Ultimate Review of The Best Twin Fin Surfboards in 2023

Best Twin Fin Surfboards

Up until recently, I would have told you that I really don’t like the twin fin surfboards.

And don’t get me wrong, I’ve always ridden a thruster, one of the most versatile fin setups in the market.

My go-to option was the South Bay Board Co. 7’ Ruckus, and I loved it for its incredible agility and the added anchoring of a single fin.

Sure, it was by no means a groveler and didn’t go particularly well in the small and sectioncy water, but it had an awesome glide and open-face turns. I could also ride it on any size wave.

And the good thing is I could surf truly small gutless days as a single fin, hand it over to my girlfriend for average days and set it up as a thruster and use it as a gun.

But here’s the thing, surfing isn’t always about feeling the free ride or surfing on bigger surf.

Sometimes, the thrills of surfing come from performing tricks, being more active, and making quick maneuvers.

And this came to life once I pulled my old twin fin, which I’d owned for 20 years.

It was not exactly as wide as a regular fish but still qualified as a fish. More importantly, it had a twin-fin setup.

I found that relying on more front foot pressure to control the rail made the fish more surfable and actually fun, even in hollow waves.

It made even more sense at the beach breaks because it was short enough to pump through the fast sections.

Building off this, I also found it quite versatile as I could pump through section waves and fit turns in smaller places where the Ruckus couldn’t.

I also can’t help but notice that I just love the feel of the twins going front side, and they go great at flowy waves.

Now, if you’re undecided about adding a twin fin surfboard to your quiver, my message would be go for it.

It may not offer an all-around surfing experience of a thruster or a quad, but it will go through dumpy sections effortlessly and pump fast to gain speed.

Here’s a review of the top five of my favorite twin fin surfboards.

Quick Comparison Table!

Thurso Surf Lance 5’10” Fish


Formula Fun – Shortboard Fish 5’3″


Liquid Shredder Fish Foam Surfboard


Catch Surf Wave Bandit Twin Surfboard


Channel Islands Fishbeard



The Best Twin Fin Surfboards For The Money

The Best Twin Fin Surfboards For The Money

#1 Thurso Surf Lance 5’10” Fish - EDITOR'S CHOICE


I learned surfing on a 10′ longboard, which was great on the slow, gentle breaks.

But trying to teach my kids in shore break with this massive board proved futile, with the frustrations of endless nose dives and swinging the board.

The Thurso Surf Lance is different.

It strikes a fine balance- wide/buoyant enough to be pretty stable for the kids but not so big to be unwieldy in the surf.

Plus, it’s sturdy enough for me to catch a few waves, even though I’m pushing the weight limit a bit.

I also love the Thurso because it arrives at an amazing price point and comes with everything you need to get your soul surfing on.

For example, it features an extensive deck built with three stringers that help with strength. The board doesn’t buckle like a taco, as some other foamies do.

Instead, it remains sturdy and rigid. I’ve run the board onto the sand, and yet, it had only a few dings here and there to show for it.

The wide deck and high-volume design are also a plus, especially if you’re not light on your feet. It offers immense stability and will let you catch more waves without the risk of falling or wiping out even when standing.

What about the performance?

The wide swallow tail helps you hold on to the wave face effortlessly. For me, riding the Lancer Fish feels “fast and loose” and allows me to control the board’s lift while holding better to the wave face.

Adding on that, the Lancer Fish works best for surfers weighing less than 200 pounds. It really shines when used by younger surfers as it’s easy to use, and the twin fins help them rip on this board.

And like a true beginner-friendly fish, the fins on the Lancer Fish are ultra-soft, so they’ll hardly harm you in case of an accident.

And finally, the Lancer Fish arrives with a host of awesome features that will ensure you’ve an incredible time in the water. For example, it comes with a legit leash with a swivel, so you don’t get tangled up when you fall.



#2 Formula Fun - Shortboard Fish 5'3" - Best Value for Money


I like a good-looking and well-functioning twin surfboard, and the Formula Fun Shortboard does both.

But that’s not all; it’s easy to set up.

On top of that, it’s a beginner-friendly board with great buoyancy that allows the board to float easily and catch waves.

And as with typical fish boards, it is light as well. Typically, bigger surfboards are heavy and hard to carry, but not the case with the Formula Fun.

My 10-year-old teenage son can carry it about a quarter of a mile with ease.

But the greatest suit with the Formula Fun Surfboard is how durable and nice it feels. It features an excellent material design that makes it well-worthy of its popularity.

First off, it employs durable, waterproof, and flexible foam that doesn’t absorb water as other foamies do. It’ll take a hit and drag on the rocky beaches without breaking too.

And did I mention it’s made out of recycled materials? Anything that works and helps the environment is a plus for me.

It was also pleasing to see a wax-free EVA deck with small grooves that makes up for a slip-free surface.

Beyond the unmatched grip, I love the deck because I can simply tuck it in my Subaru roof rack or rest it under the sun without worry about melting wax.

Formula Fun Shortboard shape, including the length of the flat rocker, isn’t any different from the traditional fishes for speeding down the line.

It’s a bit short, though, but this doesn’t make it any less of a competitor.

The board packs a punch and will give some of the longer boards a run for their money- it’s not a surprise it’s the best value twin surfboard.

It comes with 42 liters of volume, and I didn’t have difficulty with floatation. With plenty of volume, especially in the chest area, my kids have an easy time learning, but it also has the flexibility for the whole family.

Because of the compact design, it’s easy to whip around whenever you want and even sneak it into the small surf pockets.

It also makes paddling a breeze, and while my kids are still newbies at shredding, they usually get mad respect once I take them out to the ocean.

Adding on to that, one cool thing with this Formula Fun Shortboard Fish is you can feel the extent of the looseness that riding a twin fin offers.

The fin boxes from Future Fins take the performance to a new level. While they’re better suited for the advanced riders, they’ll allow you to customize your ride as may be fit for you.

Plus, the fins are stiffer, so they offer more traction on the wave face.



#3 Liquid Shredder Fish Foam Surfboard - Best Budget-Friendly Twin Fin


I can’t wait to take Liquid Shredder out on the water.

It may be a budget pick; but its quality is similar and slightly better than some premium models such as the Costco Wavestorm.

The Shredder looks nicer and is a great board for the money.

I imagine it’s a great surfboard for riders who want an inexpensive board that will do the trick and don’t have to worry about dinging a more expensive board.

With its full-rounded nose, low-rocker, and swallow tail, it catches loads of waves, feels loose, and rocking it on the waves is sure to draw some attention your way.

More than the shape and fin design, Liquid Shredder is a great board, given what I regularly put it through.

The material design is top-notch, with the laminated heat construction setting it up for optimal durability.

Performance is also on point on this bad boy.

At 5’10”, it is extremely buoyant, thanks to the thick foam surface area. It catches the smallest of the waves in a breeze because it is easy to paddle.

The board can also support the mid-size adults, so it’s a great pick for my family.

While still on the performance, the swallow tail adds more hold and traction, while the fully-rounded nose helps with the stability when paddling. Simply put, I enjoyed greater control over my board, in and out of turns, even at slower sections.

Meanwhile, this deck is comfortable and practical to use with its Shred-Comfort EPE deck. The deck is grippy, and being a soft deck, it won’t hurt once you fall on it.



#4 Catch Surf Wave Bandit Twin Surfboard - Funnest Twin Fin Surfboard


The Wave Bandit is one of the funnest boards in the market.

I purchased it because I often surf and wanted something for heavy days when I don’t want a hardboard thrown at me.

The Catch Surf seemed like just the right choice.

It floats like a dream with its 36 liters, and I use it more than other boards when I’m lazy.

Of course, the big question is, how durable is the board?

Well, it has been trashed severely by some overhead waves, and it’s still going strong. I’ve also dragged it on some rocky beaches, and it only has a few dings here and there to show for it.

I also love the high performance of this surfboard.

While it comes with beautiful extras such as professional leash attachment, custom plate, and so much more, it’s the flotation for me.

Plus, the dual-wood stringers and double concave design on this board offer just the right speed for catching a wave.

It’s stuffed enough, especially in the chest area, to allow beginners to catch the surf effortlessly without falling.

On top of that, it’s a soft-foam surfboard, so it’s friendly even for kids. Even if you take a swipe on this board, you won’t worry much about hurting yourself.



#5 Channel Islands Fishbeard - Best for Speeds


Generally, Twin Fins are known for speed and maneuvers, but the Channel Island Fishbeard takes this to a whole new level.

It’s wild, snappy, and has explosive speeds. On top of that, it’s nice on carves and will help you draw the line and turn it out.

A secret weapon behind the awesome performance of Channel Island is the shape.

The narrower nose and pulled in the tail are not only aesthetically pleasing, but it gives you the extra buoyancy and ‘pop’ you need to bounce the barreling waves.

The Fishbeard is also a fun board to use, and while not a grovel, it will have you draw a line effortlessly.

It’s also wide as a boat, so it offers the much-needed stabilization, even for new surfers.

Meanwhile, the experienced riders will enjoy more control, so it’s easier to perform tight maneuvers and tricks on the deep wave pockets.

Overall, this is an amazing pick, and I’ve been riding it for two seasons now. I’m still amped when paddling out on it.

While the Channel Islands is not my only board, it’s a solid addition to my quiver. It paddles well and is a shit ton of fun and the perfect alternative to your day-to-day shortboard twin fins.



Best Twin Fin Buyers Guide

Best Twin Fin Buyers Guide

When selecting a twin fin surfboard, the first thing you need to understand is that it doesn’t necessarily describe a specific shape of a surfboard.

Instead, it describes any surfboard featuring a fin set composed of two fins, typically located on the rails, a bit forward from the tail.

However, there’re numerous ways to customize the shape and dimensions of your twin fin board to cater to your desired surfing style.

And now, because that is out of the way, let’s look at how you go about selecting the perfect twin surfboard.

But first, let’s have a brief look at why you should get a twin fin surfboard.

Benefits of a Twin Fin Surfboard

1) Added speed: Because of the lack of a center fin (more drag), twin fins tend to be faster than single fins or thrusters.

2) Agility: The lack of a center fin makes your twin fin board loose and tends to slide more. While it may seem like a disadvantage, it actually adds to your overall agility.

Twin fins make it easier to make sharp and quick turns as there’s less drag in the water.

3) Stability: Twin fin setups are mostly found in the fish board, which tend to be wider at the tail.

The wider tail offers more stability when standing on your surfboard. The fins positioning on the rails also help to push the water outwards, creating less wobble on the board.

4) Versatile: Because of their stability, agility, and speed capabilities, the twin fin surfboards can handle a larger variety of surf conditions. It is similar to a quad but with less drag.

Get the Right Twin Fin Surfboard: Features to Consider

Size and Shape of the Twin Fin

The size and shape of the twin fins vary and will greatly affect how your twin fin fish board reacts to the surf.

For more performance, I would recommend you choose the more standard fin shape.

But if you want a stylish, old-school approach, choose a “keel.”

Twin Fin Vs. Keel FinsTwin Fin Vs. Keel Fins

The standard, modern twin fins have a slightly increased length, so they sit slightly deeper.

Plus, they come with a smaller surface area, so suitable for performance.

On the other hand, the old-school keels have a much larger surface area than the standard fin.

Not quite as long, so they don’t sit deep. Instead, they’ve a wider and more extended base.

They’re ideal for surfers who need to capitalize on the ride of a twin fin board, speed, stylish flow, and increased hold.

Tail Shape

Twin fin surfboards come in different tail shapes, including fishtail, pintail, swallowtail, squaretail, and so much more.

The most popular tail shape is the fish.

It offers a great blend of style and performance.

Surfing Condition

The ideal ride conditions depend on the shape and type of your twin fin.

But in general, twin fins are best known for ripping the small waves, whether mushy or steep.

There are great summertime boards to help pass the time when conditions lack power.

Of course, they can still handle the bit larger waves that break slowly and weakly, but note you may find it challenging to control in steep, powerful waves.

If you plan to ride larger waves with twin fin style, consider those with a little more pronounced rocker for handling the steeper drop-ins.


The volume of a twin fin fish surfboard also plays an important role in your board’s floatation.

This is particularly necessary for beginners because you want something that floats as much to maneuver it better.


Weight is important when selecting any twin fin fish surfboard.

As a rule of thumb, lighter people will do well with the smaller board because it’s easy and comfortable to paddle in and turn.

Fitness Level for Surfing with twin finsFitness Level

Your previous sporting experience and fitness will determine the types of twin surfboard you choose.

For example, if you’re pretty fit, shorter twin fins aren’t a problem for you.

But if you’ve quite a learning curve to deal with, longboards are the best.

Surfing Frequency

Finally, consider the frequency with which you intend to surf,

For example, if you’re a weekender, a longboard is perfect. It lets you maximize the enjoyment of the experience because you won’t struggle much.

But if you want to commit to doing it regularly, learning on a shortboard/fish comes with tremendous benefits in the long run.

Best Twin Fin Surfboards Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Are twin fin boards good?

A: Yes, twin fins are perfect, especially when you’re looking for more thrill, more speed, quick turns, and maneuvers in your surfing. They’re also perfect for agility.

Q: What makes a good twin fin?

A: Ideally, it depends on your surfing skills and the surfing conditions. For example, for the bigger waves, I would recommend a twin fin set up on a longboard because it lets you catch more waves, is more stable, and has great floatation.

I would recommend the twin fin set up on a fish or shortboard for the mushy and choppy conditions.

Q: Can I make a Twin Fin Surfboard?

A: Yes, it’s possible if you’ve the right tools, experience, and craftsmanship.

Some reputable shapers, such as Bob Simmons, Kelly Slater, Mark Richards, and Campbell Brothers, even have their versions/customized twin fins.

But keep in mind creating customized twin fins takes a lot of time, effort, and resources. This is why I would recommend simply buying off the rack.

Wrap Up: Our Choice

Wrap Up Our Choice

Our winner for the best twin fins is the Thurso Surf Lance.

It’s a one-of-a-kind twin fin that comes with everything you would need for a fun time in the water.

Everything on this surfboard, from the choice of material, twin fin shape, and shape, points out to a quality and reliable shortboard.

It’s a reliable and awesome modern pick that paddles effortlessly.

And while it’s a great pick to get your feet wet, it works well for all range of users, starting from beginners to advanced surfers.

I would recommend it.

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