Ultimate Review of the Best Wakeboard Bindings in 2023

Ultimate Review of the Best Wakeboard Bindings

I don’t know much about you, but if you’re an old hand at wakeboarding, I’m pretty sure you remember needing dish soap to get into your wakeboard boot.

Personally, I never liked dish soap. Every time I used it, I seemed to have one foot in and one foot out crash.

Newt Juice was my favorite as it washed out quickly, and I always had consistent results.

But all in all, the commercial lubricants weren’t good either, and I hated them for stinking and staining my carpet.

On top of it all, they were not great at keeping my feet in my wakeboard bindings as I hoped.

But that was a long while.

Today, we’ve come a long way since the not-so-good ‘ol days of wakeboard binding technology.

Now, you don’t even need a lubricant for your wake boots.

I mean, the best wakeboard bindings are a whole different world of performance and comfort.

Brands have upped their game, and we already have tons of new designs on the table with unique technology that will suit the riding needs of every wakeboarder.

For me, it’s the comfort factor.

Unlike the traditional bindings, even the stiffest boots today offer plush comfort that rivals your grandpa’s Cadillac from the 90’s- yes, they’re that comfy.

Of course, I know some riders overlook the need for wakeboard bindings.

But that’s the biggest mistake you can ever make.

See, I understand the bindings aren’t as exciting as a new wakeboard, but remember that you’ll have a hard time getting the most out of your wakeboard without a well-fitting binding.

While often overlooked, finding the best wakeboard binding is a crucial part of the wakeboard purchase process.

After all, bindings are the only thing connecting you to your wakeboard.

In fact, for me, finding the right wake binding is as important as finding the board itself.

But with many options in the market, it can be nerve-wracking to find the best wakeboard bindings.

The good news is we’re here to help, and in the guide below, I’ll share some of my favorite board bindings.

Quick Comparison Table!

Men’s Liquid Force Peak 6X Wakeboard Bindings


Ronix Signature Women’s Wakeboard Bindings


Hyperlite Allure Wakeboard Bindings


Hyperlite Remix Wakeboard Bindings


 Hyperlite Agent Wakeboard Bindings



The Best Wakeboard Bindings For The Money

The Best Wakeboard Bindings For The Money

#1 Men’s Liquid Force Peak 6X Wakeboard Bindings - EDITOR'S CHOICE


Liquid Force needs no introduction.

They’re among the most reputable brands in the wakeboarding community and known to create quality products.

Their latest offering, the Liquid Force Peak 6X, isn’t any different.

It’s a performance powerhouse designed for cable use and regular use.

While I find these bindings a bit on the higher side, they’re worth every penny, and it’s not a surprise they topped our list of the best wakeboard bindings.

Now, one of the features that are truly appealing about the Peak 6X is that it’s incredibly lightweight and utilizes a honeycomb flex floor.

I love honeycomb technology for several reasons.

One, it allows me to grip the top of my wakeboard and provides better traction and control.

Secondly, it offers an all-over soft flex, giving more response, and again, more control in your riding.

But my favorite benefit is the level of dampness the sole offers. So, when popping onto obstacles or landing huge jumps on cable, I’m always confident of receiving support down to my knees and ankles.

Backtracking a little bit, we already mentioned the flex, and I’m glad to report that Liquid Force provides a medium flex.

It’s the perfect wakeboard setup for most riders and, on top of it all, perfect for all kinds of riding. I find these medium flex bindings comfortable enough to hang or walk around the park when not in the water.

The other big benefit of the Peak 6X purchase is compatibility.

It sports a new chassis that goes onto any board with vertical screws.

This is probably one of the departments where the Liquid Force 6X wins over the 4D bindings.

See, the 4D bindings are only compatible with Liquid Force’s FlexTrak technology. This refers to the way the board inserts and mounts into the bolts.

Simply put, it limits the binding usage to Liquid Force’s boards only.

But the 6X overcomes this limitation.

It provides the same spread, the same 6” distance that you’ll find on any wakeboard from any major brand.

So, you can use them on pretty much any other board brand.

And the good news is the 6X still retains pretty much all the benefits of the 4D bindings, including sturdiness, super-directness, and the good feel of the flex (smaller footprint).

Another cool feature with the 6X is the comfort.

The fit on this binding is about as comfortable and customizable you can get with a binding.

First, the lacing system opens up easily all the way, making it easy to take the wakeboard boots in and out.

This is not to mention the lacing system is inclusive with dual locking zones and an integrated ankle harness, so you’re supported above from your heel to your toes.

Secondly, it has a removable walk-in liner, which is super comfy to walk around when you winch or walk on the cable.

Overall, the Liquid Force 6X is nice and comfortable wakeboard bindings, pretty versatile, comfy, and quite supportive. I would recommend it!



#2 Ronix Signature Women's Wakeboard Bindings - Best Women's Wakeboard Bindings


If you need a binding engineered specifically for women or ladies looking for premium comfort and elite performance, consider the Ronix Signature Women’s Wakeboard Bindings.

These closed-toe boots are among the most advanced female boots today, as they’re built to deliver a high-end fit and performance.

What I like most about these bindings is they utilize a range of technologies, including the FlexForm heel panel, and customizes BrainFrame chassis.

Simply put, you won’t realize how far technology has come on the bindings unless you step into one of these.

But how good are these Ronix Wakeboard bindings?

One of the main attractions of these bindings is their liners and baseplate technology.

As with most Ronix’s boards, the Signature boasts a Stage 3 liner consisting of triple density foam that effortlessly molds into your feet.

On top of that, the manufacturer has expertly reinforced the foam into the critical areas that will allow your boot to remain stable while reducing it in areas that will make the wakeboard boot more flexible and maneuverable.

And the best part is there’s 13% less base material, so this binding is considerably lighter than most of the boards on the list. You won’t struggle getting off from the water or even fatigue after extended use.

At the same time, I also appreciate the support and sturdiness these boots provide.

The manufacturer has added J-bars or rater aluminum beams on the sidewalls. The beams are critical for superior heel hold and response. They create more stiffness, heel to toe, and enhance the interlock between the skeleton and the base plate.

With such a complex and sturdy design, you would think the Ronix Signature Women’s Wakeboard Bindings compromises the comfort factor.

But that’s far from the truth.

Instead, you’ll love every moment on these bindings.

It comes with a softer foam interior for starters, which eliminates the chaffing or discomfort that you’d typically get with cheap bindings.

But more importantly, you benefit from Ronix’s BrainFrame technology.

This incredible technology focuses on getting the upper part of the boot to work with the baseplate’s responsiveness.

For example, I love how the liner molds itself to your foot, and at the same time, how the skeleton of the boot expands to it around your foot naturally.

The results are that binding offers instant energy transfer and responsiveness. For me, they help in reducing leg fatigue while increasing the board feel.

The final benefit of this purchase is the unmatched support.

Plus, the Auto-Lock system, combined with a closed-toe boot design, keeps your feet locked and ensures you’re locked in for a duration of time.

Overall, the Ronix Signature Women’s Wakeboard Bindings is the perfect binding, and you will love it for all that it offers.



#3 Hyperlite Allure Wakeboard Bindings - Best Beginner Wakeboard Binding


While our previous two reviewed bindings were great options, they were not suitable for beginners.

But now, we’ve something for them.

The Hyperlite Allure.

It’s the perfect entry-level pick for riders who need a simple, frill-free, and inexpensive purchase.

And the good thing with this binding is it scores highly in different departments. Of course, it can’t rival some of our premium picks, but you’ll see value for your money.

One of Hyperlite’s greatest suits is universal compatibility.

I had mentioned that the Peak 6X was compatible with different riders, but this bad boy takes that definition to a whole new level.

It’s not a surprise considering it’s an open-toe boot.

There’s one-size-fits-all toe binding, perfect for those who need to share their boards with the entire family or with multiple riders.

According to the manufacturer, the bindings will accommodate anyone within the size of 5 through 10, but from our testing, it can support smaller or larger feet/shoe sizes with some adjustment too.

On top of the compatibility, the Hyperlite also has a few features that provide a comfortable feel while remaining responsive enough.

The soft, plush lining through the free flex tongue and area above your foot feels premium and won’t result in chafing or rubbing after numerous uses.

Plus, the bindings boast of a Hyperplush rear flex zone. It’s a flexible soft area at the back that reduces friction as your heelside turns. Remember, you’ll be leaning back a lot, and this feature comes in quite handy in helping you stay in the water for longer.

Using the Hyperlite is also quite a breeze, thanks to the modest single lacing system. It consists of a single lace and a pull and lock system, which you can use to lock on the quick cinch lace zone. You simply need to pull the lace to the desired tightness and lock it to keep the boot from bouncing around as you ride.

Another incredible benefit with the Hyperlite Bindings is they’re durable and lightweight while remaining locked in place.

All these are a result of the Hyperlite Low Pro Plate System and adjustable floating toe design. It allows for an easy fit and better heel hold while keeping your feet secured to the board. The last thing you want is for your bindings to come loose.

Overall, the Hyperlite Allure Bindings are a nice entry-level option, perfect for the entire family.

They also come with all the key features you would need to learn to ride a wakeboard without poking holes in your pockets.



#4 Hyperlite Remix Wakeboard Bindings - Most Comfortable Wakeboard Binding


The Hyperlite Remix bindings are Hyperlite best-selling bindings, and we love it because of its lightness and comfort levels.

It feels ultra-plush, easy to use, and will make you feel happy on the water, whether performing flips, 60’s, toe sides, or heel sides.

Like the Allure, the Remix is also an entry-level binding geared towards beginners and intermediate wakeboarders.

One of the attractive features of Hyperlite is its classic open-toe design. Beyond extending greater comfort, it allows you to share your board with friends and family, even those with slightly larger feet.

The comfort factor doesn’t end there with this boot!

You benefit from a plush, soft feel of dual-density EVA foam on the inner lining. On top of that, the boots help casual riders achieve a customized fit, thanks to the heat moldable tongue.

There’s a stretchy material at the back, which is quite handy at taking in the pressure from your heel in case you end up taking a digger or falling pretty hard.

While the Remix remains a pretty low-cost purchase, it doesn’t fail on the performance. In fact, it comes with some features we only see in some pricier models, such as the dual lace system.

The lacing system lets you tune the lower part of your foot separately from the top of your leg. More importantly, it lets you tailor the level of support you need for your feet.

And the good thing is you shouldn’t have any problems adjusting the laces because they come with ratchet straps you can easily pop off. It makes getting in and out of the bindings easier.

I was pleased with the flat base plate that allows me to stand right at the top of the board for extra control when it comes to the performance.

The Hyperlite LP2 Low Pro Plate System is also durable and lightweight, but more importantly, it gives you a better board feel. Plus, it lets you get your stance exactly where you want it.

On top of it all, the manufacturer has added an aluminum claw insert mounting system to ensure the bindings stay in place at all times.

Overall, the Hyperlite Remix is a nice option and a great performer, especially for beginners.



#5 Hyperlite Agent Wakeboard Bindings - Most Lightweight Open Toe Bindings


The Hyperlite Agent Wakeboard Bindings are an improved version of the original Hyperlite Wakeboard, and the users seem to love the changes and new additions.

This new black and white model ticks the boxes on all the right areas and would be a perfect pick for those who need to take wakeboarding to the next level.

I love the superior stability the board offers while still allowing riders to maximize their pop off the wake.

The boots are also fully adjustable, and though they’re designed as an OSFM model, they can fit almost any feet sizes from 8 to 14. This is because of their classic open-toe design.

Performance on the water is equally impressive on this boot, thanks to their low pro plate system. It’s one of the thinnest and strongest plate systems, so it offers better stability and control by cutting on the amount of flexing between the board and your feet.

The reduced base weight also increases the response time greatly when initiating turns.

On top of it all, the Hyperlite Agent Bindings come with a Super Kush rear flex zone that enhances the durability of the heel and backside. Even better, this feature can withstand the challenges of frequent use and abuse.

It’s comfortable, too, due to the padded footbed and foam, enhancing the support for a better wakeboarding experience.



Best Wakeboard Bindings Buying Guide

Best Wakeboard Bindings Buying Guide

Bindings come in different forms, but they’ve one main purpose; attach the rider to the wakeboard.

Now, in the overview below, we’ll look at the different types of wakeboards and the essential elements to consider when selecting the right wakeboard bindings for your riding needs.

Types of Wakeboard Bindings

Bindings are available in four main types.

They include:

1)      Sandal bindings

2)      Open-toe bindings

3)      Closed-toe bindings

4)      Step-in bindings

Sandal Bindings

The sandal bindings are the most basic types of bindings.

They offer a low-cost attachment method but are not so great for intermediate or advanced riding.

The sandal bindings are great for riders who want to get into the sport casually.

One of the biggest benefits of the sandal bindings is they’re widely adjustable, so it’s easy to share one board with multiple riders.

However, they’re pretty uncommon in modern boards.

On top of that, they offer poor foot and ankle support- they simply do the basic job of keeping you attached to the board, and that’s all.

Open Toe Bindings

Open toe is just like their name suggests.

They’re easily identified because of their open-toe design.

Open toe boots are essentially a full boot, but you can see the rider’s toes sticking with the toe missing.

Like the sandal bindings, the open-toe wakeboard bindings are also affordable.

They’re still entry-level bindings but don’t have the same adjustability as the sandal bindings.

Of course, the open-toe style is still shareable among different users.

The only drawback with the open toe binding is that it keeps your cold feet all year round, which may be a big drawback for those who wakeboard in cooler waters.

Closed-Toe Bindings

The closed-toe options have become the standard on the best wakeboard boots.

This wakeboard binding style exploded in the scene in the early 2000s and has remained a popular option in the wakeboarding community.

These bindings have plenty of benefits, including offering the maximum amount of control, more comfort, better support, and are more walkable.

On the downside, the closed-toe binding is pretty expensive and isn’t easy to share with.

Step-in Bindings/ System BindingsStep-in Bindings/ System Bindings

The step-in binding is a version of the closed-toe design but is worth discussing separately.

They’re like snowboard boots with a rubber sole and built-in cushion.

The step-in binding has similar advantages to the regular closed-toe boots, with a couple of distinct enhancements.

For example, they’re easy to attach and release, and they stay with you, which is particularly handy at cable parks.

Their only demerit is their pricing.

They’re expensive, plus their choices are pretty fairly limited since Hyperlite is pretty much the only brand making these designs.

Important Features to Consider When Selecting the Best Wakeboard Bindings

Now that we’re aware of the different types of wakeboard binding let’s look at the essential features of a wakeboard binding.

Closure Systems/ Lace System

Closure systems refer to the lace system.

They’re a pretty straightforward system and are there for the same reasons as your shoelaces.

The lace fasteners allow you to loosen the bindings to put your foot on and secure them for a tight fit.

While the overall concept seems simple, there’re a few key differences between different closure systems.

In the section below, we’ll break down the main types of lacing systems for bindings.

Quick Lace System

The wakeboard laces are more heavy-duty and durable than your regular shoelaces.

They’re like heavy-duty boot laces and will take some abuse from being pulled on hard.

But unlike the traditional laces, they don’t need to be tied. Instead, they feature an easy-cinch and release system that locks them in place.


The Velcro straps have gained popularity over the last few years.

One of the main reasons behind their popularity is their ease of use and simplicity.

They’re great for getting in and out, especially if you find yourself at cable parks often.

Boa Lacing SystemBoa Lacing System

There’re few instances where the laces are a traditional lace material you would think of.

Instead, a steel wire is used in place of traditional woven lace material.

Also known as the Boa System, this lacing consists of a steel cable laced through the boot instead of cloth.

Lace Free

Some bindings don’t come with laces.

Most of the lace-free options are classic wakeboards.

Instead, they come with gummy straps that wrap around and over the foot.


The other important thing to consider in your next wakeboard binding purchase is the flex rating.

Generally, the flex rating refers to the softness/ stiffness of a binding.

Most beginner or intermediate riders start with bindings with a softer flex.

As they progress, they can shift towards the boards with a more stiff flex.

The stiffer bindings offer a quicker response, more control, and ultimately a higher level of performance.

However, there’re exceptions to this rule.

For instance, the emergence of cable park riding has popularized the softer flex that offers the necessary flex for flaunting the tweaked out grand and presses throughout the park.


It’s a no-brainer that you should invest in bindings that are compatible with your wakeboard.

But the challenging part is knowing if the bindings will be consistent.

See, nothing is more frustrating than realizing that bindings won’t work on your wakeboard.

The easiest way to find out is to buy your bindings from the same wakeboard manufacturer.

You can also check the screws and mounting hardware if you can’t buy them from the same shop.

The good news is binding typically only uses two types of screws; the 0.25-inch standard and the Metric M6.

Best Wakeboard Bindings Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What wakeboard bindings should I get?

A: The best wakeboard bindings for your needs should be form-fitting, easy to use, and practical on the water. It should align with your riding style

Q: Do wakeboard bindings fit all boards?

A: Not all bindings fit any board. Be sure to check on the compatibility parameters

Q: Should wakeboard bindings be tight?

A: No, it shouldn’t be tight or even loose either. Instead, it should offer a snug fit for the best performance.

Wrap Up: Our Choice

Best Wakeboard Bindings wrap up our choice

We’re through with our review of the best wakeboard bindings, and our winner goes to Men’s Liquid Force Peak 6X Wakeboard Bindings.

I recommend this binding because it has all the features you need on a wakeboard binding for better performance and comfort.

It’s a practical option that will take on any water conditions or riding styles, and it remains forgiving and easy to use for beginners.

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