For example, short longboards will impact your downhill riding because they can limit your speed build and affect your stability.

Carving on a short longboard is also likely to lead to serious injuries, and commuting will even get more taxing.

Generally, the best longboards for beginners should be long, around 40 inches plus.

You can begin focusing your attention on the shorter longboards once you learn balancing and using the traditional boards.

Best Longboard Decks for Tricks

 If you need performing tricks on a longboard, always pay close attention to the deck.

First, it should be sturdy enough to handle your weight without collapsing.

Widths and flex are also important, and if you’re heavier, I would suggest going for a board with a rigid deck to avoid bottoming your board.

The width is necessary because if you’ve more room for moving around, you’re less likely to fall off. It’ll be easier to do tricks and land on your feet.

Best Longboard for Tricks Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of longboard is best for tricks?

A: It all depends on what tricks you need to perform. But we recommend the longer, flexy and stable r beginners.

Q: Can you do tricks on longboards?

A: While skateboards have traditionally been the mainstay for performing tricks, longboards are also a good option. You may not have numerous options to perform on a longboard as on a skateboard, but it should provide you with a couple of options than you would have imagined.

Q: What is the best type of longboard for dancing tricks?

A: The best longboard for dancing has wide decks, offering sufficient space for performing your tricks without slipping off. Most of them have drop-down decks, sitting low to the ground for stability.

Q: Are drop-through boards good for tricks?

A: Yes, drop throughs boards are good for tricks because they sit low to the ground, hence more stable. These designs also eliminate the chances of a wheel bite.

Wrap Up: Our Choice

Best Longboard For Tricks wrap up

Our winner for the best longboards for tricks is the Landyachtz Series Skateboard.

It scores highly in different departments, including ease of use, versatility, and reliability.

It’s an all-terrain option, suitable for use on different grounds and different riding techniques, including freestyling, performing tricks.

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