Ultimate Review of the Best Wake Foils in 2023

Ultimate Review of the Best Wake Foils

I learned to ride a foil board about two years ago in Newport Beach, California.

My good friend and workmate, Jerry, took me out one day and helped me get my first sustained ride, and I was hooked.

Before then, I always lived in fear of my friends, who always scared me with the “huge learning curve” and all of the foiling. They were all grossly overstating it.

Sure, I had to put up with several face plants and drinking several gallons of water before it finally clicked.

The big crashes were also frequent, but I progressively developed it all as I dialed it in myself.

The fly trick  wasn’t even nearly as difficult as I thought it would be. Simply put your feet back a little and ever so lightly, and unweight the front and you’re good to go.

The trick is to be subtle with your movements. The last thing you do is “stab” at it with sudden movements. It’s all about taking your time and getting a feel of how it behaves.

And the good thing with foiling is that it’s unlike any other board sports.

See, I had been a wakeboarder for the longest time and can tell you that they don’t compare.

First, foiling feels different. And the best part is it works on every type of boat. For me, at least, I now borrow my uncle’s bow-rider boat for the runabouts.


Because the excitement of foiling doesn’t come from launching off the wake but simply from the sensation, you experience at speeds as low as 5 to 8 mph.

It’s a new balance point that allowed me to enjoy time on the water, even in the smaller, mushy Californian surfs. From pumping ponds to wake foiling swells to rising above the choppy waters for a buttery smooth feeling, every day was a foiling day.

Plus, it opens all sorts of new doors and will have you looking at the ocean and everyone in the water with a new perspective.

Of course, having the right equipment plays an important role in your progression in foiling.

In any case, a wake foil determines whether your experience on the water is a blast or complete frustration.

And let’s be honest, foils don’t come cheap. And the worst mistake is acquiring a foil you don’t love or worst a foil that doesn’t help you grow in the sport.

But you don’t have to worry about selecting a foil for your surfing needs.  I’ve prepared a guide outlining some of my favorite foils in the market.

Quick Comparison Table!

Phase Five Gadget Wakefoil Package


Liquid Force Pod Wake Foil Set


Phase Five Gizmo Wake Foil Package


Slingshot Sports Hover Glide WF-1


Liquid Force Nebula Wake Foil



The Best Wake Foils For The Money

The Best Wake Foils For The Money

#1 Phase Five Gadget Wakefoil Package - EDITOR'S CHOICE


Our top pick for the best wake oils is the Gadget Wakefoil from Phase Five.

It’s my favorite foil for one simple reason: performance versatility.

I love it because it’s challenging enough for the advanced riders yet nimble enough for my beginner son. He can use it without planting his face first in the water.

One feature that sets up this monster for its awesome performance is the design.

The 760 Front Wing helps with the overall lift and adds to the overall riding stability. So the foil is a great option for anyone who might consider foiling.

Plus, no

need to worry about bashing the surf foil on the waves because it utilizes V.R.T Technology and Epoxy resin, so it’s hard-wearing and lasts for quite a long time.

Phase Five Gadget foil package also comes with a host of features that enhance the

overall performance.

For example, a surf foil track mount system expands the compatibility of the foil by allowing me to use it on any wake foil.

Secondly, I can use the mounting system to adjust the foil to meet any specific needs.

The foil, with its twin surf fins, allows greater movement, thus enhancing the overall maneuverability.

I find it easy to surf, even in the smallest wakes. I’m also pleased with the 24”, which enhances the overall responsiveness of the foil.



#2 Liquid Force Pod Wake Foil Set - Performance Wake Foil


The Liquid Force Pod Wake Foil Set is a high-performance and quality wake set that will certainly change your experience on the water for the better.

It has little tweaks and refinements here and there to ensure your wake foiling will never be the same again.

One of my favorite features is the folder 125″ large wings that amplify my ride. It allows me to carve effortlessly and achieve the cutting edge turns on the wake.

Plus, it also includes a 27” mast. Not the longest, but it will keep my board from touching the rough water, so I can enjoy wake foiling even in the relatively larger waves.

The Liquid Force Pod Wake Foil Set is also sturdy and will take you to places you’ve never imagined without fear of the foil breaking down on you.

A titanium-coated stainless steel ensures you benefit from a long-lasting and durable wake foil, no matter how hard the overhead waves hit you or how long you stay in the water.

Keep in mind the Liquid Force Pod Wake Foil Set is a big game. But the good thing is the generous size, with padded elements and transition plate, will help you achieve a regular speed and stability to wake foil in.



#3 Phase Five Gizmo Wake Foil Package - Fastest Wake Foil


The Phase Five Gizmo is designed for the smaller waves and wakes. It provides fun even on the 2nd or 3rd wake behind the boat.

It’s also a unique surfing foil. The Innegra and carbon inlays make the board stand out from its competitors.

As a foil-specific wake foil, the Gizmo will stand up to the abuses of wake foiling like a champ.

It’s strong and stiff and includes optional foot straps to help the expert wake foilers dial up their progressions when wake foiling aggressively. At the same time, it’s also forgiving enough to the beginners and will help them stabilize when dipping their toes into the sport.

The foil wings are covered with Neoprene, so you don’t need to worry about them getting damaged.

Beginners will particularly appreciate the Phase Five Nova Foil with the 760-front wing. It gives them plenty of surface area to stand on while improving the overall stability.

The 28” mast length is also one of the longest masts on our bundle, and it offers tons of room when pumping and cruising high out of the water. The higher raise when foiling is crucial, especially when working through the choppy and larger surf.

Expert surfers will also love Phase Five’s Foil Track Mount System that you can swap at your convenience. It’s also easy to micro-adjust and customize it for your preferences.

Overall, the Gizmo is a great wake foil, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a foil-specific board design with top-tier responsiveness. It’s particularly a wonderful option for the advanced riders who know to utilize the board responsiveness to their advantage.



#4 Slingshot Sports Hover Glide WF-1 - Best Wake Foil for Intermediates and Advanced Surfers


If you’re a fan of the Fantastic Four, then I’m pretty sure you’re familiar with the Hover Glide.

It’s the wake foil that Silver Surfer used to run away with.

I love this foil because it gives surfers a levitating experience like no other wake foil on our list- something like the air chair sport.

And that’s not all!

Like most of the surf foils on our list, it features a foil mount track. It’s a handy design feature that will let you adjust and customize the lift you get from the foil.

The best part is the track will even let you wakesurf without the foil.

Hover Glide wake surfboard is also built to last and will take on a beating without breaking down.

The stringerless EPS foam construction is sturdy and can survive abuses and hits from the double overhead waves. Yet, it’s forging, and in case you take a swipe or hit, it won’t result in any injuries or bruises.

The performance of the water of this soft top foil board is also exceptional, thanks to the two classic fins and a board with a fast rocker line.

Both of these features help with better maneuverability in the water and help you cut across the face of the wake effortlessly.

The extended mast length, at 28 inches, is also quite long and will keep you floating even in the darndest conditions. It doesn’t let the board touch the water, so you can confidently surf in the choppy waters.



#5 Liquid Force Nebula Wake Foil - Unique Wake Foil Board


Liquid Force is a more advanced board and ranks high up on our list of the best wake foil because of its extraordinary riding comfort.

The other noticeable feature on the Liquid Force Foil Board is the dura-surf construction. It’s a wonderful design that keeps surfers super comfortable while offering immense stability for beginners.

And that’s not even the best part!

Nebula’s concave deck was a plus in my books as it gave me better control of the board. Even for a beginner like me, I floated easily as it “locked” my feet in while helping with the gradual increase in speed.

Plus, the double concave ensures that minimal water remains on your wake foil during your water rides.

Plus, I was pleased by the regular inserts that work as hard as I do to improve my overall balance and stability when surf foiling.

On the other hand, experienced riders will appreciate the large airplane wing that improves the foil’s speed, carving, and maneuverability.

And finally, you get three angled plates that will let you choose the desired preference when riding.



Best Wake Foils Buying Guide

Best Wake Foils Buying Guide

Wake Foiling and Hydrodynamics 101

A wake foil is a foil fitted with a board.

Unlike the regular board, a wake foil expands the freedom of riding waves anywhere a lift occurs.

It’s simply a tweak to surfing.

The good news is with a wake foil, you can perform stunts behind any boat.

On top of that, you can wake oil in any water condition, and you don’t require speed.

Usually, wake foil comes complete with all the equipment needed for foiling, including the foil and masts.


Hydrodynamics is a subdiscipline of fluid mechanics. It refers to the ability to master fluids.

Usually, it deals with solids immersed in liquids. For example, a surfboard immersed in water.

Factors to Consider When Selecting the Best Wake Foil

Wake foiling is a relatively new sport, so the guidelines for acquiring the best wake foil are challenging to get.

The good news is we’ve compiled a guideline that outlines everything you should know about selecting the best Wake Foil.

Wake Board

The board is the most important element of a wake fol.

It takes on the rider’s weight and connects you to the water.

Usually, we focus most on the choice of material on the boards.

Or example, we recommend beginners choose the compression or foam coated boards because they’re more responsive and easily perform as the riders want.

On the other hand, consider wakeboards made out of fiberglass if you’re looking to progress into wake foiling.

The fiberglass options are light and offer a secure feel on the water.

Foil Wing

The wing is the part that causes the lift, so it’s a crucial part.

Depending on your skill level, choose a wing that lifts faster or slower.

Foil Mast Length

The mast is the link between the soft top board and the foil.

Usually, your choice of the mast will depend on your experience and ability.

We recommend beginners to use the short masts because they perform better at a slower speed. They also tend to be more forgiving,

Advanced riders can choose the larger masts as they perform better at higher speeds.

Plus, the larger masts allow riders to oil in choppy water because they rider higher.

Best Surf Foiling Boards Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What are the best wake foil Boards?

A: The best wake foils are reliable, easy to use, and float on a water well. They also have immense responsiveness, and this makes them more maneuverable for advanced surfers.

Q: Are foils dangerous?

A: Foils are like any other water sport. You need to be extra careful how you handle them. This is particularly true for beginners because mishandling the foil can cause harm. I advise beginners to stay away from crowded places.

Wrap Up: Our Choice

Best Wake Foils Wrap Up Our Choice

Our winner for the best wake foils is the Phase Five Gadget Wakefoil Gadget.

It’s a performance-oriented and reliable wake foil that ensures you enjoy wake foiling.

The foil is responsive, easy to use, and has plenty of stability, even for new riders.

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