Ultimate Review of the Best Sector 9 Longboards in 2023

Best Sector 9 Longboard

There’re almost always a few companies that levitate above the rest in every industry and make it into the public eye.

In the world of longboarding, we’ve several such leading brands, but one that has really stood out is Sector 9-heck, my mom even knew about them before I purchased my first longboard.

With nearly three decades in the game, Sector 9 has established a name for itself and has become one of the best longboard brands in the longboarding domain.

Sector 9’s boards have remained popular among many longboarders because they’re synonymous with quality, reliability, and performance.

Additionally, these longboards appeal to consumers of all interests and skill levels.

Now, while Sector 9 makes an impressive number of models each year catering to all levels of riders and styles, sorting through their lineup to decide which board best fits your needs is daunting.

But it doesn’t need to be this way.

We’re here to help.

The goal of this review post is to help you choose the best Sector 9 longboard for you.

Quick Comparison Table!

Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder


Sector 9 Green Wave Complete Longboard


Sector 9 Fractal Complete Skateboard


Blue Wave Lookout Complete Longboard Skateboard


Sector 9 Faultline Complete Skateboard



The Top 5 Sector 9 Longboards For The Money

The Top 5 Sector 9 Longboards For The Money

#1 Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder - Carving Board


First, on our list of the best Sector 9 longboards is the Aperture Sidewinder Longboard.

My first impression is this is a great beginner/intermediate board for the price. 

Of course, there’re inexpensive starter longboards out there, but the Aperture Sidewinder offers solid components that you’ll be happy to live with for a long time.

Aperture Sidewinder is mostly for hard carves, though, as you’ll see later, you can tighten the rkp trucks a little bit for cruising through college/ downtown or even bombing downhill.

But how good is the Sidewinder?

Let’s find out.

Features and Benefits


There’s so much to love the Aperture’s design.

The first thing you’ll notice is the board’s artisan look. While there’re better-looking longboards, the Aperture is definitely going to attract a lot of compliments.

Other than aesthetics, I like the hardware on this board.

The drop-through design componentry looks solid, while the craftsmanship has a lot going for it in terms of the features, choice of material, and overall build.


Sidewinder’s deck isn’t your run-off-the-mill deck.

Instead, it has a lot going for it.

First, it’s a 7-ply wood maple deck, and we feel seven layers are sufficient to hold even 200-pound persons without breaking or even bottoming down.

Maple is also a smart choice of material for the Aperture as it can take a beating without breaking or chipping as most woods do.

Another thing we love with Sidewinder’s deck is the taco-mold concave shape that gives the board a slightly cambered profile.

It’s not a stiff deck either, and I’m a big fan of the cambered design as it produces a deck with a nice, comfortable upward flex.  The board feels springy and will soak up the bumps, chips, and other road imperfections with relative ease.

As for the deck’s length, the 36 inches may feel a bit short for beginners chasing for a stable board. Beginners are better off with 40+ inch longboards.

However, its shortness is what defines it as a carving board, as we shall see later.

The final thing we love with the deck is the grip tape that feels solid and keeps your feet firmly on the board to avoid slippage when carving.

Performance-Carving Board

Aperture Sidewinder’s deck is set up for short commutes and carving, emphasizing the carving abilities.

The short deck length is critical to Sidewinder’s carving greatness. Unlike the longer deck, the Sidewinder deck is easy to maneuver around human traffic and makes buttery tight turns around obstacles.

Another important feature is the drop-through profile with side wheel cutouts that allow for the crazy actuation of the trucks while carving hard.

But one thing you should note is Aperture Sidewinder is higher than most drop-through because of the double kingpin trucks. This makes it harder to footbrake and sliding is a challenge for me, at least.

The raised profile also means it’s not the best longboard if you need to go fast. Instead, it’s meant for corning and turns in general.

Still, Aperture has a decent amount of speed. I’ve bombed hills on this, but it has a tendency to drift a bit. It’s kinda cool, but if you’re going too fast, it’s a bit dangerous.

Wheels and Trucks

Aperture’s trucks and bushings are a solid distinguisher that users using this board have a serious interest in longboarding.

The Gullwing Sidewinder trucks (double pivot) have more turning radius than others. This sets the board up for more great turning action while allowing u-turns in short radiuses.

On the other hand, the bushings on this board are good for going over the ledges and bumps on the rough pavement, though you might need to retighten them a bit to overcome the speed wobble issues.

The ABEC-5 bearings are decent and finely machined, so no complaints so far. But some users swapped them with Bone Super Red bearings for better performance.

Finally, the 69mm wheels with a durometer of 78a are pretty spongy, grippy, and ride fast. They’re generally a good match to the rest of the components. They also seem to hold up well and don’t grind away.



#2 Sector 9 Green Wave Complete Longboard - Value Pick


Our second Sector 9 Longboard, Green Wave Complete Longboard, strikes a balance between price and performance.

While it’s not the least expensive Sector 9 longboard, it’s a value pick that gives the most bang for the buck.

Even better, it’s loaded with features and has everything it takes to offer a comfortable and powder-driven longboarding experience.

But how does it perform?

Let’s find out.

Features and Benefits


If you need a longboard that can endure heavy usage, this is it.

Green Complete Longboard is a great board that will take on a beating without compromising on its integrity.

Performance-wise, it also excels and will get you from one location to the other with the least hassle.

While it’s not a top-of-the-line longboard by any means, it’s solid and practical.

The only criticism of the hardware is perhaps the sub-standard quality of the bearings. It’s not a deal-breaker, though, because you can always replace the ABEC five bearings with some Bones Red.


It wouldn’t be hard to consider the Green Wave Complete longboard as an all-around option.

Let me explain.

This longboard has a really large deck, with a 42″ length and 10″ width.

While it wouldn’t be the best pick to carve or maneuver tight spaces, it accommodates nearly all other riding styles from speed racing, cruising, commuting to freeride.

Heck, with such a wide platform, it’s ultra-stable, and I can even use the board for dancing without worrying about losing my footing.

The 5 ply Taco Mold Bamboo deck helps Green Wave stand up against longboarding abuses. If user reviews are anything to go by, Green Wave Complete longboard will stand up to banging, drops, and even getting run over by automobiles.

And as with typically laminated bamboo decks, it flexes well, so you won’t feel the rugged pavement under your feet.

Yet, you won’t feel as if the board will snap or anything over your weight.

My only issue with the deck is the clear grip tape.

While it does a great job of keeping my feet on the deck, it gets dirty fast, and with time, the graphics start to fade out, and you kind of wonder why the clear grip is on there at all.

Of course, you can always replace the grip tape, but you’ll have to bear with the clear dirty look for the moment. No biggie.


If we’re to believe what the user’s reviews say, this longboard rides smooth and is stable.

The large deck platform with drop-through cuts outs makes the board quite stable, a handy feature for riders going downhill.

You might think it’s a bulky board for its deck size, but it’s actually manageable, easy to use, and won’t cause any problems for beginners.

The ride performance is awesome, and you won’t need to try another board after riding the Lookout.

It does all with style and comfort!

The deck has a nice little flex, while the trucks make it easy to turn the board while providing stability when needed.

Wheels & Trucks

Green Wave Complete Longboard sports 74mm 78a wheels, which will take on moderate bumps, pebbles, and small sticks with ease.

I love their largeness, as it allows them to avoid sticking on rocks. You’ll never get thrown off the board by a rock, even the large-sized gravel.

The 10″ gullwing charger trucks are nice and wide, offering a great turning radius. They’re flexible, too, so urban riding is super easy.



#3 Sector 9 Fractal Complete Skateboard - Cruising and Carving


Our third picking, the Fractal Complete Skateboard, is so much fun to push around on.

It’s a great option for those after a longboard that doubles as a cruiser and carving longboard.

And as with all our previously reviewed Sector 9 Longboards, it’s nothing short of exceptional quality.

Features and Benefits


My first impression of the Fractal Complete Skateboard is it begs to be ridden.

From the camber profile, springy deck to an amazing design, you’ll want to hop on this board and take a ride.

It’s a bit heavy, though, but easy to pick up, even for the first-time skaters.

But weight isn’t necessarily bad since I can confidently cruise over bumps, cracks and small potholes way easier on it than my buddies with smaller and lighter longboards.

It also glides better than bikes, and if kicking moderately or going downhill, I can even tag along with my bike friends on their bike lane.

The only downside is depending on your stature, you might find it challenging lugging the thing around when walking with friends.


I knew as soon as I stepped on this board for a person of my size, I was going to bust my ass or snap it.

But as it turns out, the 8-ply dynamic maple wood isn’t only beautiful, but it’s durable and sturdy.

If you like carving, it’s great.

The deck length is perfect for weaving your way through traffic and maneuvering through obstacles.

It’s also a great pick for city cruising, though beginners may find it a bit challenging to maintain stability.

Given that it’s slightly shorter than your typical board, maintaining stability is challenging, especially at high speeds.

But here’s the thing, Fractal Complete Skateboard doubles both as a cruiser and carver board. And in my opinion, the 36” deck strikes the sweet spot between these two riding disciplines.


Not wanting to break my leg, I first tried this board with one foot on the living room carpet. WOW!

This isn’t the longboard I grew up with.

 Fractal Complete Skateboard moves like silk and feels like I could fly if properly executed.

It’s an amazing board, perfect board balance for cruising and carving. You can use it to get to college classes or even as a ride to your grocery store, and it works great.

But it’s not meant for downhill.

The manufacturer clarifies this: DO NOT ride this downhill or at high speed or sliding/freeriding.

I tried it on a tiny hill and got speed wobbles and got thrown off. I wouldn’t advise.

Wheels & Truck

Along with the awesome cruising and carving performance, Fractal has a great turn ability.

First, the high-quality nine-inch gullwing charger trucks are sturdy and will let you take sharp turns harder with aster moves.

On the other hand, the 69 mm 78A hardness offset wheels work for a fast grip and rotation.

I’ve cruised on other boards, and one huge problem is that my legs get numb from the vibrations.

But not on the Fractal Complete Longboard.

The board has a small but effective absorb shock capability for an even more comfortable ride.



#4 Blue Wave Lookout Complete Longboard Skateboard - All-Around Board


Our fourth pick is a versatile longboard, perfect for riders chasing for a board that can satisfy their different riding styles.

It excels in caving, cruising, bombing downhill, and much more.

The Blue Wave Lookout is reliable, too, and a lot is going for it.

But what about its performance?

Let’s find out.

Features and Benefits


Blue Wave Lookout is not any different from other best Sector 9 longboards.

It rides well, has a great setup, and smoother than my gravity.

The graphics are nice and come exactly as pictured, and far more vibrant.

I would also recommend this Sector 9 Board for beginners, thanks to the overall quality of the deck and hardware.

The trucks, in particular, are great, while the wheels are grippy, so you won’t slide or won’t indent to.


If you’re a little heavier than the average longboarder, Blue Wave Lookout won’t stop you.

It sports a bamboo deck, which flexes nicely even under my weight, yet it’s sturdy and takes a beating like a champ.

Alongside flex and sturdiness, the laminated bamboo deck also gives beginners a feeling of better control and support when riding downhill.

Plus, the deck is lengthier than most boards, so it can handle speeds with great stability. Adults will also find more than enough deck space to place their feet for greater comfort.

The board also comes with a clear grip tape that offers just the right amount of grip to ride barefoot without any discomfort.

But as with any other clear grip tape, the deck gets dirty easily, but it’s the price you pay for better traction.


Blue Wave Lookout doesn’t fail in this department either.

It’s a great cruising board, and the gullwing trucks carve nicely,

On the other hand, the drop-in truck allows great wheel travel while maintaining a low center of gravity.

The drop-through mount design is also essential in offering beginner maximum control. It’s also more forgiving and will let you ease back into the groove without the fear of outgrowing it over time.

This board carves nicely and is responsive. The wider wheelbase keeps the board stable for more fun when performing the complex tricks.

You certainly can also go downhill with this board, and users find it useful for coasting long distances around curves, long hills, and straight areas.

Wheels and Trucks

Blue Wave Lookout’s ride is ultra-smooth and stable, even at very high speeds.

Once you puff stiffer bushing on the truck, you can even comfortably hit over 300 mph.

There’s also no skimping on the ABEC 5 bearings, though you need to replace the bearings with some Bones Red if you need the board to work like a charm.

The board is so smooth and fast that it’ll scare the kids at the skate park with everything set.



#5 Sector 9 Faultline Complete Skateboard - Best Downhill and Freeride


Our last pick, the Faultline, is a great longboard for downhill riding and freeride.

It’s a top mount board, so it offers more turn and leans for these riding styles.

Features and Benefits


Faultline’s design is everything you would need for a longboard.

The first impression is this deck is well-made to stand up to any abuses and has quality craftsmanship.

It’s aesthetically pleasing, too, and if you need a board that will attract compliments, you can’t go wrong with this pick.

My only quibble is the colors of the deck may vary though Sector 9 makes it clear from the onset.


Faultline deck has a lot going for it, and riders of all levels will love what this board has to offer.

First, it has a medium concave mellow in the middle with slightly steeper micro drops at the beginning of the cutouts.

I’m a big and of this design as it gives riders plenty of stability while keeping them locked into the board.

The cutouts are also necessary for avoiding nasty wheel bites when riding at speed.

Secondly, the choice of material is also interesting.

The 9-Ply cold-pressed maple construction is as sturdy as it gets and will take a beating like a champ. It’s a sturdy material, and if the user reviews are anything to go by, it handles drops, collisions, and banging quite well.

Finally, as with most of our picks, it also comes with coarse grip tape to help riders stay locked on when performing the buttery slides and carves.

Overall, this is an awesome board, and I would recommend it to anyone.


Faultline excels in this area on different fronts.

First, it offers an ultra-smooth ride, free from speed wobbles; I love how the deck absorbs the shocks and vibrations on the road.

It’s a great pick for hill bombing, and not at any time will riders feel as if they’re about to wipe out when going downhill.

Faultline also has a lengthy deck, and I can’t overemphasize how stable it feels. Beginners will savor every minute on the board as it inspires confidence, allowing them to cruise without fear of falling.

Wheels and Trucks

This is yet another department the Faultline excels.

First, it sports 10” Gullwing charger II trucks, which is necessary for the great turning ability.

On the other hand, the 73mm 78A race wheels have plenty of grips, speed, and their size means they can go literally over any obstacle.



Best Sector 9 Longboard Buying Guide

Best Sector 9 Longboard Buying Guide

If you’re still undecided on the best Sector 9 board to pick, we’ve you covered.

In the section below, we’ll share with you everything you should consider in your next Sector 9 Longboard purchase.

But first, what do customers say about Sector 9 Boards?

Are Sector 9 longboards good? what riders say

If the user reviews are anything to go by, most riders generally agree with the Sector 9 lineup for all rider levels.

These boards are of high quality yet are affordable.

They’re also highly praised for the build quality and smooth & easy ride.

Plus, the ball wheels that come with Sector 9 longboards are highly rated. In particular, Sector’s Nineball wheels are sought after in their own right, independently of the competes, which is unlike most wheels out there.

Overall, there’s plenty to love with Sector 9’s boards.

Where are Sector 9 longboards made?

Sector 9 has an in-house workshop in their San Diego headquarter facilities.

It’s a contrast to many other brands that have chosen to outsource their labor from Asian countries.

As a true American-based brand, Sector 9 products undergo tough quality processes, including driving automobiles over the boards or even shooting them.

What Should I Choose Sector 9 Longboards Over Other Brands?

What makes Sector 9 boards special over other longboard brands? And why should you pick this brand?

As it turns out, there’re numerous reasons why you should prefer Sector 9’s board, and in the section below, we shall go over the three main reasons.

Durability and Smooth Riding

This is probably the most appealing feature of Sector’s longboard.

While maintaining a strict manufacturing process of the deck to ensure durability, the length and shape are carefully considered to create the best performance for riders.

So, whichever deck you pick, there’s one solid thing you receive: Smooth feel and stiffness.

Turning on these boards is also convenient, and this is large because of the 100% self-manufactured Gullwing Sidewinder trucks.

The Gullwing Sidewinder trucks have two main benefits.

One, they’re custom-made for every deck, so they fit nicely to your board and will adapt to your riding style.

Secondly, they’ve superior performance, giving riders a great turn and comfort against potholes.

Unique graphics to add characteristics to longboard

While each longboard brand has its graphics style, the Sector 9 longboards are uniquely designed, outstanding and distinctive.

The best Sector 9 longboards are available in different designs, styles, and colors, each boasting a specific vibe and sophisticated printing.

Plus, there’s an extra layer on the outermost part for protecting the beautiful art against daily abuse.

Speed is Important

A good thing with the best Sector 9 longboards is speed always goes hand in hand with stability.

Depending on your longboarding style, dropdowns longboards sit lower to the ground for better stability, even at speed.

Other Sector 9 longboards have wheels specifically customized in terms of diameter and width to fit the speed demand of each riding style snugly.

Some options like Nicaragua, a downhill longboard, focus on more speed and stability at high speed. The wheels on this option are smaller but with extra width.

What Are the Advantages of Buying A Sector 9 Longboard?


It’s not only possible to, but a separate deck from this brand but their size range is vast to fit any of your deepest demands.

And rest be assured all decks here are created with a beautiful design and art in mind to meet the aesthetics demands. More importantly, they’re durable and reliable to use even in rough terrain.


The self-manufactured Gullwing trucks have more than average performance.

They’re incomparable to the generic options because they’re customized for each deck, so they fit nicely and deliver a high performance.

Plus, they’re various options available in terms of color, sizes, and styles.


While Sector 9 longboards bearing isn’t anywhere impressive, the wheel’s performance is on another level.

The board’s wheels come in diverse sizes and with different widths to fit specific riding styles.

Riding Style

Sector 9 longboards afford riders various styles from easy cruising, carving, gliding to downhill riding.

Their performance is also distinctive from other brands; they’re smoother, reliable, and more comfortable.

Wrap Up: Our Choice

Wrap Up Our Choice

Sector 9 has a host of awesome longboards, each with unique strengths and qualities.

However, after much deliberation, we feel the Aperture Sidewinder Longboard is our winner and the best Sector 9 longboard.

Of course, it shares similar traits as with all other options from the brand, but this pick has a lot to love.

We love everything on this longboard, from the carving performance, hardware to the overall quality.

And if user reviews are anything to go by, it’s a wonderful option for all levels of riders, starting from the beginners to the experienced riders.

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