Globe Skateboards Review : Everything You Need To Know

Globe Skateboards Review

Do you think Globe skateboards are the best out there? Are you willing to spend your savings on one of their skateboards? Finding the right board can be tricky, especially if you’re looking for the best value for your money.

Most boards are sold for a very affordable price but sometimes the quality suffers. But can we say the same thing about Globe? There’s only one way to find out – continue reading and see if it’s the best out there.

The Globe Brand

True to their name, the Globe brand has expanded globally and their goods are currently sold in over 100 countries. They consider themselves as a modern globetrotter. Globe was founded by the Hills brothers namely Matt, Stephen, and Peter in the mid-90s. Their first products were surfer and skater shoes then later on added hardgoods and apparel.

The Globe team is a group of surfers, skateboarders, and snowboarders, setting them apart from other skateboard companies that also have a handful of professional skaters in the team. Today, they are not only known internationally for their board sports products but had broadened their network of riders and designers that are unified not only by board sport but also by film, media, design, and street culture.

Some other brands that are under the Globe company are Almost, Enjoi, Darkstar, Trasher, Blind, Flip, Andale, Girl, Chocolate, and many more. So, if you see one of these brands, you will notice that they somehow have something in common, especially their passion for sustainability.

Since the people behind Globe love spending time outdoors, they believe in maintaining the beauty of the planet by using sustainable fibers and materials. Their clothing line uses recycled polyester, organic cotton, coconut polyester from recycled coconut husks and is free from phthalate and PVC. 

When it comes to their skateboards, they offer them in several designs, sizes, shapes. They have longboards, cruiser boards, completes, decks, and skateboard components. Globe made sure there’s something for every kind of rider.

An Overview of Globe Skateboards

An Overview of Globe Skateboards

Globe decks are manufactured by DSM, a reputable skateboard factory that is well-known for creating high-quality boards. It has been providing exceptional decks for World Industries, another famous skateboard company that was founded by Rodney Mullen. World Industries is now called Dwindle Distribution which is also under the Globe group. 

Many expert riders would agree that decks manufactured by DSM are durable and offer great performance. Globe had adopted Rodney Mullen’s single deck press process. This means that each deck is pressed individually resulting in a consistent shape and concave every time. Unlike other brands that practice multiple deck pressing, the concave and shape of their decks are inconsistent.

Globe decks are usually lightweight, durable, and are less likely to warp and delaminate even after regular use. This is because their decks are made with epoxy resin glue while others make use of water-based glues. The brand only uses 7-ply of 100% Canadian Maple wood, which is standard with most skateboard brands. The difference however is how their boards were pressed and the use of epoxy resin glue.

When it comes to Globe’s skateboard completes, they provide satisfactory parts like their wheels, bearings, and trucks. The trucks on their skateboard complete are Globe’s very own Tensor trucks. It is made of high-grade aluminum and magnesium alloy. Their completes are more suitable for newbies to intermediate-level riders. The trucks may tend to develop some curvings after several hard landings and strong impact tricks. However, you can expect their boards to last a long time.

When it comes to graphics, they are much simpler than other board designs. Most decks are plain looking with just one color and the brand’s name. But they also have a series of more eye-catching graphics. As for the price, Globe skateboards are generally affordable considering the quality. They also provide warranties for their products.

Can you now see why Globe skateboards are well-received by many riders? If you still can’t see why maybe a more detailed evaluation will help.

Features of Globe Skateboards

Features of Globe Skateboards

7-ply Canadian Maple Wood Construction

Strong and durable decks are Globe’s top priority. They only use high-quality materials like 100% Canadian Maple wood. It has been proven that decks made from this wood can withstand extreme tricks and regular usage. They also tend to be lightweight even with 7 layers of wood and can carry almost every rider’s weight. Made for every type of rider, whether for cruising or street skating.

Single Press Deck and Epoxy Resin Glue

To maintain a consistent shape and concave, Globe practices the single press deck process. Each ply is glued using epoxy resin glue which helps avoid warping and delamination over time. 

Size and Shape

Their boards are available in several shapes and sizes to accommodate every rider’s needs. They have cruiser boards and longboards as well. For the shapes, they have pintail, roundtail, and drop through.

Tensor Trucks

Globe skateboards all come with their very own Tensor trucks. It is made from quality magnesium alloy and aluminum. It has a lifetime warranty against breakage and manufacturing defects.


Most of Globe’s skateboards have a mellow or medium concave. Which is just right for most riders. It’s easier to flip and provides better stability. Newbies will enjoy this kind of board. 


Their graphics are simple and clean looking compared to some that have bright and striking designs. They also collaborated with artists like Max Loffler and Eden Saul.

Pros and Cons of Globe Skateboards

Pros and Cons of Globe Skateboards

Can you now say that Globe’s skateboards are simply one of the best out there? Don’t decide yet until you learn about their pros and cons.


  • Strong and durable

Using only the strongest wood for skateboards, their decks will surely last a long time compared to other brands. Their 7-ply maple wood construction makes Globe’s board extra strong and durable. It can withstand hard turns and landings and also hardcore tricks.

  • Use of epoxy resin glue

Unlike other brands, their decks are glued with epoxy resin making their boards sturdier and lightweight. It prevents decks from delaminating and warping even after regular use and extreme exhibitions. 

  • Single pressed decks

Now, not all brands practice this kind of pressing process. The advantage of a single press deck is that it gives every board a consistent shape. They can guarantee that all their boards concave and shape are always the same and consistent.

Multiple deck pressing which other skateboard brands usually practice, cannot guarantee that all the boards are consistent. This somehow affects the shape and durability of the decks.

  • Affordable

Globe skateboards are not only affordable but also high-quality. You can own a Globe completes for as low as $100. With its quality, you can say that their skateboards are worth more than what you actually paid for.

  • A family of professional board sports riders

Now most skateboard brands are proud to have professional skateboarders. What sets Globe’s team apart is that they are expert surfers, skateboarders, and snowboarders. Now, they truly are experts when it comes to board sports.

Having professional riders from different kinds of board sports gives them the advantage of knowing how each sport differs from one another. Thus, knowing exactly the right components of a quality skateboard.

  • Comes pre-assembled

Not all brands can ship a pre-assembled skateboard that you can already use straight from the box. Globe skateboards are ready to use as soon as it arrives at your doorstep. But you can also customize your board if you want.

  • High-quality parts

Each part of Globe completes is guaranteed to be of high-quality. From the trucks, wheels, decks, and bearings. They even manufacture their own trucks that are made from aluminum and magnesium alloy.

  • Offers warranty

To prove their quality, they offer a limited warranty for their boards and other components. You can find the terms and conditions regarding the warranty on their website.

  • Free shipping

If you live in Australia, you can be sure to avail of their free shipping. It does not require a minimum amount. They even allow free return shipping.

  • Various payment options

They understand how annoying it can be when your credit card fails you or if you don’t have one. To make their products accessible to all clients, they’ve made payment easier by providing several modes of payment.

Globe accepts payment from Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and even Afterpay. Now, you don’t have to worry in case your card won’t work.

  • Global reach

They are one of the few skateboard brands that are available worldwide. They have distributors for over 100 countries, so fans from almost all over the world can enjoy their skateboards and other products.

  • All-in-one shop

No need to shop separately for your skating needs. Globe got you covered. They not only sell skateboards but also decks, skateboard parts, clothing, shoes, and socks. 

  • Cares for the planet

It is good to see that more and more companies are leaning towards responsible manufacturing and Globe is one of them. The brand makes use of recycled materials for its clothing line.


  • Plain looking boards

With all the striking and playful board graphics out there, you can say that most of Globe’s skateboards are more on the simpler side. Well, there’s really nothing wrong with that. But if you love to make a statement and attract attention, then you might want to check out other brands.

  • For beginners and intermediate riders

Globe’s completes are usually more suitable for beginners and intermediate riders. So, if you are already a pro, you may want to tweak some parts. However, the decks can withstand any professional’s hard-core tricks.

How Does the Globe Skateboards Compare with Other Boards?

How Does the Globe Skateboards Compare with Other Boards

Is Globe worthy to be an international brand? Or should they stick to selling their products only in Australia? Well, they surely are better than most skateboard brands out there. 

They were able to continue growing and were able to evolve and compete with other leading brands. Their products were well-loved by many riders, not only the newbies but also the professional ones.

Being an international brand is not easy, and they were able to achieve it. There are only a handful of skateboard companies that can distribute worldwide and this proves that their products are of the highest quality.

They were wise to adopt DSM’s single deck press practice and the use of epoxy resin glue. It sure did a lot of difference from other competing brands. 

Just looking at the people behind the company, you can be sure that they do have the talent to create something beautiful. They are not only professional riders but also artists and have concern for the environment.

Their love for the planet can be seen through their clean manufacturing and making use of recycled materials. This is something that most companies should also embrace and support.

It is also nice to note that their boards are budget-friendly. With the quality, you actually get more than the price you pay for. Unlike other brands that are more expensive but are also low quality.

Having more payment options is also a plus. It makes them accessible to more potential customers. However. they might also want to extend the free shipping to other countries. Or at least offer free shipping with a minimum order.

One thing that they need to improve on though is the graphics. Although this is not much of a concern for most riders, having more design options and more eye-catching graphics will surely help them generate more sales. 

Verdict - Final Thoughts!

Verdict - Final Thoughts

Do you still think that Globe is one the best skateboard company out there? Well, they do have a lot of plus factors compared to most brands. Being an international company makes a big difference as well. There is no doubt that they produce high-quality skateboards that are also affordable. However, most of their skateboards are more suitable for beginners and intermediate riders. Although professional riders don’t have to worry as they can still enjoy Globe’s skateboards with just some minor tweaks.

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