Ultimate Review of The Best Skateboards For 8-Year-Old in 2023

Best Skateboard For 8-Year-Old

As kids grow and reach different milestones in their early years, it’s always good to encourage them to play and have fun.

Games are necessary not only to promote their health but also to boost their confidence and encourage interaction with the outside world.

Bikes are their favorite toys at an early age, but as they age, they may want something more sophisticated like a scooter or a skateboard.

Finding a skateboard for your kid sounds easy, but it’s actually not.

This is particularly true when you’ve to look for skateboards for an oddly specific category, such as the best skateboards for an 8-year-old.

See, it’s at this stage; 8-year-olds begin to feel like “big kids,” yet puberty is still a couple of years away for most of them.

What was cool at the end of their third grade is often passé by the time they’re into the spring semester of their fourth grade.

They grow fast, too, up for an adventure and don’t necessarily want an adventure with a skateboard that looks like it’s meant for their little sister.

But again, you don’t want them cruising around on a board they can barely lift or get their feet across.

So, how do you pick the right board for your 8-year-old, especially with a ton of options to choose from?

You don’t have to worry about any of that. We’ve picked five of our favorite skateboards for the 8-year-old.

Quick Comparison Table!

RIMABLE Complete Skateboard


Powell Golden Dragon


MINORITY Maple Skateboard


Penny 22″ Cruiser Skateboard


SkateXS Panda Street Kids board



The Best Skateboards for 8-Year-Olds For The Money

Best Skateboard For 8-Year-Old for the money

#1 RIMABLE Complete Skateboard - EDITOR'S CHOICE


Our top pick, the Rimable 22″ Skateboard, looks pretty sick. With a distinct shape and design, and a choice of 13 different colors, your kid is about to find a board that excites them.

But Rimable isn’t only about design!

The skateboard board comes with a durable plastic deck, smooth-rolling wheels, 3-inch trucks to help when doing tricks, and so much more.

And the best part?

It comes at a really affordable price, offering true value for your purchase.

Features and Benefits


I bought this for my son, who wanted a “cool skateboard,” and he truly loves it.

Originally, he was hesitant when we ordered it, but now, he’s satisfied, as he receives a lot of compliments from his friends. He hasn’t mentioned getting one of the more expensive models.

For me, it’s the aesthetics, particularly how the deck feels and looks under different lighting.

Yet, the stunning colors and design don’t make the board look like a toy, and my son can confidently skate with the bigger boys without them making fun of his skate.


When purchasing the board for my son, I wanted something sturdy, well-made, and everything seems to point to the Rimable.

Of course, with a plastic deck, I had my fears, but they were quickly unfounded.

See, my son is the clumsy type, and the board has had its fair share of trip-ups, spills, and collisions. But in the end, Rimable is just as reliable as I first purchased it.

It has gained several scuff marks here and there, but not enough to compromise the board’s stiffness.

The wheels and trucks are still in perfect condition and working well, and there’s no rust on the metal because it’s aluminum.


Rimable’s biggest benefit is its size.

See, many children wouldn’t like to lug a large board around.

Fortunately, the 22-inch, Rimable is compact yet has a professional vibe to it.

My 8-year-old son finds it comfortable to carry, and better yet, it has a wonderful quality of ride that satisfies him.

Riding Performance

When purchasing the Rimable, it’s always between this and the Penny board.

While both are similar in many ways, I find the Rimable perfect for kids and beginners.

Many kids have a good handle on the board and pick it up fairly quickly.

For the compact size, the 59mm wheels prove to be just the right size in providing kids with balance and smooth maneuverability.

For instance, my kid can ride the board on rocky roads, which is a useful feature when taking a walk with my dog in the park.

Additionally, the wheels with a durometer of 78A are soft enough to absorb shock and reduce vibration while offering the right amount of hardness to roll over obstacles,

It’s definitely more bendy, and not as the same quality as the Penny, so it might not be a great option for fast rolling.

The nuts on the trucks are also tighter than normal, but not a deal-breaker as loosening them slightly makes it easier for your kids to master turning.

Overall, Rimable is a wonderful purchase for your kids and will ease their learning process.



#2 Powell Golden Dragon Skateboard - Best for Performing Tricks


I grew up skating Powell Peralta gear in the 80s, so I had to include one of their products on my review.

I know the brand has built a reputable legacy by offering quality and reliable products, and the Powell Golden Dragon is no different.

Powell is a perfect pick for guardians who need to gift their 8-year-olds a well-balanced board with some cool looks.

In particular, it can be an intriguing option for those who need a board for performing tricks.

Features and Benefits


My first impression on this board was the nice construction and appealing design.

The board has a unique look, embracing fiery dragons’ feel, a cool graphic for the skatepark.

Powell’s top is covered in grip tape, but at the center is another dragon, this time centered in a diamond pattern.

Overall, Powell’s design is cool, and your kid is surely going to love the board.


We all know kids can be ungainly, but there’s no need to worry about that on the Powell.

The board is reliable as it’s crafted using an Airlam process that presses the materials together at a high level of pressure.

Simply put, Powell Dragon can take a pounding without wearing down as other boards do.

Some reviewers claim to have taken on the curbs, collided with obstacles, and even banged Powell against the wall, and yet, all it has to show for are a few minor scratches.

Additionally, we were impressed that the board can withstand riders upward of 200 pounds, so it might fit teenagers and lightweight adults.

Built for Tricks

Powell Dragon is among the few skateboards designed purposefully for performing tricks.

How so?

It has several features that will allow your kid to do the ollies, skates, fakes, grinds, and much more.

The first feature is the grippy surface along the top of the board, keeping both feet “glued” to the board, even in a slippery condition.

The second feature is a cambered deck with a slightly concave design. It creates “pockets” on both ends, locking your kid’s feet on the deck, a useful feature when doing tricks.

Finally, the wheels are smaller and accelerate quicker, translating into more explosive tricks, particularly on the halfpipe.

On the other hand, the trucks are positioned closer to the ground- a superior configuration for a skate park for greater stability.


The basic tradeoff on wheels is; softer wheels provide the ride’s smoothness, while harder wheels are better for doing tricks and rolling faster.

Powell wheels with a 99A durometer are on the harder/trick-friendly side of the spectrum.

They’re hard wheels and therefore not suited for rolling over cracks or rocks well.

It’s not a deal breaker, though, since you can easily customize the board and replace the wheels with much softer options for riding on the patchy grounds.

The 54mm diameter, however, is a great all-around size, and a good starting point for kids who have not yet mastered the art of skateboarding.

Maneuverability is on point, and pretty how much I like them. I know it’s a bit subjective, but you can always fine-tune them to meet the demands of your kid.

The only quibble on the boards is the loud, chalky, and slow wheels. While I’ll probably switch them for my kids, it’s still a decent value for a first board.



#3 MINORITY Maple Skateboard - Perfect for Stunts


Minority Skateboards is among the most popular skate brands on the market for a good reason.

For a long time now, they’re reputed for manufacturing quality boards and materials that can withstand up to most wear-and-tear.

They also have plenty of boards in their stable to cater to any skill level, but today, we shall be looking at the Minority Maple Board.

It’s a 32-inch skateboard that 8-year-olds will find comfortable, but pros can similarly jump on easily and have fun too.

I’m personally a big fan of this board. It just feels perfect for beginners, and wide enough for greater control.

I love the maple deck construction, which makes it the most premier quality deck in the market.

But there’s more to this board!

Features and Benefits


The first observation I made on the Minority board is it comes in different styles and artwork.

Ten different designs are available, to be exact, and with so many options to choose from, even the most discerning kid is certainly going to find an option they love.

And it’s not just about looks!

See, if you want a board that performs as good as it looks, Minority is one.

The board looks really nice, has quality metal trucks, decent bearing, and the graphics are sweet.

It may take time for your kid to break into the board, but after a few weeks of messing around with it, they’ll get comfortable and like the board.

The only quibble with the board’s design is the flimsy grip tape. After several uses, users pointed out that the tape started to pull up at the board’s edge.

For me, I don’t feel it is such a huge deal-breaker, especially considering the price I had to pay to get the board.


The Minority board is 32 inches long and 8 inches wide, a perfect starter board if you’re mostly looking for a board to ride around and attempt some tricks.

The deck sports 7-ply hard rock maple wood, cold-pressed for a sturdy and solid feel.

I love how the board takes on a beating like a champ. It doesn’t break or wear out easily as most of the inexpensive models do.

Even better, it has a decent weight capacity and can accommodate up to 220 pounds, so it might even be a perfect pick for beginner adults.

Wheels and Trucks

Minority complete skateboard has a smooth ride and is made for tricks and skatepark riding.

Two of the main elements that qualifies Minority as a stunt board are the wheels and trucks.

With the Minority, you get ABEC-9 bearings and quick, 52mm polyurethane wheels.

The bearings are great for those who crave speed, while the wheels, with a medium-soft hardness, offer a smooth, comfortable ride, even when skating over the patchy ground.

If you feel the wheels aren’t suitable for your kid’s ride, you can always replace them. For instance, if you plan on performing tricks like ollies, you don’t want to go with anything bigger than 60 mm wheels.

Riders planning to use the board as mostly straight up and down cruisers without the need for sharp turns, you can choose the 70 mm without risers.

Personally, I prefer the 60mm Santa Cruz slimeballs for my kid. They’re big enough for a smooth, comfortable ride, and don’t sacrifice the speed.


On the other hand, the 5-inch aluminum trucks with PU bushing and a carbon steel kingpin offer a durable and lightweight base, ideal for responsive turning and easy landing.



#4 Penny 22" Cruiser Skateboard - Premium Pick


The Penny 22″ is among the expensive options on our list.

It’s a fantastic alternative to the Rimable we had reviewed much earlier.

However, like most of the picks on our list, Penny boards aren’t really for the serious skaters. But there are no better recreational items for kids looking to get around.

In fact, I find the board perfect for cruising around on the streets and playing downhill.

But is it the right pick for your young one?

Features and Benefits


While many skaters prefer a fully- wood or carbon-fiber board, the Penny cruiser’s primary defining aspect is its plastic construction.

Of course, we were worried the plastic construction was durable enough for kids.

Surprisingly, though, the plastic deck is sturdy enough to take on the rugged conditions like a champ.

Sure, the vital plastic components may bend but never break under stress.

The vinyl plastic can take a hit without showing too much battle damage.

Guardians won’t have to worry about their kids accidentally splintering the board during play. Additionally, the vinyl boards never get razor tails, a common occurrence on the wooden board edges.

Finally, the deck has many bends to it, so I don’t think it will break unless a lot of weight is applied.


Penny is a true cruiser, so I wouldn’t recommend performing a lot of tricks.

Nonetheless, it’s also a min-cruiser, so it’s shorter, and if your kid wants to do an ollie, it does have a kicktail for use.

I find the board perfect for kids because of its compact design. It’s easier to handle than the longer board, and they shouldn’t have any problems carrying it for long distances.

My only wish is the deck could come with some optional grip tape as the plastic doesn’t seem to provide enough grip, especially when wet.

Riding Performance

Kids really enjoy riding this board.

It offers a nice smooth ride and doesn’t get caught up in cracks unless going at the same speed of a slow walk.

Of course, it has some level of vibrations, especially when using it on the no-so-traveled road. But this is with any skateboard, but we love that Penny lessens the numbness.


Despite the plastic construction, you’ll find that the ride and turning off this board is quite smooth.

The trucks are seemingly designed for easy turning, which is why I’d recommend the board for anyone looking to start their kids on skateboarding.

The wheels don’t wear off easily, while the trucks, though adjustable, come at a tightness that seems to be just right for many kids. Others may want to tighten or loosen them a little, but most like where they’re.

Finally, the board has a greater board flex than many boards, which adds to better controllability.



#5 SkateXS Beginner Panda Street Kids Skateboard - Best for 7-12-Year-Olds


SkateXS Skateboards, based in Carlsbad, CA, specializing in making “real” and authentic boards for kids.

Unlike many kid’s boards which feel more like toys, SkateXS boards sport the same high-quality components-decks, trucks and bushing-found in leading brand models for adults.

And today, we shall be looking at one of SkateXS’s popular models for kids.

The Panda Street Skateboard is a premium option, specifically sized for younger skaters aged between 7 and 12.

I feel this board will “grow” with your kid from a younger age and transition them to adult skateboarding.

Features and Benefits


If you’ve used SkateXS boards before, you know one of their strengths is the ability to customize the decks for a more personalized appeal.

The Panda Street is no different as it boasts of beautiful artwork your kid will love.

The designs are so current for today’s kids, and if you know what they like, you’re more than likely to get it right the first time.

My favorite design is the Panda theme that features a cool cartoon character acting crazy on a wooden-background.

The Unicorn theme is also wonderful, but I feel it would be more suited for the girls.


Most SkateXS skateboard decks for kids are high-quality bamboo.

The Panda Street has its deck built from bamboo layers, offering an optimal mix of stiffness and flex, which results in great “pop.”

Simply put, the board is responsive, especially when performing tricks such as ollies.

Away from the great pop, the material is ultra-sturdy and can withstand many cases of abuse from kid skaters.

We can’t also fail to mention the overall quality of craftsmanship on the board, as witnessed by the shapes and contours, raised edges, and functional kicks.


Panda’s wheels are positioned closer to the ground than regular skates, which is beneficial in several ways.

First, the lowered height is critical for pushing the board, so your kids won’t get much-tired skating, even for long durations.

The lowered height also stabilizes the board, which is important for pushing and doing tricks as young skaters won’t fear falling as hard as on a taller board.

We also love how lightweight the trucks are, which is essential for kids when popping or flipping the board.


Here again, SkateXS picks the right wheel sizes and hardness to match the special truck weight and rider weight.

The 53mm wheels with a 90A level of hardness offer decent rolling on different types of terrains.

However, I feel the Panda might not be the best pick for rolling on the uneven terrain with their hardness level as they easily transfer vibrations to the rider.

They’re great, though, for those looking for speed.



Best Skateboards for 8-Year-olds Buying Guide

Best Skateboard For 8-Year-Old buying guide

The text below consolidates the essential factors to consider when choosing a skateboard for your 8-year-old.


It’s possible to get a skateboard for your kid for as little as $30, but in most cases, this would probably not be your best option.

If you’re serious about your kid building real skills for the sport, you should invest in good quality instruments.

Cheap boards are just as they sound-cheap and aren’t pleasant for your kids to ride.

However, it doesn’t mean you need to spend hundreds of dollars on a skateboard.

My recommendation is to shoot for something in the $65 to $110 range. Here, you’re guaranteed decent quality and durability. Secondly, most of the boards at this price range come as complete, having all the necessary components your kids need to start skateboarding.

Size of the Skateboard

A critical feature to consider on the best skateboards for an 8-year-old is the deck width.

Generally, the deck width determines the skateboard’s size as well as fit.

Quality skateboards for younger riders come in standard widths between 6.25” and 7.75” and in increments of ¼”.

While some manufacturers provide width recommendations by age, there’s no hard and fast rule about the best size for 8-year-olds.

It all depends on their size, type of riding, and shape of the board.

Skateboard’s Shape

When choosing the right skateboard for your 8-year-old, you’ve 2 main options;

  1. A standard, popsicle-shaped board
  2. Mini-cruiser type shape

The popsicle-shaped board is a great option if your kids want to skate transition, street, or combination of the two.

On the other hand, the mini-cruisers, as their name suggests, are primarily designed for cruising.

They flaunt wider trucks and large softer wheels for tackling the non-smooth terrain.


It’s easy to customize the skateboard you choose for your kid.

For instance, you can change the skate’s wheels depending on your kid’s riding style.

For street tricks and maneuvers, 50-51 wheels are a great choice, while the 52-52mm wheels are ideal for skatepark riding.

If you choose a standard deck and later want to cruise around in the neighborhood with your 8-year-old, we recommend the larger wheels, e.g., 58060mm with a softer euro. The wheels absorb cracks and bumps on the road much better than the smaller wheels.

However, remember fitting larger wheels on a standard deck may result in a wheel bite.


When choosing a board for your 8-year-old, you need to consider how it will hold up and look like in a few years to come.

In particular, consider the aesthetics if you want your child, your child, to remain interested in it.

Minimalist designs are unlikely to go out of fashion at any point. In contrast, a particular fandom’s board styles can fall in and out of favor as rapidly as the characters they’re celebrating.

Also, you need to consider the durability element of the board.

Kids can be reckless, so you need to pick an option that will stand the abuses. A long-lasting option isn’t only reliable, but it retains value and can be passed on to the other siblings once your 8-year-old outgrows its need.

Best Skateboard For 8-Year-Old Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Much Should I Spend on my kid’s skateboard?

A: As we had already mentioned, you can get boards for as low as $30, but that wouldn’t be the best choice for an 8-year-old. Instead, we recommend going with boards in the $60-100 range. It’s a realistic budget, and you get quality boards for your kids.

Q: How do I teach my kid tricks?

A: The best way is not to let them hit the road immediately. Instead, let them start on the carpet first to work on the correct foot positioning and balance.

You can later take them outside and monitor their progress.

Q: What are some of the safe skateboarding practices?

A: It’s a good idea to screen the area or location your kid will be riding. Clear the path from debris, glass, and rocks.

Other safe skateboarding practices to consider are:

  • Ensure your kid only skates on smooth pavement, away from traffic
  • Never let them ride on the streets.
  • Always have your kids wearing the full safety gear.
  • Never attempt to ride on a skateboard with another person.

Wrap Up: Our Choice

best skateboard for 8 year olds Wrap Up

Our winner on the list of the best skateboards of 8-year-old kids is the RIMABLE Complete Skateboard.

We feel this model offers a fantastic value, especially the cost vs. performance ratio.

It’s not the least expensive on our list, though, but it comes at an affordable price. Yet, it has the features and performance of some of the high-end models.

It’s easy to use, while the unique designs make it even more appealing for the kids.

The board has awesome performance and is tailored to make it easy for kids to advance their skateboarding mastery in the least time possible.

Overall, this board has everything your kid needs to start skateboarding, and it doesn’t feel out of place even compared to the adult and high-end options.

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