Ultimate Review of the Best Surfboard Socks in 2023

Ultimate Review of the Best Surfboard Socks

Surfing, as with any other sport, does take some planning.

Of course, a surfboard is the most important item to bring with you. Other surfing essentials include a wetsuit, sunscreen, beach towel, first aid kits, and a beach sock.

Yes, you read it right, a beach sock!

I know it may not be at the top of your packing list, but it’s more important than you think.

See, surfboards are pretty fragile, and without proper protection, they get banged up quickly.

With the best surfboard socks, however, it’s easy to keep your surfboard blade safe and harmless during travel.

The board socks protect your board against dings, bangs, and nicks that may happen during travel.

While reducing the risk of damage, surfboard socks can also double up as a beach towel 😊

But surfboard socks aren’t to be confused with surfboard bags. Socks are lighter and less protective than board bags.

Also, while surfboard bags are suited for long-haul travel, socks are useful when travelling from the break to break by moto, bicycle, tuk-tuk, or car. The socks are better suited for the day to day travel and storage needs.

But with many of these in the market, how do you choose the best surfboard socks?

We’re here to help. In the guide below, we’ll share a couple of our favourite surfboard socks with you, which we think might interest you.

We’ve also compiled a detailed buying guide to help with the selection.

Quick Comparison Table!

Ho Stevie! Canvas Surfboard Bag Cover


Curve Surfboard Bag Day Surfboard Cover


Rogue Iron Sports Surfboard Sock Cover


PAMGEA Surfboard Sock Cover


DORSAL Board Bag Travel Day Surfboard Cover



The Best Surfboard Socks For The Money

The Best Surfboard Socks For The Money

#1 Ho Stevie! Canvas Surfboard Bag Cover - EDITOR'S CHOICE


We start our search for the best surfboard sock by setting our eyes at Ho Stevie!

Ho Stevie is one of the reputable manufacturers in the surfboard industry, and they’re known to create incredibly durable and wonderful products.

The Ho Stevie Canvas Bag Cover isn’t any different.

It comes with a slew of features that ensures your board stays protected all through.

Ho Stevie’s design is pretty rad, appears quite simple, but quite attractive to look at. The black, gray, and hues are amazing and will definitely earn you compliments on your way to the beach.

We give the manufacturer a thumbs up for their choice of material. Cotton canvas is much stronger than the common board sock covers and seems pretty durable.

The cotton doesn’t snag on your leash Velcro as other woven fabrics, or usual mesh does.

More importantly, this canvas is really nice and seems to protect your board better against getting scratched or dented while loading or unloading in the truck.

Secondly, the material has great element protection and will shield your board against the harmful UV rays that turn your board yellow over time. So, yes, your board will stay as new even after use.

While I wouldn’t advise leaving your board outside for long, this sock holds up well and doesn’t suffer from sun damage or fade even when stored outside for long exposure to the sun.

The other draw with the canvas is how well it keeps the surf wax from melting from the board. It’ll ensure your car’s interior stays sparkling clean, free from wax when driving to and from the beach.

Unfortunately, the canvas isn’t padded. So while it’s a heavy-duty material, it can only do so much in protecting your surfboard.

Sure, it’s definitely thicker than most fabrics used for surfboard socks, but I wouldn’t be so confident using it to shield my board against the heavy dings. For example, I wouldn’t recommend using it to drive across the country on your truck’s roof rack.

It’s also canvas, so yes, it definitely soaks up water and moulds over time if it stays damp. It’s not a great option to leave it exposed to the rain.

Enough with the material; let’s now look at the size.

Ho Stevie Surfboard Cover is one of the most accommodative socks we’ve come across. It’s available in different surfboard sizes, ranging from 6 feet to 9 feet 6 inches. All the 7 feet and shorter surfboard covers have a pointed nose, while the 8 feet and longer socks have rounded noses.

*We recommend getting a sock 6 inches longer than your surfboard, so you get a little extra room at the bottom.

Stevie Surfboard Bag is also easy to use and includes numerous features supporting convenient use.

For example, a drawstring keeps the sock closely nicely around your board’s tail, so no need to worry about sand getting inside the sock.

It also comes with a little storage pocket on the tail, where you can put your surf wax, fin key, and other goodies.

The sock is also super stretchy, so no need to take your board’s find out, and it is easy to slide your surfboard on and off to keep your boards safe.



#2 Curve Surfboard Bag Day Surfboard Cover - Best Surfboard Day Bags for Travel


Our second pick is a great pick for those who love moving around a lot. The Curve Surfboard is built with portability in mind, letting you visit different beaches across the country while keeping your surfboard safe.

Curve Surfboard Bag is indeed lightweight, and its quality doesn’t disappoint either. It’s solid as any surfboard sock can get and will provide you with incredible lifetime service.

One of the biggest draws of the Curve Surfboard Cover is the exceptional day protection for your surfing material.

The cover utilizes a reinforced 600D poly canvas. It’s the fabric of choice for rain or shine, indoors or outdoors, and no surprise, it’s a common knit polyester material for sunshades and awnings.

When used for your board, you won’t have to worry about your surfboard accidentally falling off your SUV rack while in motion in the middle of the highway. Of course, you might get a few dings here and there, but your board remains intact.

It’s not padded as with the case with most surfboard socks, but that shouldn’t prevent it from offering extra protection against mild dings and falls. I foresee no problems using it to transport your board on the roof carrier or tossing your board in your trunk.

The fabric is also so robust that it’ll actually protect your board against sun damage or high temperature while in the park for many hours. Curve Cover is made really well and reflects the sun on both sides, so you don’t have a canvas side that turns into a napkin after a few years of sunlight and cold/heat.

However, it’s not waterproof but very resistant. It has an extremely wonderful seal that keeps the moisture and dampness away, so if you plan to stash your board in your cold garage or basement, you shouldn’t have a reason to worry about mould.

While most surf bags are built for travel, the Curve takes portability to new heights.

A side-carrying handle and a large extra-large and non-removable handle strap make it easier to move the board from your truck to the beach or even carry it for long distances. Even better, the strap is adjustable and padded, so it won’t fatigue or cause any discomfort even when transporting for long distances.

Another great draw of this cover bag is the 18-inch Finslot.

It’s a handy feature that lets you fit your surfboard without detaching the fins. It’s a slot for the fins to stick out.

And the good news is you don’t always have to use the slots, and if you don’t require, you can simply leave then Velcro’d closed. If not, leave them open to let your board get some good air and eliminate overheating.

Sizing is also a bliss on this model as the Curve Surfboard Bag offers an easy glide to the boards measuring up to 24 inches wide. It can also fit the 10’2” tall and 26″ wide longboards with relative ease.

The curve is generally neither too loose nor too tight for your surfboards, as proven by the generous surfboard bag size.

It lacks a drawstring, but it has something even better; a zipper. While the zipper will just keep the honest man honest, it’ll offer a secure way to carry your board while keeping elements such as sand and other debris out.



#3 Rogue Iron Sports Surfboard Sock Cover - Great Fitting Sock


The manufacturers of the Rogue Iron Sports Sock Cover are paddleboarders like you. So, they understand your needs as a surfing aficionado.

And this is evident in the Rogue Sock Cover.

Every element of this creation, from the design, choice of material, to performance, is tailored to promote convenient and easy transportation of your surfboard.

One thing I like about this surfboard bag is the lightness and convenience. See, the Curve Cover Bag might be a good option, but if you’re looking for something that you can easily manage during your weekend trips to the beach, then this is the right sock.

While maintaining lightness and saving you from the bulkiness of a travel bag, it feels flexible, sturdy, and protective.

The surfboard bag is just as described-very stretchy. It’s stretchy so much that I believe it will easily fit the widest surfboards with ease. Slipping this sock over your beloved surfboard is bliss and will make you feel impressed. So, regardless of the length or width of your board, you can always be sure that this sock will accommodate.

It doesn’t fail in the safety element either.

This day bag is created using sturdy 600D Polyester. It’s a nice choice of material that stands up to rough use and abuse.

It will shield your board against the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, so you don’t have to deal with yellowing or cracking.

Plus, it keeps the board protected from possible denting and dings.

The sock will reassure you of safety even when travelling with your board at the top of your surf rack.

It also comes with a handy stash pocket, and here, you can store your essentials such as wax, car keys, or house keys.

When it comes to sizing, this sock can accommodate a whole range of surfboard sizes as it runs from 6 feet to 9 feet.

The 6’ to 6’6” features a pointed nose, while the 7′ comes with a hybrid nose for a stylish surfboard fit. The 8’ and over will accommodate the round nose.

Rogue Iron believes in their products so much that they desire you to experience the ultimate customer satisfaction and are willing to offer a refund if you’re not satisfied with their product.



#4 PAMGEA Surfboard Sock Cover - Premium Option


The Pamgea Surfboard Sock cover made it to the list of the best surfboard covers because it has everything I want in a surfboard sock.

It’s about the thickness of a beach towel; it’s soft, stretches well, and looks good.

But what I love most about this surfboard sock is the extra padding thick patch for the nose of the board.

Want to know the benefit?

You guessed it right. It offers extra protection along with the nose of the board, so I don’t have to worry about the scratches and the UV while it’s on the top of my car when travelling to and from locations.

The material is very thick, and this is nice when I’m banging my surf against my car before and after sessions. It’s unlike the thin material that offers no protection at all.

Plus, the stretchy fabric keeps the wax from melting, and this means you can easily put the board on your car without worrying about a mess happening.

Another great draw is the design.

The lightly coloured striped materials aren’t just there for aesthetics. Sure, this sock looks chic and incredible, but the aesthetics also help with performance.

See, the lightly coloured sock has a reflective material that shields your board from strong sunlight. It reflects the harmful UV rays, so your board won’t crack easily or start to yellow.

Furthermore, the reflective fabric is responsible for protecting your surfboard from getting too hot on extra surf days. It remains cool while allowing great breathability for your boards, making it ideal for surfing according to your desire.

Another prominent feature of this sock is stretchability.

Also, consider that it comes in multiple sizing options, so it’s hardly that you’ll miss a sock size that meets your needs.

It has plenty of wonderful add-ons, including a drawstring closure that enables you to pack your surfboard tightly and firmly.

There’s also a handy storage pocket, which you can use to store all of your items, including your surf wax, car keys, and other surf gear essentials.

Overall, this cover seems to be the perfect option for those who regularly visit the beach for surfing to protect their boards accurately.

Plus, it comes in various sizes, so you can always choose the right size for your surfboard. This is not to mention you won’t need to worry about your board getting hot as it has a good amount of breathability.



#5 DORSAL Board Bag Travel Day Surfboard Cover - Heavy Duty Surfboard Sock


If you need a heavy-duty day surfboard cover, you can’t go wrong with the Dorsal Board bag.

Along with the incredible durability, this model comes with a litany of amazing features.

This is not to mention it has a sleek and stylish appearance, making it look expensive, despite the affordable price.

But Dorsal’s greatest draw is probably protection.

This cover has a layer of 5mm thick high-impact density foam surrounding the entire surfboard in this bag sock. The material will take a beating like a champ, all while shielding your board against dings, abrasions, and nicks.

You’ll also find that the bag has a 600D polycanvas stretch fabric reinforcing the bag’s tail and nose. It’s a useful feature since the tail and nose are the most vulnerable areas on the surfboard.

Another awesome feature of this product is the Thermo-Flow Technology. It’s vital to keep your board from overheating, so you can surf for long hours without getting worried.

Plus, the cover and padded nose are quality-made to ensure durability, so you don’t have to worry about its quick replacement, making it light on the pocket.

Speaking of durability, this day bag has a plastic zipper that resists corrosion or effects from saltwater.

Portability is the name of the game with this sock bag, thanks to a padded shoulder strap. This increases comfort and convenience during transport. Plus, the cover contains a neoprene padded handle for perfect hand-holding.

Fit on the Dorsal is also a bliss as it’s available in 7 different sizes ranging from 5’10” to 7’6”. Such a wide range should easily accommodate any shortboard.

And as with most of our picks, this bag includes a separate stash pocket for surf wax, fins, and other small personal items. Multiple Internal Storage is a relatively new concept, making the Dorsal more prominent among its companions.

Overall, there’s a lot to love with this board. Considering the level of protection, convenience, and affordability, this is definitely a worthwhile and high-value purchase for a shortboard travel bag.



Best Surfboard Socks Buying Guide

Best Surfboard Socks Buying Guide

As you’ve probably noticed, a surfboard sock isn’t a particularly varied accessory in terms of design. They all look very much the same.

But other factors should make it easier to differentiate between these products.

And in the guide below, we shall look at every one of them.

But before then, let’s look at the purpose of a surfboard sock.

What’s the Purpose of a Surfboard Sock?

Generally, a surfboard sock is designed to protect your board against two things: sun and minor dings.

See, just as UV rays are harmful to your skin, they can also damage your board’s foam and fiberglass.

Over-exposure to sunlight is the primary reason for the yellowing of your surfboard. A cover helps to prevent that.

A surfboard sock also helps to protect your board against minor dings as you take it to and from the beach, stick it in your car, or even store it on your board rack.

An extra benefit of using a surfboard sock is it helps to keep sand out of your surf wax if you’re hanging out at the beach. And on the way home, it also helps keep the sand and wax out of your car.

How to Choose the Best Surfboard Sock

In the section below, I’ll share some of the tips on choosing a surfboard rack that best suits your needs.

By the time you’re through with this guide, you’ll know what to look out for in your next purchase.

Without further ado, let’s jump straight to the factors you should consider.


Padding should be present in every surfboard sock for maximum protection.

Generally, the more the padding, the more protective a sock is.

However, most socks lack padding as they’re not meant for heavy-duty use.


The next factor to consider is the fit.

Of course, the length should be obvious, but remember to check the width too.

We recommend getting a surfboard sock a few inches bigger than your board, but not too much bigger-this way; you can use it in case you get a slightly larger board.

Also, consider an option with stretchy material, as this offers a better fit than the rigid options.

Finally, check the nose shape. The common nose shapes are pointed, semi-round and full round. Just ensure it fits the board you have.

Fin Fit

You’ll want to ensure your bag works with your fins in and out.

Boards such as quads have wide fine setups and require more room in the back. On the other hand, single fins need a zipper so the fin can poke through.


Zippers are an important part of a surfboard sock.

Ensure the zipper of your sock is waterproof and rigid. Keep away from metal zippers as saltwater may easily turn them into rust.

So, unless you like your surfboard sock adorned with duct-tape patches here and there, ensure to choose a bag with a prime quality zipper.

Shoulder Strap

A shoulder strap is handy when you need to move your surfboard between short distances.

It’s recommended you ensure your shoulder strap is lined with extra padding to keep comfortable for an extended period.

It’s even better if the strap is detachable so you can decide to use it based on your conditions and needs.

And oh, ensure it has sufficient length for the maximum carriage.


While padding offers a protective shield against elements, it shouldn’t come at the expense of overheating.

Choose a cover with vents that allow continuous airflow, even when the bag is securely closed to keep the board cool.

Surfboard Socks Vs. Longboard Bags

Surfboard bags are often confused with surfboard socks.

So, what’s the difference between these two?

A sock offers a basic level of protection.

On the other hand, surfboard bags offer greater protection and come with a host of features.

As we mentioned in the introduction a surfboard sock offers the most basic level of protection.

While surfboard socks are good for everyday travel and storage, the surfboard bags are ideal for longer trips or when you need more protection from dings, damage, and impact.

How to Make a Surfboard Sock

If you’re a DIY type, it’s easy to upcycle a surfboard sock for an old beach towel.

You simply need to lay some old towels under your board, then trace and outline a silhouette bigger than the board.

From there, just cut and stitch together the towels and you’ve got yourself a bag.

You can use an old wetsuit to reinforce the nose and an old leash to add a drawstring.

Best Surfboard Bags Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Do surfboard socks work?

A: Yes, travel bags are practical in protecting your surfboard while offering a convenient means of transport.

Q: What is the purpose of a surfboard sock?

A: A surfboard sock shields your board from the harmful UV rays while cushioning it against knocks, dings, and nicks.

Q: What material is a surfboard sock made of?

A: Travel bags are made of different materials, but the most common materials are canvas and poylcanvas.

Wrap Up: Our Choice

Best Surfboard Socks Wrap Up Our Choice

Our winner for the best surfboard socks is the Ho Stevie sock.

We choose it as our winner because it comes from great brands with an incredible reputation in the surfing industry.

This surfboard sock also has a gamut of awesome features that will keep your board safe during transport while offering convenient portability.

It’s not expensive either and offers true and real value for your purchase.

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