Landyachtz Switchblade Review : Everything You Need To Know!

Landyachtz Switchblade Review

Do you think Landyachtz Switchblade is the best longboard for riding downhills and at the same time a comfortable mode of transportation? Many riders consider this as one of the best longboards out there. But is it really that great?

What makes Landyachtz Switchblade stand out from the rest? Before you get yourself one, let’s see why many riders prefer this over the others and if it is the right longboard for you.

Landyachtz Switchblade Chief Night Complete Longboard 2020
  • Landyachtz Switchblade Chief Night Longboard Measures 40" x 10"
  • Bear Grizzly Black 180mm Trucks
  • Mini Zombie White 70mm 80a Wheels
  • Black Landyachtz Grip Tape, Spaceball Bearings
  • Comes Assembled With All Landyachtz Factory Components!


For more than two decades now, Landyachtz had been providing high-quality skateboards. It all started as a hobby and a source of entertainment for a group of young skaters. As they search for a more challenging and better set of a skateboard, Landyachtz was born.

At first, they were just skating around campus in between classes, trying to make their school days more exciting. But it didn’t stop them from exploring; they began to look for other places where they can skate freely, doing more challenging tricks and riding at more speed. Realizing that standard skateboards cannot withstand the constant abuse of riding at different speeds and terrains, they decided to create their own version.

Landyachtz is not your ordinary skateboard company. The team had put in a lot of hard work and dedicated a lot of time perfecting their products. They give great attention to detail, testing and trying their skateboards and pushing them to the limit. They believe that they cannot provide the best skateboard without trying it themselves and knowing how each board feels during the ride.

Riding the boards themselves is the only way they can know if their skateboards can withstand all possible abuse. This is the best way they can create strong, functional, comfortable, and fast skateboards. 

Aside from meticulous testing, Landyachtz makes sure they only use quality materials. The Canadian Maple wood they use is not just from any ordinary Maple tree. Their years of manufacturing and trials and errors had resulted in a deeper understanding of how to choose the right tree for their boards. All are handpicked to ensure that only the strongest and highest quality of wood is used.

Landyachtz skateboard completes were all created with one thing in mind – they should all be perfect and ready to use. Their goal is to create the perfect skateboard that you can ride immediately without the need for adjustments. To do this, all parts are paired perfectly with each other and all should be quality parts.

Because of it, they had decided to create and manufacture their own wheels, trucks, and bearings that will go well with their boards. Same with their decks, the wheels and trucks were carefully designed and had undergone thorough examination and testing.

Aside from completes, wheels, and trucks, they also sell other things like shirts, accessories, hats, gloves, and tools, and hardware. They’re like your one-stop shop for your skating needs. 

Landyachtz is one of those companies that believe in preserving the beauty of the planet. The brand is not only committed to providing quality skateboards but also to promoting sustainability. They plant a tree for every skateboard they make to replace the trees they’ve used.

An Overview of Landyachtz Switchblade

An Overview of Landyachtz Switchblade

With their more than 22 years of providing quality skateboards, Landyachtz had gained the respect of many riders and their competitors too. One of the most talked-about Landyachtz products is the Landyachtz Switchblade which was first released over ten years ago. 

Even now, Switchblade is still getting a lot of attention from many riders, especially those who are looking for an all-around longboard. There’s no question when it comes to quality, Landyachtz had already proven that their products are strong and can last a long time even with constant abuse.

Landyachtz Switchblade is a super stable longboard even when riding at higher speed. It has a large standing platform that allows riders to stay steady even when they increase their speed. 

The double drop construction allows riders to tuck their feet opposite it. The Switchblade has a W concave providing a secure and steady foot lock-in. 

The Switchblade has 9-ply of 100% Canadian Maple wood making it stiff and easy to control. It also comes in two sizes the 38″ long with a 10″ width and the 40″ in length that is 10″ wide. The two sizes provide different riding experiences.  

The shorter one is light and fast while the longer board provides more stability and drift. When it comes to designs, the Switchblade has very few but attractive graphics. The price is just right considering the quality of each component.

Features of Landyachtz Switchblade

Features of Landyachtz Switchblade

9-ply Handpicked Canadian Maple Wood

One of the strongest boards out there having a 9-ply of 100% Canadian Maple wood. Although Canadian Maple wood is pretty standard in the skating industry, 9-ply construction is not. Aside from that, Landyachtz doesn’t just use any kind of Canadian Maple wood, they thoroughly inspect it and make sure it has all the components needed to create a strong board.


It has a perfectly symmetrical shape perfect for freeride and downhill rides. This kind of shape allows riders to keep their stance even when riding regular or switch. It also has a wide wheel clearance due to its huge wheel cutouts.


Switchblade has a deep concave, allowing riders to have a better freeriding experience and explore their limits. It provides better foot lock-in while giving you more control while making it more responsive at the same time.

Drop Through Construction

The trucks on Switchblade are mounted over the board’s wingtips. It has a slanted drop that lets you tuck your feet opposite it, plus the standing platform is lower the truck mount’s level.

Gen 6 Grizzly Trucks

All of Landyachtz’s skateboards have the same quality as their decks. The Gen 6 Grizzly Trucks is a better version of Bear’s high-end Freeride and Downhill trucks. The improved Gen 6 Grizzly trucks are made stronger and have a more refined maneuvering geometry.

These trucks are highly customizable as they come in 3 baseplate angles and hangar widths. This will allow you to set up your trucks on how you wish them to perform.

70mm Mini Zombie Hawgs Wheels

The Hawg wheels have a round-lipped profile and an offset core. Switchblade has soft wheels that provide smooth rolling in almost any kind of terrain. These wheels are durable and offer smoother slides.

Bear Spaceball Bearings

The bearings on Switchblade have built-in spacers. This protects the Grizzly trucks from damage. Riders who are learning how to slide will find this very useful.


The Switchblade has limited designs but is still attractive. The illustrations are mostly mountains that signify the board’s main purpose of riding, which is downhill and freeride.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons Of Landyachtz Switchblade

Do you like what you’re reading about Landyachtz Switchblade so far? To fully appreciate it, here are some of its pros and cons.


  • Strong and durable deck

The 9-ply construction of handpicked Canadian Maple wood is something that makes all the difference from other standard Maple wood boards. The brand is committed to providing high-quality products that they only use first-rate materials.

  • Large wheel cutouts

The large wheel cutouts prevent you from experiencing wheelbite even when performing tight turns on big slopes.

  • Has smooth and responsive trucks

The trucks in the Switchblade make the board more responsive and offer a smoother ride. The trucks make the board agile and nimble but still easy to control.

  • Has built-in spacers

The bearings come with built-in spacers that protect the trucks from getting damaged easily. Riders practicing their slide will appreciate the built-in spacers.

  • Soft and durable wheels

The Mini Zombie has an offset core and a stone-ground polish that provides predictable hook-up and smoother slides.

  • Aggressive deep concave

The concave on Switchblade allows your feet to lock-in comfortably as you ride. It gives you more stability even when carving.

  • Easy to ride

No need to change your stance even when you ride regular or switch with its symmetrical-shaped deck. It makes the board more stable and easy to maneuver.

  • Lots of opportunities when it comes to skating spots

Landyachtz Switchblade is suitable for riding in many skate spots. It gives a comfortable ride whether you’re in the city, campus, alleys, paths, hills, and mountains.

  • Available in two sizes

No matter how short or tall you are, there’s a Switchblade available for you. It comes in two sizes which are 38″ and 40″ long with a width of both 10″. The length allows you to move freely on the board.

  • Great for different kinds of riding

The Switchblade is perfect for those who are into freeriding, downhill rides, and even commuting. It’s a versatile board that you can use almost anywhere.

  • Has high-quality components

Each part of Landyachtz Switchblade is high-quality. The trucks, bearings, and wheels that come with it are all products of Landyachtz and had undergone rigorous tests.

  • No adjustments needed

All of Switchblade’s parts go well together. From the size and shape of the deck to the wheels and bearings. You can use it immediately right after you receive it. 


  • Few design options

The switchblade has very few designs and all are mountain-inspired. The graphics are a bit plain and simple but are still attractive though. However, if you are looking for a wide range of colorful and striking graphics you might be a little disappointed with Switchblade.

  • Can be hard to adjust the riding position

The deep concave may sometimes prevents you from adjusting or shifting your position while pushing and pumping as it requires a lot of foot adjustments.

  • A bit pricey

It’s a bit expensive, especially for newbies. However, it’s a great investment considering the overall quality of the board.

  • Slightly heavy

The 9-ply construction is a bit heavy for a longboard. However, they do have a more lightweight version of the Switchblade but it is more expensive.

How Does Landyachtz Switchblade Comapre To Other Boards?

How Does Landyachtz Switchblade Comapre To Other Boards?

Is the Switchblade worthy of its price? Is it really better than other longboards out there? Over the years, the brand had proven to be worthy of the attention and reputation it gained with the products it has released.

There is no doubt that Landyachtz is one of the few companies that believe in providing high-quality skateboards. Their products had undergone meticulous testings and they even try their own products before releasing them to the public. This guarantees that all are perfectly made for a specific purpose.

Their passion for finding and creating the best skateboards can be seen with their attention to detail and trying to learn everything they can about skateboards. They’ve even joined racing events just to test the limits of their products. They also have a deep understanding of the structure of a good maple tree. This only proves that they always go above and beyond just to create the perfect skateboard.

The Switchblade is no different. All components had undergone the same tests and trials just like all of their boards. Every part and even the littlest detail were done the right way. 

Every rider no matter what their size is will find the right setup for their Switchblade since it is available in two sizes. The setup is made not only for one riding style but for several functions too. You can use it for commuting, freeriding, and fast downhill riding. 

However, some may find that the price is more expensive than other longboards. But when it comes to quality, the Switchblade is still better even for its price. Also, the limited designs may not entice riders who like striking graphics. Riders who do a lot of pushing may find it hard to change foot positions due to its aggressive concave.

Verdict - Final Thoughts!

Verdict - Final Thoughts!

So what do you think of Landyachtz Switchblade’s overall performance? It does have a lot of nice points and it is a reliable and sturdy longboard. It’s great for long-distance commuting and pushing. The overall setup makes your board ready for riding with little to no adjustment needed. This is such a nice buy especially for riders who are into freeriding, commuting, and downhill riding.

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