Globe Longboard Review – Doesn’t Disappoint!

Globe Longboard Review

Have you ever considered the option to ride an Australian longboard? The board sport’s history dates back to Hawaii in the 1950s, but by the mid-1990s World Cup Skateboarding included events Down Under. Meanwhile, skateboarding will also be an event at the postponed 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics this year.

Globe is a well-known Australian longboard manufacturer. In fact, it was founded over 35 years ago. It produces a wide range of products including longboards, skateboards, and accessories. The business is also the parent company of famous brands that produce Kryptonics trucks, Stüssy apparel, and Thrasher magazine. The big question is, should you ride Globe longboards? And if so which is best for options like cruiser board skating? This comprehensive review provides everything you need to know including the longboard models’ features, pros, and cons.

Globe Longboards

Globe International Limited is easily among the most famous longboard brands on the market. Three brothers founded the Melbourne-based business over three decades ago in 1985. Australian brothers Matt, Peter, and Stephen Hill are the enterprise’s co-founders and were part of the city’s underground skating scene in the 1970s.

Globe’s roots date back to Hardcore Enterprises, which imported skateboard equipment. During the 1980s the brothers helped to expand Australia’s skateboard industry through new products and local demos.

What happened in the 90s? The Hills continued to expand its product lines and deck lineup during the next decade. This included streetwear fashion, surf apparel, and Globe shoes. The board-maker also expanded its market to North America and Europe. Then two decades ago in 2001 Globe International was first listed as a public stock.

During the past few decades, Globe has continued to expand its brands and products to include skateboard hardware, apparel, and footwear. The business continued to improve its products and tech.

Today the establishment owns various propriety brands including Impala Skate and dot electric skateboards. Meanwhile, it’s also the parent company of various third party brands including:

  • The National Skateboard Co.
  • Wreck Wheels
  • Kryptonics
  • Stüssy
  • Obey
  • Thrasher

Globe produces a wide range of longboards including globe m drop down, Arcadia, and Chromantic Cruisers.

A Quick Overview of Globe Longboards

A Quick Overview of Globe Longboards

Globe is among the oldest longboard companies on the market. Since being founded in the mid-1980s, the Australian enterprise has become a popular option for longboarders not only Down Under, but also in the US, Canada, and Europe.

How affordable are their boards? Globe longboards offer an affordable price range generally between $100 and $200. The value is quite good for the price. Meanwhile, the deck collection, trucks, and wheels with abec 7 bearings are produced by the skateboard factory Double Standard Manufacturing (DSM) located in Shenzhen, China.

The business imports Canadian logs for hard rock maple construction. It also produces boards using other construction materials like coconut trees, bamboo stalks, cherry wood, and rubber trees for epoxy resin. DSM was announced in 2003 and was one of the first companies to manufacture skateboards in Asia rather than North America.

A major feature of a Globe longboard is it offers quality components, which includes the wheel cutouts, abec 7 bearings, and trucks. This includes Tensor (TKP) trucks that with an aluminum/magnesium alloy. The tucks also feature high-rebound bushings and Grade-8 slant reverse kingpin trucks.

The brand’s longboards include:

  • Big Blazer Cruisers
  • Chromantic Cruisers
  • Geminon
  • Hellaconia
  • Ombre
  • Pinner Classic
  • Pintail

Who are these longboards ideal for? Longboarders who are willing to plunk down a little more money for better quality should ride a Globe longboard. The board maker offers decent quality for average prices.

A globe longboard is also ideal for skaters who want to upgrade their beginner board to one with higher quality. If you’re a newbie skater then Globe decks, trucks, and wheel wells might be right for you.

Features of Globe Longboards

Features of Globe Longboards

What defines Globe longboards as a unique deck manufacturer? Let’s review their main features.

Industry experience

Globe features a board-maker with 35+ years of experience in the skateboard/longboard industry. This differs from other companies that are startups or recently launched. The manufacturer focuses on producing products with game-changing designs, features, and aesthetics.

Today Globe International products are available in 100+ countries. Besides longboards and skateboards, you can also purchase other items for your skating needs such as:

  • Trucks
  • Wheels
  • Bearings
  • Footwear
  • Apparel

This provides one-stop shopping for all your longboarding needs.

Design and manufacturing.

Globe International invests heavily in research & development (R&D). This allows them to constantly produce innovative longboard decks, trucks, and wheel cutouts. Globe offers a wide range of boards that meet people’s needs. Besides longboards and skateboards, the brand also produces surfboards and snowboards. This allows riders to become modern Globe explorers.

Globe longboards are famous for their high quality and streamlined designs, shapes and concaves. They’re built for features including high speeds and stability. This makes them a practical choice for riders of different types and skill levels.

Globe longboards are produced at their in-house DSM factory. This feature provides various benefits including more control in the manufacturing process instead of outsourcing to another factory.

Simple design

One of the main features of Globe boards is their designs, shapes, and concaves are much more basic than classic city cruisers for high speeds.

For example, the kick tail provides easier board handling and trick performance. While the designs are basic, you can still find one for various types of riding, such as:

  • Freeriding
  • Freestyling
  • Downhill
  • Carving
  • Easy-riding features

The cruiser drop decks and others position the board closer to the ground. This makes it easier to ride the cruiser decks, trucks, and wheels with abec bearings. What are some other features? Globe boards also offer excellent concave deck, flexible trucks, and grippy wheels. All of these features help to explain why Globe longboards are often ranked among the best ones for beginners.

Pros and Cons of Globe longboards

Pros and Cons of Globe longboards

Globe’s boards offer several features but you’ll want to know if the boards are best for you, right? Here are some key pros and cons to consider:


  • Affordable prices

One of the main benefits of Globe longboards is that it offers quality cruiser longboards that are significantly lower-priced than other brands on the market. In fact, you can find several models like bantam st and globe geminon micro drop with a reasonable price tag. This makes them ideal for skaters who want a quality cruiser board like Blazer for an affordable price.

  • Deck ranges

When selecting a Globe board you have a wide range of options. This makes it easier to select a deck based on the skating type you want to do such as downhill, cruising, and freestyle. The cruiser boards are generally ideal for beginner riders, although you can also find other models for more experienced riders.

Another advantage of Globe longboards is they’re available in different price ranges. You can find some boards around the $100 range, for example. What if you want to shell out more money for a higher-end board? It’s also possible.

  • Longboard accessories

Besides offering a wide range of boards, Globe also produces components like cruiser longboard accessories. This includes decks, trucks, wheels, and abec 7 bearings. It allows you to mix and match your deck with other components to provide the best skating experience.

  • Customized boards

When selecting options like Globe cruiser longboards, one of the main benefits is you have several options when selecting decks with trucks and wheels in terms of:

  • Size
  • Design
  • Cut/Shape/Concave
  • Riding type

Did you know the boards offer a length/size up to 44 inches? This provides more flexibility in terms of your riding. For example, you’ll have more options related to your skating distance, speeds, and balance. These factors all provide a better riding experience for novices and experts.


  • Not budget longboards

While Globe offers affordable cruiser longboards, they start at around $100. In terms of the value provided for the price tag, Globe offers excellent bang for the buck. However, if you’re looking for budget boards then consider brands like Quest boards.

  • No specialty

Globe’s inventory includes a long list of longboards to select from. This is a plus in terms of the options available. However, it also means it’s tougher to sort through the different models like bantam st to select a deck that’s perfect for your particular needs.

Some consumers report that this situation makes it tougher to select a Globe longboard. You’ll just have to spend more time sifting through the decks to get one that meets your needs. You’ll still end up with a high-quality affordable board, which are some of the company’s hallmarks.

How Do Globe Longboards Compare to Other Boards?


One of the main features of Globe longboards is you can get a quality board for an affordable price. Most of the company’s boards are in the under $200 price range, while some are closer to $100.

Globe offers a wide range of boards for different riding types, skills, and budgets. This is due to factors like producing boards, trucks such as slant reverse kingpin trucks, and wheels in its own factory. Besides that, the brand has been in the skateboard industry for 35+ years, which has provided decades to develop a huge inventory of quality deck models.

For example, you can select from board types ranging from longboard city cruisers to downhill, and from freeriding to freestyle. Globe’s approach is that there’s no one size-fits-all in terms of longboard models.

However, unlike other companies, Globe hasn’t compromised in areas such as design/shape, construction materials, and components. Its models aren’t classified as budget longboards. On the other hand, the generally under-$200 price range is very reasonable for the quality that’s provided.

Here’s a comparison of Globe with other brands:

Arbor Axis

This marque resembles Globe in that it offers quality longboards at affordable prices. It’s also received high marks for deck designs, shapes, and concaves. Other features of this longboard brand include sustainable manufacturing, and flexible boards for cruising, downhill, and tricks. Axis models are also priced similarly to Globe around $100 to $300.


Like many Globe longboards like cruiser boards, Atom’s boards are beginner-focused and in the under-$200 range. A drawback versus Globe is there are fewer options for higher skill levels.

What are Atom’s fortes? Various deck sizes have received high marks for quality, durable construction, and stability.


This company was founded in Vancouver. Landyachtz was the first manufacturer that offered “drop down” lowered longboards with lowered trucks over the foot platform. Many Globe longboard sizes also offer this feature.

Landyachtz also offers a wide range of longboards like Globe. However, the price range is somewhat wider from $100 to $400. The deep drop deck can also take some time to adjust to.


This company’s first longboard was the Loaded Vanguard, which remains its bestseller. Loaded Boards are produced from materials like eco-friendly bamboo and ideal for carving.

Loaded boards have of various sizes been praised for their lovely designs, shapes, and concaves. Are there any drawbacks versus Globe? The price range is quite steep, ranging from $300 to $500. Meanwhile, the longboards aren’t generally good for freeriding or downhill skating.

Sector 9

This company has become best known for its pro longboard models. They are generally ideal for downhill and carving. One of the main drawbacks of this brand compared to Globe is the company’s premium products also have premium price tags.

Sector 9 products have received high ratings, on Amazon. It has received high marks for factors such as quality products, longboard designs, and smooth rides. Its deck lineup ranges from about $100 to $300.



Are Globe longboards good?

Globe has 35+ years of industry experiences. On amazon.com, it offers a wide range of longboards, which are produced in its own factory. The boards have received high marks for their wide selection, drop-down design, and affordable prices mostly in the under-$200 range.

What is the best brand of longboards?

The propriety skateboard/longboard brands of Globe include Globe, Impala Skate, and dot. Globe produces longboards, Impala Skate produces skateboards, and dot produces electric skateboards.

What is the best longboard for beginners?

For symmetrical (top mount) it’s the Globe Bannerstone. For asymmetrical it’s the Globe Spearpoint Mini.

What is the best longboard for cruising?

The Globe Blazer .

Verdict - Final Thoughts!

Verdict - Final Thoughts

Should you ride Globe longboards after reading globe longboard reviews ? Are they worth it from nose to diamond tail or swallow tail? If you’re a beginner skater, prefer drop down longboards, and/or are looking for something like an affordable quality board, then Globe might be a wise choice. Even if you’re looking for a specialty board and are willing to do your homework, Globe can still provide a world of value.

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