Ultimate Review of The Best Wakeboard Racks in 2023

Best Wakeboard Racks

How do you usually store your wakeboard?

If you’re like many of the wakeboarders I know, I’m guessing you don’t give a crap about it.

You probably leave your wakeboard in your boat or bring it home and stash it in a corner in your garage.

But that’s the easiest way for your board to develop unwanted chips, cracks, dents, and dings.

And we know wakeboards aren’t cheap, so why not protect your investment?

You don’t have to do much; a simple wakeboard rack is sufficient.

Personally, I got several of them because I was sick of my boards taking up a bunch of room in my house.

The boards would also take up a lot of space in my room, and considering I had a quiver, it became harder for me to store them.

But the racks have been a real savior, safely storing my boards until the next time I’m ready to get a set in.

They’ve been handy at maintaining my boards in their original shape and offer a great way to display them when I’m not riding, which is often most of the time.

Of course, the wakeboard racks are built differently, with some better than others.

Now, I wouldn’t want you to make the grievous mistake of choosing a flimsy rack because it might just do your racks more harm.

The good news is I’ll share some of my favorite picks. These are reliable and won’t disappoint you.

Quick Comparison Table!

Krypt Towers Wakeboard Rack


Monster Wakeboard Rack


Krypt Towers Wall Mount Rack


StoreYourBoard Wakeboard Wall Storage Rack


Tengchang CNC Wakeboard Tower Rack



The Best Wakeboard Racks For The Money

Best Wakeboard Racks for the money

#1 Krypt Towers Wakeboard Rack -- Editor’s Choice


Krypt Towers Wakeboard Rack opens up our list of the best board racks.

It’s a great rack for the money, and I’m impressed at how well it fits my Monster Tower MT1.

The rack looks great, too, and matches my double-polished aluminum tower.

In my opinion, it’s probably the best wakeboard rack for boat towers, especially those without completely vertical legs.

I got this rack so that I could safely hold my two wakeboards. It comes as a pair, with two sets of aluminum prongs, mounted away from each other.

My Hyperlite and Murray wakeboards easily fit in the Krypt wakeboard rack without any issues. I can’t wait to get another pair for my other wakeboards.

And the best part is I’ve had more confidence mounting my wakeboards on the rack. I don’t fear they’ll fall off even during the choppy days.

In fact, I’ve traveled for 40+ MPH on my boat, and the boards have remained intact, no mid-air twists, and don’t look like they’ll fly off the wakeboard tower.

There’s a handy bungee cord that holds the boards in position and won’t let them fall even in turbulent conditions.

The bungee cords come attached to the plate of the rack, so there’s isn’t really any effort required to attach them. All you need to do is wrap them around the wakeboard and hook them to the backplate.

I found the bungee cord really tight, so it can be challenging to place them when standing in the boat. But I don’t consider this a flaw because better than being loose and having your boards flying at speed.

On top of that, there’s a rubber padding on the fingers of the rack, and I’m grateful for this as they eliminate any scratching or denting on my board.

The rubber coating also has the added benefit of a noiseless high-quality performance. It’s unlike my previous rack, which would vibrate and chatter at speeds. This one offers a silent operation, no noise, no vibration, and nothing. I’m happy.

Another plus with the Krypt Towers Wakeboard Rack is the swivel mount.

It’s a handy feature that allows me to mount my boards on vertical or horizontal bars at virtually any angle.

The incredible adjustability makes this rack versatile and a wonderful solution for boats with unique horizontal tower bars.

Material on the Krypt Towers Wakeboard Rack is nice and seems well-constructed. The polished 6061 aircraft aluminum seems quality and looks like it lasts for quite a while.

I’ve been using it for several seasons now, and I don’t see a reason why it would break down on me. Plus, it’s double polished and has a nice mirror shine surface.

Installing the Krypt Towers Wakeboard Rack is also a breeze.

Krypt Towers Wakeboard Rack’s package comes with a clamp, so attaching to the tower is one less thing to worry about.

Even better, the clamps are available in different sizes and finger opening, so you can always find a size that fits your tower.

What really impressed me, though, were the rubber bumper inserts. The foam-type soft rubber finger inserts used along with the clamp provide a tight and customized grip.

The soft rubber inserts also ensure the metal clamp doesn’t grind or scratch your boat’s tower.

When correctly fitted, this swivel mount wakeboard rack stays in position and doesn’t slide down the bar. It feels solid and will hold your boards nicely.



#2 Monster Wakeboard Rack -- High-Performance Wakeboard Rack


Our second wakeboard rack is a Monster, so enough said already. Quality rack and great performance.

I’ve had this board rack for several seasons now, and all I can say is WOW.

The rack has exceeded my expectations in many ways, and I would be happy to recommend it as your next wakeboard rack.

Out of the box, the Monster Wakeboard Rack is like any other standard tower wakeboard rack. It features a set of prongs on both ends, mounted on a horizontal frame.

The rack is available in brushed anodized aluminum and black anodized aluminum. I prefer the brushed option because it complements my boat towers nicely and is aesthetic. It also complements most boats well.

But the main highlight is the construction material. The aluminum used is solid and will stand up to the daily abuses of boating.

The material is also anodized, giving it an advantage over regular metals, especially in salty water conditions. It’ll resist corrosion and is more resistant to the elements.

Overall, the construction is well-made and looks promising. It’s a little pricey, though, but the quality is impressive.

Quality aside, I also wanted a rack with a nice performance, and this pick doesn’t disappoint.

The rack can accommodate several boards up to size 1-1/4 inches thick.

My only markdown with the board capacity is that it can’t hold two boards. It’s rated as a two-board rack, but it starts flipping around at the pivot clamp if I put more than one board.

I’ve tried tightening this down as hard as possible, but it still flips around.

But other than that, everything else on this rack is quite amazing.

Board safety, for example, is top-notch, and I no longer have to worry my boards will fly from my boat when doing speeds or boating in choppy waters.

Each fork tang is inlaid with a flexible and removable EPDM rubber for added protection. It prevents the board from scratching or denting while in motion.

There’re also flexible semicircle tabs that keep my boards from rattling, providing a noiseless boating experience.

The best feature, though, is the cloth-coated elastic cords. The cords also have a UV-resistant coating, resisting wear from long-term exposure to sunlight.

These bungee cords hold my wakeboards securely and function well even at speeds of 35+ MPH. They’re so functional at keeping my wakeboards in position, and having used them in top speeds severally; I’m glad I don’t have to deal with my board ending up sideways or anything.

They hold my board firm, and even with the rhythm of the boat picking speed and hitting waves, I’m not worried that they’ll fall or face upside down.

Fit for the Monster Wakeboard Rack is also nice.

The universal clamps are downright impressive and ensure the rack can fit on pretty much any tower size.

On top of that, the Monster Wakeboard Rack package also comes with 2.5 plastic rings, and these are handy at securing the rack to the tower plus 4 or 5 more sizes.

The only drawback with the rack fit is it lacks adjustability. It doesn’t come with a universal swivel mount.

But that shouldn’t be a big problem, though, because there’s an option of adding universal swivel adapters. But you need to buy them separately.

The adapters go between your rack and clamp. They’re really simple to use and a nice upgrade to the existing rack.

Nevertheless, the rack is still adjustable even without the swivel mount. The four-point indexing system lets you adjust the clamps on the horizontal bars so your wakeboard is perpendicular to the water. It’s a handy feature that lets me mount my rack on a curved tower pipe, angled tower pipe, or whatever pipe you need to mount on.

Ease of use doesn’t end there on the Monster Wakeboard Rack.

There’s a quick-release system that lets you remove the rack from the tower effortlessly and quickly. You don’t even require any tools.



#3 Krypt Towers Wall Mount Rack – Best All-Around Wakeboard Rack


If you need an all-around wakeboard rack for your board, you can’t go wrong with the Krypt Towers Wall Rack.

It’s a wall mount storage rack, perfect for holding your wakeboards at home.

I love that it looks nice enough to mount inside my house, and I have it in my living room. Great quality and looks nice on the wall.

It adds an aesthetic touch to my living space while showcasing my favorite wakeboards.

And the best part with the installation is they keep the boards just far off the back of the wall, so they don’t rub the paint.

My only wish is to make a different version that goes from the floor to the ceiling. It would have been much better. But I guess you can always buy multiple of these. I’ve two racks.

I wanted a wakeboard rack that was also solid, and the Krypt Towers Wall Mount Storage Rack matches my expectations.

I’ve some other wall mount options with a similar configuration: plastic or other material. They just seem like a bad idea.

The Krypt Towers Wall Mount Rack, with sturdy metal construction, is solid and offers a reliable way to store your boards.

It feels rigid, and I’m confident it’ll hold my four boards without skipping a beat.

But the greatest benefit, at least in my opinion, with the Krypt Towers Wall, is the adjustability.

It’s a versatile, heavy-duty wakeboard rack that can fit a wide range of boards.

It has adjustable width and height options, so it is easy to find a wakeboard of any size.

But here’s the kicker!

It’s a universal wakeboard rack that can also accommodate other types of boards, starting from longboards, surfboards, freeboards, water skis, kneeboards to wakeskates.

Personally, I use mine to fit three wake surfboards, two wakeboards, and two pairs of jumpers and still have room to spare.

The fingers on the rack are also long enough to hold a 21” paddleboard effortlessly.

Meanwhile, the fingers on this adjustable rack system are padded with a rubber material. It’s necessary for preventing scratching and damage on your boards.

Installing the Krypt Towers Rack is a breeze. The rack comes with everything you need to mount it on the wall.

I mounted mine on a concrete wall using the mounting hardware supplied and didn’t encounter any problems at all. It’s an easy affair and won’t take much of your time.



#4 StoreYourBoard Wakeboard Wall Storage Rack – Best Value Wakeboard Rack


I was initially going to build my rack, but I figured it wasn’t worth it after adding up the cost and everything.

So, I researched some of the best wakeboarding racks, and that is how I came across the StoreYourBoard Wakeboard Wall Storage Rack.

It’s a nice rack to rest your weary boards in your house.

I also choose this option because it offers value for money. It’s not expensive, yet it has a performance similar, or even better than some of the more expensive items in the market.

This rack is also an adjustable system similar to the Krypt Wakeboard Towers Wall Mount Storage Rack we reviewed above.

It has four levels of rack storage and eight different storage attachments for changing the rack positioning.

Simply put, it’s the ultimate solution for all your wakeboard storage needs. The storage attachments are highly adjustable, so you’ve more room to move around and store other items in the shed.

The other similarity with the Krypt Wall Rack is its multi-purpose functionality.

StoreYourBoard Wakeboard Wall Storage Rack is the perfect choice for multi-sports users as it can also accommodate different equipment.

Along with the wakeboards, StoreYourBoard Wakeboard Wall Storage Rack also supports wake surfs, surfboards, wakeskates, and more.

And the best part is it supports these boards with confidence.

The sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum used to construct this hanging system has immense strength and feels solid.

It’s sturdy if mounted correctly and even strong enough to hold my 8ft surfboard with room to spare without skipping a beat.

The rubber padding is a bonus. It grips my boards safely and securely, ensuring they don’t slip from the forks.

But more importantly, it eliminates the scratching that may happen when storing or removing my wakeboards from the rack.

Setting this adjustable rack is also a breeze. It takes just minutes and is effortless. Simply find the studs and decide how far apart you want them for your boards. Screws are included.



#5 Tengchang CNC Wakeboard Tower Rack


Tengchang CNC Wakeboard Tower Rack isn’t a high-end rack, but I knew that before purchase. It hasn’t affected the performance either, and I’m happy with the purchase.

This tower wakeboard rack is different from most wakeboard racks out of the box. It comes in an unusual shape but looks sportier and more streamlined. Bat shaped.

 I bought it primarily because of its holding capacity. It can hold two of my boards, my kneeboard and my wakeboard.

It’s a nice addition to my boat because it saves space and allows for a neater organization.

The greatest benefit, though, is that it holds my wakeboard securely, and I’ve no worries riding with them even in the choppy waters.

I’ve even used the rack on 25+ MPH of speed boating and haven’t felt or seen like my boards would fly off.

It’s solid, and when tightly and correctly screwed, it remains intact without movement or any wiggle.

The 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum construction is also a bonus. It feels sturdy, and the racks are still going strong even after using them for several seasons.

Remember, I live in Aruba, in the harsh Caribbean marine conditions, and I’ve had experience with some of the high-end brands breaking down on me. This tower tube is resistant to weather and elements and is still strong.

The rack is also adjustable, which is a big plus, especially when I need to attach the rack on both vertical or horizontal bars.

It lacks a swivel mount, which severely limits the flexibility/variability of getting the angles. Yes, there’s a bit of twisting and rotation, but not comparable to what a swivel mount provides.

There’re also rubber protectors on the aluminum fork that prevent scratching or rubbing on the surfboard.

A bungee strap helps to secure the board. The Bungie straps are also UV resistant and don’t wear, even when exposed to sunlight for extended periods.



Best Wakeboard Racks Buying Guide

Best Wakeboard Racks buying guide

If you’re still undecided on what wakeboard rack to choose, our guide below will help.

Here, I outline everything you need to know about selecting the right wakeboard rack for your needs.

Factors to Consider When Selecting the Best Wakeboard Rack

Rack Type

Wakeboard racks are available in different shapes and designs.

Some will hold more racks than others, while other racks will hold different types of water boards.

For example, a tower rack is multi-purpose and can hold different water boards, starting from water skis, wakeboards, kneeboards, and wakeboards.

Mounting System

The other important consideration is determining how a wakeboard rack mounts.

Do you need your rack-mounted permanently or just temporary? And how do you want it mounted?

For example, tower Wakeboard racks are ideal for securely mounting your rack and still save space.

Secondly, see that your rack has a release feature. It’s a nice addition that adds to the overall convenience and allows you to take off the rack effortlessly.

Choice of Material

The choice of wakeboard rack material determines the overall strength and longevity.

The best wakeboard rack is usually made of metal, specifically 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum or heavy-duty steel. Aluminum is lightweight, durable, and doesn’t rust.

If you need a rack for your boat, consider an option that doesn’t rust, even when exposed to seawater and other elements. Heavy-duty steel, especially stainless steel, is a great choice.


While most racks are made out of metal or wood, they should have some type of cushion or padding.

Padding helps eliminate scratching when putting or taking the boards from the rack.

The quality racks usually have padding on all sides.

One of the popular materials used for padding the rack is rubber. It absorbs shock and will keep your racks free from scratches.

Rubber padding is also helpful in tower racks as it helps in soundproofing the boat against rattling.

Attachment of the Bungee Strap

A bungee cord is quite helpful in holding your board on the rack, especially on a boat rack.

The bungee straps should be integrated into the rack. Ideally, it should be attached to the rack itself so that it’s not easily lost or misplaced.

The angle of the Rack

Another important thing to consider is the angle the rack takes once installed.

The rack may curve or sit at an angle depending on the tower leg. This may ultimately affect how your rack will be positioned and the space it’ll take.

Thick Rubber Inserts

Check to see whether your rack comes with rubber inserts.

Rubber inserts are handy for allowing a snug fit.

The rubber inserts also eliminate metal-to-metal contact. They prevent the clamp from wearing your tower.

Types of Wakeboards and Size

Wakeboards come in different lengths and shapes.

So, you first need to know the dimensions of your boards and tower tubing sizes so you can pick an option that fits them right.

Number of Wakeboards

The final thing to consider is how many boards you need to store.

Some wakeboards are designed to hold a single wakeboard, while others hold multiple boards.

Now, depending on the size of your quiver, it’s easy to determine how many racks you need or the size of rack you require.

Wakeboard Rack Maintenance

Best Wakeboard Racks faq

Wakeboard racks also need proper maintenance, especially if you need them to last for a long time.

Here are some tips that should help with the proper wakeboard rack maintenance;


Racks can wear and tear during transport.

You can avoid that by investing in some covers, particularly those made out of outdoor poly.

Seasonal Cleaning

Most racks are designed from metal and generally stand up to the elements quite well.

However, they also need maintenance. A simple wipe and wash with mild soap and rinse at the end of every season is sufficient, especially if you use them in a saltwater environment.

Tighten Hardware

Finally, make a habit of tightening the screws and the quick-release mechanism on your rack.

It eliminates wobbliness, loss of screws and maintains better performance.

Wakeboard Rack Installation

A wakeboard rack consists of different parts that should be coupled correctly for safe wakeboard holding.

While the installation process may be unique to every wakeboard rack, it’s generally the same across all racks.

Best Wakeboard Racks Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Do I need a wakeboard rack?

A: A wakeboard rack isn’t a must.

But having one will definitely make your life easier and simpler, especially if you’ve multiple racks to store.

A rack will make the storage more convenient, save on your space, and help with secure board protection.

Q: Is a wakeboard holder worth it?

A: Yes, it is.

Provided you choose a wakeboard holder that fits your wakeboard storage needs, you can never go wrong with this equipment.

It can be a nice investment, especially for users who want to store their wakeboards safely and want their gear within an arm’s reach. Wakeboard holders are also critical for board protection.

Q: What materials do wakeboard racks come in?

A: Wakeboard holders usually come in different materials.

However, aluminum is the most popular material because it’s strong but lightweight.

Other popular materials include fiberglass and stainless steel.

Q: What’s the best place for placing a wakesurf rack on a boat?

A: Usually, the tower is the best place to mount your wakesurf rack.

It can hold gear vertically and at different angles, saving precious space on your boat.

Wrap Up: Our Choice

Best Wakeboard Racks wrap up

Our winner for the best wakeboard racks reviews is the Krypt Towers Wakeboard Rack.

It’s our favorite option because it checks on all the boxes for the best rack.

Great performance, solid design, easy to use, and reasonable price.

I would recommend it.

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