Sector9 Lookout Review: Everything You Need To Know!

Sector9 Lookout Review

Do you plan to try longboarding but aren’t sure yet which board to buy? What are the things that you should consider when buying a longboard? It is wise to take into consideration two crucial things – budget and product quality. Of course, nobody wants to splurge on something that won’t last long enough.

You have to look for a board that will not only suit your level as a rider. It also needs to be something that is durable enough to withstand any obstacles, and even mistakes, that you might have while still practicing. Fortunately, you will be able to find all of these in just one board – the Sector 9 Lookout board. 

How the Sector9 Started

The Sector 9 company started in 1993 at La Jolla, California by a group of friends who not only love surfing; they also love to play billiards. During this time, one of their favorite cruiser board was stolen. This is when they started creating their own board as a replacement. When the replacement board only needed to have the finishing touches, one of their friends called through an answering machine. 

The message that was recorded in the machine mentioned the words Sector 9 to refer to their place. This is because their place is also known to have a pool table where they often get together. The words Sector 9 struck them so they used it as a label on the replacement board they had just built and the rest was history. 

Quick Overview

Quick Overview

Today, the Sector 9 Skateboard factory has been making some noise among the longboard enthusiasts. This comes as no surprise seeing that the company is a producer of high-quality boards and everything that’s skateboard-related. So, what makes this Sector 9 Longboard worthy of praise from the longboarder population? Keep reading. 

Features of the Sector 9 Lookout Longboard

Features of the Sector 9 Lookout Longboard

Drop-Mounting System

The Sector 9 Lookout’s drop-mounting system gives the rider the opportunity to stay low and not become easily tired from pushing the board. But how does this drop-mounting system benefit a newbie? This 10-inch drop-through feature will also make it easier for a rider to perform a foot brake. 

Nineball Wheels

The Sector 9 longboard is equipped with Nineball wheels which possess ample softness at 78a durometer. It also has 72mm diameter. Are these wheels capable of absorbing vibrations? Yes, they are. Whether you’re planning to go for a long ride or looking to practice making sharp turns, these wheels will serve you well.

Gullwing Charger Trucks

This board is also equipped with a 50-degree mounted, 10-inch Gullwing Charger truck which makes carving such a breeze. Gullwing Charger trucks are known for the stability and speed they provide. Besides, its 31-inch wheelbase also adds to the reliability of the board in terms of achieving a comfortable ride. 

Clear Grip Tape

Another good thing about Sector 9 is that it already comes with a clear A3200 Jessup grip tape. This may seem such a trifle add-on feature. However, it is enough proof of how thoughtful the Sector 9 designers are. Not to mention the fact that since the grip tape is clear, the classy look of bamboo wood becomes more visible. How about that for added bragging rights?

Bamboo Deck

It is made from renewable bamboo which has a great flex. This 5-ply laminated bamboo deck is a product of sophisticated engineering. Thus, making it one of the best longboards in the market. The Sector 9 Longboard is more than 41 inches in length and 9.6 inches width. 

The front side of the deck is a bit wider than the back side giving it a directional look. It is designed to have large cutouts to ensure wheel rubbing will not occur. The deck is often described by many of its users as poppy and springy at the same time. This is because the inherent flex of its bamboo material gives it ample flexibility. Plus, its camber profile, makes the deck higher at the center which also translates to its springy impression when riding.

How do these features benefit the rider?

How do these features benefit the rider

It provides the following riding benefits:


You may ask, “The board is too big, how can it guarantee speed? Speed won’t be an issue since this board has big wheels that make it easier for the rider to roll over debris. Wobbling at speed is definitely something that you will not experience with the board. Moreover, it is designed to be narrow on both ends, but wide enough at the middle and such will make taking sharp turns not an issue at all. 

This Sector 9 Lookout is installed with trucks that possess a high response rate, with the help of its bearings and wheels. With all these in one board, no doubt the rider can speed up without a hint of hesitation. The amount of flex that is present in the bamboo material of the deck adds more strength so that riding at an increasing speed is not difficult to do. 

Another reason why speed is guaranteed with Sector 9 Lookout is its Gullwing Charger Trucks. These trucks are known for their stability and responsiveness. These kinds of trucks are ideal for fast downhill riding and for speeding up while carving. 

The Sector 8 Lookout longboard is perfect for cruising and it can go as fast as 40mph. 


To say that you’re experiencing a great ride would be an understatement if you’re talking about the Sector 9 longboard. Just imagine yourself riding smoothly as you go in and out of the sharp carves. Plus, that amazing feeling you experience as the board flex sucks you into each turn. 

Can you use this board for carving? Yes, of course. Carving with those swoops and hooks would mean such a snappy ride with this longboard. What makes the Sector 9 longboard stand out from the rest is its ability to quickly pop back to the center. Another outstanding characteristic of this board is the amount of energy it gives each time the rider goes for carving. 


Its 5-layer bamboo construction makes it super lightweight and durable against cracks and dings. The bamboo material makes the board rigid yet flexible enough to make it capable of performing some tricks. 

A lot of riders agree that the Nineballs will last for a very long time. Its 31.5-inch wheelbase also adds to the overall strength of the board. These wheels are durable enough to be able to roll on different kinds of surfaces. 

Its Sector 9 ABEC5 PDP steel bearings are also just as durable. Just always remember to keep them lubed and maintained well to always ensure speed in each ride. 

Does it have durable bolts? Yes, it does. It is also equipped with 1.5” hardened bolts which means the rider can go over obstacles with much peace of mind. He can go on no matter how bumpy the ride may seem knowing that the wheels and the other parts of the board do not easily get damaged. 


When tackling corners with much speed, the clear grip tape will prove to be handy. It adds much confidence on the part of the rider knowing that his feet will not easily slip off the board. Riders are assured that the tape provides firm grip. So, even when they are riding in different fast steering situations the board still has a solid grasp on their feet. 

Can newbies use this board for learning tricks? Riders can rely on this board not only for cruising but also when performing some tricks. It will also make it easier for riders to grow their skills knowing that the board will not easily fall as they try to master certain moves. 

Riders with larger body built may also find the Sector 9 Lookout to be an ideal option. Those who weigh as much as 240lbs will find themselves comfortably cruising using this board. It can withstand heavy riders due to its flexy deck. Experienced “big” riders claim that they can even jump on the board while it is still rolling. Besides, its 31-inch wheelbase also adds to the reliability of the board in terms of achieving a comfortable ride. 


This Sector 9 longboard may also serve as a dancer board because of its size. Dancing and cross-stepping can be done without much difficulty because of its size. You can use it for cruising, carving and a bit of sliding. Budding longboarders can also enjoy it when learning some tricks. The fact that it ensures no wheel rubbing is proof enough that the board can be so versatile. 


Its 41” x 9.6” dimensions enable the board to have plenty of moving space. This is so beneficial especially for newbies because their feet will have enough space to move around as they practice their beginner stance and tricks. This is true even if you’re wearing a size 12 shoe. 

But, should newbies worry about its W concave? No, they shouldn’t. This W concave allows the arch of your feet to be placed there comfortably. Each time you push, you will be able to do so without the need to worry about leaving your feet unsupported. You can rest assured that this concave will never get in the way of your smooth ride. 

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons

Now that you know what the Sector 9 Lookout has to offer, is it time to buy? Not yet as we brought together its strong and weak points:


  • Lightweight deck

The board only weighs about 7 lbs. The 5-ply bamboo layering deck makes it super lightweight. The best thing is that it’s made to be lightweight without compromising the overall quality of the board. 

  • Easy to maneuver

It possesses great maneuverability which makes carving and going downhill such an easy task. The board is so capable of making tight turns around corners. 

  • Best bang for the buck

The longboard community agrees that the board is more affordable than any other popular brands of boards. The Gullwing Charger truck alone is already worth at least $50 which means it definitely gives you the best value for money. 

  • Guarantees safety

The Sector 9 Lookout board is designed with safety in mind. Its steel attachments ensure that the wheel does not separate from the board even when riding at a very high speed. 


  • Not ideal for sliding and flipping

Many people agree that the board is not ideal for those who are into sliding and flipping a lot. Otherwise, they would have to change the wheels to one that has 80A durometer. 

  • Clear grip tape easily gets blemished

Since it has a clear grip tape, it becomes prone to dirt. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to clean once the dirt gets deeply seated into the tape. 

  • Bearings need regular maintenance

Sector 9 Lookout bearings require regular maintenance for them to last.

How Does the Sector9 Lookout Compare with Other Boards?

How Does the Sector9 Lookout Compare with Other Boards

With Sector9 longboards, you can be assured of high-quality products. If other brands outsource their production in other countries such as China, Sector9 manufactures their products in their own in-house shop. Buyers can rest assured that any Sector9 longboard they purchase passed all the strict guidelines the company has set in terms of producing high quality longboards. 

If other brands that you see in the market obtain some of their parts in other countries, with Sector9 you can trust that everything is manufactured in their San Diego facilities. 

Is the board more expensive than its counterparts? No, it isn’t. In fact, Sector9 Lookout has earned a reputation for being more affordable compared with other high-quality longboards in the market. 

What makes Sector 9 stand out from the rest of the longboard brands is the quality of its decks. Besides, the use of Gullwing trucks and wheels has made the board totally exceptional. Not to mention the graphic designs and artwork that are visible on the back part of the board, making it completely drool-worthy. 

The clear grip tape of Sector 9 longboard is also something to brag about. It never peels off so easily unlike those in other brands that is easily removed when wet. 

Verdict - Final Thoughts!

Verdict - Final Thoughts!

The Sector 9 Lookout longboard is certainly a good investment especially for riders who choose to spend more time cruising. The overall design of the board makes daily commuting less stressful. Its 5-ply bamboo, coupled with stunning graphic designs at its back, makes it such a head-turner among fellow commuters.

The durability and reliability that the board provides make the board truly the best value for your money. You can keep rolling over rocks and cracks assured that the wheels and the board won’t easily break. 

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