Ultimate Review of the Best Wakesurf Board Bags in 2023

Ultimate Review of the Best Wakesurf Board Bags

Nothing disrupts a good night’s sleep more than getting jolted awake by a nightmare.

For most people, being chased by shadowy figures with ten tail-like legs or feeling naked in public is disorienting and scary.

But those don’t scare me.

My nightmares are usually about my wakesurfs; I usually wake up in a cold sweat after dreaming about breaking, scratching, or dinging my wakesurf.

I’m sure thousands of other wakeboarders experience the same. While not exactly the nightmares, there’s a dread that comes with transporting wake surfs.

See, it’s like an ordeal because you never know whether you’ll get there safely.

For me, it has always been dreaded because you’ve no idea just how I love my toys. Besides family, wake surfs are the most important thing in my life.

Now, over the years, I’ve also had my fair share of difficulties moving my wake surfs.

My most memorable one was when I was visiting my in-laws in Newport, California. As usual, I had expertly stuffed my wake surfs in between my clothes.

For a long time, I had relied on this old trick, and it had served me well. But not on that day.

After the flight, I found my wakesurf smashed into pieces, and my bag looked like a pinata. Imagine how dreadful it must have felt.

From there on, I decided to invest in a wake surf board bag.

It even made more sense because I travel a lot, so I’m saved from the fee of extra weight from the “padding clothes” in my bag.

Of course, dings are inevitable at some point, but with a solid wakesurf board bag, you can prolong the longevity of your board.

For me, it’s the peace of mind that comes when traveling, whether it’s to your local break, a coastal road trip, or flying across the globe to any destination.

Now, if you feel you need one of these life-saving equipment, here’s a review of the best wake surfboard bags.

Quick Comparison Table!

Wave Tribe Hemp Surfboard Travel Bags


Ronix Sleeping Sack Surf Sock Wakesurf


Ronix Dempsey Surf Case


Hyperlite Blunt Nose Surf Socks


Mission Boat Sock



The Best Wakeboard Bag For The Money

The Best Wakeboard Bag For The Money

#1 Wave Tribe Hemp Surfboard Travel Bags - EDITOR'S CHOICE


In my book, the ideal wakeboard bag has lots of padding, is durable, and easy to use.

The Wave Tribe Hemp meets all my criteria.

I especially like it as comes with more padding than the regular bags. Most board bags have only about 10mm of foam padding, which doesn’t feel like it offers much protection.

But the Wave Tribe has 15mm or more, plus an extra 13mm insert in the nose and tail for the ultimate protection.

That’s nearly 50% more protection, and it sounds good to me.

Wave Tribe has also hit a home run with the zippers. After a long run with bags with shitty zippers that hardly closed, I fell in love with the durable yet easy-to-use zippers on the Tribe.

Another standout feature was the choice of material.

Wave Tribe utilizes hemp, which is unique in a market filled with plastic-made pouches. Hemp isn’t only durable, but it’s sustainable and eco-friendly. I mean, protect the planet and my boards… I’m all in!

Traveling with the Wave Tribe gives me more confidence in the safety of my board because it holds up strong, shielding my surfboards from nicks and dings.

For the one year I’ve used the Tribe, I’ve not come across a single ding, and it remains in excellent condition.

The extra foam definitely plays an important role, especially when I need to cram the board in the already full trunk or tighten it on my roof racks.

I’ve also used the Tribe in some pretty humid and rainy conditions, and I discovered that they dry fast while remaining light. It’s a nice gear in the tropical climate where nothing ever seems to dry.



#2 Ronix Sleeping Sack Surf Sock Wakesurf - Most Durable


I had no problem choosing the Ronix Sleeping Sack because it’s from one of the reputable brands in the market. Quality is guaranteed.

But more importantly, I was impressed by the performance of this sock.

The price was also quite attractive and may prove quite a great option, especially for those on a budget.

But as its name suggests, the Ronix Sleeping Surf Sock is a board sock, not a canvas bag.

I would think twice about using the Ronix for heavy-duty tasks like flying across the globe or simply taking a train.

Instead, this Ronix Sock is designed for lightweight to moderate tasks.

It’s not padded enough for the heavy dings but the minor dents and scratches.

For example, it would make a great offering for days when you simply need to carry your board on a bike rack and want to prevent scratches from flying pebbles or something like that.

This board offers the least shielding, but the vinyl tip works fine when I load my board in the back of my truck/boat, or on the roof racks, without tightening the straps too much.

What I love most with the Ronix Socks is that it’s economical and compact. It offers a straightforward way of storing your wakeboard and protecting it from slight dings and dirt.

It’s ultra-light, so it’s easy to fit it in its drawstring closure system.



#3 Ronix Dempsey Surf Case - Best Wakesurf Board Bag for Two Boards


The Ronix Dempsey Surf Case is unique because it will allow you to take two boards on a journey. So, no more lugging around with multiple bags. For me, at least, it can hold my 4’8″ wingman and 4’10 AK together.

It’s a well-made option that I feel confident in keeping my boards.

The air cushions at the front and the padded shell will keep your bards safe and shield them against scratching, dings, and nicks.

It also has a sweet and nice design consisting of an expandable backside. So, I don’t have to struggle to remove the fins before using them.

Another likable feature of the Ronix is the convenient and padded shoulder strap for lugging the board from my house to happy times in the lake.

Overall, Ronix Dempsey is a great investment and has all the nice finishes you would expect from a premium and high-quality option.



#4 Hyperlite Blunt Nose Surf Socks - One-Size Fits All


If you need a product that will care for your board, choose the Hyperlite Blunt Nose Surf Socks.

It’s constructed from plush terry cloth fabric, so it effortlessly keeps your board from the damaging effects of the V rays.

It helps to shield your board from delamination or even color fading. My boards look as new as I bought them even after several seasons of use.

Plus, the plush terry cloth has a reinforced nose, and this helps with added safety, especially on the most vulnerable part of your board-the nose.

It also comes with a fin pouch that will let you remove your fins and safely store them until your next surf session.

But Hyperlite’s greatest benefit, in my opinion, is the blunt nose. It can effortlessly accommodate most boards, including the traditional surf sock,

And as with our previous pick, Hyperlite also comes with padded shoulder and internal covers.

So, your boards are shielded from harm, and at the same time, you find it easy to move your boards to a different destination.



#5 Mission Boat Sock - Best Sock For Shortboards


I was looking for a sock for my son’s 4” Beater Board, and there wasn’t a sock for that small board.

After a frustrating search, I came across the Mission Gear SOX, and I immediately fell in love with the Mission Sock.

It’s perfect, and as you can see in the picture, it’ll fit the small boards, even with the skegs on.

Even better, the thick materials used on this sock are great, just like the ones he has on his favorite board.

The terry clothing is super nice, feels nice to the touch, and will offer adequate protection to your board.

It fits nicely and will help shield your board from scratches and dings, remaining lightweight. I love how it perfectly balances protection and portability.

My kid was also attracted to this board because it’s available in different colors. His favorite is the green grass, though you’ve the option of choosing other colors such as zebra and orange pushup.

Overall, the Beater Board is a nice addition and quality purchase that you won’t regret having.

Taking the board in and out should also be easy, thanks to the reliable cord closure system.



Best Wakeboard Bags Buying Guide

Best Wakeboard Bags Buying Guide

In the section below, we look at everything you need to know about the best wakeboard bags.

But first, why do you need the best wakesurf board bag?

Importance of the Best Wakesurf Board Bags

The answer to this is pretty straightforward, but surprisingly, some people believe board nags aren’t important.

They believe bags are a waste of money and can’t shield their boards through proper care.

But here is the thing, accidental impacts and UV damage aren’t something riders can protect their boards against.

Plus, you’re never with your board 24/7.

Remember, wakeboards are fragile and prone to damage, so you need to protect them against physical damage.

And even if your home is close to the shore, you still need to protect them from environmental challenges such as mildew, sun, humidity, and so much more.

Besides protecting your investment, the best wakesurf bag offers an effortless and convenient way to transport your boards from one location to the other.

Features to Consider When Purchasing a Wakesurf

Here’re the important things to consider when selecting a wakesurf bag;


The common types of wakesurf bags are:

Socks- These are cloth bags that are available in different colors and patterns.

While they offer the least protection from dings, they’re great when traveling for short distances and want to avoid scratches.

They’re also handy for protecting against flying pebbles when driving with the board on your roof.

Day Bags- They’re light, padded bags with handles and a shoulder strap.

They stand up to a lot of abuse, and their straps make it easy to transport your boards.

Travel Bags/Coffins- These are heavy-duty options designed for extensive travel on the road on the plane.


Choose an option that is slightly longer than your board.

When considering the width, take into account the width.

We recommend leaving a few loose spaces inside to protect both the bag and board from damage.


Choose a shape that is closest to your board.

Some bags are for fish, shortboards, funboards, and the like.


The most important feature of a bag is how well it protects your stick.

Generally, the level of padding determines the overall protection.

The more a bag is padded, the more protective it is.

Some even have a tarpaulin to protect against mildew and other environmental stuff.


As with wakeboards, a quality bag doesn’t come cheap, and so you want something that can last.

Saltwater and sea air can be pretty rough on equipment, so get an option to stand up to these elements.

Ease of Use

Go for a bag that makes it easy to transport your board.

For example, straps are hand additions for the shortboard bags, while wheels can be a game-changer for the longboard bag.

Best Wakeboard Board Bag Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What size should I pick for my wakesurf bag?

A: Generally, your bag should be the same size or a bit longer. As for the width, ensure you include the volume factors.

Also, it’s good to ensure your board is slightly loose inside the bag for extra padding.

Wrap Up: Our Choice

Best Wakeboard Bags Wrap Up Our Choice

Our winner for the best wakesurf bags is the Wave Tribe Hemp Surfboard Travel Bags.

It’s my favorite option simply because of its superior protection.

It has more padding than any other bag on our list, so you’ll always feel confident storing your boards in the bag.

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