Ultimate Review of the Best Surfboard Wall Racks in 2023

Ultimate Review of the Best Surfboard Wall Racks

Owning a surfboard doesn’t just end on the fun of riding them; when you’re not riding surfboards, you can as well be admiring them.

So, instead of tucking your surfboards away in your dimly lit garage or stashing them in your attic, as most of us do, you can put them on display with a stylish rack. It’s a win-win.

The right display setup does more than add a cool vibe to your digs; but it also gives you the extra motivation for surfing when you’re not in the mood.

But more importantly, the best board rack ensures proper storage. It eliminates the chances of saltwater getting into the foam and that they dry without salt build-up. Plus, it keeps your board from damage that may occur due to accidental bumps.

But finding a spot to place your surfboard in your home is challenging. And this is not just because you need a safe spot, but it’s also hard to find a location that holds a series of memories and feelings for you. Like an altar, if I must say.

Now, if you’re short on space, it becomes even more challenging. This is because some of these blades are so big and will gobble the vast real estate of your room.

Thus, whoever thought of hanging surfboards on the wall was a genius.

The best board storage racks offer a convenient and safe way to store your surfboard.

They not only save on your space but also eliminate surfboard obstruction, keeping the surfboard out of the way while giving rise to cool wall decoration, too.

The best surfboard wall racks ensure your boards are stored securely until the next time you hit the waves.

But these surfboard racks range in size, material, capacity and differ from one another immensely, so it’s not a surprise that your quest for the best board wall rack turns into a daunting task.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about the selection. Whether you simply need to line up your whole surfboard quiver in your living room, show off your current go-to and simply keep your blade safe, we’ve rounded up six of the coolest surfboard racks in the market

We’ve also compiled a handy wall surfboard rack to help in your next purchase.

Quick Comparison Table!

COR Surf Surfboard Wall Rack


Pro Board Racks


StoreYourBoard Naked Surf


Hawaiian Gun Rack


Timber Surfboard Wall Rack


Seattle Sports Stand Up Paddle Board Rack



The Best Surfboard Wall Racks For The Money

The Best Surfboard Wall Racks For The Money

#1 COR Surf Surfboard Wall Rack - EDITOR'S CHOICE


COR Surf Wall Rack is exactly what you need to store your surfboards safely.

COR Wall Rack is perfect; thoughtfully designed, and well-constructed. The fit and finish of the dark wood is also incredible, and many users are happy with this wall mount purchase.

It’s one of our favorite surfboard racks, and I love it for its versatility. COR is perfect for hanging all types of boards- surfboards, shortboards, snowboards, kiteboards, wakeboards, and longboards.

It feels solid too, and the wood construction is of high quality. I would give it a 10/10 for the wood finish alone as it’s really nice to look at and makes it eye-catching than the traditional plastic surfboard racks.

The wood construction isn’t flimsy and has incredible strength. It’ll easily store your 9”+ surfboard like a solid on the wall.

Cor Surf also goes up with relative ease. Even in the whacky walls or pre-war brownstone, it installs super easily and stays strong.

Installation is super easy, and trust me, if I can do this, you can too, lol. The bolts to attach to adjustable arms are perfect and fit neatly into the pre-drilled and recessed-in-back holes, so it doesn’t interfere at all with keeping the wood flush with the wall.

However, the racks are super long, about a foot from the wall, which is fine slope-wise. But it’s something to consider if you’re conscious about overhang.

Another awesome addition to these racks is the protective rubber strip on hooks. They prevent the surfboard from sliding and aren’t visible once you complete the install and place the surfboard on it.

However, it helps to have a small face towel as a bumper on the grip, so the foam surfboard doesn’t suffer from indentations from its weight and how it’s shelved.



#2 Pro Board Racks - Perfect Solution for Disorganized Spaces


If you’re a family of surfers, or maybe own a couple of surfboards, then, you know, purchasing a rack that doesn’t accommodate all your rack is a waste of money.

The good news is, the market has something for everyone. If you need a surfboard rack with space for multiple boards, then the Pro Board Racks is exactly what you need.

It can store up to four racks at a go, and even better, it’s useful for other tasks such as mounting and displaying.

The versatility of the Pro Board Racks doesn’t end there.

There’s a generous space offering between the individual racks, enough to fit quite a few pieces of equipment on each shelf.

This surfboard rack keeps all surfboards organized and can be used for holding snowboards, kiteboards, paddle boards, and wakeboards.

Some users even use this surfboard rack for holding their tripods and strobe modifiers for their photography.

While at it, the wall mount keeps everything safe as it’s incredibly built. There’s no play between the rods and backplate, which many users are concerned about. Overall, this surfboard rack feels firm, and you can trust it to sit above your door without fear of them coming loose.

Plus, it comes with padded removable arms for shock absorption. These help keep your board free from scratches and dents.

The rack has a rustic appeal, thanks to the natural unfinished wood. At the same time, the wood construction is solid and has incredible strength.

Installation of this surfboard rack is super easy and won’t take you more than 10 minutes to work independently. Even better, it comes with all the mounting hardware you need for the installation.



#3 StoreYourBoard Naked Surf - Minimalist Surfboard Rack


The StoreYourBoard Naked Surf provides a great way to store your board without taking space in your garage or living room.

While the Naked Surf wall rack stays on your wall, anyone walking into your space won’t notice your racks because of their minimalistic design- just like it says in its description.

It’s a win for art lovers as it doesn’t block the artwork on the actual surfboard. Plus, it offers an excellent way to convert your surfboard from sporting equipment to decorative wall pieces.

While maintaining a minimalist design, the Naked Surf is sturdy, and you should have enough confidence that your board will be safe even 8′ off the ground.

The surfboard rack is built from solid 5050 aluminum, and this means it never rusts, however close to the sea your holiday home is. By being rust-resistant, also means your surfboard will equally remain in excellent working condition.

I also love how this surfboard rack holds my board without scratching it. The padded arms on the rack are unlikely to scratch or even dent your precious blade.

The racks are also super easy to install and make it so much easier to store your surfboards without fear of them getting bumped around.

And the good thing with mounting the Naked Surf is you can set it to whatever height you want. Secondly, it doesn’t stand out too far from the wall- just the right amount, so the board is leaning against the wall and the ends of the surfboard rack.

So, even when you’ve a small space or hallway, it’s easy to walk past it without the rack being too obstructive to your space.

Unfortunately, some users claim to end up using their screws because the ones provided were pretty cheap and stripped easily. But overall, this surf rack offers great value, and you’ll be happy to have your surfboards off the ground and out of the way.



#4 Hawaiian Gun Rack - Hardy Storage Rack


The Hawaiian Gun Rack made it to our list of the best surfboard wall racks because it comes with everything you would need for secure and safe surfboard storage.

It’s handcrafted for strength and style and will make your surfboard look like it’s floating on the wall.

Plus, the surfboard rack comes with a unique horizontal mounting design, so it can be a great surfboard rack for those who like to store their board as artwork.

You don’t have to worry about the safety of your board as the Hawaiian Gun Rack is sturdy.

According to the manufacturer, it has incredible strength, and it can easily accommodate surfboards for up to 30 pounds. Sure, not the highest weight limit, but it’s well within the range of most surfboards, including the longboards.

A pressurized multi-layered construction delivers extra strength while allowing the rack to stand up to any abuses.

Plus, it comes with a recycled cork/neoprene padding, and this is useful in protecting your favorite blade. The neoprene will prevent your surfboard from getting scratched or dinged during storage or even when unmounting.

Installing this surfboard rack is also super easy and won’t even take much of your time. Most users can easily install the rack independently, and it doesn’t take even more than 10 minutes.

Overall, the Hawaiian Rack is a classic, solid American-made rack that will cater to all your surfboard mounting and storage needs.

The only downside I can think about of this surf rack is that it only holds one surfboard.



#5 Timber Surfboard Wall Rack - Stylish Wall Rack


If you need a surfboard rack that can add a bit of style and elegance to your digs, the Timber Surfboard Wall Rack is a great pick.

It’s a stylish and sleek freestanding rack, with many users buying this storage rack primarily because of the finished appearance. Personally, I prefer this look over the more industrious-looking rack.

The hardwood used here seems to be of higher quality, and the strained-grained finish is awesome to look at.

It also offers a great way to get your surfboards up off the ground. The American red oak wood makes the rack durable and a good-looking solution for just about any room.

It doesn’t skimp on performance either; for instance, the rack can hold up to four shortboards and longboards. Plus, it can also hold other equipment such as snowboards.

Additionally, it comes with a cork inlay on each support arm, and this is useful for protecting your surfboard against chips and scratches.

Installation is also a breeze, and you won’t even need any helping hand to do it. I’m the clumsy type, and yet I managed to do it in less than 10 minutes.

Overall, the Timber Surfboard Wall Rack is a furniture-quality solution that will let you safely store your surfing equipment up and out of the way for a trip-free zone of storage.

It also guarantees that your surfboards are safe and tucked away from damage.



#6 Seattle Sports Stand Up Paddle Board Rack - Most Versatile Surfboard Rack


Seattle Sports Stand Up Rack made it to our list of the best board racks because of its versatility.

First, these surfboard storage racks work well with virtually any wall surfaces, from lime plaster, concrete veneer, to everything in between.

And that’s not even the best part.

There’re multiple mounting options available with this cradle, allowing you to store your surfboard in any way you prefer.

For example, you can place these cradles on the wall or even on the ceiling, depending on your storage preferences and how often you use your paddle boards.

 I’m also a big fan of the 9″ width that ensures the board can accommodate different boards, ranging from paddle boards to surfboards to the thicker SUPS.

More importantly, Seattle takes storage safety to new levels. It offers secure storage, with the longer, more curved arms ensuring that the surfboards remain safe and secure.

Mounting is also bliss, though you’ll have to find a replacement for the too-short screws if you’ll be mounting the rack on thicker surfaces.

But overall, this cradle is the ideal wall mount for those who need a bare-bones wall rack for hanging their surfboards.

It holds a wide variety of surfboards in a place with no issue.



Best Surfboard Wall Racks Buying Guide

Best Surfboard Wall Racks Buying Guide

There’re a few key details you should know when selecting the best surfboard wall rack.

To understand just what it’s that you should be looking for, consider the information below.

Type of Surfboard Wall Rack

There’re two types of surfboard wall racks to choose from.

You can either choose to stash your board horizontally or vertically.

The exact type will depend on the amount of space at your disposal.

The horizontal racks allow boards to be stored in their natural position.

While it makes it easy to store and remove the boards when necessary, they take up quite a bit of room.

On the other hand, vertical surfboard racks store the boards nearly flush against the wall. They barely take up any space at all and increase your surfboard storage opportunities.

But as you can imagine placing or moving a paddle board from this position can be challenging.


A surfboard rack should be a one-time investment, so be sure to check that it’s made from high-quality, durable materials.

Once it’s mounted on the wall, a rack shouldn’t take any damage, and the wear and tear from storing your board should be minimal.

The choice of material determines the durability of a rack, and the stronger the material, the greater the weight it can hold.

Generally, a wall rack made out of metal is stronger than wood or plastic.

Steel is known for strength and best used on a rack for supporting the ultra-heavy paddle board.

Wood, however, is by far the most common material as it’s light yet heavy-duty enough to accommodate most boards.


Most of the surfboards are large, and a surfer hardly ever owns a single surfboard.

So, be sure to get a board rack that can handle all the weight of your boards.

Some surfboard racks can hold only two, while others can hold up to six.

Also, check to see that the material used, design, and screws aren’t flimsy,

Ideally, we would recommend going with boards with a weight capacity of 100 to 120 pounds, though the higher, the better.

Indoor Or Outdoor Use

Again, it’s important to consider where you’ll have to use your rack.

For a rack for outdoor uses, look for a wall mount that uses durable materials and can hold on its own. While most outdoor racks are waterproof, consider a wall rack with UV coating too as sun damage can be an issue.


A surfboard and paddle board can easily get scratched or dented if you’re not careful.

This is why you should look for a rack with as much padding as possible.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s rubber or foam; it just needs to coat the arms properly and prevent the board from getting into contact with any metal portions of the rack.

Ease of Installation

Numerous brackets and screws are annoying, and they shouldn’t be part of the setting up process.

Instead, get a rack that can be installed on any wall, and one with only a couple of points.

The installation process should be smooth and backed up with a clear instruction book.

Generally, the best surfboard wall mount rack is easy to install with screw holes already.


Always choose a surfboard wall rack that is within your budget.

Expensive doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for you or the best.

Also, just be sure to read the reviews.

Best Surfboard Wall Rack Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Do I need a Surfboard Rack?

A: Yes, you need a rack to prevent any damage to your board. See, an improperly stored surfboard could fall over, causing damage.

Using a rack also eliminates the clumsiness in your house and makes it neat and organized.

Wrap Up: Our Choice

Best Surfboard Wall Racks Wrap Up Our Choice

Our winner for the best surfboard racks is the Cor Surf Wall Rack.

I choose this wall-mount because it has plenty of awesome features that support safe and secure surfboard storage for your surfboard.

 It also offers easy access to get your board on and off the rack while installing a breeze.

Simply put, there’s nothing much not to like about this surfboard wall rack.

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