Revive Skateboards Review – Never Ceases To Amaze!

Revive Skateboards Review

Do you think Revive Skateboards is the best buy? Are you considering this board to be a part of your collection? With all the different kinds and brands of skateboards, it is hard to say one is best among the rest. Why is this so? Each skateboard has a character to showcase. As for Revive Skateboards, it does have its fair share of great features which can be worthy of your buck.

Revive Skateboards, although fairly new compared to other brands, are slowly gaining popularity among many skateboard enthusiasts. In a short time, they have proven that they do not only make great YouTube videos but also functional skateboards. If you haven’t heard of them or are interested in getting their products, this review will help you decide whether or not their skateboards are worth your money.

ReVive Skateboards

If you love watching skate videos on YouTube, you’ve probably come across the “We Want Revenge” series. The people behind those successful videos are the same people who created the ReVive Skateboards. 

Andy Schrock, Aaron Kyro, Sam Vestal, Maxx Mayberry, and Thomas Alvarez are just some of the team members who make up ReVive. If you are a skateboard fan or rider yourself, you know that they are all professional skaters. 

It all started in 2009 when all they wanted was to create a full-length skate video. The series “We Want Revenge” was well-received by a lot of viewers and they started asking not only for more videos but also for products. It never crossed their minds to come up with their own product but they gave in to the idea and created the ReVenge Skateboards.

Before it became ReVive, the original name was ReVenge. However, due to some name issues, they had no choice but to change it to ReVive Skateboards. It’s like the rebirth of their brand. 

Their success is probably due to the fact that they not only produce quality skateboards but also made sure that users will also have fun riding them. As they say, the original reason why they ride is to have fun.

Apart from supplying quality products, they are also very affordable. We all know how skateboards can be very costly. ReVive Skateboards may be reasonably priced but it doesn’t mean that they can’t be compared to the more expensive ones. 

But why is ReVive Skateboards so affordable? Most brands spend a lot on advertising which makes their products more expensive. But since ReVive had already gained popularity with their YouTube videos, they didn’t need to spend a lot on promotion. ReVive was already popular even before it was born.

Since the people behind ReVive are comprised of professional skaters, you can be sure that they know their stuff and what it takes to create a great skateboard. Aside from supplying skateboards, ReVive also distributes products for Amgrip, 3 Block, and Force Wheels. 

An Overview of ReVive Skateboards

An Overview of ReVive Skateboards

ReVive Skateboards are best known for their affordable skateboard decks. When you purchase on their website, you get a Jessup grip tape sheet for free. If you want to upgrade it to Amgrip, you can do so but with an extra charge.

Their boards are manufactured by a small woodshop in Pennsylvania that uses 100% Canadian Maple. That is 7 ply decks of sturdy wood, which makes ReVive decks very difficult to break.

As a whole, skateboards deteriorate after several uses which makes jumping and performing tricks quite difficult. ReVive decks, on the other hand, can cope quite well even after intense use. Its shape and pop remain intact for months even with hard landings. 

Since ReVive was formed by a team of skaters, they understand that their decks should be available for skaters of all shapes, sizes, and ages. The size of their decks ranges from 7.5 to 8.5, which are pretty standard sizes for skateboards. 

Not all skaters love the thrill of performing tricks with their skateboards; some just want a smooth and fun ride. This is why they also have several old-school-style decks. 

When it comes to deck concave, ReVive is more on the medium side, which is perfect for those who are still starting to ride. Compared to other brands, they provide better pops. The flexibility of their decks is quite stiff, but it gives the rider a stable and a more enhanced board feel. 

Features of the ReVive Skateboards

Features of the ReVive Skateboards

Now let’s take a closer look at its features and find out if it is not just another skateboard.

7 Layers of Hard Rock Canadian Maple Wood

The durability of the deck is the most important feature of a skateboard. Your board may allow you to do all the tricks you want with its size, curvature, flex, and grip but how long can it bear all those hard landings? 

ReVive took their deck’s durability seriously by using only 100% Canadian Maple wood. Plus, it’s a 7-ply board, which is thicker than most boards from other brands. You’ll probably think it would be heavy with its thickness. Well, it’s not light yes but it’s not that heavy to prevent you from doing tricks as well.

Decks naturally degrade over time so expect to see some cracks on your ReVive boards. But don’t worry, even with some scratches and cracks, it will not snap and can still endure those wild flips. 

Mellow Concave

All ReVive Skateboards have a mellow or medium concave. It is in between high and low concave decks, which allows skaters to flip it easily but still gives them the right stability.

However, not everyone prefers this type of curve on their boards, especially the professional ones. But, a mellow concave is just right for many riders and most beginners also start with this. 

Wide Range of Deck Size

Deck size is one of the major considerations when buying a skateboard. If you are new at this, you’ll probably think that all skateboards have the same size. The width size is the key to finding the right board for you.

ReVive’s decks are available in different sizes, so riders can always find the right one for them. There are 6 deck sizes to choose from.

Nice Grip

When you purchase your ReVive deck, it always comes with a free Jessup Grip tape with an option to upgrade with Amgrip, but of course with an additional fee. But the free grip tape alone is good enough compared to most of the grip tapes out there. 

It gives riders a stable platform for easier control. Plus it’s easy to trim and can last a long time. 

Pros and Cons of ReVive Skateboard

Pros and Cons of ReVive Skateboard

Since we’ve basically covered the essential parts of the ReVive Skateboards, now it’s time to ask yourself – Is this the right skateboard for me? Well, let’s discuss its pros and cons to find out.


  • Budget-friendly

ReVive is probably the most affordable skateboard out there. Thanks to their YouTube videos, they were able to lessen the cost of their advertising expenses. 

For only $40, you can get a high-quality skateboard that can last a long time. Plus, you get a free Jessup grip tape with an option to upgrade to Amgrip by adding a minimal fee. 

  • Made of heavy-duty material

There is no doubt that ReVive Skateboards are sturdy. They only use 100% Canadian Maple on their decks which has been proven to be hard as a rock. Plus their deck has 7 plies compared to some that only have 5.

This only proves that their skateboards will last a long time even with everyday use and intense landings. So, if you are just in for the ride, then you may expect your skateboard to last even more.

  • Comes in different sizes

The size of your skateboard is very important if you want a smooth and comfortable ride. Good thing, ReVive made their products to suit everyone. It is available in 6 sizes, that range from 7.5 to 8.5.

So don’t worry, no matter what size or age you are, there is always the right ReVive skateboard for you. 

  • Medium concave for versatility

Many riders prefer a medium concave because of its versatility. It’s just the right curvature to give them a stable ride even when you’re into vertical skateboarding. You can easily show off your flip tricks with ease.

Whether you are a newbie or a pro, you can never go wrong with a medium concave. 

  • Owned by professional skaters

Who knows skateboards better but the professional riders themselves? It’s no doubt that the people behind ReVive know their stuff very well. Having professional skaters as owners is definitely a big plus.  

Why? Because they understand the riders and they know how to have fun. With this in mind, they can create a skateboard that truly understands the rider’s needs and wants. 

  • Comes in different designs

Aside from size, shape, durability, and price, it is also nice to find a nice-looking skateboard that you can flaunt to your friends. With ReVive’s wide range of designs, you will surely find something for yourself.

  • Tons of skate videos

Since it all started with creating skate videos, you can already watch lots of their videos about skateboards. If you want to learn tricks or almost anything about their skateboards, you can easily find one on their YouTube channel.

They even provide tips on how to find the right ReVive skateboard for you, proper care, and a lot more. 


  • Needs assembling

Since they do not produce their own trucks, wheels, and bearings, they can only ship semi-assembled skateboards. So, if you are fairly new to the skateboarding world, you might find this inconvenient. However, it’s pretty easy to assemble and you can find easily find videos on how to do it.

  • Graphics are a bit bland

Although this may be petty, and does not really affect the skateboard’s performance, they do need to improve on their graphics or designs. Of course, you would like a nice looking skateboard too while you ride.

How Does the ReVive Skateboards Compare with Other Boards?

How Does the ReVive Skateboards Compare with Other Boards

So, is ReVive Skateboards better than other boards, especially more expensive ones? The answer is yes, it is mostly comparable to those high-priced skateboards. 

Its specs and features are almost the same as other brands. It would be hard to tell the difference when it comes to performance. So, why spend a lot of money when you can get it for a very cheap price? 

Thumbs up for its durability. They made sure that their boards are only made of hard rock material and are better than most expensive brands. They made the right choice of using a small woodshop as their supplier instead of those big board manufacturers that do mass production. 

It really helps that the team are skateboard enthusiasts because they took into consideration the different types and needs of every rider. Although it is hard to come up with a one size fits all board, their products are flexible enough by producing different sized decks. 

Aside from decks, they also sell other stuff on their online store like apparels, gears, accessories, and products from their sister brands (Amgrip, 3 Block, and Force)

The only drawback is they cannot send you a fully assembled skateboard. You have to assemble it yourself but it comes with a complete kit and you can always watch their videos on how to assemble it. If you cannot do it by yourself, you can always bring it to a shop and let them do the work.

If you are particular with aesthetics, then there are better-looking graphics than ReVive Skateboards. That’s the area where they need to improve on. They should probably consider hiring a different graphic designer. Nevertheless, it has no impact when it comes to performance. 

Verdict - Final Thoughts!

Verdict - Final Thoughts!

Even though ReVive is relatively cheaper than most well-known brands, they have proven that they can compete with them. Yes, their boards are pretty standard, just like the others, with their quality and price, it would be hard to beat ReVive’s products. Plus, you get to enjoy watching their videos doing those crazy tricks. How many skateboard company owners know how to ride, anyway? I’m sure there isn’t a lot. Whether you are a beginner or an expert rider, you will enjoy riding their skateboards. You will not regret buying one. 

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