Ultimate Review of the Best Surfboard Bike Racks in 2023

Ultimate Review of the Best Surfboard Bike Racks

It’s an easy way of getting to the beach, after all. And if you live a close call to the beach, it might even be the best way to get there.

No hassles of beating traffic, a bit of workout warming, a fresh breeze of air, and much more… there’re not really any downsides to biking to the beach with a surfboard.

Except, of course, the actual act of riding with a board tucked under your arms.

Yes, it’s a popular but tedious way of carrying your board.

And, oh, the struggle that comes with fighting the still side winds and the headwinds and the associated risks of a catastrophic fall.


biking lets you get to the beach a little faster, but it can be inconvenient,

especially if you’ve to hold the board with one hand.

See, with both hands on the handlebars, your riding experience becomes much safer and controlled.

And this

is where a surfboard bike rack comes in handy.

The best surf bike racks offer a convenient and secure way to carry your surfboard

without affecting your riding-they don’t affect your mobility or visibility.

More importantly, you get to the beach without your skinned chafed or “peeled” off from the asphalt on your board.

And the good thing is they’re not an expensive surfing accessory as many people tend to believe.

But with plenty of surfboard bike racks in the market, choosing the best rack for your needs can be challenging.

But it doesn’t need to be. In the guide below, we’ll review the best surfing bike racks in the market.

And if you’ve time, you can also go through our best surfboard bicycle racks buying section to help with the selection.

Quick Comparison Table!

Moved By Bikes (MBB)


Ho Stevie! Surfboard Bike Rack


Carver Shortboard Bike Rack


Carver Surf CSR Mini Black Small


Lixada AU Stock Surfboard Bicycle Carrier



The Best Surfing Bike Racks For The Money

The Best Surfing Bike Racks For The Money

#1 Moved By Bikes (MBB) - EDITOR'S CHOICE


The Moved by Bikes MBB Longboard Rack is a simple and effective solution for transporting your surfboard to the shore.

It’s a practical solution, especially when transporting large and extra-large-sized surfboards. If you’re not only keen on surfing, but a fan of stand-up paddleboards, then carrying those up to 25 pounds shouldn’t be an issue with MBB.

Moved MBB Longboard Racks come in two U-bars: one connects to the head tube, while the other fixes the integrated rear rack. It’s a nice setup, perfect for dividing the heaviness of the board for both carrier arms equally.

Receiving almost five stars from reviewers, MBB Longboard Rack releases you from the complicated installation. Instead, it has quick-release bars and quick-release pins for instant setting and removal. Installation is super-quick, taking only 10 minutes. It also allows quick storage when not in use.

The guys at Moved by Bikes have also paid attention to the choice of material, with special consideration to frequent exposure to saltwater.

Moved by Bike MBB Longboard Racks utilizes aluminum and stainless steel materials. It’s a nice choice of materials, helping overcome the effects of rust, corrosion, and marine elements.

And unlike the $10 racks, MBB Racks don’t break if your bike tips. These are built like a tank.

This MBB Rack also won user’s hearts with a leash loop on the end of the rack arm. It’s a nice additional feature for dog lovers among users, allowing you to attach your four-legged furry friend so you can enjoy so much fun with them on the beach.



#2 Ho Stevie! Surfboard Bike Rack - Most Versatile Surfboard Bike Racks


Want a surfboard bicycle Rack that can accommodate all types of bicycles? You can’t go wrong with the Ho Stevie! Surfboard Bike Rack.

Ho Stevie can most definitely be utilized whether you own full suspension mountain bikes, cruiser bikes, road bike, or anything in between. All you’ve to do is to clamp Stevie to the bike frame post.

The rack utilizes a single clamp design that connects to the bike seat posts before extending into a triangular shape. It provides a convenient place to slot in your surfboard.

Ho Stevie! Works well with boards up to 8 feet long. It’s possible to carry longer boards, but it becomes less stable and difficult to maneuver.

The other prominent benefit of the Ho Stevie Surfboard bike is the choice of material.

Aluminum isn’t only light, but a surety that the Stevie is rustproof and corrosion-resistant. It stands up to the elements, and you shouldn’t have a problem using it in salt water. Additionally, the aluminum is anodized, so it’s less likely to chip off as paint does.

Safety-wise, the foam-covered arms protect your board from scratches and dings during shaky rides. It eliminates the need for a board sock or bag.

We were also surprised that this board also comes with bungee cords to secure and hold your board tight safely while pedaling for the price.



#3 Carver Shortboard Bike Rack - Surfboard Bike Racks for Shortboards


The ability to easily and safely transport a surfboard and gear to the beach without the need for an automobile is huge.

Carver Surf Racks affords a level of mobility and independence you’ve not experienced.

And as its name suggests, Carver Shortboard Surfboard Bike Rack is a great option for shortboards. It can mount up to two shortboards.

Surfers will benefit from a convenient uni-clamp for securing their surfboards to the seat post.

This side-mounted bicycle rack is also safe and secure, allowing you to conveniently transport your surfboard on your bike to and from the seaside. I ride my bike right on the road and fly over bumps and potholes without any problems. Of course, you might experience some wobble and minimal pull, but nothing you can’t handle.

Carver Shortboard’s choice of material is also nice, as it utilizes a lightweight welded aluminum alloy that is both rust and corrosion-resistant. You should have any problem with the Carver coming into contact with the saltwater or marine elements.

Safety is also prioritized on this surfboard bike rack, with the soft foam wrapping helping to protect and secure the surfboard and prevent damage while on the go.

The design and construction make for quick and easy installation while removing the mounting system is also easy.

Plus, the mounting arms are adjustable and will easily accommodate your personal preferences and needs while pedaling.



#4 Carver Surf CSR Mini Black Small - Compact and Smaller Bike Surfboard Rack


If you were impressed by the Carve Shortboard Rack we’ve just reviewed above; you’ll be dazzled by this option.

The Carver Mini Rack is a smaller version of the Carver Surf Rack and a great option for the shortboards.

But don’t let the size make you look down on it.

It’s a practical rear-mounting rack that can be installed on the seat of most bikes. And if the customer reviews are anything to go by, the simple  U-shape design passes the testing on every bike, including BMX, beach cruisers, electric bikes, and doesn’t disappoint.

This solid bike rack is also built with safety in mind as it utilizes bungee cords for wrapping around the board to prevent it from wobbling or sliding out.

And since surfboard racks come in regular contact with seawater, rust is a huge concern.

But guess what?

You don’t have to worry about rust, or other elements, thanks to the TIG-welded aluminum that can stand up against rust and corrosion.

As we mentioned earlier, this CSR is suitable for shortboards. It can easily accommodate the 8 feet length boards and has a good maximum weight capacity.

Additionally, the arms are completely padded, so your board is less likely to suffer from dings and damages during transport.

Want to know the best part?

Carver Mini Rack is among the easiest to install a surfboard bike rack. It’s easy to attach the rubberized clamps to the seat post and quickly detach them when not needed.

Plus, it’s not a permanent installation, so you can always ride your bike with or without the attachment.



#5 Lixada AU Stock Surfboard Bicycle Carrier - Convenient Carry System


Lixada Outdoor came up with this bike rack to offer surfers a convenient means of surfboard transportation.

It has a thoughtful side rack design, and we love how it easily mounts on your bike’s seat post; the wider mounting stance is important as it doesn’t affect your bike’s mobility or cause any trouble when pedaling.

What’s more? The clever design prevents the rack, board, or bike from rubbing against each other during transport.

As with other surfboards on our list, installation is a breeze, and you won’t struggle to attach the rack. You simply need to clamp it to the seat post and screw it tightly.

While the Lixada can accommodate most bicycle models, we recommend bicycles with seat posts between 25mm to 32mm.

What other standout features does it have?

Lixada Surf Rack has a lightweight yet durable construction. It utilizes high-grade aluminum, and while the lightness may trick you into considering it substandard, trust us, it’s not.

It can take a beating and handle all the abuses like a champ, all while facilitating better transportation.

Sure, Lixada has a design resembling most of the other models on our list, but the design thoughtfulness is what sets it apart.

The guys at Lixada made sure that the Lixada stays at least 20com away from your bike, and this is critical in preventing scratching and marring your surfboard.

Finally, a soft protection pads arm covering the rack protects the bike and board, ensuring it maintains its structural integrity.



Another Honorable Mention

Carver CSR Scooter Surf Rack  – Moped Rack

The Carver CSR isn’t exactly a bike rack, but with the rise in popularity of the electric bike, we thought it would be a good idea to include a moped rack.

The CSR Scooter rack is a nice addition to your scooter/moped, and it nicely mounts onto the existing cargo rack.

And with most of the Carver carry boards, it utilizes stainless steel components to stand up to the abuses.

And while it’s said to be designed for scooters, it can also be attached to big bicycles, and you won’t have to worry about having enough clearance for the surfboard, even with a broad exhaust pipe.

The rack is adjustable, too, so you can always play around with it to accommodate your riding preference.

Best Surfing Bike Racks Buying Guide

Best Surfing Bike Racks Buying Guide

In the section below, we’ll look at everything you should know about selecting the ideal surfboard bike racks for your needs.

But first, let’s look at what makes a good surfboard bike rack.

What Makes a Good Surfboard Bicycle Rack?

It’s pretty simple.

A good surfboard bike rack should accomplish several basic tasks.

One, it should keep your surf secure during transit and protect you and your surfboard from catastrophic falls.

Secondly, it shouldn’t impact your riding- the less it affects your mobility, visibility the better.

What to Consider When Selecting the Best Surfboard Bike Racks

Now that we know what the surfing board bike rack should accomplish, let’s look at the factors to consider in your next purchase.

Rack Style and Type

There’re three main types of bicycle racks/mounts, and each has its advantages and challenges.

The three types are:

1)      Side Mounted Rack

The side mounted stye is the most popular way of riding your surfboard.

While your bike gets a bit wider, it doesn’t pose any safety threat and isn’t affected by wind, especially when speeding up.

Plus, this rack design is easy to install, works with any bike, and can be used for short and longboards.

However, these racks require some additional space for maneuvering in smaller areas, so they’re not ideal for tight areas.

2)      Rear Mounted Racks

Rear-mounted racks are mounted on the rear or back of the bike.

The greatest benefit to this setup is there’s no need to counterbalance the weight of the surfboard as with the side or front mount system.

Another benefit over the rear-mounted racks is you can easily maneuver the tight spaces because the rear mount holds the boards out of the way.

One of the greatest concerns with this setup is the boards ride higher, so winds can have a more significant impact.

3)      Surfboard Bike Trailer

The surfboard bike trailer is a wheeled trailer-mounted system that attaches to the rear of the bike.

The trailer can accommodate longboards, including the standup paddleboard.

Its distinct benefit is you can transport multiple boards and additional gear on these trailers with ease.

Additionally, the trailer is detachable, so you can remove it from your bike and use it for transporting your boards across the shore.

The main challenge is they’re bulky, and having to pull the extra weight, is like pulling a trailer behind a car. You need to be aware of the extended area and your turning radius.

Surfboard Size

When choosing the best surfboard bike rack, it’s a good idea to consider the length.

The reason is some racks are specifically designed for shortboards, while others will only accommodate longboards.

You need to factor in the type and style of rack that is best suited for the specific length and weight of the board.


It’s easy to overlook installing a surfboard rack, but it’s also one of the biggest mistakes we see people make.

See, having a secure and stable installation mounting system is vital for you and your board’s safety.

Each surf bike rack has attachment points, and you’d want to make sure the mounting system connections can work with the specific design, shape, and material.

More importantly, check to see that it’s easy to install. It shouldn’t be sophisticated and should require minimal use of tools. The surfboard bike racks should only require a simple Allen wrench or complete assembly.

However, if you’re comfortable with having the rack permanently installed, this may not be an important consideration.

Choice of Material and Design

Most surfing takes in the salty waters, so your racks are likely to get affected by elements such as salt air and saltwater.

To avoid this from happening, avoid the steel-made racks unless they’re heavily coated. Even with the coating, you’ll be forced to make some maintenance steps.

To avoid such hassle, we recommend that you opt for rust, corrosion, and oxidation-resistant materials.

At the same time, also consider a lightweight option that won’t wear you down fast. It should be lightweight while remaining durable.

Keep in mind no material strikes the perfect balance of all these features- you need to put up with several compromises.

For example, sturdy in most cases means heavy.


Some surfboard bike rack systems include bungee cords, Velcro straps, dog leash hooks, and arm foam padding.

If these items are important to you, then go for them. Bungee is particular, is an important accessory, and if it’s not included, you need to factor the additional cost in your decision-making.

Best Surfboards Bike Rack Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How do you install a surfboard bike rack?

A: The first thing is to check the instruction manual. If not, check whether there’s a downloadable online guide or video tutorial.

Remember, every surfboard bike rack is unique in how it’s installed.

However, most options use a clamping device for bolting the rack to the bolt.

Q: Can I use the surfboard bike rack on hills?

A: Yes, if you purchased a good quality rack, you shouldn’t have any concerns riding uphill or going downhill.

The high-quality boards have foam pads for securing your board and come with bungee cords to hold your board in place.

Q: Can wind affect my surfboard on a bike?

A: Definitely. Strong winds impact the stability from side to side. Much the same as when walking, the wind can push against your board.

So, when picking a rack, you always want to be aware of the wind strength and direction.

Wrap Up: Our Choice

Best Surfing Bike Racks Wrap Up Our Choice

Surfboard bicycle racks offer a great and secure way to transport your board to and from the beach.

Now, if you’re still undecided on what rack to go for, I would recommend the Moved MBB.

It’s a great, all-around board perfect for the different types of boards and bikes.

The MBB rack is also reliable and will stand up to transport abuses and marine elements while remaining lightweight.

While it’s a bit more expensive than most racks, it promotes safety and security for your board, ensuring you arrive at your destination in one piece.

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