Dusters Longboards Review – (Worth A Buy!)

Dusters Longboards Review

Are you eyeing one of Dusters California’s longboards but not sure if they are worth your money? It is understandable to have doubts at first since most skateboard companies claim to be the best in the industry. Besides, you want to make sure your hard-earned money won’t go to waste. 

Considering Dusters longboards as your first-ever skateboard or just to add to your growing collection? It never hurts to do a little research about it before deciding. Well, there is only one way to find out if Dusters longboard is the one for you. Read on and learn more about the company that originated from the heart of surfing and skateboarding.

If there’s one skateboard company that truly understands the ins and outs of skating, it is probably Dusters California, established in The Golden State during the ’70s where the roots of surfing and skateboarding lie. With over 25 years in the industry, they had learned almost everything about what every skater needs.

Over the years, the company had learned the significance of creating high-quality, functional, and meticulous finishes and fit. If you try to analyze each of Dusters California’s board, you will see that every detail was well-made and well-thought-out. 

Designed and manufactured by skateboarders, it only proves that they are experts in the field of longboards. This is probably why they were able to design and build the kind of boards that every rider will fall in love with. 

What keeps them apart from their competitors is that they not only produce excellent cruisers and longboards but their graphics are also distinct and full of character. They love collaborating with emerging contemporary, graffiti, and street artists. Some of the collabs they made were with Cope 2, Steve Olson, California Locos, Kiss, Superbrand, and Robert Williams.

They are known for manufacturing functional boards for all kinds of riders and riding experience. You can find a nice skateboard for commuting, cruising, downhill, and freerides. With their years of experience, it is no surprise that Dusters had gained popularity not only in California but in other countries, too. 

Dusters have distributors in countries like Australia, South Africa, and some countries in Asia, Middle East, and Europe. Their popularity in other regions only proves that their products are one-of-a-kind. The complete list of the countries that they have distributors are listed on the website. So, if you are living in one of those countries, you are in luck.

Apart from selling pre-assembled skateboards, Dusters California also sells skateboard apparel. Aside from that they also have stickers, protective gears, rails, socks, and wax. You can find almost everything that you need to complete your skateboarding experience.

Did I also mention that their boards are also affordable? Their price range falls within the standard price of most longboards. You get the best value for your money. For just $150 you can already own one of the Dusters’ best-selling longboards. 

An Overview of Dusters California Longboards

An Overview of Dusters California Longboards

Dusters California is proud of its roots, which you know by now is in California, where skate and surf culture lie. They take pride in their more than two decades of manufacturing quality longboards, claiming that they have perfected every detail on their boards after years of learning and trials and errors.

Their pre-assembled longboards are made of high-quality materials. They are stable, durable, and every single detail was carefully considered. Dusters also made sure that there is more than enough foot space and big wheels to provide not only stability but also speed and comfort even when used on longer rides.

The size of their longboards ranges from 34″ to 40″ which makes them available for every kind of rider. Each longboard is designed with bigger trucks, wheels, and decks for smoother turns and better downhill rides.  

Because they are more focused on functionality, riders who enjoy doing tricks and competing may not fully enjoy Dusters’ longboards. But those who intend to use their boards for commuting and enjoyment will be satisfied by Dusters California’s longboards.

When it comes to price, they are not far from the standard price for skateboards. You can get their pre-assembled longboards for more or less $150. Aside from being reasonably priced, they also offer free shipping. Now, who doesn’t love free shipping? 

Features of Dusters California Longboard

Features of Dusters California Longboard

Let’s take a look at what this longboard has to offer:

7-Ply Hardwood

The materials used on a skateboard say a lot about the company that manufactures them. Because Dusters understands the importance of a durable board so they made sure that their products are made of sturdy and hard rock wood. 

The 7-ply hardwood is pretty standard for most decks. However, Dusters California also made it a point to make their boards lighter without compromising the quality. Maple wood and bamboo are the common woods they use for their boards. If you’re a professional rider, you’ll understand how durable these types of wood are. 

Board Shape and Size

Since their longboards are mostly intended for traveling and recreation, Dusters ensure that the sizes and shapes of their decks will allow riders a comfortable ride.

The symmetrical double-drop and drop-through cutout shapes mean better freerides and commuting experience. There is a lot of room for foot space to allow riders to move and turn comfortably without losing their balance. 

Mellow Concave

The bulk of their longboards are mellow or medium concave for flexibility. Newbies and experts find this type of concave to be very versatile and can be easily used for downhill rides and commuting.

Many riders prefer this kind of curvature as they can do a lot of nice flips and graceful turns. 

Powerful Grip

Based on their experience, grips are also important when riding longboards. This is why their boards are built with powerful grips to ensure skaters get the best ride. Most of their grip tapes are also printed to match the overall design of each board.

Big, Soft Wheels

Having big, soft wheels means Dusters longboards provide better shock absorption in case of sudden impact. Aside from that, they help riders find their balance easily and provide better stability.

Vivid Graphics

Dusters California lives for great graphics. Their longboards are never boring and they continuously strive to come up and collaborate with great artists. 

Every longboard they manufacture has its own character and story to tell. They are all about vivid colors and animated graphics. 

Pros and Cons of Dusters California Longboard

Pros and Cons of Dusters California Longboard

Are the features enough to convince you to buy a Dusters longboard? One way to simplify your decision whether or not Dusters California’s longboards are for you is by knowing the brand’s advantages and disadvantages. So, here is a list of some pros and cons of Dusters. 


  • Team of Skateboarders

No one can design and create a great skateboard other than those who are skateboarders themselves. The longboards of Dusters are designed and created by skateboarders.

  • Affordable

Since their longboards fall within the standard price for skateboards, you get the best value for your money. This is perfect for beginners who do not want to spend much on their first longboard, and also for experts who want to grow their longboard collection.

  • Heavy-Duty

It would take a while before your Dusters California longboards will need replacement. Since they only use high-quality materials, it would be hard for their boards to deteriorate even with regular use.

Their boards are made from different kinds of wood like maple wood, bamboo, and other known hardwood that are usually used for longboards.

  • Reputable Company

Dusters California will not last this long if they have not proven to be a respected and reputable company. Not all skateboard companies were able to survive the competition but they were able to pull through.

Their over 20 years of existence is proof that they are one of the best skateboard manufacturers out there. 

  • Excellent Customer Service

Providing excellent customer service is another reason for their success. The team is quick to respond to inquiries and solve issues with customers. They even offer limited warranties for their products. 

  • Eye-catching Illustrations

This is what sets Dusters California apart from other skateboard companies. They make sure that every longboard they release is tastefully designed. They love collaborating with many different artists.

  • International Reach

Dusters California does not only sell its products in California or the U.S. They also have distributors in other countries. So longboarders from other countries can also enjoy their products.

  • Easy-to-understand Size Chart

The company took into consideration that not all of their customers are experts longboarders. Most are newbies who are still trying to understand skateboarding. This is why the size chart they provided on their website will be very helpful to newbies in finding the right longboard for them.

  • Free Shipping

Dusters California offers free shipping for every order. We all know how the shipping fee can be very expensive at times and giving it for free is definitely a big plus. 


  • More Focused on Functionality

It’s not really a big issue because it serves its purpose for most riders. However, it may not appeal to competitive riders since it is mostly suitable for commuting and enjoyment.

How Do the Dusters California Longboards Compare to Other Boards?

How Do the Dusters California Longboards Compare to Other Boards

Now, what do you think of Dusters longboards? Are they good enough to compete with other brands? With their experience, it would be hard not to say yes. They wouldn’t last this long if they have not proven themselves worthy.

Dusters California takes their longboards seriously by ensuring that every detail was done in perfection. The experience they gained over the years of producing quality longboards had helped them polish and refine their products. 

With the quality and hard work they put in with each of their longboards, you get more than what you pay for. Dusters California longboards are reasonably priced compared to other brands that sell for a higher price but with equal or lesser quality.

Their decks are made from quality wood that can last a long time even with regular use. The boards are big enough so there’s enough space for the foot to move and find a comfortable spot. 

Wheels are generally bigger but well-proportioned for every shape and size of the boards for a smoother and more comfortable ride. The soft wheels they use provide secure stops even on bumpy roads. 

As for the deck’s concave, mostly are medium or mellow concave that secures the feet on the board as you go downhill even at moderate to a faster speed. Also, the medium concave is recommended for newbies and those who prefer to use their longboards as a means of transportation. 

Dusters products are also within the reach of international customers as they have several distributors in other countries. Their availability internationally makes them popular not only in the U.S. but also worldwide. It also made it easier for customers outside of the United States to acquire and experience the longboards of this popular brand.

The company values its customers as well by putting up a team of reliable and helpful customer service representatives. Any queries or complaints are easily resolved and they show high regard and respect for the customers.

When it comes to graphics, their longboard designs are incomparable. Their love for art, culture, music, and carefree attitude is shown through the illustrations on the boards. The team is always on the lookout for both well-known and aspiring artists to collaborate with. 

However, the only downside is that Dusters California’s longboards are better suited for people who are not into performing tricks or racings. When it comes to executing challenging flips and tricks, Dusters may not be able to compete with other brands.

Verdict - Final Thoughts!

Verdict - Final Thoughts!

So what’s the bottom line with these longboards? Dusters California had truly grown over the years of producing high-quality longboards. All the years they’ve spent coming up with the best longboards had paid off. They are now one of the respected brands that new skateboard companies look up to. 

From quality to functionality down to aesthetics, Dusters had nailed it. Just keep in mind that their longboards may not entice those longboarders who love extreme rides. Nevertheless, considering all aspects that make a decent longboard, this brand is up to the mark and may be even better.

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