Darkstar Skateboards Review : Everything You Need To Know!

Darkstar Skateboards Review

Is Darkstar Skateboard on your wishlist? Is it one of the brands you’re considering buying but still not sure if they are worth it? It’s only normal to be undecided since there are a lot of skateboard companies out there. In a world where everyone claims to be the best, choosing the right one can be a challenge. 

To find out if you should get a Darkstar Skateboard and finally tick it off your wishlist, here are some of the things you need to know about this brand.

About Darkstar Skateboards

Darkstar Skateboards started as a wheel company for skateboards in a garage by Chet Thomas. He started skating at the age of 8 and became a professional skater when he turned 18. Fast forward 6 years, Darkstar Skateboards was born with the help of his brother in 1997. 

After a couple of years, his products evolved and added decks and even started selling completes at Walmart in 2007. However, most skaters found Darkstar skateboards sold at Walmart to be of low quality. Probably because most of the boards he sells at Walmart were those that weren’t doing well in other skate shops. However, they do have high-quality decks and completes. 

The reason why they started selling at Walmart is to make decent skateboards available to everyone and push out those low-quality boards away. This is especially for beginners and parents who randomly pick cheap skateboards at Walmart. Although done with good intentions, many still think that their boards are not good enough.

Today, Darkstar was bought by Globe but initially, it was bought by World Industries, which then became Dwindle Distribution. Up to this time, Chet Thomas still works with Globe. Even before Darkstar was bought by other companies, it has been manufacturing high-quality products with striking graphics.

You can find Darkstar Skateboards across South and North America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia via their distributors. Other people behind Darkstar include famous and professional skaters like Santana Saldana, Greg Lutzka, Dave Bachinsky, Cameo Wilson, Ke’Chaud Johnson, Manolo Robles, and kickflip el toro Ryan Decenzo.

Darkstar Skateboards are generally cheaper compared to other brands. The brand not only sells decks but also completes which most skaters believe are pretty durable and offer a smooth ride. Darkstar is often compared with Baker, another skateboard brand that has a great reputation. Being compared to a reputable brand can only mean one thing – they are promising and on par in terms of quality.

An Overview of Darkstar Skateboards

An Overview of Darkstar Skateboards

Although it started as a wheels company, it doesn’t mean they cannot produce high-quality boards. Having a team of famous skateboarders can only mean one thing – they know what they are doing and know the basic components of a decent skateboard.

Aside from quality, Darkstar is also known for being affordable. Both their decks and completes are cheaper compared to most brands. You can get a Darkstar deck for as low as $40 and a complete setup for only $80.

When it comes to their decks, they are generally lightweight and sturdy. They are made of Birch and North American Maple wood which is blended with epoxy resin glue that makes them stronger than most 7 ply boards. Because of their board’s composition, it is easy to understand why their decks can last for years without breaking or chipping.

Darkstar boards come in 8 sizes that range from 7.25 to 8.37, which is pretty standard. As for their complete setup, they are also decent, especially for beginners. However, heavy riders or those who enjoy performing tricks with hard landings may consider tweaking their Darkstar completes. They may consider upgrading the wheels and trucks. However, newbies or those who are not into street skating will not notice the difference.

As for the wheels, you may find them better than most pre-assembled skateboards in the market. This is not surprising since they first started as a wheels company. 

The brand also puts a lot of effort when it comes to graphics. Each board is artistically designed and is meant to make a statement. Some of the common illustrations you will find are armored knight, skull, and snake.

Enjoying Darkstar Skateboards so far? Let’s do a more detailed evaluation of its features and see if you are ready to grant your wish of owning one.

Features of Darkstar Skateboards

Features of Darkstar Skateboards

7 Ply Birch and North American Maple Wood

You’ll know a board is durable when it is made of strong hardwood. Darkstar decks are made of 7 ply Birch and North American maple wood. If you are a skateboarder, you should know that these woods are the common materials of a sturdy skateboard. What makes Darkstar extra-strong is that it makes use of epoxy resin glue. 

Another thing that makes their board extra special is the way it was made. Most brands press multiple boards at the same time, with Darkstar boards, they are pressed individually. 

Deck Size

The deck size of Darkstar boards is somehow standard. However, it might have more options as it comes in 8 sizes that range from 7.25 to 8.37. Whatever your size and age are, you can easily find a board that will suit you. 


When it comes to their board’s concave, the brand also offers different kinds depending on the rider’s needs. They have full, mellow, and custom concave, which makes it easier for riders to find the right board for them. 

Powerful Graphics

If you want to make a statement with your skateboard, then you’ll probably love Darkstar Skateboards’ powerful graphics. The colors are vibrant and the designs are striking. If you love skulls, snakes, and armored knights, look no further as Darkstar got you covered.


When it comes to wheels, you know you are in good hands with Darkstar. Besides, it was their first love and they sure know how to make quality wheels. Aside from quality, it also comes in different sizes and types to match every rider’s needs. 

Pros and Cons of Darkstar Skateboards

Pros and Cons of Darkstar Skateboards

Are you ready to tick it off your wishlist? Or do you still need more convincing? Well, the list of pros and cons would probably help you decide.


  • Affordable

There is no doubt that Darkstar is budget-friendly compared to most skateboard brands. With at least $40 in your pocket, you can own a decent deck for your skating pleasures. 

  • Heavy-duty boards

Their decks are not only sturdy because they are made of 7 layers of Birch and North American Maple wood. What makes them even stronger is the use of epoxy resin glue in all of their boards.

Not to mention the procedure the boards went through. While most brands press multiple boards at once, Darkstar presses them individually. Apart from that, it can withstand extreme landings and tricks without breaking even after years of use.

  • A team of professional riders

Owned and packed with a team of professional skateboarders, it would be hard not to trust the brand. Nobody can create functional and decent skateboards but the experts themselves. Let’s not forget their expertise on other parts as well, like the wheels.

  • Can be customized

You have the option to purchase them pre-assembled or just the decks. They are highly customizable so you can personalize your skateboard depending on how you want to use it. You can choose your preferred wheels, bearings, trucks, and other parts.

However, if you are a newbie and have no idea how to assemble one, you can always opt for Darkstar completes. Their pre-assembled skateboards are made with high-quality parts.

  • Come with a warranty

Darkstar also offers a limited warranty for their skateboards. Detailed warranty coverage and activation process can be found on their website. 

  • Stunning Graphics

The brand is not just about the quality but they also take their graphics seriously. They make sure riders will make a statement with their skateboards. The graphics and colors are striking that would definitely catch other riders’ attention.

  • Clean Manufacturing

There are very few brands that are conscious when it comes to their carbon footprint. This is what makes Darkstar stand from other brands. They care about the environment, the employees, the community, and the future of the skateboard industry.

You can learn more about “Regrowth” a sustainability mission on Darkstar’s website. If you are into sustainability, then you share the same passion with the brand.

  • Has something for all levels of riders

Whether you are a pro or a newbie, there is a Darkstar skateboard for you. Since their skateboards are also customizable, experts can tweak them however they want.


  • Inconsistent quality

With their interest to push out low-quality skateboards from the market, they had decided to sell some of their boards at Walmart. Most find the boards sold at Walmart to be of low-quality.

Some find this as an issue, especially with the quality. However, for first-time riders, those sold at Walmart would do as their first skateboard.

How Does Darkstar Skateboards Compare with Other Boards?

How Does Darkstar Skateboards Compare with Other Boards

Can Darkstar outmatch other brands even the pioneer ones? Having been in the industry for more than 15 years and having worked with reputable companies like Dwindle Distribution and Globe, they do have a big chance to outshine other skateboard manufacturing companies.

Created by a Team of Professional Riders

It is no secret that the key to creating a functional and high-quality skateboard is by getting into the minds of the riders and knowing exactly what they need. This is exactly what makes Darkstar successful, the team is comprised of professional riders who all know how to create a decent skateboard.

Not to mention that the brand started as a wheels manufacturing company for skateboards. This not only makes them an expert on creating boards but also in manufacturing high-quality wheels. 

Deck Quality

The quality of the decks is also outstanding. It can hold out against extreme street skateboard tricks and hard landings. Many skaters had proven that their boards can last for up to 4 years without serious damage to the decks. Although boards naturally degrade over time, with Darkstar, it would take several years before it deteriorates.

Resin 7 Technology

Adopting Dwindle’s high-quality Resin 7 technology and the single press method on their boards, you can be sure of durability. Apart from that, the woods used are only the toughest ones. Birch and North American maple wood are the main materials of their boards.

Value for Your Money

When it comes to price, they are cheaper than most brands considering the quality of their decks. This is perfect for those who are just new to skateboarding who do not want to spend much on their first skateboard. 

Purchase Options

Riders can also choose whether or not they wish to receive a pre-assembled skateboard or a customized one. This way they can mix and match the parts that they think would work for them. As for the newbies, they do not need to experience the hassle of assembling the skateboards as they can opt for the pre-assembled ones.

You see, whether you are an expert or a beginner you can find something for yourself. That’s the beauty of having a wide range of skateboards. 

Precision Graphics

The graphics are also strikingly beautiful. All the boards are done creatively and with bright colors and drawings that will catch anyone’s attention. 

Warranty Provided

A limited warranty is also offered by Darkstar. You can easily find the guidelines on the website. The terms are well written and are easy to understand. Be sure to read them carefully to avoid trouble in the end in case you’ll need them. 


Lastly, they believe in sustainability. They are pushing for clean manufacturing and minimizing their carbon footprints for the sake of future generations. Now, isn’t that amazing?

Verdict - Final Thoughts!

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Now, are you ready to own your first Darkstar skateboard or are you still undecided? The quality of Darkstar is incomparable to those brands that also fall on the same price range as them. It is hard to find a durable skateboard that is also affordable. Most brands would sell for a cheaper price but the quality will suffer; not with Darkstar. They were able to make affordable yet high-quality skateboards at the same time.

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