Blind Skateboards Review (All You Need To Know!)

Blind Skateboards Review

Are you intrigued about learning more about Blind Skateboards but can’t seem to find enough information? Have you ever been curious about this legendary brand? It seems that Blind Skateboards have been getting a lot of attention and you are probably wondering why.

Being one of the oldest names in the skateboard industry, many may think that with their experience, they probably have one of the best skateboards to offer. But how true is that? Let’s find out in this Blind Skateboards review.

About Blind Skateboards

Founded by Mark Gonzales in 1989, Blind Skateboards is considered one of the legendary brands in the world of skating. It is currently in the ownership of Steve Rocco’s distribution company which is also a reputable organization in the skateboard industry, called World Industries.

Mark Gonzales was previously part of Vision Skateboards which was part of the leading skating brands in the 80s, along with Powell Peralta. He left to start his own company, he called it Blind to tease Vision’s name.

Mark Gonzales was already a professional rider when he left Vision Skateboards. After some time, Jason Lee, Rudy Johnson, Danny Way, Guy Marino, and Jordan Richter, all were well-known professional skaters.

Having a team of professional skateboarders on the team, it didn’t take long for Blind Skateboards to gain popularity from other skaters. They were even able to surpass Powell Peralta and have been recognized as the largest skateboard brand in the world at some point.

Blind was not just popular because of the quality boards they have but also due to its skating video that was released in 1991. It was called Video Days and has played a significant role in the skateboarding world. After the successful release of the video, they continued making more videos to inspire skaters even more.

Over the years, there were a lot of changes within the company like the departure of Mark Gonzales, which leaves Blind Skateboard under the management of Dwindle Distribution. Apart from that, they’ve also changed their illustration from a grim reaper to just spelling out the word blind on their decks.

Currently, the team is composed of the following professional skateboarders:

  • Jordan Maxham
  • TJ Rogers
  • Cody McEntire
  • Kevin Romar
  • Micky Papa
  • Nassim Lachlab
  • Sora Shirai
  • Jason Thurtle

Just like other skateboard brands under Dwindle Distribution, Blind also promotes sustainability through their Regrowth sustainability mission. They replace the trees they harvest with three plants to preserve the planet and reduce their carbon footprint through clean manufacturing.

An Overview on Blind Skateboards

An Overview on Blind Skateboards

Being a skateboard industry pioneer, Blind Skateboards had proven to provide quality skateboard complete and decks. They have adopted Dwindle’s single deck press process making their boards more durable and consistent in performance.

A typical skate brand normally practices multiple deck press at a time. There is really nothing wrong with it, however, this may result in uneven deck shape and the quality may suffer. Most decks that were multiple deck pressed are usually prone to early breakage and have poor pop.

Aside from the Blind board being pressed individually, the board is made from 100% Canadian Maple wood. The skateboard deck has 8-ply, unlike most boards that only have 5 or 7-ply. However, there are some Blind decks that are 7-ply like the Blind Youth since they are intended for kids.

8-ply decks are normally heavier, but since Blind Youth are made for children, they need to make it lighter. The added weight on the Blind Skateboard makes it more shock absorbent and more rigid.

When riding a Blind skateboard, you’ll notice that most boards have a mellow or medium concave which is great for long-distance riding. They are also very affordable, a complete skateboard is typically between $80 to $90 while a Blind skateboard deck ranges from $35 to $65. A lot cheaper than other brands but has better quality.

As for the graphics, you’ll know it’s Blind Skateboards with the grim reaper illustration or the blind graffiti. But they also have other cool and colorful graphics apart from the usual grim reaper design.

Features of Blind Skateboards

Features of Blind Skateboards


Consistent shape and concave for each deck due to DSM manufacturing process. The 8-ply of Canadian Maple wood made even stronger with the single deck press method and epoxy resin. The deck shape offers steep kicks, full and side concaves, and a full tail that many a skater adores.

Since Blind Skateboards have thicker decks, they tend to be heavier but have better resistance from impacts and better landings. The decks are also less prone to chipping.


The trucks that come with Blind skateboard completes are decent enough that they are durable and can last longer than most brands with the same price. Although, a skater with a more advanced level may opt for higher-end trucks.


Same with the trucks, the Blind wheels that come in their skateboard complete are not high-end but are durable enough. Blind wheels are larger but have nice traction and rebound which is great when riding tight corners.


The grip tape that comes with Blind decks and completes are much better than cheaper and low-quality skateboards. The grip tape is good enough for performing tricks.


You can only expect stunning artworks for their decks. Although their main design is the grim reaper and the graffiti of the word blind.

Pros and Cons of Blind Skateboard

Pros and Cons of Blind Skateboard

Do you have enough information about Blind Skateboards now? Or you feel like there’s still something missing? Maybe these pros and cons from this Blind Skateboards review can help you out.


  • Heavy-duty boards

The 8-ply Maple construction, single deck press method, and epoxy resin glue all made Blind boards stronger than most brands. It is long-lasting and does not break easily even when doing flip tricks.

  • The deck comes in different sizes and shapes

Blind Skateboards are available in different sizes. It ranges from 7.25″ to 9″ which is perfect for every skater. They also have a skateboarding line for kids which is lighter than their regular complete skateboard.

  • Responsive trucks for better board control

All trucks on a Blind complete skateboard are tough and made to last. These excellent products help in making the board more maneuverable.

  • Larger and quiet rolling wheels

Blind skateboards have generally larger wheels which provide more grip and lots of rebounds. Tight corners are easier to skate with this kind of wheel.

  • Legendary skateboard company

Being one of the pioneers in the skateboarding industry only proves that they have the experience that most brands don’t have. They have been considered the world’s largest skateboard company at one point.

  • Affordable deck and skateboard completes

It is the best value for money with the overall quality of Blind products. Some brands that are cheaper or have the same price range may not meet the same standards that Blind has for their boards.


  • Not for advanced riders

Most Blind skateboards are intended for intermediate level or beginners which is why an advanced rider may need to adjust or replace the components that come with the skateboard complete.

  • It may be hard to perform flip tricks

Because a Blind board tends to be heavier and thicker, some riders find it difficult to execute some tricks.

How Do Blind Skateboards Compare to Other Boards?

How Do Blind Skateboards Compare to Other Boards

Do you think Blind Skateboards deserve all the praises that they are getting from the skateboarding world? It seems that Blind had won the hearts of many skaters with the boards they had produced and continue to create.

Blind Skateboards would not hold the title of the world’s largest skateboard brand in the past for nothing. Over the years they continue to provide quality decks and completes that are better than most brands. Being under the management of Dwindle, they had adopted the manufacturing process of the company which is the single deck press.

Their boards are relatively thicker with 8-ply Maple wood which makes them more durable, less prone to chipping and breakage, and can last longer. However, the thicker ply made the deck a bit heavier than others.

The deck shape and concave are always consistent and each ply is bonded together better with the use of resin epoxy glue. The use of epoxy resin had made their boards even stronger than standard decks.

The skateboard completes have better components than most skateboard brands, although the trucks and wheels that come with the complete are not high-end enough, they are still decent. They are durable to withstand regular use and when performing tricks.

When it comes to graphics, the artworks on the boards are eye-catching and cool. Aside from the usual grim reaper and the word blind as their graphics, they also have boards featuring some of their team members and professional skateboarders. Some pros that are featured on their boards are Micky Papa, Tom Boyle, Henry Sanchez, and Morgan Smith.

There is no doubt that Blind has one of the most affordable skateboards in the market without sacrificing quality. Both their decks and completes are reasonably priced which is a good thing for many newbies who would like to have Blind as their first board.

They are also one of the good companies that care about the planet through their sustainability mission. They plant trees to replace the ones they’ve used to make their boards.

Of course, there is no perfect board and Blind is not exempted from it. Having thicker boards, many skaters find them hard to do some tricks with. Aside from that, most of their boards are intended for intermediate skaters and beginners. Hence many seasoned riders might need to tweak some of their completes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Blind skateboards good?

Yes, they are decent skateboards at a very affordable price. Best more suited for newbies and intermediate riders.

What happened to Blind skateboards?

Over the years, Blind skateboards had experienced a lot of changes just like most pioneer companies do. Change in management is one of them. The brand is now under the management of Dwindle Distribution.

What are the worst skateboard brands?

Walmart boards are probably the worst due to their very poor quality skateboards. They have very thin layers of plywood and the components that come with them are made of cheap materials.

What is the best skateboard brand?

Blind Skateboards is one of the best skateboard brands. It would be hard to say exactly which one is the best since there are many great brands and it depends on the kind of board a rider is looking for. But Landyachtz, Blind, Almost are just some of the best.

Why did Mark Gonzales leave Blind?

He left Blind for the same reason he left Vision Skateboards, out of frustrations. He then founded another company named ATM Click.

When did Yuto Horigome leave the Blind team?

Yuto Horigome left Blind around January 2019. There was no clear reason why he left the company.

Where are Blind boards manufactured?

Their products are manufactured in China, but the materials were imported from Canada. This is also the reason why their boards are cheaper due to lower production costs.

Aside from decks and completes, do Blind Skateboards sell other products?

Yes, they also have apparel, stickers, and wheels.

What is the free grip tape included in every purchased deck?

Every deck purchase comes with a standard Product Griptape. Although, there are other grip tapes available at an additional cost.

What payment options do Blind Skateboards offer?

They accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Discover. They don’t offer cash on delivery or check payment.

Verdict - Final Thoughts!

Verdict - Final Thoughts!

So what’s the final verdict for Blind Skateboards? The brand has an important role in the world of skateboarding and even after so many years, they still continue to produce better completes and decks. Even the videos they produced have inspired both newbies and advanced riders to ride their boards better and test their limits. All in all, Blind Skateboards is a great brand for both newbies and intermediate skaters.

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