Enjoi Skateboards Review : Everything You Need To Know!

Enjoi Skateboards Review

Can’t wait to get your hands on an Enjoi skateboard? But before you do, are you sure that it’s worth your money? It’s hard to choose which skateboard brand to try since every company swears that they are the best and worth a shot.

If it’s your first time buying a skateboard, do you really want Enjoi to be your first board? It might be best to pause for a bit and think again. It never hurts to wait a little longer and try to learn everything about a brand. So, here’s some information about Enjoi to help you decide.

Enjoi Skateboards

Enjoi is one of the more recent skateboard brands that was founded in 2000 by two professional skateboarders namely Marc Johnson and Rodney Mullen. Professional skaters Louie Barletta, Cairo Foster, Caswell Berry, Ben Raemers, Thaynan Costa, and Didrik Galasso are also some of the members of the team. The brand is currently distributed by Dwindle Distribution which is also part of the Globe company. Enjoi had been through several changes in management since it was born but has been consistent with the quality and refreshing designs.

If you’ve seen enjoi’s boards, you’re probably wondering why their name is always in lower case and is spelled with an i instead of y. Well, they are not French but they believe that you can see with more than one eye (i) rather than with a y. The brand’s color is yellow and orange with a cute panda as a logo.

You’ll know enjoi is all about having fun and it clearly shows in their board designs. They sure know how to make a statement and the refreshing graphics take skateboard illustrations to a whole new level. But of course, quality is their top priority.

Speaking of designs, they are known for their funny and satirical graphics that some people may not find funny. In 2004, they were even criticized by a website for a sexist joke on one of their t-shirts. Enjoi had also received several criticisms from Amazon customers and other websites.

All of enjoi’s decks are manufactured in China, which causes some to raise their eyebrows and question the quality. Well, it’s only natural for people to have doubts, since most products from China are of low-quality. But if you come to think of it almost all products are manufactured in China, even well-known and high-end brands. However, as long as the manufacturer uses high-quality materials, you can still be sure the end product would be durable, which is true with enjoi.

When it comes to price, they are very affordable. It helps that they decided to outsource their manufacturing in China, where production cost is cheaper but of course with still good quality. Apart from decks and skateboard complete, enjoi also sells apparel, stickers, and accessories. It’s like a one-stop-shop for all your skating needs.

Enjoi had also released three movies and even won several awards. If you have the time, check out their three full-length skate films – Bag of Suck, Tweak the Beef, and Oververt.

An Overview of Enjoi Skateboards

An Overview of Enjoi Skateboards

Enjoi Skateboards are known for being playful and less-serious which usually appeals to many beginners compared to some who are considered as rebellious or hard-core. Having a team of fun-loving and professional skateboarders, it’s clear to see why enjoi had gained such a reputation.

When it comes to their deck’s quality since it is owned by Dwindle which many skaters had started to trust, you can be sure that it is also sturdy. It is made of 7-ply Canadian Maple wood that is individually pressed. Compared to other brands that practice multiple pressing which makes some boards uneven.

They have also adopted Dwindle’s R7 technology. All their boards use resin-7 epoxy which makes them stronger than standard decks. Many skaters would agree that enjoi’s boards are lightweight and provide more pop that lasts for about 2 months or more. 

Many skaters love that most of the boards have a mellow or medium concave. This type of concave is preferred by most riders because it is more comfortable and steady, which is also perfect for newbies.

There is also a wide selection of shapes and sizes, so even kids or those who are a bit on the shorter side can find a nice board for them. Their boards are sold as decks and skateboard complete, so you have the option to customize them according to your preferred ride.

Lastly, enjoi skateboards are one of the more affordable brands. You can own their deck for $60-65, while the skateboard complete is sold from $80 to $100. You also get free grip tape for every purchase.

Features of the Enjoi Skateboards

Features of the Enjoi Skateboards

Are you getting more and more excited to bring home an enjoi skateboard? Relax, let’s talk about its features first before you decide.

100% Canadian Maple wood

That alone means their deck is made from high-quality and durable material. Although many brands also make use of Canadian Maple wood, there is still a handful who use second-grade wood or at least not 100% Canadian Maple. 

Their 7-ply construction, although again another standard in most skateboards, enjoi’s is still considered stronger than most brands. This is due to their single-press procedure. Unlike with other brands that are mostly pressed with 5 or more boards at the same time.


This what makes enjoi skateboards stronger than other brands. They make use of epoxy resin-7 glue to hold together each ply of Canadian Maple wood. They are proud to say that their boards are much stronger than most standard 7-ply boards.

Medium Concave

Many riders, especially the newbies, prefer this type of concave as it pretty much feels better under most feet. Also having a medium or mellow concave makes flipping easier without losing stability.

Humorous and Colorful Graphics

The playful and funny graphics of enjoi skateboards make most skaters just want to grab one. This what separates enjoi from other brands, they were able to incorporate the team’s personality through their less-serious and fun-loving graphics.

Pros and Cons of Enjoi Skateboards

Pros and Cons of Enjoi Skateboards

Now, are you ready to checkout your cart? Before you do that, take a look at enjoi skateboards pros and cons first.


  • Economical

Enjoi is definitely one of the more affordable skateboard brands out there. The price range from $60-$100. You can already own a skateboard complete with just $80, plus they give out free grip tape for every order.

  • Stronger than standard decks

Their 7 ply Canadian Maple wood deck is combined with R7-technology that makes all the difference when it comes to durability. They are one of the few brands that make use of epoxy resin7 glue.

  • A crew of professional skateboarders

It would be hard to doubt a bunch of professional riders when it comes to building a decent and functional skateboard. Besides, who would know skateboards better but the pros themselves?

  • Single deck press

While most brands practice multiple deck press, enjoi believes that single deck press is better. Single deck pressed boards are consistent when it comes to maintaining the shape and concave of each board. 

Compared with multiple deck press, there is a tendency that the boards will not come out even. This also affects the quality of the boards in terms of their durability.

  • Customizable

Riders can choose whether to buy a skateboard complete or just a deck and customize it. This way riders can pick their preferred wheels, trucks, and bearings. But don’t worry, if you choose to purchase the completes, all of them are good to go with minor to no tweaks necessary. 

  • One-stop shop

No need to go to other shops for skateboard parts and accessories. Enjoi does not only sell decks and completes but also apparel, skateboard parts, accessories, and even stickers. They even sell one of their skateboard films on DVD. You can match your skateboards with enjoi’s cool t-shirts and hoodies.

  • Free shipping across the USA

If you are residing in the U.S., you get to enjoy their free shipping. No minimum order required, now isn’t that a great deal?

  • Funny and colorful graphics

If you are not the serious type, then you’ll surely love enjoi’s graphics. They are not only colorful and eye-catching but also humorous. The cute panda logo can also be seen on all their boards. 

  • Sustainability

The brand believes in responsible and clean manufacturing. This is shown by supporting Regrowth. For every tree they cut to create their boards, more than three saplings are planted. 

  • Both for newbies and experts

Enjoi’s boards are suitable not only for beginners but also for experts. You can definitely find a decent board for every skill level.


  • Manufactured in China

Many riders do not like the idea of their boards being manufactured in China, because of China’s reputation when it comes to quality. However, since enjoi only uses high-quality materials, it doesn’t really matter where it is being manufactured. 

  • Satirical and sexist designs

Some people may not like the jokes and graphics of enjoi. Some people find their designs to be sexist and taunting. If you are one of them, then might as well find another brand to support.

How Does Enjoi Skateboards Compare with Other Boards?

How Does Enjoi Skateboards Compare with Other Boards

So, after learning a bit more about enjoi, what can you say about its total performance? Just like any other company, enjoi had its fair share of ups and downs which is clearly shown with the several management changes. But even so, they were able to survive it and up to this time, they seem to be going stronger.

Reasonably Priced

One of the advantages of enjoi is the affordability of their products which appeals not only to newbies but also to seasoned riders. With everything that is happening now, we surely need to spend more wisely. 

Quality of Deck

Apart from being budget-friendly, of course, the quality of their decks is also one thing. Most boards lose the pop after several rides, but with enjoi, it can last for more than two months. Aside from that, most boards only last for a couple of months, and you’d be lucky if your board reaches its 6th month. With enjoi, you can enjoy your board for far more than 6 months.


Since they only use 100% Canadian Maple wood, their boards are durable, plus not to mention the use of Resin 7 technology which makes their decks even stronger than standard 7-ply boards. It also helps that they practice single deck press, as this makes enjoi’s boards even and has the same concave and shape every time. 

Having a group of professional riders make other skaters trust and feel confident that the brand knows what they are doing. Besides, no one knows the best skateboards but the expert riders. 

Availability of Add-Ons

It is also nice that they sell not only decks but other products, too. In case you’re looking for other parts, you do not need to search on other stores or brands, because they already have them. It makes shopping more convenient. They also have skateboard completes, so there’s no need for you to assemble your skateboard when it arrives at your doorstep. 

Unique and Interesting Graphics

Their graphics are also one of a kind. If you’re not the serious type, then you’ll fall in love with the designs. The illustrations are full of life, funny, and playful. However, some find their humor a bit sexist, so not everyone might take their designs lightly.

Verdict - Final Thoughts!

Verdict - Final Thoughts!

So, are you ready to get your hands on some enjoi’s skateboards? Well, they surely have great features that are incomparable to other brands. The price is perfect for those who are looking for an affordable but decent skateboard. Using Resin 7 technology and the practice of a single press deck makes all the difference. 

They’ve also proven that they do not only build high-quality boards but also award-winning skateboard films. Now how many brands were able to get awards or recognition with their skating videos? Lastly, don’t take their graphics too seriously or personally, just focus on your main reason for this hobby – having fun.

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